How to Place Multiple Scatter (X-Y) Plots on an Excel Graph

There are a number of ways to accomplish this task; here is the one I use: Structure your data. I prefer to set up columns of x, y and SEM values for each experiment type. For example, in the loading experiments, X would be times, Y would be the mean concentrations and SEMs would be the errors for each mean concentration. I would then repeat this with the other experiments (for instance fructose, then glucose) in columns further to the right. Look over the data to be sure you have made no mistakes -- a boring but vitally important step! Select the X and Y values for the first plot by dragging from the upper left (first X) down to the lower right (last Y) value. Click the graph icon on the Excel menu bar. Select "XY Scatters"; for the glucose lab, I would suggest picking the point and line sub-type:

Hit "Next" and when the dialog box comes up, click the tab at top labeled "Data Range".


Select the button under the series menu that says "Add".the bottom of this box is shown below (the upper part contains the graph you are working on): Be sure the new series is selected (series 2 in example above) in the left window. 2 . After doing so. You have used these before. a new plot should appear in the display. In the right window. select the button to the left of the x-values data entry text field. A new dialog box will appear -. Continue on adding other plots as needed until finished. clicking this button will take you back to the spreadsheet and allow you to select the X-values for your new plot. close the text field by hitting the button and do the Y-values. When you have completed this.