There comes a time in your life, When you say to yourself, enough is enough You pick up your car ing knife, En! your hus"an!#s po$er% it#s time to get tough

&ll the "lack eyes, "ruise! or split lips, &n! especially the !eep mental anguish So I kick him in the groin, knocke! him a$ay $ith my hip, That egotistical "astar!, is !o$n to his final $ish

He says, $ith a psycho yell, all I $ant is you !ea!, Well he#s right, "efore the night is o er, someone#s going to !ie &n! I run for co er, as I "ounce a pan off his hea!, In closet I hi!e, $ith my knife an! t$o "lack eyes

"y Tim Thayer

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