The Wanhsien tiger

Scientific name: Panthera tigris acutidens Location: Wanxian and Zhoukoudian sites, east China. Time period: Middle to Upper Pleistocene (781-100 K. years BP). Habitat: Moist coniferous and subtropical forest of East China.

Head-body length: 168 - 215 cm (in straight line). Map with the location of the Wanhsien tiger sites Total length: 252 - 323 cm. in China. Upper dot, Zhoukoudian; lower dot, Shoulder height: Up to 110 cm. Wanxian. Weight: 132 – 267 kg ♀-♂ (probably up to 300 kg). Largest specimen found: An upper forth Premolar of 42 mm in antero-posterior length.
By Raúl Valvert. Guatemala, January of 2014.

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* Size comparison between the Wanhsien tiger (largest size) and a male Homo sapiens (175 cm tall).