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Florencia Szarfman 2G

Student´s name: Florencia


Teacher´s name: Luz Weksler

Course: 2ºG

Date: 2nd July 2007

Florencia Szarfman 2G

My superheroine is Steff. I like Steff because she is

different; she has red hair and very big green eyes. For
most people she is ugly but for me Steff is beautiful;
she is very shy and helpful.
She is twenty years old, and Carol, her best friend is
Steff has a lot of powers. One of them is the laser in her
big eyes; another is her long hair which she uses as
rope. She is powerful but she is afraid of spiders.
She always gets up has breakfast at 4 o’clock, and goes
to fight with the enemy. Lunch is at 10:15 and Steff has
dinner around 7 and then she goes to sleep. Steff has a
family: one sister, one brother her mother and a dog;
her father died when she was seven years old. Steff has
got a boyfriend called Tom, and he wrote Steff a rhyme
and it is:

One, two Five, six nine and

I love you I like this that’s
the end

three, four Seven, eight

I can love that is great!

Florencia Szarfman 2G