THE BRITISH ISLES The British Isles are all the islands surrounding and including THE UNITED

KINGDOM (UK) and THE REPUBLIC OF IRELAND. THE UNITED KINGDOM (UK) is divided into GREAT BRITAIN and TNORTHERN IRELAND. GREAT BRITAIN is the largest in the British Isles and it consists of SCOTLAND, WALES and ENGLAND. The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh. The nationality is Scottish. They are called Scots too. They speak English and Gaelic. The capital of Wales is Cardiff. People are called Welsh. They speak English. The capital of England is London. London is also the capital of Great Britain. People are called English and they speak English. NORTHERN IRELAND is the part of Ireland called Ulster. The capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast. People are called Irish and they speak English and Gaelic. On the other hand, the capital of the Republic of Ireland is Dublin. People are also called Irish and they speak English and Gaelic.