Introduction; 1. Homer; 2. Hesiod; 3. The Homeric hymns; 4. From Archilochus to the late sixth century; 5. Pindar; 6. Fifth-century tragedy; 7. The musical revolution of the later fifth century; 8. Aristophanes; 9. Xenophon; 10. Plato; Appendix A. The harmoniai; Appendix B. Damon; 11. Aristotle; 12. The Hibeh papyrus on music; 13. Theophrastus; 14. The Aristotelian problems; 15. The Plutarchian treatise on music; Appendix A. The nomoi; Appendix B. The spondeion and the spondeiazon tropos; 16. Athenaeus; Appendix: Athenaeus’ sources;

Introduction; 1. Pythagoras and Early Pythagoreanism; Appendix: the scalar Divisions of Archytas; 2. Plato; 3. Aristotle; 4. The Aristotelian Problemata; 5. The Peripatetic De Audibilibus; 6. Theophrastus; 7. Aristoxenus Elementa Harmonica; Book I; Book II; Book III; Appendix: Aristoxenus’ Elementa Rhythmica Book II; 8. The Euclidean Sectio Canonis; 9. Minor authors quoted by Theon and Porphyry; Passages from Theon of Smyrna; Passages from Porphyry; 10. Nicomachus Enchiridion; 11. Ptolemy Harmonicas; Book I; Book II; Appendix to Book II; Book III; 12. Aristides Quintilianus De Musica; Book I; Book II; Book III;

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