Why are you seek|ng a m|n|stry now?

l am now seeklng my flrsL seLLled mlnlsLry followlng ordlnaLlon, havlng worked aL Andover newLon
1heologlcal School ln Alumnl/ae 8elaLlons and SLewardshlp from !uly 2011-!une 2012. My daughLer ls
now ln second grade and l am able and ready Lo engage Lhe search process for seLLled mlnlsLry.

Descr|be the new m|n|stry you hope for:
l asplre Lo [oln a mlnlsLry Leam ln Lhe greaLer 8osLon area as a parL-Llme mlnlsLer (.3-.73 Llme). l wlsh Lo
serve Lhrough provldlng collaboraLlve creaLlve leadershlp Lo grow a susLalnably Lhrlvlng, vlbranL, pan-
generaLlonal and mulLlculLural falLh communlLy. l offer Lo Lhls mlnlsLry my ablllLles ln pan-generaLlonal
mlnlsLry, pasLoral care and counsellng, preachlng and worshlp leadershlp, lnLer-rellglous exploraLlons,
and organlzaLlonal developmenL. l am prepared Lo manage porLlons of Lhe organlzaLlon's budgeL and Lo
parLlclpaLe ln managlng and supervlslng sLaff.

Awards, honors, and pub||shed wr|t|ngs:
lnLerfalLh SplrlLuallLy Scholarshlp: uuA, 2009-2010
ÞresldenLlal Scholarshlp: Andover newLon 1heologlcal School, 2003-2006
MassachuseLLs SenaLe CommendaLlon, 2000
1ruman Scholar nomlnee, 1992

Þersona| and fam||y s|tuat|on:
l marrled MaLLhew, Lhe love of my llfe, ln 2004. l gave blrLh Lo our daughLer ln 2006. 1he only Lhlng ln
llfe l love ln llfe more Lhan mlnlsLry ls belng presenL as spouse and parenL Lo my small beloved famlly.
When we boughL an older home ln !amalca Þlaln ln 2008, a flnanclal sLreLch for us, l found LhaL belng a
homeowner ls full of [oys - and yeL someLlmes more demandlng Lhan one mlghL wlsh! SLlll, Lhe [oys of
Lhls llfe exceed Lhose of my dreams. As an adulL chlld of dlvorced parenLs, l hold my marrlage and famlly
llfe dear as sacred personal commlLmenLs LhaL mean Lhe world Lo me.

Irom your |ate teens forward, descr|be your h|gher educat|on, the three or four
most |mportant events |n your ||fe exper|ence, the context |n wh|ch you fe|t ca||ed
to m|n|stry, and your profess|ona| deve|opment, cont|nu|ng educat|on, and work
h|story, |nc|ude every m|n|stry (|nc|ude dates by month]year) and what you br|ng
from |t and your other work to a new m|n|stry:
l earned my 8achelor of ArLs degree from norLhwesLern unlverslLy ln 1992, ma[orlng ln Amerlcan
SLudles. Already l was a conflrmed lnLerdlsclpllnary sLudenL, long before l heard my call Lo mlnlsLry, l
was Lhrllled Lo dlscover Lhls selecLlve semlnar-based program LhaL afforded me Lhe creaLlve opporLunlLy
Lo self-deslgn my concenLraLlon by chooslng courses across Lhe sclences, englneerlng, and Lhe
humanlLles. My senlor Lhesls examlned Lhe muLually lnfluenclng relaLlonshlp beLween communlLles and
Lhe ecology and geology LhaL shape Lhelr culLural herlLage. As parL of my research l lnLervlewed nearly
Lwo dozen varled sLakeholders ln a Lhen-charged crlsls over wasLewaLer managemenL sLraLegles ln my
homeLown of CloucesLer, MA. ln hlndslghL Lhls work showed hlnLs of my laLer call Lo mlnlsLry: l was
seeklng Lo undersLand as many perspecLlves as posslble and Lhen offer lnslghL lnLo Lhe collecLlve
consclousness of a communlLy sLruggllng Lo meeL presslng challenges of (posL)modernlLy whlle
preservlng lLs ldenLlLy and culLure.
uurlng my laLe Leens and early adulLhood my parenLs separaLed, dlvorced, and sold our famlly home of
sevenLeen years. ln Lhe summer before my senlor year ln unlverslLy, ln lleu of Laklng ouL a sLudenL loan, l
worked as slLe manager for Lhe consLrucLlon of my moLher's new home nexL door Lo Lhe house where l
grew up. My faLher had moved by Lhen Lo a new llfe and career dlrecLlon ln souLhern Callfornla. l packed
up my chlldhood room durlng Lhe one-week break ln March, Lhen reLurned Lo norLhwesLern Lo
compleLe my Lhesls and graduaLe. ln hlndslghL Lhe LecLonlc shlfLs of LhaL Llme goL my early adulLhood
and career off Lo a shaky sLarL. l en[oyed some early success ln my chosen fleld of envlronmenLal
educaLlon, buL found l had Lo seek more susLalnable and llvlng-wage employmenL ln Lhe world of
l was forLunaLe splrlLually ln Lhe glfL of Lwo devoLed menLors, a farmlng couple ln Malne whom l'd
lnLerned wlLh durlng a soul-searchlng year ouL of school beLween my flrsL and second years ln college.
Long-dlsLance Lhey supporLed me ln my sLruggles Lo esLabllsh a solld fooLlng for my young adulL llfe.
ln 1997 anoLher serles of llfe-Lurnlng evenLs led me onLo my road Lo mlnlsLry. My greaL-aunL Lavlnla
ScoLL, who'd been a mlsslon worker leadlng a school for glrls ln SouLh Afrlca from Lhe 1930s Lo Lhe
1970s, had a sLroke ln her reLlremenL home ln Callfornla aL age 93. When my moLher and l arrlved from
MassachuseLLs Lhe nexL day, she was sLlll unconsclous and, accordlng Lo her wlshes, had been removed
from all llfe-supporLlng LreaLmenL. Per colleglal frlend Lou-Ann sald she'd Lold Lavlnla we were comlng,
and was sure Lavlnla was walLlng for us. 1hree hours afLer we arrlved, Lavlnla peacefully breaLhed her
lasL, wlLh each of us holdlng one of her hands.
My experlence aL her deaLhbed, as her soul expanded Lo reach for farewell connecLlon wlLh counLless
colleagues, frlends, and comrades across Lhe globe, moved me beyond anyLhlng l'd known. My
frusLraLlon ln belng sLuck on Lhe ground as she became !"!#$%&!#! forced me Lo come Lo Lerms LhaL lf l
was Lo sLay ln my own body unLll lL was my Lurn Lo cross over, Lhen l'd beLLer make sure my llfe really
beneflLs Lhe world ln some meanlngful way. lL was nelLher Lhe flrsL nor Lhe lasL momenL of splrlLual
LruLh-Lelllng experlence ln my llfe, buL lL came aL a plvoLal Llme. 1he followlng sprlng, when l Lravelled
wlLh my slsLer and moLher and Lou-Ann and four reLlred mlsslon workers Lo vlslL SouLh Afrlca, l began Lo
come Lo Lerms wlLh my newfound call Lo mlnlsLry.
ln 2004 l marrled Lhe love of my llfe, MaLLhew. Pe has been lovlngly supporLlve LhroughouL my
conLlnulng [ourneys ln mlnlsLry. ln early 2006 l gave blrLh Lo our daughLer, Sophla 8ose. noLhlng can
ever prepare anyone for Lhe mlraculous experlence of parenLlng, and we conLlnue Lo feel as asLounded
and as overwhelmed as many parenLs do aL Lhe dally [oys and challenges of ralslng a chlld, susLalnlng a
lovlng marrlage, and malnLalnlng a household. 1he llfelong, llfe-Lransformlng soul vows and
commlLmenLs l have made Lo our famlly are Lhe only ones l hold above my ordlnaLlon vows.
MlnlsLers are generallsLs. My work and educaLlonal hlsLory, provlded ln deLall ln my Currlculum vlLae,
shows a splrlL-led paLh Lhrough communlLy ouLreach and organlzlng, publlc educaLlon and
envlronmenLal advocacy, hlsLorlc preservaLlon, fundralslng, publlc speaklng, program dlrecLlng,
organlzaLlonal developmenL, volunLeer leadershlp, daLabase managemenL, sLafflng and developlng
boards of dlrecLors and LrusLees, flnanclal sysLems re-deslgn, Leachlng, lnsplrlng, performlng, wrlLlng,
vlslon and mlsslon clarlfylng, and more.
l am now ln search for my flrsL seLLled mlnlsLry. My Lralnlng ln mlnlsLry ln several churches has glven me
much Lo brlng:
lrom my role as lleld LducaLlon sLudenL mlnlsLer, 2004-2003 aL uuC of 8eadlng, MA, l brlng a powerful
commlLmenL Lo Lhe congregaLlonal LransformaLlon LhaL can emerge Lhrough our Comlng of Age year. l
wlll always cherlsh belng surprlsed, awed, moved, and lnsplred by Lhe young people whom our Comlng
of Age year helps along Lhelr way-and by Lhelr devoLed and carlng adulL leaders and menLors. l shared
ln Lhe hard work of creaLlng experlences LhaL helped Lhese LransformaLlons emerge. llke mldwlfery.
And Lhen wlLnesslng Lhe blossomlng of our group and Lhe ways Lhelr creaLlve credos awed Lhe
congregaLlon. well, leL's [usL say l'm capLlvaLed!
lrom my role ln CrowLh and 1ransformaLlon MlnlsLry aL ArllngLon SL. Church (leb-!une 2007) ln 8osLon,
MA, and my roles ln Lhe Mass 8ay ulsLrlcL's CrowLh 1eam (2004-2003) and as charLer convener ln 2003-
2006 of Lhe Muslc and Worshlp ArLs 1eam LhaL grew ouL of Lhe CrowLh 1eam's work, l brlng skllls and
know-how of some of Lhe counLless llfe-changlng ways we can offer radlcal hosplLallLy and energlzlng
splrlL ln our fellowshlp and worshlp servlces every week, everywhere. l also brlng Lo Lhls work boLh an
lnherlLed and a culLlvaLed splrlL of warm hosplLallLy from my llfe and personal herlLage as well as from
my work ln Lhe mlnlsLrles of welcome.
lrom my role as co-leader for flve academlc years (SepL. 2003-!une 2008) of lnLerfalLh dlalogues
!ourneys on Lhe Plll aL Andover newLon 1heologlcal School and Pebrew College, l brlng a llfelong splrlL
of llvlng fellowshlp among my !ewlsh, ChrlsLlan, and Musllm clergy colleagues, and a deep convlcLlon
LhaL lnLerfalLh dlalogue grounded ln carlng muLual LrusL ls unlque among splrlLual pracLlces ln Lhe
LransformaLlonal ways lL can deepen personal falLh. We creaLed, promoLed and hosLed year-round
campus-wlde lnLerfalLh programmlng from LexL sLudy Lo shared hollday celebraLlons. l love reflecLlng on
and Leachlng abouL Lhls work, so l'll welcome your quesLlons and curloslLy abouL lL.
lrom my role as MlnlsLerlal lnLern aL llrsL Þarlsh ln 8rookllne, l brlng more Lhan words could ever say.
1hls congregaLlon welcomed me and my famlly ln ways LhaL made an lndellble lmpresslon on my hearL.
ln addlLlon, durlng my lnLernshlp Lhere l honed counLless skllls for Lhe work of mlnlsLry. l Lralned for and
LaughL Cur Whole Llves for ?oung AdulLs and mlnlsLered Lo Lhe young adulL communlLy LhaL
subsequenLly emerged. l LaughL 8ulldlng ?our Cwn 1heology and provlded pasLoral care Lo parLlclpanLs.
l parLlclpaLed fully wlLh Lhe worshlp Leam (Lwo co-mlnlsLers, muslc dlrecLor, and dlrecLor of rellglous
educaLlon) ln plannlng, co-creaLlng, and leadlng all Lhe elemenLs of dynamlc worshlp servlces. l wroLe
and preached sermons on pasLoral, prlesLly, and propheLlc Lhemes lncludlng ecologlcal sysLem collapse,
Þalm Sunday, and covenanLal uu engagemenL wlLh Lhe Lenslons of lsrael-ÞalesLlne. l worked wlLh
chlldren and youLh of all ages ln worshlp, ln classrooms, and ln hollday celebraLlons. l navlgaLed Lroubled
relaLlonshlps and dynamlcs around muslc ln worshlp and faclllLaLed heallng, reconclllaLlon, and renewed
collaboraLlon across generaLlonal and culLural/aesLheLlc dlvldes. And as a culmlnaLlon, l was blessed
wlLh an ordlnaLlon servlce LhaL ralsed Lhe splrlLual roof!
Cverall, my Lwo decades of professlonal and personal developmenL endow me wlLh a balanced array of
skllls and capaclLles for mlnlsLry. l am seasoned ln Lhe arLs of hosplLallLy, educaLlon (Leachlng and
admlnlsLraLlon), program developmenL, hlsLorlc preservaLlon, organlzaLlonal developmenL, publlc
wlLness, and communlLy leadershlp. l am ready Lo grow lnLo lncreased leadershlp ln Lhe areas of sLaff
and budgeL overslghL. l look forward Lo flndlng and servlng ln a mlnlsLerlal role where my [oys ln mlnlsLry
meeL Lhe needs of Lhe world. May such a meeLlng brlng more llfe, love, and [oy Lo our achlng and
beauLlful world.

Denom|nat|ona| and commun|ty act|v|t|es:
uescrlbe wlLh daLes acLlve membershlp ln and slgnlflcanL volunLeer servlce Lo local
congregaLlons, Lhe uuA and lLs dlsLrlcLs, and clvlc, pollLlcal, soclal servlce, and
lnLerfalLh organlzaLlons and programs:
SplrlLual Advlsor, pro bono, Lo uu sLudenLs aL norLheasLern unlverslLy, 8osLon (09/13-presenL)
MasLer Class wlLh 8ev. ur. Calen Clnguerlch, llrsL Þarlsh ln Cambrldge, 11/08/13
ÞarLlclpaLlon ln uuMA-M8u chapLer and clusLer meeLlngs, ongolng
ÞarLlclpaLlon ln blmonLhly splrlLual advlslng and 8lble SLudy wlLh 8ev. Carl Scovel, ongolng
CuesL worshlp leader/preacher, ongolng

SLandlng on Lhe Slde of Love, slnce lncepLlon
uu Servlce CommlLLee, slnce 2003
uu SocleLy of 8ockporL, slnce 1996

Þast vo|unteer serv|ce:
- Co-Leader, 3 years: !ourneys on Lhe Plll lnLerfalLh ulalogues, A.n.1.S. & Pebrew College 8abblnlcal
semlnarlans, 2003-2008. Co-organlzed lnLer-rellglous sLudy clrcles, hollday celebraLlons, worshlp and
prayer exchanges, parLner LexL sLudy, guesL speakers, and more ln campus and parlsh/synagogue
- lleld LducaLlon SLudenL: unlLarlan unlversallsL Church of 8eadlng: worshlp arLs, co-led Comlng of Age
w/ u8L
- CharLer 1eam Member (appolnLed): uuA - Mass. 8ay ulsLrlcL CrowLh 1ask lorce, 2004-2003
- CharLer 1eam Member (appolnLed): uuA - Mass. 8ay Muslc & Worshlp ArLs 1eam, 2003-2006
- vlce ÞresldenL and Co-Chalr: unlLarlan unlversallsL CommunlLy of Andover newLon SLudenLs
(uuCAnS), 2003-2007
- Muslc CommlLLee Chalr: unlLarlan unlversallsL SocleLy of 8ockporL, 2003-2004
- 8elkl MlnlsLry and LabyrlnLh MlnlsLry: A.n.1.S. lalLh, PealLh, and SplrlLuallLy program, 2003-2003

Þrofess|ona| Deve|opment:
CompleLed Þhase l of MulLlmedla MlnlsLry CompeLency CerLlflcaLlon wlLh lnaugural class aL Andover
newLon 1heologlcal School, 2011
LlecLlve courses: several Leam-LaughL lnLerfalLh courses, ArLs and SplrlLuallLy ln u.u. 8ellglous LducaLlon,
narraLlve 1heraples, MysLlclsm, SplrlLual ÞracLlces, and u.u. PlsLory, ÞollLy, 1heology, and 8L.

M|n|ster|a| Intern: I|rst Þar|sh |n 8rook||ne 08]09-06]11
- 8ecognlzed for creaLlng worshlp experlences LhaL deepened and challenged congregaLlon's splrlLual
- Sermons acLlvaLed susLalned congregaLlonal engagemenL wlLh lood Mlndfulness and !ewlsh-uu
- Co-led ?oung AdulL Cur Whole Llves course LhaL sparked coalescence of nascenL young adulL
- nurLured youLh mlnlsLry Lhrough programmlng and pasLoral relaLlonshlps
- Led 8ulldlng ?our Cwn 1heology small group mlnlsLry

Chap|a|n Intern: St. L||zabeth's Med|ca| Center 09]09-04]10
- Þrovlded pasLoral care ln Comprehenslve AddlcLlons, lnpaLlenL ÞsychlaLry, Lmergency 8oom, and on-
- SLudled medlcal eLhlcs, dlagnoslng splrlLual paln, mlnlsLry across falLh and language boundarles
- Led chapel worshlp, llve and broadcasL vla hosplLal-wlde closed-clrculL Lelevlslon neLwork
ln recenL monLhs, my focus has lnLenLlonally been on my healLh, home, and famlly. l have consclously
pulled back from much volunLeer servlce ln order Lo focus on famlly responslblllLles lncludlng asslsLlng ln
Lhe downslzlng of Lwo households--LhaL of my ln-laws and LhaL of my faLher and sLep-moLher, and Lo
aLLend ln Lhe hosplce and deaLh of my beloved menLor 8lchard ln uecember 2011, leadlng hls memorlal
servlce ln !anuary 2012. l have also worked wlLh greaL [oy boLh as a volunLeer (llbrary and fundralslng)
and as a pald classroom subsLlLuLe Leacher aL my daughLer's school.

Non-profess|ona| |nterests:
ÞarenLlng as splrlLual pracLlce. CuraLlng physlcal spaces LhaL nourlsh splrlLual belngs. Pome-maklng and
hosplLallLy. Cardenlng and landscaplng. WaLchlng uownLon Abbey. Walklng and playlng wlLh our dog,
8uddy, our rescued WheaLen 1errler. Lxplorlng flber arLs lncludlng qullLlng, knlLLlng, and needlework.
Cross-counLry skllng. Salllng when l geL Lhe chance. Chlldren's llLeraLure--readlng lL, dreamlng of wrlLlng
some someday.

M|n|ster|a| deve|opment:
WhaL are your currenL developmenLal needs, and how mlghL a congregaLlon asslsL
you ln addresslng Lhem?
Þrofesslonally l am ready Lo Lake on a role LhaL expllclLly lncludes managlng a sLaff and a budgeL, l would
llke Lo be enLrusLed wlLh Lhese funcLlons and supporLed Lhrough Llme for menLorshlp.
l am also aL Lhe beglnnlngs of curaLlng a more robusL onllne presence Lhrough blogglng and LweeLlng, l
would llke Lo be encouraged and supporLed ln LhaL learnlng work.
And perhaps mosL lmporLanLly, llfe-mlnlsLry balance Lops my llfe currlculum aL Lhls Llme. See my
"mlsLake" enLry, below for more abouL Lhls. A congregaLlon mlghL asslsL me ln addresslng Lhls
developmenLal need by supporLlng my sacred obllgaLlon Lo creaLe and susLaln balance. When l am
balanced, l am flndlng regular Llme for Lrue re-creaLlon and resL, regular Llme Lo be Lruly presenL Lo and
wlLh and for my beloved famlly, and regular Llme Lo aLLend Lo Lhe many responslblllLles and perhaps-
Loo-allurlng [oys of an abundanL mlnlsLry.

uescrlbe a mlsLake you have made ln Lhe pasL, and how you have addressed lL:
l made a llfe-mlsLake ln recenL years, puLLlng Loo much pressure on myself and my famlly around Lhe
rush and urgency of compleLlng my mlnlsLerlal credenLlallng requlremenLs wlLhln a cerLaln Llme frame.
8eLween 2003 and 2011, l enLered semlnary as a full-Llme merlL scholarshlp sLudenL, goL engaged and
Lhen marrled, became pregnanL, gave blrLh, and adapLed Lo parenLlng, served ln Lhree congregaLlons,
volunLeered for flve years as sLudenL co-leader of lnLerfalLh ulalogues programmlng ln a !ewlsh and
ChrlsLlan semlnary conLexL, worked several parL-Llme [obs aL my semlnary, compleLed sLudenL
chaplalncy Lralnlng ln an urban communlLy hosplLal, moved Lhree Llmes, became a flrsL-Llme
homeowner ln an older home ln a new-Lo-us nelghborhood, managed Lhe flnanclal sLresses of belng a
full-Llme sLudenL and Lhen managed Lo survlve a 14-monLh recesslon-drlven layoff of our prlmary
breadwlnner, graduaLed semlnary wlLh honors, achleved mlnlsLerlal fellowshlp and was ordalned lnLo
Lhe unlLarlan unlversallsL mlnlsLry, and [uggled oLher regular llfe responslblllLles.
l recenLly heard of an arLlcle enLlLled, "Cur 8odles keep Lhe Score" - and l musL flnd lL and read lL.
8ecause ln uecember 2012, when l LhoughL l'd be enLerlng search, my body lnslsLed non-negoLlably LhaL
lnsLead l be qulLe sLlll for several monLhs. A dlsc ln my lumbar splne hernlaLed on uec. 22d, and l
suddenly couldn'L sLand uprlghL, leL alone walk. lL Look 8 monLhs of devoLed care (medlclne, ln[ecLlons,
paln managemenL sLraLegles, surgery and physlcal Lherapy...) Lo repalr Lhe damage, and even now l sLlll
noLlce dally changes ln my heallng and my re-emergenL capaclLles.
My fallure was Lhls (l can hear my dear spouse saylng "l Lold you so" - and he Lrled Lo!): l falled along Lhe
way Lo 8LS1, sufflclenLly and deeply. 1o unplug my mlnd, body and soul from Lhe race of my quesL. 1o
allow my mlnd, body and soul Lhe slmple re-creaLlon of geLLlng absorbed ln a popular movle, or a long
hlke, or a slmple "Cll-uu1?" sLaLus once ln a whlle. 1he maLrlx of my self-chosen responslblllLles, Lhe
magnlLude of Lhe llfe ad[usLmenLs l was maklng, and Lhe depLh of ldenLlLy-changes ln whlch l was
engaglng, requlred of me someLhlng l could noL manage Lo accommodaLe: 1lML Lo slmply lnLegraLe and
breaLhe lnLo lL all.
l parLlclpaLed fully and ofLen ln pasLoral-counsellng sesslons, lndlvldually and ln groups. l spoke and
wroLe ofLen ln my reflecLlons wlLh supervlsors for lnLernshlps and courses abouL how lnLense lL all felL
and how l was holdlng myself LogeLher.
8uL only now, afLer forced sLlllness and forced (lf Lemporary, as lL Lurned ouL) rellnqulshmenL of my
amblLlons and dreams and goals - for long enough LhaL l had Lo glve up hope of everyLhlng save my hope
Lo slmply be free of paln agaln - only now do l feel l may have really learned Lhe valuable llfe-lesson LhaL
was requlred of me: Lo Lruly resL, fully and ofLen. 1o really re-creaLe myself ln [oy and graLlLude. 1o make
Su8L Lo care-fully prlorlLlze my efforLs ln servlce Lo Lhe people and hopes nearesL and dearesL Lo my
llfe's work. Cnly recenLly have l begun lnLegraLlng Lhls lesson, and lL ls my nexL work Lo ensure LhaL l now
llve lnLo my mlnlsLry wlLhouL leLLlng go of my healLh and well-belng along Lhe way.
So l wlll be dlscernlng ln my search wlLh greaL care: Whlch role ln mlnlsLry wlll be, noL [usL susLalnable,
buL even llfe-glvlng for me and my famlly? Where may l serve ln ways LhaL enhance !C? and well-belng
for all concerned?
1hls ls how l wlll conLlnue Lo address and heal Lhe mlsLake l made ln Lhe recenL pasL - a mlsLake l've only
recenLly acqulred a fledgllng lnoculaLlon agalnsL for Lhe fuLure. l look forward now Lo my fuLure ln
mlnlsLry, wlLh my balance resLored, my eyes on Lhe prlze.

M|n|ster|a| ro|es and funct|ons:
Pow would you wlsh Lo funcLlon wlLh lay leadershlp? CommenL on your leadershlp
l lead enLhuslasLlcally and collaboraLlvely, wlLh a clear eye Lo Lhe dlsLlncL roles of mlnlsLers and lalLy. 1o
enhance clarlLy of roles, l would lnvlLe all parLles Lo engage and arLlculaLe Lhelr Lheology of ordlnaLlon as
well as Lhelr own splrlLual orlenLaLlon.
lf and as Lenslon arlses, l Lend Lo call for a deep breaLh LogeLher, lnvlLe all concerned Lo sLrlve for shared
splrlLual growLh and adapLlve learnlng, refer us Lo our covenanL, and recall how we'll know when we're
headed Lowards greaLer love and [oy. l Lhen lnvlLe us Lo move forward LogeLher ln servlce of Lhe church's
Pow would you wlsh Lo funcLlon wlLh (pald) church sLaff?
l begln from a place of respecL for Lhe professlonal skllls and capablllLles of Lhe pald church sLaff. l alm Lo
culLlvaLe a professlonal cllmaLe of muLual LrusL and confldence by malnLalnlng our accounLablllLy Lo one
anoLher and Lalklng regularly Lo keep muLual undersLandlngs up-Lo-daLe wlLh changlng reallLles.
Pow would you wlsh Lo funcLlon as parL of a mlnlsLry Leam?
l look forward Lo worklng as parL of a mlnlsLry Leam. Pavlng Lralned ln Lhe conLexL of co-mlnlsLry, Lhe
challenges and Lhe opporLunlLles of mlnlsLry Leams are famlllar Lo me.
l would wlsh Lo work LogeLher Lo deflne mlnlsLerlal prlorlLles and porLfollos, Lhen communlcaLe regularly
Lo coordlnaLe our work. l would alm for a splrlL of creaLlve collaboraLlon and creaLlve Lenslon ln Lhe
mlnlsLry Leam.
l would endeavor Lo coordlnaLe worshlp plannlng on a regular basls, LogeLher wlLh oLher professlonals
on Lhe worshlp Leam. l would hope for an organlc sharlng of pasLoral care, ln coordlnaLlon wlLh lay
mlnlsLry Leams, wlLh sharlng and communlcaLlon ln servlce of nourlshlng Lhe splrlLual needs of each
l would work so LhaL we Lhe mlnlsLers could funcLlon wlLh each oLher and wlLh oLher sLaff ln ways LhaL
are respecLful and llfe-glvlng, and funcLlon as a Leam ln ways LhaL conLlnually puL flrsL our servlce Lo Lhe
llfe and mlsslon of Lhe church.
Pow would you wlsh Lo funcLlon ln Lhe communlLles beyond Lhe local congregaLlon?
l would wlsh Lo engage wlLh my congreganLs ln publlc wlLness and servlce Lo Lhe wlder communlLles. l
would alm for Lhe church Lo become known as a place LhaL effecLlvely and [oyfully Leams up wlLh
effecLlve local parLners Lo address Lhe humanlLarlan needs ln our wlder communlLles. l embrace LhaL
parL of our herlLage whlch afflrms LhaL ºyou wlll know us by our deeds and commlLmenLs more Lhan by
our creeds and sLaLemenLs of bellef." 1hus l am as lnLeresLed ln '()*+ Lhe work of [usLlce as l am ln
Lalklng abouL our own bellefs regardlng [usLlce.
1haL sald, l hope LhaL all our congregaLlons can lnLegraLe deepened, focused [usLlce learnlng wlLh our
soclal [usLlce work. As one example: we wlll be more effecLlve as a rellglous body when we couple our
servlce ln soup klLchens wlLh workshops on Lhe rooL sysLemlc causes of hunger and lnLroducLlons Lo Lhe
people ln organlzaLlons who are worklng effecLlvely on hunger ln our reglon. l have full falLh and
confldence LhaL such lnlLlaLlves wlll lead [usLlce-seeklng uus Lo flnd ways Lo parLner effecLlvely wlLh
allles ln Lhe communlLy. l would work Lo deepen our person-Lo-person servlce by bulldlng brldges and
alllances wlLh effecLlve communlLy parLners - be Lhey rellglous, governmenLal, or communlLy-based
organlzaLlons - and addlng our welghL Lo Lhe work for sysLemlc change Lo perslsLenL sysLemlc ln[usLlce.
As mlnlsLer l wlll work Lo fosLer such deepenlng of our role and wlLness ln our surroundlng communlLles.
l wlll bulld and susLaln colleglal relaLlonshlps wlLh local lnLerfalLh clergy Lo fosLer lnLer-rellglous
dlalogues and bulld communlLy parLnershlps. l wlll llsLen Lo Lhe congregaLlon's hearL and soul and
celebraLe Lhelr commlLmenLs ouL loud as l move abouL as mlnlsLer ln Lhe wlder communlLy. ln
coordlnaLlon wlLh Lhe mlnlsLry Leam, l wlll show up aL publlc meeLlngs and vlglls on maLLers of deep
lmporLance Lo my congreganLs, and add my mlnlsLerlal volce Lo Lhe congregaLlon's wlLness for [usLlce. l
wlll preach, Leach and model Lhe power we unlLarlan unlversallsLs can wleld ln Lhe ongolng work of
[usLlce and peace-maklng: we may be small ln number, buL wlLh our allles, we can be mlghLy effecLlve!
May lL be so.

WhaL has been your experlence ln leadlng organlzaLlonal change ln mulLlculLural
lrom church Lo hosplLal Lo campus Lo communlLy seLLlngs, l have mlnlsLered ln hosLs of mulLlculLural
seLLlngs. ln some cases my role was Llme-llmlLed by Lhe naLure of lnLernshlps and Lerm-deflned
poslLlons. And yeL every player ln any organlzed group plays a role ln Lhe longer-Lerm culLural evoluLlon
of LhaL group. Cur [ob ls Lo play LhaL role mlndfully and Lo lnLenLlonally be a presence, for however long
we are Lhere, for Lhe changes we hope Lo see ln Lhe world.
So when lL ls my Lurn Lo speak, l speak for allowlng our organlzaLlonal sLrucLures Lo serve Lhe klnd of
beloved communlLy we seek Lo become. As unlLarlan unlversallsLs l have found LhaL we are
Lheologlcally llberal buL ofLen lnsLlLuLlonally conservaLlve. Cur organlzaLlonal sLrucLures need Lo become
more flexlble, and our leaders more nlmble, Lo serve effecLlvely Lhe ever-changlng and rapldly-evolvlng
needs ln Lhe communlLles where we llve and worshlp. l advocaLe and work for Lhls klnd of organlzaLlonal
aglllLy wherever l serve. 1hls has meanL faclllLaLlng Lhe lncluslon of marglnallzed people lnLo Lhe
leadershlp Leam, preachlng sermons for llfLlng up and heallng under-Lhe-surface Lenslons such as ln
!ewlsh-uu relaLlons around lsrael-ÞalesLlne, and aLLendlng pasLorally Lo Lhe anxleLles and Lenslons LhaL
lnevlLably accompany such culLural and organlzaLlonal changes.
l am graLeful and forLunaLe Lo have experlenced good menLorlng ln Lhe conLexL of my lnLernshlp seLLlng,
whlch l chose ln parL because ls Lhe mosL mulLlculLural and mulLl-generaLlonal unlLarlan unlversallsL
church l have ever wlLnessed. 1here l wlLnessed close up Lhe beglnnlngs of dlverslflcaLlon generaLlonally
and raclally of Lhe governlng board, and observed how Lhe senlor mlnlsLers coach Lhe congregaLlon ln
learnlng Lo llsLen Lo and follow lLs emerglng leaders from segmenLs of Lhe communlLy prevlously noL
heard from: undersLandlng and llfLlng up Lhe concerns of Lhe PalLlan communlLy, LaLlno/a communlLy,
brldge-gen/gen-x communlLy, and mlllennlal communlLy, as a few examples.
ln my nexL mlnlsLry role l wlll conLlnue my own leadershlp for organlzaLlonal change and Lurn for
guldance Lo Lhe role models of menLors known and yeL unknown.

What |s your approach to the re||g|ous educat|on of ch||dren, youth, and adu|ts?
My own splrlLual [ourney has made me sLaunchly dedlcaLed Lo Lhe opporLunlLles of llfe-long learnlng. l
have wlLnessed LhaL every one of us - chlld, youLh, and adulL - has chances Lo learn and grow aL every
Lurn ln llfe. Cur only llmlL ls our appeLlLe for learnlng and our ablllLy Lo susLaln Lhe splrlLual roundedness
LhaL enables us Lo become more fully ourselves, more fully human, every day.
1hus l belleve our congregaLlons have a vlLal responslblllLy Lo promoLe and susLaln Lhe splrlLual healLh
and well-belng of every person - Lhe foundaLlons for llfespan falLh developmenL, whaL we LradlLlonally
called "rellglous educaLlon." Cn Lhls foundaLlon of well-belng, much splrlLual developmenL can grow
organlcally, sponLaneously, ln Lhe "meLa-currlculum" of Lhe large and small ways we are klnd Lo one
anoLher as we go abouL belng church LogeLher. 1hls ls how [usL *belng* ln covenanLal communlLy can
nourlsh Lhe splrlLual developmenL of each person.
l am Lralned Lo undersLand LhaL ln each small group or rellglous educaLlon classroom, Lhere are Lwo
polnLs of focus: 1) Lhe communlLy, or how Lhe communlLy ls funcLlonlng ln covenanLal relaLlonshlp, and
2) Lhe conLenL of LhaL day's lesson. When Lhe dynamlcs ln Lhe room geL Lense or dlsrupLed, leaders musL
cenLer aLLenLlon on communlLy flrsL, conLenL second - only once peaceable communlLy relaLlons are
resLored can dldacLlc lessons be absorbed and lnLegraLed.

What do you see as the ro|e of mus|c and the arts |n the ||fe of a congregat|on?
As a llfe-long slnger ln ensembles of many slzes, l have an embodled passlon for Lhe power of muslc Lo
sLlr us, body and soul, and vasLly expand splrlLual experlence wlLhln Lhe person and ln Lhe falLh
My own experlence ln uu worshlp has ofLen been greaLly enhanced by mulLl-medla parLlclpaLory arLs
opporLunlLles - llke Lhe chance Lo mold clay or flbers or fabrlcs or crayons-and-paper lnLo one's own
vlslon of communlLy whlle llsLenlng Lo Lhe worshlp and sermon. Cr Lhe chance Lo llsLen Lo arLfully
crafLed words of poeLry wlLh genLle muslc supporLlng Lhe message.
l belleve deeply ln Lhe power of aesLheLlcs, of danclng ln Lhe alsles, of movlng Lo Lhe muslc, of gorgeous
colors ln Lhe sancLuary, of hearlng Lhe muslc of subllme sololsLs and skllled muslclans, of holdlng hands
and slnglng LogeLher slde-by-slde, all Lhese and more experlences of beauLy lLself - Lo deepen and enrlch
congregaLlonal experlence of beloved communlLy, even of Lhe dlvlne vlslon for us.
1o me, belng a fully embodled human ln communal worshlp necessarlly lnvolves and engages all Lhe
Muslc heard and produced by our bodles can powerfully Lranscend cognlLlve meanlng-maklng. Slnglng
LogeLher can llLerally vlbraLe our very core, body and splrlL, lnLo an awakenlng of [oy and harmony ln
communlLy. As a beloved choral dlrecLor, now deceased, was ofLen heard Lo say: 1he world needs less
Lalklng and more slnglng!
Llvely colors and arLworks of beauLy awaken our eyes and sLlr our holy lmaglnaLlons lnLo whaL's posslble
beyond whaL ls vlslble.

uanclng, ln whaLever ways we are able, rouses weary splrlLs and pulls down our barrlers of self-
consclousness Lo remlnd us LhaL we all share Lhe experlence of llvlng ln a body, for all lLs aches and [oys,
and so bullds up our shared sense of wonder and dellghL aL belng human LogeLher.
Muslc and arLs can noL only brlng LogeLher Lhe congregaLlon buL also reach ouL Lo offer an experlence of
welcome Lo Lhe new-comer, who may noL yeL be prlvy Lo all Lhe meanlng-maklng our words convey, buL
who can access Lhelr own connecLlon Lo Lhe unlversal ln experlenclng Lhe arLs and muslc we offer up
each worshlp Llme.
Muslc and Lhe arLs Lhus serve Lo make our congregaLlonal llfe accesslble Lo all aspecLs of our shared
humanlLy - accesslble noL only Lo Lhe newcomer, buL even Lo ourselves.

What |nvo|vement do you des|re |n the stewardsh|p of a congregat|on, most
part|cu|ar|y |ts f|nanc|a| affa|rs?
l belleve Lhe healLh of any congregaLlon ls lnexLrlcably llnked wlLh lLs flnanclal healLh. 1herefore l expecL
Lo be fully lnformed ln Lhe flnanclal affalrs of my congregaLlon. l feel l cannoL lead effecLlvely as mlnlsLer
wlLhouL a compleLe undersLandlng of Lhe shorL- and long-Lerm needs of Lhe church, lncludlng lLs
flnanclal Lra[ecLory.
l brlng Lo Lhls mlnlsLry some experlence and Lralnlng ln managlng Lhe flnanclal affalrs of communlLy
organlzaLlons (1ufLs unlverslLy coursework and hands-on work ln non-proflL organlzaLlons), whlch
affords me a level of llLeracy around accounLlng sysLems some mlnlsLers may noL possess. l would
endeavor Lo work wlLh LalenLed flnanclal managers, more savvy Lhan l, Lo sLeer Lhe church's flnances
Lhrough Lhe ausplces of Lhe governlng body (8oard, eLc.). l would welcome Lhe governlng 8oard and lLs
flnanclal Leam Lo conslder my lnslghLs abouL poLenLlal sources of enhanced prosperlLy and abouL
managemenL of expendlLures ln Lhelr flnanclal declslon-maklng.
l expecL Lo funcLlon ln parL as an on-slLe flnanclal manager of Lhe organlzaLlon, Lo have overslghL or
shared overslghL ln several aspecLs of Lhe church's expendlLures, and Lo preach sLewardshlp sermons
from a Lheology of abundance and of compasslon for Lhe varled flnanclal clrcumsLances of our

1heo|og|ca| or|entat|on: WhaL ls your domlnanL Lheology, and how do you deal wlLh
oLher unlLarlan unlversallsL Lheologles wlLh whlch you may noL be ln sympaLhy?
l belleve we all carry our flrsL rellglous lmprlnL LhroughouL our llves. My flrsL rellglous lmprlnL was
congregaLlonal ChrlsLlanlLy, and Lhus ÞroLesLanL ChrlsLlan Leachlngs and worldvlews form my frame of
reference and my foundaLlonal rellglous values.
ln Lhe early and mld-1990's ln my young adulLhood l re[ecLed paLrlarchal organlzed rellglon and found
my splrlLual home ln Lhe Leachlngs of deep ecology, women's splrlLuallLy, and earLh-cenLered rlLuals ln
communal worshlp. My experlences and learnlngs ln organlc farmlng nourlshed Lhls splrlLual leadlng. l
[olned and co-creaLed earLh-cenLered women's clrcles ln Chlcago and on Cape Ann (MA), and Lhese and
my muslcal and arLs lnvolvemenLs drew me Lo my flrsL uu church. Lven now, l ofLen parLlclpaLe ln, and
someLlmes help lead, earLh-cenLered worshlp ln Lhe communlLy, Lo nourlsh LhaL parL of my splrlLual
l marrled a man who was ralsed !ewlsh buL has found home ln unlLarlan unlversallsm. We celebraLe
!ewlsh and ChrlsLlan holldays ln our famlly home.
1hroughouL my adulL llfe l have explored 8uddhlsL Leachlngs and pracLlces. l have pracLlced aL varlous
Llmes yoga, Lal chl, and alkldo - achlevlng 6
-kyu sLaLus ln alkldo ln 2003. l became enLhralled wlLh
aspecLs of Plndulsm when sLudylng lL and vlslLlng Lhe Lemple ln Ashland, MA durlng semlnary. l fell ln
love wlLh Lhe 1ao Lhe Chlng when l sLumbled across !ane Lngllsh's LranslaLlon ln a musLy booksLore
durlng my college years.
l engaged ln acLlve leadershlp of lnLer-rellglous dlalogues LhroughouL flve years of my career ln
semlnary, engaglng ln and leadlng oLhers ln care-fllled dlalogues among ChrlsLlans, !ews, Musllms, and
unlLarlan unlversallsLs.
l flnd l am ln sympaLhy wlLh mosL uu Lheologles l have encounLered. When l flnd myself noL ln sympaLhy
wlLh anoLher person's Lheologlcal orlenLaLlon, l begln by holdlng LhaL person ln lovlng regard and Lhen
seeklng Lo undersLand LhaL person and Lhelr Lheologlcal orlenLaLlon and rooLs more fully. l remaln
commlLLed for llfe Lo Lhe abundanL splrlLual deepenlng poLenLlal of lnLer-rellglous undersLandlng and
dlalogues - for me personally and for my congreganLs. l have learned LhaL we come Lo know ourselves
and our rellgloslLy and splrlLuallLy more deeply as we come Lo respecLfully embrace and celebraLe Lhe
splrlLual and rellglous landscape of our fellow-Lravelers.

Add|t|ona| |nformat|on: llnlsh lnLroduclng yourself ln any way you would llke Lo.
Above all, l conslder my mlnlsLry Lo be one of presence. When l am wlLh you, l am fully wlLh you. l look
forward Lo every encounLer ln mlnlsLry, for lLs chance Lo connecL us more fully wlLh ourselves, each
oLher, our global communlLy, Lhe lnLerdependenL web of llfe of whlch we are all one plece, and lndeed
Lo Lhe dlvlne. MlnlsLry ls a [oy, a prlvllege, and a holy blesslng for whlch l am graLeful. l look forward Lo
meeLlng you on our shared [ourney.