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Filiberta chan polanco Alma edith garcia lopez

Knifes table. It is generally used a knife to cut food on the table. KnivesFish:regularlyusedtoseparatedifferentp arts of bones and fish. Knives Steak: used for filleting fish and meat.

Fork table: is used for cuts that require minimal force. Fork fish: Widely used for food to help the guest to remove the thorns and different parts of fish. Fork dessert: is used to cut all kinds of desserts.

Soup this spoon is for soup

table spoon usually used in solid foods

Dessert this spoon is for desserts is small.

this cup is to drink water

wine glass

This cup is specially for red wine

This type of cup, allows the beer subtly heat through thermal heat from the hands, while the interior there of to better capture the aroma, taste improving the experience

fish/ salad plate

this dish is to eat fish or salad

Small plate used to save a small portion or serving of butter.

soup/ cereal bowl

This bowl is to eat soup, but also very used to eating cereal with milk.

bread basket

This basket is used to place the bread


the cloth used to cover the table

It is a small plate placed ontop of the cutlery on the left, to serve individual loaves.