Lesson Plan Outline for Comparative Study

Grade: First – Civilization
Art #1 (Main)

Theme: Many still lifes depict natural objects of beauty.
Art #2 Vanitas Still Life Art #3

Artwork & Artist Sunflowers Anemones Vincent van Gogh Odilon Redon General Information oil on canvas Anemonies in a Jug is pastel on paper, Circa 1888 40.5 by 30.5cm (15 5/8 by 12in) On display at the National Gallery London Executed circa 1910-15 Period Facts Post Impressionism refers to an art style The vanitas still life was popular in Symbolism : which came after Impressionism (artists Holland and throughout Europe in - a late nineteenth-century art such as Monet, etc recorded nature in the 17th century, and tells us movement of French, Russian and B terms of light and color). Post something of the religious elgian origin in poetry and other arts Impressionist artists (such as……….. undercurrents in society at the time. - expressed their personal view of the This was an era when wealth was visual world, beyond just what they spreading amongst the new, saw on the surface mercantile middle-classes of Holland - painted with emotion, intellect, and and such paintings were intended to the eye remind people that their focus should - used color and form describe be on storing up spiritual rather than emotions and movement material riches. Artist Facts Dutch Painter (1853-1890) French Painter (1840-1916) -began to draw as a child and began -Symbolist painter and printmaker painting in his late twenties -started drawing as a young child, and -completed many of his best-known works at the age of 10 he was awarded a during his last two years of life drawing prize at school -was not famous until after his death -at age 15, he began formal study in -painted many copies of Sunflowers: drawing bright yellows of the full bloom to arid -His artwork expressed symbolist browns of wilting and death; all of the literature stages of life presented -used pastel and oils Lesson Focus Color and texture. What is texture? Talk about the different textures & colors found around the room. What are primary colors and how do you make other colors with primary colors (i.e. blue+yellow=green; blue+red=purple; red+ yellow=orange) What is a “still life?” Show students the real sunflowers; talk about the colors, textures and shapes of the flowers. Put them in a vase for the students to use as a model for their paintings. Project ideas/Game Students make a replica of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers using frosting as their medium. Discuss how they think the texture of the frosting will add to their picture. Demonstrate for students how to paint with the frosting, using the plastic knives as a paintbrush. Supplies needed: a bunch of sunflowers, vase, paper, plastic knives, frosting & food coloring (orange, green & yellow).