Hey mate, Marcus London here… Today I’ve got a special report that’s going to help you turn

up the heat between the sheets…for both you AND your girl! It involves something almost all men fail to realize when it comes to really satisfying their women… But first, let me ask you something: Has sex with your lady gotten to be really mundane and monotonous? Have you been feeling like the main goal is having an orgasm while praying she’s not faking hers? Is it at the point where sex now feels like a chore?

If so… What if I told you that you could really start to spice things up as soon as TONIGHT? That you and your lady could get started on having the most AMAZING sex of your lives NOW! I decided to write this after reading numerous emails from guys who wanted to “spice it up” in the bedroom. Some guys wrote to me about being happy with their women and wanting a few pointers to keep things exciting… Others had begun bribing their wives or girlfriends with chores around the house in order to get sex! A few of them actually FOUND OUT their girls were faking orgasms and were desperate to find a way to finally satisfy them! Maybe you’ve been there yourself – the sex was AMAZING and PASSIONATE and EXCITING when you first got together…then, gradually, you started having sex less and less… She used to scream and writhe with passion and now you wonder if she’s even awake… Instead of jumping INTO bed with you, she’s now sneaking OUT of bed to go read Fifty Shades of Grey! I hate to say it, mate, but this is a clear sign that she has gotten bored in the bedroom…maybe even with YOU!

FACT I - Women fake orgasms when they want sex to be over and done with. They want it to be over and done with because they’re not satisfied…And, if you’re not the one satisfying her, it might be someone ELSE who’s doing it…

FACT II - Women are more likely to stray and cheat when they’re not getting all the passion, romance, and excitement they CRAVE from YOU! You might be worried about whether or not you’re really satisfying her. As much as I hate to say it, if you’re ALREADY worried about her faking with you… Chances are, SHE ALREADY IS! Over 80% of women admit to faking orgasms with their lovers while about 99% of men SWEAR it’s never happened to them. Unless YOU really figure out what it takes to satisfy her FULLY, she’ll find someone else who WILL! The problem is, you can’t just “figure out” what it is that your woman wants. And the one thing that TURNS WOMEN OFF MOST… Is TELLING YOU what to do in the bedroom! You probably already hear that a lot from your girl “I shouldn’t have to tell you…YOU SHOULD JUST

KNOW!” How can you “just know” without her even telling you though?! Well, I’ve got some news for you, mate. She’s not ever gonna tell you because… SHE doesn’t even know! Not even women are aware of what it takes to give them the orgasms they want. But fear not friend – I, Marcus London, do know! And in this report I'm going to share with you one of my amazing techniques for doing it. I call it...

The All Day Orgasm!
The reason is because for this special orgasm... you spend the ENTIRE DAY prepping her up for it… You keep building her anticipation and desire from sun-up to sun-down! She thinks about SEX all day... she thinks about YOU all day... all leading up to the most INTENSE orgasm she's ever experienced! I first discovered this with my wife... adult star Devon Lee She's seen it ALL in the bedroom... but she had never seen this before... so your girl probably hasn't either ;) Every time I do this EXACT sequence with Devon, we both have the most erotic sexual experience and she cums again and again and AGAIN! So Devon and I made sure to write down each and every step for you. You can copy it exactly and start as early as you want. If you’re REALLY looking to give her the ULTIMATE ORGASM, this will definitely do the trick and have her

wanting you and ONLY YOU for the rest of her life! There’s just one thing I ask of you, mate… After you and your girl are done reaping the benefits of this step-by-step sequence, I ask that you please post a comment right here… I’m being considered for a sex ed reality show on Playboy TV and your comments could really help me out! Ok, let's get started!

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DEVON: What most men don’t realize is that, for a woman, arousal starts IN HER MIND! The brain is the largest erogenous zone in the body, and in order for a woman to even climax she needs to be focused on actually having sex! This means that she needs to be free of all stress, worries, and anxieties when you are making love to her..

MARCUS: The key to getting her relaxed and prepped for a mindblowing climax is to mentally prepare her THROUGHOUT the day…to build and build and BUILD arousal in her and heighten her sensitivity to your touch. Tending to her mind and body ALL AT THE SAME TIME will give her an even MORE intense orgasm than she’s ever had before! Just think of filling up a water bottle: The more time you take to fill it up, the more will pour out once you tip it over. Otherwise, you’ll just spill out little spurts if you tip it over before it’s full… Well, that’s how women’s orgasms work! In order to REALLY build her up to the most INTENSE orgasm of her LIFE, you need to build her up as much as possible to reach her full potential!

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1. While she’s still asleep, massage her breasts as you kiss and lick her neck & shoulders. Then move down to lick the underside of her breasts and around her nipples.

Some women are very sensitive and need to be warmed up first. To avoid having her pull away from feeling ticklish, wake up her senses by first kissing and touching around her nipples. The key is to work up to the most sensitive spots on her body by stimulating the areas around them first. 2. As she begins to wake, gently lick up the length of her outer pussy lips slowly and one at a time. Do this until she is fully awake! 3. Continue to lightly move your tongue AROUND her clitoris and slowly down to where she’s becoming moist. Then part her lips slowly with your tongue and lick up and down as you do.

At this point she should be begging to have you inside her… But whatever you do - DON’T DO IT! In order to keeping her mentally stimulated, you must do the unexpected and keep her guessing… She will expect you to have sex with her at this point, so if you are able to resist, she’ll know she’s in for something really special! 4. Use your finger and caress the length of her inner lips while you lick the head of her clitoris with a flat tongue. Do this for NO MORE than about 10 seconds!

Devon: Again, she will expect you to bring her to orgasm…but remember, keep her guessing!

Marcus: 5. As she starts to get more and more excited, STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING! As she’s watching you, place your finger in your mouth (or you can lick your finger) and tell her: “I can’t wait to taste you later…” This will keep her wanting you throughout the ENTIRE day!



Stopping while she’s at the peak of her excitement BEFORE she has an orgasm - and bringing her back down will build up her sensitivity and make for an even MORE intense orgasm later on! So don’t be afraid to just STOP in the middle of this…no matter how hot YOU are! You wanna make sure you do this before she wakes up, because once she does, she’ll start thinking about the stresses of her day right away… By waking her up with stimulation, she’ll begin her day already aroused before she even has a chance to get stressed!

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1. Call her in the middle of the day to tell her how badly you want her. Try saying something like: “I can still taste you on my tongue…” or “I think you’re so incredibly sexy I can’t wait to get

home to you…” You want to make sure it’s not TOO dirty, but enough so that she feels sexy and desirable. The last thing she wants to feel is USED, so make it about her and how BADLY you want her. This will turn her on EVEN MORE if she hears you saying it…so leave a voicemail if she doesn’t answer =)

2. Be sure to keep the conversation short and give her a SLIGHT idea about what she’s in for tonight without being TOO descriptive. Try saying something like: “I’m getting so hard just thinking about what I’m gonna do for you…”

Keep her guessing! Remember, we WANT to be teased and tortured! This will continue the passion & anticipation from the morning and keep her wet throughout the day from thinking about you!

3. Once again, after about five minutes (for voicemails, keep it less than 30 seconds, then GET OFF THE PHONE!), try ending the conversation with something like: “Dammit, I have to go now, but I’ll be thinking about you all day…” or “I’ve gotta run…but I can’t wait to have my way with you later…” This way, she gets a sense that you’re upset for having to leave the conversation…and this leaves her wanting MORE!

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1. Make sure there’s no distractions at home before you even see her! This means turning off the cell phone, closing the blinds, and CLEANING UP. Clearing all distractions will help her to relax and to lose herself completely in the moment. That way, you’ll both be able to focus ONLY on each other. 2. Light candles all around and make sure all the lights are turned OFF! The soft candlelight will keep the area lit enough so that you can still gaze into each other’s eyes, and dark enough so that it doesn’t overexpose parts of her body that she may feel insecure about.

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If you’ve done everything step-by-step until now, she’ll be ready to jump your bones the SECOND she sees you…but whatever you do, DON’T LET HER! 1. When she walks in the door, wrap your arms tightly around her and begin kissing and licking her collarbone, then slowly up her neck, rubbing your hands sensuously up her back as you do.

Hold her gaze before and even while you kiss her to let her know that she has your total attention in this moment. As your lips meet hers, feel your way up and around her breasts and give them a firm yet gentle squeeze. Continue to kiss her deeply as you move one hand down and softly stroke her over her panties. 2. Once you feel her get moist through her panties, stop caressing and slowly undress her, making sure to rub your hands firmly along her skin as you do. 3. She’ll expect you to have your way with her right then & there, so DON’T! Instead, lay her down onto her stomach, and… 4. Give her a massage starting at her arms and shoulders, then down her back…then up her legs and inner thighs.

Make sure to pay special attention to areas where she may be feeling tight or tense. Listen to her response as you search for these areas! Continue to trace your hands all over her body in a back & forth motion…women are more likely to become aroused with this type of sensation throughout their bodies! 5. Slowly massage the outer part of her pussy lips with one hand as you continue to massage her back with the other. Gently start to put your fingers inside her as she gets even wetter. Use one finger to feel up and down between her lips, but don’t insert it all the way inside just yet. 6. Slowly slide your finger in and out of her, pressing up against her g-spot when your finger is inside. As she begins to get more and more excited, STOP and begin massaging her again.

This constant ebb and flow of intensity keeps her in a state of extreme arousal. Any time you feel like she might just go over the edge… STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND DO SOMETHING ELSE! This is sure to drive her wild with anticipation…she’ll be begging to have you inside her at this point! 7. Prop her on all fours and begin to massage and kiss her butt cheeks, meanwhile fondle her breasts. Lick up her legs and slowly lick her wetness, circling your tongue around her clitoris. Then get as much of her pussy in your mouth as you can and continue to suck & to kiss it. 8. Slowly flutter your tongue in a side-to-side motion over her clitoris and pick up speed as she gets closer to climax. Just as you feel her start to cum, stop again and GENTLY BITE her butt cheeks!

The sudden shift from pleasure to delicious pain will send different signals to her brain and drive her right to the edge! 9. Flip her over and blindfold her (you can use a scarf or a necktie for this – if it has your scent on it, it will turn her on that much more). This awakens her other senses and keeps her guessing as to what you’ll do next. Begin massaging her belly, then continue up toward her breasts. You can take this time to tell her how sexy you think she is and kiss spots on her where she may be feeling insecure…this will help relax her even more as she may be feeling overexposed. 10. Dip your fingers into her pussy and use her natural lubrication to trace circles around her nipples. Then lick circles around her nipples while sticking your fingers in and out of her. Then put your fingers in her mouth so that she can taste her build her own pussy…. Women are actually VERY turned on by the smell and taste of their own natural juices…trust me, this will REALLY send her reeling! 11. Right now, you’re probably ROCK HARD and ready to go! So untie her legs and kneel in between them. She should be begging you to enter her at this point! If you want to really mindfuck her, before you enter her, make her tell you what she wants you to do to her…say something like:!

“You want me to fuck you now, don’t you, baby? You want this cock inside you, don’t you?” This continues the tease and shows that you care about what she wants…it’s also a subtle reminder that she’s still in control even though you’re the one having your way with her! With the tip of your penis, slowly rub her right outside her pussy first…remembering to tease her slooooowly…!
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Then, grab her hips and begin to ease your way inside her. Penetrate her shallowly for 9 strokes, and then give her one DEEP stroke. Then penetrate her for 8 strokes, and give her TWO deep strokes. Continue along like this with one less shallow stroke and one more deep stroke as you go. 12. As she gets closer & closer to climax, stop thrusting and insert your penis deep inside her, pressing the opening of her vagina hard against your body. While still inside her, move your hips up and down to send vibrations to her vagina. This is the perfect position for stimulating her A-spot and also stimulates her clitoris as well while you are deep inside, which will give her a much different kind of pleasure than just thrusting in and out of her! Guys, not only will this build her up to having an explosive orgasm, it will also help YOUR stamina at the same time! Within a few minutes she should be experiencing a HIGHLY POWERFUL, MIND-BLOWING, FULLBODY orgasm! !


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So there you have it, mate! This stuff will DEFINITELY turn up the heat with your lady and add some spice to the bedroom! Once you’ve finished, she’ll be convinced she just slept with a new man! So go ahead, and enjoy giving your girl some of the BEST SEX of her life! Happy boning, guys!! Marcus London & Devon Lee P.S. Devon and I have been married over 5 years now... and during that time we've discovered some MINDBLOWING sex secrets. If you enjoyed this report and want to hear more please let us know!