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The one person

who wasn’t
supposed to hurt
you probably
…Take too many pictures….
Love like you’ve never been
Cuz every minute u spend
upset… is 60 seconds of
happiness you will never get
What do you do
when the only
person who can
stop you from
crying is the one
that made you
All I want to do is
forget every time you
told me you cared
about me… but I know
that if I forget I’ll
never hear you telling
it to me again…
Just by the look
in your eyes I
can tell its over
I can tell by the
look you gave me
that you want to
erase all memory
of me…
I think I’m starting to
move on…because
today when I saw
you I didn’t get the
same feeling I always
got when I saw you…
When you start to
miss me
were the one that
let me go…
I know you will find
someone else
soon and I hope
she never hurts
you…because I
never would…
When you left I
didn’t realize
you weren’t
coming back …
“There is always
that one boy that
no matter what he
does you just can’t
I know that I will
never be able to
forget you…or
the way I felt
about you…
When I hear that song
we always listened to… I
think of you… and it
makes me want to cry
because I know that
when you hear it you
wont be thinking of me
And all those times
we fought before…
I’ve never missed
you as much as I
miss you now…
Its true what
people say “You
don’t realize how
much you love
someone until
they’re gone” …
No matter how
much I try…I
just can’t seem
to get over you
I know I should be over
you by now, but there is
something that’s holding
me back, something
that’s making me wait for
you…even though I know
things will never be the
I just want things to go
back to the way they
used to be…I can’t live
without your hugs…
and how you made me
feel when I was with
I tried to erase
from memory the
way your hugs
felt…but that’s
something a girl
never forgets…
“Life is like a
pen…You can
cross something
out, but you can
never erase it”
It’s funny how you
broke my heart,
but I still manage
to love you with all
the little pieces…
I love
Every time I walk
by you I
remember the
good times we
had together…
Most of the things
are about that one
guy…but he will
never realize that
every word is
about him…
“True love is
when you
shed a tear
and still want
…its when he
ignores you
and you still
love him…
…Its when
you hug him
and never
want to let
“Love is only a
chapter in a
guy’s life…but to
the girl it’s the
whole book”
I get the best feeling in
the world when you say
hi or even smile at
me…because I know
that even if its just for a
second, I’ve crossed
your mind
If you can’t get
someone out of
your head…maybe
they’re supposed
to be there
I wish I had a time
machine so that I can
go back to the fun
times we spent
together and fast
forward through all the
bad ones…
Why cant
love ever
be easy?