 The object of the God will oranizations to put an end to religious hatred.

The objections of the establishment of God will organisation; the present troubles,and the system of whole world, has come on wrong path, which leads towards the ruination,and destruction,and we are going against the love of God. God wants that , the human being may not suffer, from trouble and loss;on the other hand. God has given to us the knoledge of living,after sending more than one lakyprophets,though only one prophet was Sufficient, for running the school of God.let us consider the whole world was a school, while the pieces of the world the classes of God. It was misunderstood, which are taken by us a religion of every prophet, the same are the classes of God, this shool commenced from adam, and came to an end on pophet Mohammed (s.a.s).we have the knowledge,which was intended to be given by the God. Before sending the human-being, in the world, he had made the arragement of all the needs, of human being. The belongings of all the needs, and necessities, are available here, instruction have been received from prophets.New, no more thing are required, to be give to us by almighty Allah, whatever was required to be give t us, the same has been give, ignoring our responsibilities is the cause of your troubles. it is not the practica of God, to give living subsistence inthe Hands of everyone. Arrangment of it has been made in this world, search the same,certain rich persons are looting our living subsistence in a group. These only are the responsible, for our troubles, and hardships whatever living subsistenceis being provided by God, the same is nether more than nesessity,nor less than necessioity, if anyone steals the share of living subsistence then denfinitely you will suffer from trouble, human being want the essential articles for his needs, why we are in debts, even after working for 18hours? All of us are not following correct procedure. follow one procedure, since it is false to live the unplanned life, we thought caring for the result, and spending more than our status, and to life, the burden more than our strength to give less importance, to another human being, to humiliate other human being, searching benefit in all activitis are the weakness, inside ours. Unless and until these short coming will not be rectified, all of should support one another, since the same is our necessitty, and still more things, which are required to rectified.

God will oranizations

God will organization, is keeping an eye on each and every trouble,and engaged in removing the trouble.God will organization is your strength, God will become your strength, and it has been trying to bring all the people on one procedure, under the scheme of the way of God will , there will be a president for forty families and he will be one among the forty families, he will try to salve the problems of forty families of the same sect: Forty families will assemble, one day in a month; all will hear the troubles, of one another and make an attempt to solve the same. the solution will be made, with help of the religious leader;all the troubles will come to an end, by this method.Even today also human being is not out of trouble,the method of our organization is for all the human beings of the world.

By: Sufi.Mohammed Younus ( president & founder )