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Assignment 4. Entomology: Pick the BEST POSSIBLE answer. 1. ToD re ers to: a! Tem"erat#re at Death $! Tho#ghts on Death c!

Ten%ency o Doctors %! Time o Death &. Entomologists rely on ''''''''''''''' o the insects to %etermine ToD. a! %eath $! s#ccession c! colo#r %! weight (. )hich actor was *OT mentione% as $eing taken into consi%eration when %etermining ToD+ a! Barometric "ress#re $! )in% s"ee% c! Preci"itation %! ,lo#% co-er 4. Photogra"hs o the cor"se sho#l% incl#%e: a! the terrain $! the -egetation c! the insects on the $o%y %! all o the a$o-e .. The ,lown $eetle goes thro#gh '''' lar-al stage %e-elo"ments a! / $! 1 c! & %! ( 0. )hen collecting insect s"ecimens rom the cor"se1 how many sho#l% $e ke"t ali-e rather than "reser-e%+ a! Some $! All c! 2ost %! *one Which Came First? (2pts each) Ass#ming that all o the insects rea% the "ertaining lesson1 an% came in the or%er they are s#""ose% to1 name the insect that sho#l% $e arri-ing to the cor"se irst. 3. S"i%er $eetle1 ,arrion $eetle1 ,lown $eetle

4. 5lesh ly1 6o#se ly1 Blow ly 7. 5lesh ly1 ,lothes 2oth1 5iel% ,ricket 1/. B#rying $eetle1 8o-e $eetle1 ,arrion $eetle 11. P#"a1 *ewly hatche% ly1 Egg 1&. (r% stage lar-ae1 S"i%er $eetle1 5iel% ,ricket 1(. &n% stage lar-ae1 P#"a1 S"i%er Beetle True or False (1pt each) 14. The car"et $eetle is one o the irst $eetles to arri-e to the cor"se. 5ALSE 1.. ,lothes moths are noct#rnal. T89E 10. Once yo#:-e collecte% the insects1 weather tem"erat#re is not nee%e%. 5ALSE 13. 8o-e $eetles can $e #se% to %etect the "resence o %r#gs. 5ALSE Extra Credit Part A ; ,hoose one o the ollowing: a! ,om"lete the crosswor% "#<<le1 either $y %oing it1 scanning it an% sen%ing me a link1 or $y listing the wor%s an% their associate% "osition. ,LI,= 6E8E. $! Draw1 "aint1 sc#l"t1 or whate-er an% create a "iece o artwork that relates to orensic entomology. It can $e a sketch o one o the insects %isc#sse%. They sho#l% $e #"loa%e% to a site s#ch as "hoto$ an% the link sent to me. c! )rite a &// wor% essay %escri$ing the %i erences $etween the %i erent lar-al stages o a $low ly. Part B. 8ea% the ollowing mystery an% see i yo# can sol-e the "#<<le. )e:re getting closer to the en% o the term now so the "#<<les are getting har%er> An% I can:t take #ll cre%it or the i%ea o this story ?$#t I can:t tell yo# where it:s rom>!. Detecti-e Ste an arri-e% at the @ewelery store he ha% $een s#mmone% to. The store ha% $een $roken into last night an% %isco-ere% this morning $y the sho":s owner. Ste an wan%ere% aro#n% the store o#tsi%e irst $e ore hea%ing in to talk to the owner. 6e was care #l to ste" o-er the glass that lay scattere% on the

si%ewalk. The store:s ront win%ow ha% $een smashe%1 "ro$a$ly #se% as a "oint o entry. The si%e o the $#il%ing ha% no win%ows or air -ents. An% nothing $#t a %#m"ster $ehin% the store. Ste an "icke% his way $ack to the ront o the store an% went insi%e. The store owner went o-er what he remem$ere% rom that morning. AThere isn:t m#ch to say> I arri-e% a ew min#tes late1 $#t no more than 1/. )hen I arri-e% I notice% the $roken win%ow. I took my key an% #nlocke% the ront %oor. A ter s#r-eying how m#ch o the @ewelery was missing I "hone% the "olice. It:s ironic $eca#se o#r last sec#rity system was ol% an% o#t%ate%1 so it was %ismantle% yester%ay in "re"aration or installing a new system tomorrow.A Detecti-e Ste an no%%e% an% looke% at all the em"ty @ewelery cases1 $roken glass sitting where necklaces1 rings an% other treas#res sho#l% $e. 6e walke% $ack o#tsi%e to his car an% calle% his s#"er-isor. ASir1 I think we might want to gi-e this man:s ins#rance com"any a call. 6e hasn:t mentione% i the @ewelery was ins#re% or not1 $#t I:% $e willing to $et he:s trying to commit ins#rance ra#%>A What made Detective Stefan elieve this !asn"t a ro fraud? er#$ ut an attempt at