Sample Bibliography

What is a bibliography?    A bibliography is an alphabetical list of all the sources used in your research It appears at the end of your report or essay. It must be written in a specific format - use this guide to help you.

Why do you need to write a bibliography?   To acknowledge your sources - not to do so is plagiarism (ie stealing another person’s ideas or writing) To give the reader the opportunity to consult your sources of information

Sample Bibliography (in alphabetical order) Choi, C 2003, 'Cleaner living' Scientific American, vol. 289, no. 5, p. 32. 'Germany' The world book encyclopedia 2004, World Book, Sydney, vol. 8, pp. 114-116. ' Jupiter' Encyclopedia Britannica Online School Edition 2006, viewed 10 November 2006, <>. Oakley, V 2003, 'The tragic trade', Australian, 15 November, p. 29. Ward, C 2004, Australian bush fires burn on, Disaster Relief, viewed 10 January 2007, < >.

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