Toothpaste Ingredient sodium lauryl sulfate

Description/Uses Foaming agent. Industrial detergent and engine degreaser used in garage floor cleaners, car wash soaps Solvent, preservative. Plastics & resins, air craft de-icers, a component in antifreeze. Paints and varnishes. Whitening agent. White paint, sunscreen.

Health Affects for your family          Linked to CANCER in animals and/or humans Skin/eye irritant Accumulates in organs Respiratory tract irritant Toxic to aquatic organisms NEUROTOXIN, damages the central nervous system or Teratogen, affecting the embryo. Linked to CANCER in animals and/or humans, skin/eye irritant, accumulates in organs. Potential CARCINOGEN when tested in rats Increases free radical release leading to aging. Linked to CANCER in animals and/or humans, accumulates in organs May cause fertility problems and birth defects FATAL if ingested - most popular toothpastes contain enough fluoride to kill a small child within 2 to 4 hours (a whole tube) Linked to CANCER in animals and/or humans, Impairs muscle function and skeletal muscle contractility in mice. Reduces cardiac function after 1 dose to mice by 25% Skin/eye irritant Accumulates in organs Suspected hormone disruptor Toxic to aquatic organisms Linked to CANCER in animals and/or humans, Skin/eye irritant

propylene glycol

titanium dioxide

Sodium Fluoride


Anticavity agent. In history it has been used as a form of rodent and insect poisoning. Is also a key component in anesthetic, hypnotic, and psychiatric drugs and SARIN NERVE GAS! Anti-gingivitis. Also used as a pesticide.

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FD & C Blue Dyes 1 & 2

sodium hydroxide (caustic soda/lye)

Blue colouring agent Coal Tar derived colours synthesized from petroleum. Neutralise acidic pH imbalance. Industrial solvent, drain cleaner, oven cleaner, metal polish, bleach, toilet cleaner.

Contact with sodium hydroxide can cause severe burns on and in the body. Exposure to very low levels (dust or mists) can irritate the skin and eyes. Exposure to higher levels can cause severe burns in the eyes, skin, digestive system and lungs, leading to blindness or death. Ingestion can cause immediate vomiting, chest and stomach pain as well as swallowing difficulties. Damage to the mouth, throat and stomach is immediate as well. Death can result from internal bleeding and infection. Children may be more vulnerable to sodium 1 hydroxide. Acts as a carrier for other harmful chemicals into your oral soft tissues. A fatal ingested dose is one ounce/28.35grams or less.

Alcohol, Isopropyl (SD40).

Hard surface cleaner.