Material Inspection Check list for plates SA 106 Dimensions Thickness Oust side diameter Thickness Out-Side

Diameter Length Straightness Visual Testing Surface conditions Minimum information to be addressed in MTC Product form Mechanical Properties Chemical analysis Heat No.* Dimensions MTC Type Marking Review B 36.10 SA 106 SA 106 SA 530 SA 530 SA 106 SA 530 SA 106 -----As per MR EN 10204 Table 1 Paragraph 16.3 Table 3 Paragraph 12 Paragraph 15, Table 3 Paragraph 18 Paragraph 22 Pipe Table 2 Table 1 --------3.1 and 3.2 are only accepted

Permissible variation in Dimension

Certificate review

Minimum information to be marked on the SA 530 Paragraph 25 plate *Heat no. in the certificate should match the Heat no. marked on the steel. It also may be called Cast no.