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Cavite City Institute of Health Sciences

St. Joseph College

Name of Client !u"#ey $ae %e#alta Chief Complaint Name of D#ug Trade/ Brand Name: Generic Name: Ampicillin Dosage: 250 mg Frequency: Q8 ou!e: "# Form: liquid $olor: yello% Ac!ion: Bac!ericidal ac!ion agains! sensi!i(e organisms) in*i'i!s syn!*esis o& 'ac!erial cell %all+ causing cell dea!*, vomiting)l"m Classification) !ction $lassi&ica!ion: an!i'io!ic !ge & months Gen'e# (emale Room %,-. Nu#sing Responsi"ilities) Gene#al Consi'e#ations /#eri&y doc!or5s order /&ollo% !en rig*!s /e0plain !*e ac!ion and side e&&ec!s/ and ad(erse reac!ion o& !*e medicine /6er&orm *and *ygiene 'e&ore and a&!er gi(ing medicine, /Ad(ise paren!s !o le! pa!ien! !o res! !o sa(e and gain energy, /7oni!or *ear! ra!e /,6ro(ide ice c*ips /place 'asin 'eside !*e 'edside promo!e &luid in!a1e !o pre(en! de*ydra!ion and le! !*e pa!ien! ea! small &requen! amoun! o& 'anana+ rice + apple and !oas!ed 'read

Imp#ession) Diagnosis vomiting* l"m +ith mo'e#ate 'ehy'#ation In'ication Trea!men! o& in&ec!ions caused 'y suscep!i'le s!rains o& s*igella+ salmonella+ -sc*eric*ia coli+ *aemop*ilus in& pro!eus mira'ilis+ neisseria gonorr*oeae+ en!errococci+ gram/posi!i(e organism /minigi!is casued 'y neisseria meningi!ides /unla'led use: prop*yla0is in cesarean sec!ion in cer!ain *ig*/ris1 pa!ien!s Cont#ain'ication $on!raindica!ed %i!* allergies !o penicillins+ cep*alosporins+ or i!*er allergies, 2se cau!iously %i!* renal disorders, 3e!*argy 4ear! &ailure Nausea and (omi!ing Diarr*ea

Si'e /ffects) !'ve#se Reaction

Name of D#ug

Classification) !ction



Si'e /ffects) !'ve#se Reaction

Nu#sing Responsi"ilities) Gene#al Consi'e#ations