The The 28 28 Day Natural Plan Natural Eating Eating Plan

by JOE by JOEBonington Bonington

The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan

The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan
by JOE Bonington
1. The contents of this e-book under the title of ‘The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan’ is nothing more than information and is to treated as such. 2. 3. 4. 5. Be aware that the author is a qualified Personal Trainer who specialises and is qualified in Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, he is neither a doctor, a dietician or a nutritionist. You are fully aware that the author has not designed the program for you personally and that the advice is not to be taken in place of any advice given by a medical practitioner, registered nutritionist, dietition or relevant health professional. If you follow the information in this e-book you have done so with or without the knowledge of the relevant health professional and can in no way hold the author liable for any results or effects that may occur. Should you suffer from a medical condition of any kind or suspect that the dietary regimen may cause you a medical problem of any kind whatsoever that you should speak to a qualified medical practitioner for advice.

It is important that you read the following advice in its entirety and not just pick and choose sections to read.

The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan



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Why We Are What We Are The Natural Eating Plan - The Benefits The Planning and Preparation
1. Plan Your Start Date 2. Prepare Your Kitchen 3. Stocking Up on the Good Stuff 3.1 Limited Foods List

About the Author

Joe Bonington is one of Sydney’s most successful Personal Trainers and Lifestyle coaches. His passion for food and nutrition has been with him since childhood and he started working life as a chef in the UK. Since then, Joes passion for fitness has seen him become a sports strength and conditioning coach for athletes working with Track and Field, Rugby League and as strength and conditioning coach to the most successful ever Australian Everest expedition in 2011. His exciting approach to health and fitness has seen him receive nominations for the industry’s Fitness Professional of the Year Award and he has featured on several TV shows such as ‘Today Tonight’, ‘Business Breakfast’ and the Channnel 9 series, ‘Camp Dare’. Joe is also a presenter, facilitator, public speaker and leadership coach. He is involved in the development of Australia’s future leaders as a presenter and facilitator in the concepts of leadership at some of Australia’s finest schools. Joe has helped innumerable people achieve their health, fitness and weight loss goals.

4. Start Cooking 5. Shopping 5.1 Banned Foods 5.2 The Hit List

Rules and General Tips
Hydration Eating Detoxifying Foods Supplementation (Optional) The Side Effects of Detoxifying the Body Example Week Menu

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The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan



Why We Are What We Are
Since I started in the health and fitness industry 10 years ago I have had the opportunity to see many diet and eating regimens come and go. Some have worked wonders with some people and not for others. Some diets were complicated and some are very simple. Some were based on science, some on common sense (and some made no sense at all). I am a big believer in common sense and a natural order to things. The most successful diets that I have seen utilised to help with energy levels, health and weight loss have been diets based around eating good whole foods and removing processed rubbish that causes our internal organs to work overtime or has no nutritional value. For tens of thousands of years we ate very naturally and we survived very well. In fact medical and historical sources recognise that the Paleolithic (Hunter-gatherers) era had a higher life expectancy (average age 33 years) than the Neolthic (the first farmers) (average age 20). It was only in the late 19th century that life expectancy got into the late thirties. The problem is that nowadays in our fast paced society, we are constantly tampering with foods, to make them easier to consume, faster to prepare, more attractive and last longer on the shelf. Our physiological system is a very complex one that has taken hundreds of millions of years to develop, we have not been designed to eat much of what we are eating now. We weren’t meant to be eating foods that have been denatured, processed, added to, pasteurised etc, The body does not recognise half of these things as a true food source, adding to the stress of an already stressed system. And when the body is stressed it produces hormones that slow down or prevent the burning of fat. On top of that many of the additives and colourings have been proven to cause the body problems.
Some of the symptoms of a typical modern diet can be:

Depression And many others

Lowered immune system

Some of the diseases that can be traced back to modern nutrition are: Heart disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Hypertension, Asthma, Mental disorders Note: Look, I’m not your doctor. I’m not in a position to diagnose your specific condition but nonetheless, ALL of these conditions have been treated successfully through supervised nutritional practices by qualified practitioners all around the world sometimes without aleopathic* medicines and sometimes alongside aleopathic medicines*. However if you are suffering from a life threatening condition I suggest you seek the full support of your medical practitioner before embarking on this diet! * Aleopathic – Modern western medicine It’s not rocket science. Surely it’s common sense to realise that your general health as a whole being is a reflection of the health of the individual cells of your body. Your body needs foods of good nutritional value both in the form of: 1. Macronutrients being Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats 2. Micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) these are essential to life but required in small amounts. If we do provide these, the body and cells maintain homeostasis, cellular regulation or balance. So by failing to deliver the cells the amount of nutrients they need, cells start to fail or malfunction. When enough cells are put into this situation ill health and dis-ease results. There is no middle ground. You are either creating healthy cells or damaging them. You are either creating health or breaking it down. You are creating an environment that allows homeostasis and cellular health or you are destroying it.

Headaches Anxiety Diabetes Acid reflux

Mood swings Skin conditions eg eczema Lack of energy Lethargy

The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan



If you wish to maintain or improve your health you need to give your cells and your body all it needs to maintain healthy growth, repair damaged cells and achieve homeostasis. Good nutrition makes sense! So what does this mean? I’m going to give you this information with no frills, no BS and no pussyfooting around. Do you have high blood pressure? Are you overweight? Do you suffer from moodiness? Is your libido low? Are you not as strong as you should be? Are you bloated? Do you feel generally crap and lethargic? Is your immune system suffering i.e. do you get ill often? Well if you have answered yes to any of the above… there is only one person to blame...YOU!!! And only one person who can change it... Do you think that is a bit harsh? Are you reading this and thinking, “who the bloody hell does he think he is? He doesn’t know my circumstances? He doesn’t know how busy, how stressed I am? He doesn’t know my genetic make up…. All my family have slow metabolisms!”. I know I don’t know your circumstances and I really don’t care. Don’t give me that slow metabolism malarky. Obesity is a condition of the modern age. In the days of old, there were very few people who were fat and the ones who were were the very upper echelons of society, who had everything done for them, were waited on hand and foot. ie weight has always and will always be a lifestyle issue. As for circumstances, we are in control. This is about choices and responsibility. You are responsible for your lifestyle, for how much you work, what you put on your plate, how much you exercise and how you integrate the many parts to your life. Let me give you an analogy. Many of my clients are executives in finance as my gym is in the CBD of Sydney. Two of my clients were in very similar roles for two different investment banks…one might say a stressful area to work in this current climate. I know for a fact that they have very similar workloads and similar stresses. Both of them have families and both have high expendable incomes. One is fit, toned and muscular has a great attitude to training, makes the effort to fit in

the sessions and hardly ever cancels on me. The other (whom I no longer work with….. I sacked him) is stressed up to the eye balls, always ill, constantly has excuses for his bad eating habits, cancels sessions regularly and rarely works out if I am not chasing him. This bloke is overweight and not in a good way, mentally or physically. I’m no expert in finance but I’d say my first client performs better at work and because of his outlook, health and well-being enjoys his work, family and life a lot more than the second client. We are in control. You are in control. Take accountability for your own actions or stop reading right now and go and get yourself a McDonalds, quickly eat it at your desk whilst trying to meet your next deadline and I wish you luck with your life… and the next one, which may be closer than you think. Deep down you already know most of what I’m saying. This is where common sense comes in. It’s common sense that fresh fruit and vegetables that have been allowed to grow in a natural way are going to have a higher micronutrient content than a tin of peaches or a frozen diet meal. It makes sense that organically grown or free range meat from an animal that has been fed what it was meant to be fed instead of waste products, slops, recycled abattoir waste, steroids and hormones is going to be better for you. And why do we buy the intensively and artificially farmed stuff? Because it’s cheaper. If you owned a car that you only had to buy once and that would last a lifetime if looked after, would you give it the cheapest engine oil you could find and not bother with a regular service? I don’t think so. Common sense tells us that a high sugar diet is bad for us. Look at what it very quickly does to our kid’s teeth - that should be a warning sign. We have seen what it does to our own waistlines, and that of our friends, but we still get our kids hooked early and conditioned…. “They’ve been good, it’s a treat.” Great marketing, make this poison seem like something really special, then when they grow up and see it is cheap and available they eat more and more. “But they like it” … well people like crack cocaine, it doesn’t mean we should give it to them. I find it amazing that parents who are trying to cut down on sugar themselves, or say that they are addicted to chocolate etc, think nothing of giving their kids a dessert after every meal… it’s ridiculous.

The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan



The Natural Eating Plan - The Benefits
The main aim of a natural diet is inner health. It’s about cleansing and revitalising the system, achieving homeostasis (balance) so that your organs function efficiently and effectively. Everything will start doing what it was meant to do with efficiency. The bonus is weight loss!! Getting that toned feeling back again. As our body is not fighting off so many artificial stressors, we will be able start processing our foods properly. We will absorb the correct nutrients and micronutrients in more abundance. Fats will be processed and metabolised quicker and easier. of nausea and diaorrhea. Your skin may also temporarily become oily as toxins leave the system through the pores. Better out than in…. these symptoms are temporary. Read on to find out about what will happen when these side effects subside. Your body is about to become a self-regulating, selfsustaining powerhouse. As I said before, your body will start to process nutrients and micro nutrients more efficiently; this is great as hunger pangs and cravings will slowly subside as your body starts to get back its genuine signaling system as opposed to the false signals “eat more” sent by diets filled with sugar or empty carbohydrates such as flours and pastas. Your general sense of health and well-being is now improving, your immune system is bolstered and your body’s natural abilities to fight disease and prevent the diseases of modern living are strengthened. Emotional hunger and appetite will diminish as your bodies systems to balance and build good health and strength take over. What does this mean? How does more general energy to tackle the day sound? As well as the feeling of more energy, other signs of improving health are improved skin and nails, healthier looking and feeling hair and something we tend not to talk about but healthier and easier bowel movements. All of these are signs of great inner health.

Toughen up
Those of you who know me know that I don’t believe in compromise. With my one-on-one personal training clients I guarantee my results for those who do exactly as I say without wavering from the challenge and without fail they get results. This is no different in its methodology. If you want results you follow the rules. If you don’t, you won’t get the results. Forget about following 80% or allowing yourself a naughty treat at the weekend. Whilst you are on the eating plan you are 100% on the eating plan for the full 28 days. If this won’t work for you, stop now and drag this into your waste paper basket and come back to me when you are prepared to show some commitment to change. If you are serious about getting rid of that stubborn fat that you haven’t been able to shift, if you want to feel better about yourself, if you want to look better when you look at yourself in the bedroom mirror you need to give your body a chance, you need to be able to cleanse

In the past the body has stored excess toxins in our adipose tissues (body fats) as it has been overloaded and unable to process them all. These will now be expelled along with excess fat and retained water. You see when the body is overloaded with toxins it uses water to dilute them so they do less harm; this is all stored with the fat. As the body cleans itself of toxins it reduces the amount of fluid in the body as well. On average I’ve found that people using the Natural Eating Plan tend to lose around 2Kg per fortnight and may lose more when they first start. A by-product of this is that you may feel the effects of these toxins as they leave the body. Some people can feel crappy and off-colour, have headaches or even a little bit

The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan

The Natural Eating Plan - The Benefits


your system. If you keep dipping into the banned foods list, even for the smallest bad snack, you are disabling your metabolic system and sabotaging your chances of success, ie it means that you will have wasted any time you have spent on this Natural Eating Plan. Don’t mess about with my rules, they are not there for negotiation. So are you committed? Do you understand what you are embarking on? Do you want to make change? If you do read on… If not “see ya” !

Planning to Succeed
If I were to tell you this was going to be easy I’d be lying. Some people find it easier than others. The first days are the hardest; you won’t feel at your greatest as all the toxins are eliminated but it will get easier after that. It also depends on other factors… ie your current lifestyle, how different is this from your current eating pattern and how alien is it to your current way of thinking. Another big thing it depends on is the people around you. 1. How supportive they are 2. How easily influenced you are My recommendation is to persuade as many people as you can around you (especially spouses) to join you on the eating plan… even your kids (more on that later). The other reason the first part can be a bit tough is that you have spent however many years you have been on the planet, eating and drinking this stuff that is not natural to the body. You have become addicted… you are an addict. Your body thinks it needs caffeine, sugar, alcohol etc. Your mind might start to play tricks on you, rationalising why you should just have one sneaky drink or piece of cake or piece of bread. There is only one way for this to work - TOTAL ABSTINENCE. The first few days you might get the cravings, the headaches etc but after that your body is starting to heal and work the way it should, the way it functions best.

The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan

The Natural Eating Plan - The Benefits


The Planning and Preparation
So let’s start to plan, get it right and we will be feeling and looking great before you can say “Macrobiotically grown alfalfa” – just kidding. But if we do this right it will not take long before you are in the groove and you will be feeling and looking better and on your way to a healthier you. Fail to plan and you are planning to fail. arrangements for banned foods they want to be kept separately. To be cleared out of your Fridge, Freezer and Cupboards - What you need to get rid of:

1. Plan your start date
I tend to find starting on the first day of a month is a great psychological starting point. Check your diary when planning your start. A month with the least temptations, parties etc. Saying that don’t use these as excuses. There are always going to be events, at the end of the day you need to work out which is more important to you - another birthday party or anniversary or actually knuckling down and making a difference to your life… and remember this is only 28 days…. That birthday party is going to be there next year and the year after that. Get your priorities right!

Processed Food – You are going to become expert ingredients readers. Anything that contains additives, sugars, stabilisers, colouring, or unpronounceable chemical sounding names. Most tinned foods, prepackaged foods, baked products.

2. Prepare your kitchen
During the days before your Natural Eating Plan is due to begin, clean out your cupboards. Anything that is perishable and on the banned list needs to be thrown out. “But that’s a waste!” – so is the millions spent on dealing with chronic disease, obesity and sick leave. Just get rid of it, if you really can’t throw it out, give it to a neighbour or a soup kitchen but get rid of it, no ifs or buts. If you don’t want to get rid of it, you have missed the point completely and you are not ready for this. For all non-perishables, either give them away or throw them. Another alternative that works for your non-perishables is to get a big trunk with a padlock and lock them away. I’m serious. If they are there, you will eat them. If you wouldn’t, you wouldn’t be where you are today and reading The Natural Eating Plan... LOCK IT OR LOSE IT. If you have a partner, flatmate or kids you can see why it is much easier if they join you on the Natural Eating Plan. If they won’t just ask them to respect you and make

Proccessed Deli Meats – Most deli style meats and cold sausages contain Sodium dioxide and or other preservatives and colourings: Salami’s, Hams, Brawn. This includes Bacon and smoked products (salmon) unless genuinely wood smoked and without preservatives.

Sugars – Including sucrose, glucose, maple syrup, corn syrup and palm syrup

The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan

The Planning and Preparation


To be cleared out of your Fridge, Freezer and Cupboards - What you need to get rid of (continued):

All Caffeine containing products – Tea (including green tea), Coffee, Drinking Chocolate, caffeinated Fizzy drinks Any Wheat Products – Bread, biscuits, cakes, pastries, pies and breakfast cereals

White Rice – All White Rice products, you can keep some wild or brown rice but only in very small quantity

Table Salt – I DO want you eating salt but not the processed, bleached, chemically altered poison that is known as table salt. You are allowed organic or natural salts, such as Celtic sea salts or Himalayan Salts.

All Breads – Unless they are unleavened and made from allowed grains Dairy – Milk and cheese Now that we have done the clear out, onto the next stage...

All Alcohol

The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan

The Planning and Preparation


3. Stocking Up on the Good Stuff
The following is a sample list of the types of foods you need to stock up on:

Traditional Meats – preferably certified organic or at the very least free range and hormone free: Beef Pork Lamb

Fish - Must be wild NOT farmed. All sustainably harvested Fish, Shellfish and Crustaceans; especially plenty of dark, oily fish such as Mackerel. Most people tend to think of Salmon as a great source for Omega 3 oils... which it is. The problem is that most Atlantic Salmon is farmed. A great alternative, especially for those living in the Southern hemisphere is Ocean Trout. For those in the Northern hemisphere check that your Salmon is wild.

Game Meats – preferably certified organic or at the very least free range and hormone free: Venison Bison Kangaroo Buffalo

Vegetables – preferably certified organic. Try and get at least a third of your daily intake of vegetables raw. By having them raw, they maintain more vitamins, minerals, natural enzymes, secondary nutrients and other properties. Also think bitter, the more bitter leafy greens the better (watercress, Kale, Rocket): Asparagus Kale Leeks Avocado Bock Choy Cabbage Eggplant Water Cress Garlic 1 Broccoli Cauliflower Green Beans Celery Beetroot Carrots Lettuce Spinach Silverbeet

Poultry & Game Birds – preferably certified organic or at the very least free range and hormone free: Chicken Emu Goose Pheasant Turkey Duck Partridge

Green Beans Mushrooms Onions Capsicum Zucchini Wild Rocket

The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan

The Planning and Preparation


Vegetables (continued): Tomatoes Bean Sprouts (all types)
1 2

Brussel Sprouts

A clove or two of raw garlic everyday will do you wonders. Try and have some Lemon juice with water every day.

Oils – preferably certified organic: Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 1 Butter (ideally raw) Rice Bran Oil 2 Flax Seed Oil Root Vegetables – preferably certified organic: Potatoes Parsnips Swede Yam Carrots Turnips Kumara
Dressings Only
1 Contains

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ghee Walnut Oil

Cooking Only

Lauric acid a fat that helps you burn fat. 3 tablespoons at

the start of the day. It is also antifungal and antibacterial, so great for your cleanse.
2 This

is along side Coconut Oil, is the only Veg oil you should

cook with.

Beverages and Milk Substitutes – preferably certified organic: Fruits – unlimited – preferably certified organic: Herbal Teas Apples Plums Blueberries Blackberries Lemons 2 Grapefruit Strawberries Pears Apricots Raspberries Boysenberries Lime Kiwi Oat Milk Almond Milk Soy Milk (from non GM fermented Soy) Fruit Tea Infusions Rice Milk (made from Brown Rice) Hazelnut Milk

Sweeteners Stevia

The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan

The Planning and Preparation


3.1. Limited Foods List
Try and keep the limited foods down to bare minimum if any at all. Definitely none in the first two weeks Certainly no more than one portion in a day and definitely no more than three times in a week in the second fortnight. The limited foodlist contains foods that promote a high insulin response such as grains, exotic fruits or honey or are high in nutrient blocking Phytates and other blocking agents.

Dairy – preferably certified organic: Raw or Organic Butter
Live plain natural yoghurt 2
1 Preferably 2 Preferably

Eggs 1

organic but natural living free range will do. Raw, if not it MUST be organic or biodynamic.

Grains – preferably certified organic: Amaranth Rye Nuts and Seeds – preferably organic or pesticide free and ONLY in their raw form. Try and get a handful of nuts and seeds in everyday. Or a couple of tablespoons of organic LSA meal (Linseed, Sunflower, Almond) Almonds Brazil Nuts Sunflower Seeds Linseeds

Quinoa Oats Spelt Brown or wild rice

Kamut Buckwheat

Hazelnuts Cashew Seasame Seeds Coconuts 1 Raw Honey – preferably certified organic (no more than one teaspoon in one day)

Read in the supplementation section about this awesome seed and its amazing properties. A drinking coconut and its meat on a regular basis would not go amiss.

Exotic Fruits – preferably certified organic: Mango Pineapple

The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan

The Planning and Preparation


Exotic Fruits – preferably certified organic (continued): Banana Tangerine Rock Melon Orange Cantaloupe Water Melon

5.1. Banned Foods
I can’t reiterate enough how important it is that you completely avoid these foods whilst on the Natural Eating Plan. Here is a list of the prohibited foods I have added an explanation of why each one is on the list:

Legumes - preferably certified organic. Lentils, Chick Peas, Kidney beans, etc This is only the start, this is a guide. Add to the list, just make sure that what you are adding is not on the banned list of foods. Organic Foods – This is important. Buy Organic foods where possible. They contain none of the trace chemicals, hormones and antibiotics which are slowing up and toxifying our system, causing our system to slow down, weight to increase and health to deteriorate.

All Alcohol – Alcohol is a poison. We all know this, it’s not going to come as a big surprise to anyone. It is toxic. Every single one of my clients who drinks has had results just by abstaining from alcohol alone. What actually happens when alcohol enters the body is that the sugar in it triggers an insulin secretion, causing a blood sugar imbalance, the body retains body fats instead of burning it, the liver becomes stressed trying to process it and the kidneys and adrenal glands increase their workload too, leading to increased bodyweight and a breakdown in the immune system allowing for chronic degenerative conditions to take hold.

4. Start Cooking
In the month prior, start pre cooking and freezing meals, made from allowed ingredients, this way you won’t be caught short during your 28 days as you can just get something out of the freezer… as opposed to running down to KFC. Banned Foods - I can’t reiterate enough how important it is that you completely avoid these foods whilst on the Natural Eating Plan. Here is a list of the prohibited foods I have added an explanation of why each one is on the list.

5. Shopping
Find out where your nearest Organic Market is or your nearest Organic produce store. There are also many delivery services around. As with any service, shop around you may get better prices or better service. What is off the shopping list…

Caffeine – Avoid caffeinated products. Caffeine is a stimulant. It creates artificial energy by stimulating our energy hormones such as adrenalin (the fight or flight hormone) and cortisol (our stress hormone). These systems become fatigued, wearing out the natural system. The body’s energy levels start to fluctuate massively. We then crave more caffeine or sugary foods to compensate, compounding the problem.

The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan

The Planning and Preparation


2/3 more vitamin A 3 x more vitamin E

2 x more omega-3 fatty acids 7 times more beta-carotene

Eating cage eggs you also have a lot higher chances of getting salmonella.

Dairy – Milk and Cheese - unless you have access to raw milk, which very few of us have, dairy is gone!!! The processes of Homoginisation and Pasteurisation destroy virtually everything that is good about milk and cheese and the dairy industry don’t give us the whole truth about some of the so-called benefits of pasteurised milk. Q: Did you know that more bio-available Calcium is found in Broccoli than milk?! Q: Did you know that without the fatty acids in reduced fat milk the body finds it heard to absorb the protein that the dairy industry tells you that milk is full of? Q: Did you know that the natural enzymes killed by pasteurisation would prevent many of us from being lactose intolerant? The only dairy you are allowed are Raw milk products, Organic and free range eggs and butter (preferably Raw, you may have some conventional butter for cooking if you cannot find Raw)

Fruit Juice – All store bought fruit juices are banned as they are pasteurised, making them nothing but sugar water. The vitamin content has been severely reduced and the there are no natural enzymes left. If you want a juice get a freshly made juice and go for a vegetable juice most of the time. Remember too many fruit juices and you are just adding to your sugar load and defeating the purpose of the Natural Eating Plan.

Eggs – Cage eggs are definitely out and Organic eggs are in. Cage eggs contain traces of hormones, antibiotic and colouring. Studies have showed that Cage eggs have higher Omega 6 and less Omega 3, whilst Eggs bred on free-range pastureland have a more balanced Omega range, and it is this balance that is important when talking about cholesterol. Also when compared to cage eggs, pasture raised organic eggs contain: 1/3 less cholesterol 1/4 less saturated fat

Meat - Beef, Lamb, Chicken and Pork – Where possible buy Organic and pasture fed (grass fed) Meat. Really try and avoid conventionally farmed meats during the diet. After all this is a natural eating plan and the meat industry is rife with injectable hormones, antibiotics and other nasties. Then there is grain-feeding animals that are meant to eat grass. The grain then goes on to affect the end user. You!! Or the other nasties and crap that they put in cattle and pig feed. Be especially dubious of all pork products, pigs really do get the crappy end of the stick when it comes to living conditions, treatment, what they are fed and how they are medicated… This and all the stressors in their system get passed on to you, when you are munching away on that bacon butty! Organic, free range, pasture fed or avoid it!!!

The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan

The Planning and Preparation


processing, including chemical extractions and high temperatures, are the beans (or the soy protein isolate) suitable for digestion when eaten. Fermented Soy bean products from whole beans, as eaten in Asia for 4 millenia are good for us. Fermenting the Soy provides pro-biotics, aids absorption, breaks down Phytic acid and releases the properties of the Soy Bean which are beneficial to digestion and increase the release of isoflavones which may help fight heart disease, increase bone health, help with prostate and breast health. Soybeans (and other legumes) contain an antinutrient called “phytic acid”. However, soybeans have higher levels of phytic acid than any other legume. Phytic acid blocks the absorption of minerals, like calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc. On top of this they contain enzyme-inhibitors. Enzyme-inhibitors block uptake of trypsin and other enzymes which the body needs for protein. Soy also mimics estrogen, 2 cups a day can alter a woman’s cycle. Soy and Soy formula has been linked to early onset of puberty and feeding a baby soy formula is reportedly akin to giving it 5 birth control pills a day!!! And what does Estrogen do?.. suppress Testosterone. Testosterone is regulated naturally in both the male and female body. This is the hormone we all need - male or female - that helps us grow muscles, regulate energy levels, regulate our libido and maintain general health. If we have too little of it we will not produce enough muscle to burn energy (fat) efficiently. And finally Soy also contains hemaglutin, which promotes the clotting together of red blood cells causing them to clump together. Cells which have grouped like this cannot properly absorb oxygen for distribution to the body’s tissues, and are unable to help in maintaining good cardiac health. Unfortunately cooking does not de-activate these harmful properties which can cause serious gastric distress, reduced protein digestion cause chronic deficiencies in amino acid uptake, decreased cardiac health.

Processed Food – Well this is the natural eating plan, after all! Just in case you haven’t worked it out yet we are saying NO to: Additives Preservatives Anything beginning with E
Ingredients ending with ‘ose’

Colourings Flavourings Numbered Ingredients Any added salt
(ex. Sea Salt)

Anything marked long life, artifically sweetened or reduced fat If it comes in a box or a tin or from a fridge or freezer compartment, check the ingredients boxes. If it has any words that look as if they belong in a science lab you need to chuck it or put it back. Beware of the words; NATURAL FLAVOURINGS or NATURAL COLOURINGS. They often hide a whole host of processes that by law do not have to be written down. They are still to be avoided. At the end of the day, the food you should be buying should be as close to its natural state as possible.

Soy Products – It’s hard not to end up eating Soy nowadays even if we don’t want to. Turn over most packaged bread or baked products in a supermarket and you’ll find Soy has been added. Most people think of Soy, Tofu and other Soy products as a health food, I’m afraid it’s not. In fact soybeans, as provided by nature, are not suitable for human consumption. Only after fermentation for some time, or extensive

The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan

The Planning and Preparation


If you’re looking for a dairy alternative for Children and adults (infants should look to other replacement products such as goats milk formula) use organic brown Almond Milk.

dextrose, corn sugar) can create the above affects. A couple of surprising facts that you need to be aware of are: 1. Your average honey is heat-treated or blended and is nothing more than sugar. As such it has none of the natural enzymes that are good for you. Raw Honey on the other hand has some very beneficial effects BUT not in large quantities. Honey is allowed on the Natural Eating Plan but no more than a teaspoon a day and NOT everyday *(see Limited Usage and Weight loss tips sections)

Sugar – Sugar is the big big baddie… this stuff should be on the drugs list. Do you want to know what the sugar you’re consuming does to you? Here goes, ready or not: 1. Increases pancreatic activity 2. Stimulates insulin production 3. Depresses the production of growth hormones 4. Which suppresses the immune system
5. The increased Insulin also increases the storage of fats

2. Refined Fructose is banned but most fruit is not. Saying that, NEVER eat fruit by itself, always eat it with a protein or fat source such as nuts and do not eat to much of it. So many of my clients when I tell them to eat more fruit and veggies go straight for the fruit bowl and this is our subconscious craving for sugar. Do limit exotic fruits such as Mango, Banana, Custard Apples, Pineapples etc as much as possible. *(see Limited Usage and Weight loss tips sections) Approved unlimited fruits are: Apples, Pears, All stone fruits, All Berries.

6. And elevates Triglyceride levels 7. Reduces the uptake of Vitamin C at a cellular level 8. Aggravates Asthma 9. Causes mood swings 10. Provokes personality changes 11. Intensifies symptoms of mental illness 12. Increases impact of nervous disorders 13. Contributes to diabetes 14. Aids the onset of heart disease 15. Causes gallstones 16. Causes and increases the effects of hypertension 17. Contributes to arthritis 18. Causes Tooth decay and gum disease 19. Is a major contributor to obesity All sugar (whether it be white, brown, sucrose, palm, cane, beet, molasses, honey, fructose, maltose,

Synthetic Sweeteners – Awful stuff. Sweeteners in studies have been shown to cause overeating by confusing the bodies ability to feel satiated and trigger overeating. The other alarming thing is that they have been linked to everything from dizziness, headaches, cramps, spasms, joint pain and memory loss. But the most serious associations are with the potentially life threatening conditions of Multiple sclerosis, Lupus and Fibromyalgia Agave Nectar and Stevia are completely natural sweeteners that contain no sugar. Use these instead, in very very limited amounts and, only if it is raw, some natural honey may be used *(see Limited Usage and Weight loss tips sections)

The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan

The Planning and Preparation


Arthritis Rheumatism Gall bladder stones

Unsightly cellulite Gout Kidney

Natural salts on the other hand such as Celtic Sea Salts, Himalayan Rock Salts do amazing things and should be added to food and water daily. (See Supplementation) Table Salt – Salt is essential for life - you cannot live without it. However, most people simply don’t realise that there are enormous differences between the standard, refined table and cooking salt most of you are accustomed to using and natural healthpromoting salt. Today’s common table salt has nothing in common with natural salt. Table salt is actually 97.5% sodium chloride and 2.5% chemicals such as moisture absorbents, and iodine. Natural salt is dried at over 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, the excessive heat alters the natural chemical structure of the salt. What started out as natural salt, once it has gone through this process, has become sodium chloride; this is an unnatural chemical form of salt that your body recognises as something completely foreign. This form of salt is in almost every preserved product that you eat. We then add more salt during cooking or at the table to the already salted food, and your body is receiving way more salt than it can dispose of. As generally at least 70% of money we spend is on foods that have been processed or pre packaged in some way, we are adding a lot of this chemically altered stuff into our diet. And what does the bad stuff do? 1. In order for your body to try to metabolise table salt crystals, it must sacrifice tremendous amounts of energy. 2. When your body tries to isolate the excess salt you typically expose it to, water molecules must surround the sodium chloride to break them up into sodium and chloride ions in order to help your body neutralise them. To accomplish this, water is taken from your cells in order to neutralise the unnatural sodium chloride. For every gram of sodium chloride that your body cannot get rid of, your body uses 23 times the amount of cell water to neutralise the salt. This results in a less-than-ideal fluid balance in the cells and can overburden your elimination systems causing excess fluid in your body tissue that can contribute to: Vegetable Oil – Traditional cooking vegetable oils are banned. Especially peanut, sunflower, corn, soybean and canola. Polyunsaturated oils contain linolic acid and can collect high amounts of a fatty acid known And what can good salt do for you: 1. Regulates the water content throughout your body (See section on hydration for much more detail).

2. Promotes a healthy pH balance in your cells, particularly your brain cells. 3. Promotes blood sugar health and helping to reduce the signs of aging. 4. Assists in the generation of hydroelectric energy in cells in your body.

5. Aids absorption of food particles through your intestinal tract. 6. Supports respiratory health. 7. Promotes sinus health. 8. Prevents of muscle cramps. 9. Promotes bone strength. 10. Regulates your sleep - it naturally promotes sleep. 11. Supports your libido. 12. Promotes vascular health. 13. In conjunction with water it is actually essential for the regulation of your blood pressure.

The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan

The Planning and Preparation


as HNE. HNE is a shocker and has been linked to increased occurrence of cardiovascular disease, stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease, liver problems and cancer. Rice Bran or Coconut oil is about the best vegetable oil to use for cooking followed by Olive oil. Olive oil is still better off used for dressings as Extra Virgin Olive oils and flaxseed oils when uncooked contain many benefits. The best and healthiest oils for cooking are Rice Bran Ghee, Butter and Coconut oil.

Wheat and Gluten in all its forms is most definitely OUT! You are still allowed some other grains during (see allowed list) but only if you notice that you are not intolerant. They MUST NOT be eaten in the form of Bread unless it is “sprouted grain” or unleavened eg Mountain Bread wraps. Do check the ingredients lists though to make sure it contains no Wheat or Soy flour.

5.2. The Hit List
Just to make sure and to assist you so you don’t “forget”, on the next page we have prepared a brief hit list that you can either cut out or make copies of and place on each place in the house where you store food.

Wheat and Gluten – Wheat was one of the first grains to be planted domestically and has been selectively genetically modified for the last 7000 years or so. It is now nothing like the wild wheat we once ate making it simply indigestible to most people, whether they realize it or not. Possibly over 70% of the population are intolerant to wheat and gluten but because we are fed wheat from very young and it is nowadays such a staple we don’t recognise our symptoms and think that bloating, stomach pain, wind, lack of energy are just the normal parts and cycles of being alive. We don’t realise that wheat products are simply placing a large stress on the digestive system leading to a sluggish metabolism and causing intolerances. And don’t think that the other 30% of the population are getting away with it. You shouldn’t be eating it either. The processing they do to the wheat grain turns wheat into something that is akin to a simple sugar, which gives us all the same problems that sugar does (see section on sugar). Wheat is one of the most processed and refined products in our food chain, our bodies hardly recognise it. So what is out: Bread, Pasta, Cakes, Pastries, Pies, Biscuits. Not just that, this is where you need to be checking the ingredients boxes. Wheat and Gluten is added to many sauces and soups as a thickener – they are all gone.

The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan

The Planning and Preparation


Photocopy and place on all food containing areas: Cupboards, Larder, Fridge, Freezer, Pantry

The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan
by JOE Bonington

The Hit List - Banned Foods
Alcohol All Processed Foods Caffeine Cage Eggs Conventionally Farmed Meats Dairy Fruit Juice (not fresh) Soy Products
(Other than limited amount of fermented soy products)

Sugar Table Salt Vegetable Oil Wheat (bread, pasta, pastry) White Rice

The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan

The Planning and Preparation


The Natural Eating Plan Starts Here...
Rules & General Tips
Minimal Duration 28 Days Somebody who weighs 60Kg and does an hours exercise each day should drink 3 and a half litres (3.6 to be exact). Do remember these are minimum required amounts; drinking a litre or so more will do you no harm, drinking less will. Our cells are 70% water. We need water constantly. Every single function of the body is linked, regulated and dependent on water. It is a carrier of minerals, of hormones, of oxygen and of chemical messengers around the system. At the same time removing toxins and waste products from the system. If we don’t get enough it is obvious that things are going to go wrong. The authors and experts Steve Meyerowitz and Dr. Batmanghelidj MD both recognize the long term effects of continual dehydration as being a break down in the bodies ability to function, a loss of well being and sometimes fatal starting point for disease, some of the initial effects directly related are: Headaches Anxiety & Depression High Cholesterol Craving Arthritic Pain Joint & Back Pain High Blood Pressure Fatigue & Insomnia Allergies & Asthma Constipation

The official drink of the Natural Eating Plan is water and plenty of it.

Everybody keeps telling us that we are dehydrated and we don’t drink enough… well they are right. Not only that, many of us who are drinking enough are drinking the wrong stuff, so it is not being absorbed into the cells properly, so we are still dehydrated. Believe me, there is water and there is water. Firstly let’s deal with quantity. We are all different, we are different sizes so it is just common sense to realise that we all have individual requirements. The standard 8 glasses a day is insufficient. I weigh 90Kg, my wife is about 50Kg, she might be able to work on 8 glasses a day but unless they were pint pots I would be feeling the effects of dehydration. There is a very simple formula. Your weight in Kg x 0.03 = minimum required daily volume in litres. For every 60 minutes strenuous exercise per day add bodyweight x 0.01. Now these are approximations you don’t have to be exact. Work out the approximate amounts and write them down and cover that amount roughly everyday. So a 90Kg person who is doing 45 mins to 1 hours exercise a day should be drinking approximately 4 litres on exercise days and 3 litres on non exercise days.

For every litre of water you are drinking, you should eat (or add to the water) ¼ teaspoon of high quality salt. A completely natural organic sea salt; preferably Celtic or Himalayan mountain salt. Water like this becomes “wellness water”, these kinds of salts are packed with the trace minerals your body craves. Some people don’t like the taste and so just down the salt and then drink the water. I will deal more with this in the section on salts. Do not drink tap water unless it has been filtered. Also, purified water made by the big corporates has virtually no mineral content. If you are drinking bottled water, unless it comes from a genuine spring a lot of it is just purified tap water. Just add the good salt and it becomes a true mineral water.

The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan

The Joe Bonington Natural Eating Plan Starts Here


Rule 1: Protein The first rule is to eat protein at every meal!! I hear some of you saying “ I can’t do that for breakfast” or I just like a green salad at lunch… get over yourself. There is a reason we need to do this. Eating protein offsets the insulin response from the carbohydrates. Protein will also help you build lean muscle mass, which in turn will increase your overall metabolic rate… the rate at which you burn energy or fat. Protein is also more filling and hunger satiating, meaning that if you eat protein first you will tend to eat less and remain with a full feeling for longer. Rule 2: Carbohydrates – You are sourcing most of your carbohydrates from Fruit and Vegetables. Don’t eat anything carbohydrate without a protein or some kind fat or oil, ie if you want a piece of fruit eat some mixed raw nuts with it. This is for the same reason as above, when snacking we don’t want those energy crashes caused by an insulin spike. Rule 3: You are what you eat - Eat Organic where possible. I’ve already gone into this…. We are cleansing the system, keep the chemicals out, you will feel much better for it and if you need to lose weight it will be easier. Rule 4: You are when you eat - Eat at regular intervals throughout the day. 3 main meals, a mid morning snack and a mid afternoon snack is the standard. Eating something every 2 to 3 hours is ideal. It keeps the nutrient flow to the system continuous, the body will run smoother and more efficiently. Rule 5: Size counts - I am not one for weighing food. We are all different sizes and we all have different metabolic rates. A useful guide for rough portioning is the hand method: Protein - look at the palm of your hand, noting the breadth and thickness of it (without the fingers) That mass is roughly equal to 1 portion of protein for that person. A healthy adult male should eat around 1 and a half, no more than two hands at a sitting. Vegetables - One portion is what your upturned hand could hold loosely with fingers spread. Eat no more than two handfuls in one sitting So a healthy looking plate for an adult male may be

1 and a half hands of meat, 2 hands of veggies. Rule 6: Variety is the spice of life – Did you know that Jose T. Esquinas-Alczar, head of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation commission into genetic diversity, reports that worldwide we have lost over 6500 breeds of farmed animals and historically, humans utilised more than 7,000 plant species to meet their basic food needs? Today, due to the limitations of modern large-scale, mechanised farming, only 150 plant species are under cultivation, and the majority (70%) of humans live on only 12 plant species and 5 animal species and worse 4 crops (wheat, corn, rice and potato) and 3 animal species provide more than half the world’s nutritional needs. Apart from the environmental, diversity and vulnerability to disease concerns, what does this mean nutritionally? Well as well as a one dimensional diet, we aren’t getting the spread of enzymes, secondary nutrients and minerals and other properties that we once were. The solution is to rotate our diet. The benefit of this is that also we can protect ourselves a bit better from the dangers of toxicities in existing foods by only eating them every few days, giving the body a chance to deal with them. The fish from our polluted seas immediately springs to mind. Eating the same thing every day can also lead to food intolerances. Day 1 Red Meat Day 2 Fowl Day 3 Swine/Game Day 4 Fish

With your fruit and vegetables try and eat completely different vegetables each week. Be adventurous! Try all the veggies and fruit that you never have, look up new recipes, seek out the new, the exotic, get as many different varieties into your diet as possible. Rule 7: Conventional cooking methods only. By all means use your grill, your BBQ, your fan forced oven. But never - and I do mean never - use a microwave. Microwaving food changes the make up of its contents at a cellular level. This is not a good thing. A Study of Food Prepared Conventionally and in the Microwave Oven, published by Raum & Zelt in 1992, at 3(2): 43, states: “A basic hypothesis of natural medicine states that the introduction into the human body of molecules and energies, to which it is not accustomed, is much more likely to cause harm than good.”

The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan

The Joe Bonington Natural Eating Plan Starts Here


Also a Dr Hertel and a Dr. Bernard H. Blanc (at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and the University Institute for Biochemistry) study of the effects of microwaved foods on the blood of consumers was done This study showed that there was a significant effect on Cholesterols, a lowering of white blood cells and a marked increase in Leukocytes which hematologists recognise as a sign of a poisoning of the system and cell damage.

Arbor, USA, found that elderly people, whose levels of glutathione were higher, were healthier. They were also less likely to suffer from arthritis, which many experts believe is a disease aggravated by excess toxicity.

Detoxifying Foods
Over the four weeks make sure you get in plenty of the following as these are the best foods for helping to get rid of the toxins in your body: Artichoke: Increases bile production. One of the jobs of bile is to carry toxins to the bowel where they can be excreted; according to research, artichoke can increase bile flow by 127 per cent 30 minutes after being eaten. Contains Antioxidant chemicals. Studies from the University of Tubingen in Germany show that damage to the liver caused by free radicals is dramatically lessened when artichoke extracts are present. Apples: When Chernobyl leaked, scientists used Apples in the process to clean up the surrounding areas. Apples contain Vitamin C and quercetin, antioxidant nutrients that lower fat and cholesterol levels. Also pectin, a fibre also found in citrus fruits, beets and berries, that binds heavy metals (such as lead and mercury) in the colon and encourages their excretion. Also helps the body excrete food additives, including tartrazine, which is linked to hyperactivity, migraine and asthma in children.

Beetroot: Beetroot has been used for many years by Roman civilizations as a blood-purifying tonic. Ingredients in it may also absorb toxic metals. At Leadville, a polluted mine site in Colorado, USA, beets and other crops such as carrot and banana are being used to filter 70 per cent of pollutants from water. Contains Methionine, which helps to reduce cholesterol levels and purify natural waste products from the body. Betanin, which helps the rate at which the liver can break down fatty acids. This takes pressure off the organ, allowing it to fight more dangerous toxins.

Avocado: Contains Glutathione, an antioxidant that fights free radicals. This combines with fat-soluble toxins, particularly alcohol, to make them watersoluble. Levels of glutathione decrease as we age (that’s why hangovers worsen as we get older): researchers at the University of Michigan in Ann

The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan

The Joe Bonington Natural Eating Plan Starts Here


Cruciferous Vegetables: Cabbage, kale, brussel sprouts, spinach and cauliflower are all cruciferous vegetables, and are very powerful detoxers. A study at Cornell University in the USA found that brussels sprouts inhibited aflatoxin, a toxic mould linked to liver cancer. Cruciferous vegetables have also neutralised nitrosamines in cigarette smoke. Contains Glucosinolates, which prompt the liver to produce vital enzymes.

Prunes: These are the ultimate antioxidant food and provide twice as many antioxidants as blueberries, their nearest competitor. Contains: Tartaric acid, a natural laxative. Dihydropheyl isatin, which triggers the intestine to contract. This and tartaric acid combined reduce the time faeces stays in the system, thereby reducing the risk of toxic reabsorption.

Garlic: Contains Allicin, created when garlic is crushed, and it converts into a sulphur-based compound when it enters the body. Toxins such as mercury, certain food additives and chemical versions of the hormone oestrogen bind with sulphur, enabling the body to excrete the whole package. Sulphur also helps keep the body alkaline, which can also help fight cravings caused by nicotine addiction.

Seaweed: Studies at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, have shown that seaweeds will bind in the body with radioactive waste. These wastes can reach us via food that has been grown where water or soil has been contaminated. Contains: Minerals in high doses, such as iron, iodine, calcium and magnesium. Alginates: if your body doesn’t get minerals from your diet, it will try to extract them from any heavy metals it takes in. Fortunately seaweed alginates have been shown to bind with heavy metals, which facilitates their excretion.

Kiwi Fruit: Contains Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, which also helps the body manufacture the vital detoxer glutathione. A study published in the American Journal of Nutrition found that when people were given 500mg of vitamin C per day levels of glutathione increased by 50 per cent in just two weeks.

Watercress: Watercress increases detoxifying enzymes in the body, and may act directly on particular toxins. When smokers were given 170g (6oz) of watercress a day at the Norwich Food Research Centre in the UK, they excreted higher than average levels of known carcinogens in their urine. Contains: Chlorophyll, which helps build healthy red blood cells, boosting circulation.

The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan

The Joe Bonington Natural Eating Plan Starts Here


Supplementation (Completely Optional)
Don’t worry I am not here to sell you supplements, far from it. I believe in natural wholefood supplementation with a couple of small concessions to the twentieth century. Supplements I use are: Apple Cider Vinegar: This age old natural remedy is useful for a whole range of things including: Aids correct metabolism in the body Lowers bad cholesterol (hdl) Regulates the water content in the cells Reduces water retention Regulates blood pressure A preventative for circulatory problems Can aid in the reduction of premature calcification of the arteries (arteriosclerosis) Helps brain function, concentration and memory Aids circulation Regulates body temperature Weight loss Helps with a general feeling of well being and vitality On top of all of this it is a powerful detoxifying and purifying agent. It breaks down fatty, mucous, and phlegm deposits in the body and, by doing so, improves the health and function of the vital organs of the body, such as the liver, kidney, and bladder by preventing excessively alkaline urine. It oxidises and thins the blood, and promotes digestion, assimilation and elimination, as well as neutralising toxic substances that enter the body. Apple cider vinegar has also been found to neutralise harmful bacteria found in certain foods. Shame it tastes crap. Still I drink it everyday. Minimum 2 tablespoons in the morning or 2 tablespoons 3 times a day before meals with some water. You must use a good one that preferably still contains “the mother” sediment. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil: The Coconut in traditional medicine has many, many uses and in modern medicine is now being used to help in the following areas: The coconut is Antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial. It improves digestion and absorption of other nutrients

including vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Improves calcium and magnesium absorption and supports the development of strong bones and teeth, helping protect against osteoporosis. Is great in both the fight against diabetes and obesity as it improves and regulates insulin secretion and utilisation of blood glucose. It also contains plenty of lauric acid, which helps the body metabolise fats. Keeps the arteries clear, improves cholesterol, improves thyroid function, promotes healthy skin tone, hair and complexion... there isn’t much this food can’t do. Hell it’s even reputed to relieve the irritation of hemorrhoids. A Coconut a day keeps your maker at bay... I tend to have 3 tablespoons of coconut oil every morning and regularly buy drinking coconuts then split them open and eat the meat as well. With the oil If you can’t take it straight the oil is great mixed in with porridge or failing that add it to many other parts of your cooking. If buying the oil DO make sure it is extra virgin, so it has all its properties. Organic Cayenne Pepper: Aids circulation, weak digestion, chronic pain, sore throats, tooth ache and heart disease. Contains Vitamins E,C and Caretenoids. Stimulates stomach secretions and may soothe the digestive tract. This one takes some getting use to. Start with ¼ teaspoon and slowly build up to 1 rounded teaspoon, I mix with a tablespoon of organic coco and a teaspoon of raw honey, mix with hot water and sip like a hot beverage. Organic Cinnamon: A great blood cleanser. The journal Diabetes Care published a study which found that ½ a teaspoon of cinnamon per day dramatically reduces blood sugar levels in people with type II diabetes. As well as lowering triglyceride, LDL cholesterol, and total cholesterol levels. Can improve digestion, relieve congestion, arthritic pain, menstrual cramping, muscle and joint pain. It may assist with thinning the blood, aiding circulation, preventing urinary tract infections and also preventing tooth decay and gum disease. Lastly it is a very strong anti microbal agent that some say is strong enough to fight E. coli. Sprinkle ½ teaspoon on food, mix it in drinks or brush into your gums and teeth then swallow with water. Organic Turmeric: Turmeric is one of nature’s most powerful healers. The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin. Tumeric has been used for over 2500 years in India. The medicinal properties of this spice have been slowly revealing themselves over the centuries. Long known for its anti-inflammatory properties, recent research has revealed that turmeric is a natural wonder, proving beneficial in the treatment of many

The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan

The Joe Bonington Natural Eating Plan Starts Here


different health conditions from cancer to Alzheimer’s disease. As a supplement it’s really useful for those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle as it supports joint health, Cardio-vascular health, is a liver detoxifier and is also an anti-oxidant. Turmeric also is an antiseptic and antibacterial, has been shown to aid prostate cancer treatment, may assist melanoma, a great antiinflammatory and is a pain killer. Take ½ teaspoon twice a day in a little water. DO NOT use if you have Gallstones or bile obstructions Pro Biotics: Not your sweetened drink version, but the capsules. We all know pro biotics put good bacteria into the gut but what does this actually mean? 1. Healthier digestive tract and general digestion, aiding food absorption and toxin/waste elimination 2. Healthier immune system (more and more science is linking our overall health to the health of our gut) 3. Also may have an anti inflammatory response Garlic: This stuff is gold and should be eaten everyday. It’s antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral and is also being used in several studies with cancers. Don’t you dare go reaching for those processed garlic capsules though, garlic must be fresh to give you optimal health benefits. Within one hour of smashing the garlic the active ingredient is destroyed, so any other form but fresh is useless. It must be crushed with the back of a spoon and swallowed or minced in a garlic crusher and added to a drink. 1 clove a day will do. Organic Raw Cacao (cocoa): Raw organic Cacao powder or cacao nibs has more anti oxidants than any other food on earth. Just to show you what I mean here’s a comparison of the ORAC score per 100 grams for the top five common foods known to have a high antioxidant level, listed in descending order: 1. Unprocessed Raw Cacao - ORAC 28,000 2. Acai Berries* - ORAC 18,500 3. Dark Chocolate - ORAC 13,120 4. Prunes - 5,775 5. Goji Berries - 3,472 Cacao can be added to Coconut oil and Coconut flour to make little healthy snack balls or added to drinks (Do not sweeten with sugar or add pasteurised milk).

Green Drinks: Get anything you can that is green and Juice it! Make the main base from spinach or watercress, Spirulina and green apples, after that add anything green, broccoli, cucumber, green beans, cabbage etc. The best Green drinks are made from organic or mainly organic produce and are important for everything from detoxifying and cleansing your colon, liver and working on all cells in the body, to emulsifying fats to maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels. They promote energy and also an Alkaline environment, which many experts believe the body needs to maintain optimal health. Green drinks are built on phyto-nutrients which are believed to build health from a cellular level. My concession to 20th century technology and processing is adding Green Powders and Spirulina. These blends tend to be a powdered blend of green leaf vegetables, fruit extracts and herbs many of which are impossible to buy fresh. The best one that I have found is Vital Greens, this is an Australian brand and it is not cheap but it is in my personal opinion very very good. And no I don’t have anything to do with the company or receive any benefits or cheap product from them… I wish I did! I just add a spoonful to my homemade smoothie.

Organic Sea Salts and Himalayan Salts: Natural salts do amazing things and should be added to food and water daily. We lose from 2-4litres of fluids, salts and minerals from our bodies daily and these minerals and salts need to be replaced as well as the fluids. Good salts such as Celtic sea salt or Himalayan rock salt contain a huge amount of the minerals we need. The benefits of a good quality natural salt in the correct quantities ( ¼ teaspoon per litre water):

1. Regulates the water content throughout your body (See section on hydration for much more detail). 2. Promotes a healthy pH balance in your cells, particularly your brain cells.

The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan

The Joe Bonington Natural Eating Plan Starts Here


3. Promotes blood sugar health and helping to reduce the signs of aging. 4. Assists in the generation of hydroelectric energy in cells in your body. 5. Aids absorption of food particles through your intestinal tract. 6. Supports respiratory health. 7. Promotes sinus health. 8. Prevents of muscle cramps. 9. Promotes bone strength. 10. Regulates your sleep - it naturally promotes sleep. 11. Supports your libido. 12. Promotes vascular health. 13. In conjunction with water it is actually essential for the regulation of your blood pressure. On another note did you know that the last major study of hypertensive people found that those on a low salt diet were four times as likely to get a heart attack than those who used salt?


Steam Room: Get yourself down to the steam room or sauna. Failing that take a very long and very hot bath every 2-4 days. Aid the detox by opening up the pores and stimulating the body to push the toxins out through the skin.

5. Fish Oil: Great stuff take it everyday during your Natural Eating Plan. 6. Drink lemon water: Hot water and the juice of ½ a squeezed lemon really helps the liver. 7. Get the heat going: If you can’t stomach my Cayanne Pepper as a supplement, add it to your meals, get stuck into some curries etc. Chillies and other spicy plants can also help. They also help to speed up the metabolism. 8. A handful of mixed seeds: essential minerals such as zinc, calcium, magnesium and selenium, play a major role in detoxification. They can all be found in raw seeds such as sesame pumpkin, pipitas, sunflower and flax 9. 100% adherence!!!: Don’t mess with the system. If you slip up you are slowing the process right down and then you also start on that slippery slope “I’ll just do it once” then “If I only have one treat a week” before you know it you are off the diet. It’s only a month. Harden up!

The Side Effects of Detoxifying the Body
I have mentioned before what may happen at the start as your body starts to detoxify. I talked about the possibility of headaches, mild nausea, oily skin, etc. These do pass very quickly and once you are on the other side you are well on your way to breaking your addictions to carbs and sugar. You will start feeling alive, energetic and mentally sharp, you will also start to notice a change in your body shape. I’ve put together some extra protocols you can do to help speed up and increase the positive effects of the detoxification process: 1. Stay Hydrated: As I have said at the beginning of this section keep the fluids up minimum of .03 for every Kg of Bodyweight + ¼ teaspoon of organic salt for every litre of water drunk (not necessarily at the same time)

Example Week Menu
Monday Breakfast Coconut milk, fruit and raw egg smoothie 1/2 Cup of mixed nuts and seeds (sunflower seeds, almonds etc) 1 apple Seared Tuna, green salad, rocket salad + olive oil and dressing (apple cider vinegar) Pear/apple, 1/2 cup nuts and seeds Grilled chicken breast, steamed carrots/vegetables, new potatoes

Snack (am)


Snack (pm) Dinner

2. Drink a green drink every day 3. High intensity exercise: Sweat it out, increase your metabolism and get the body working

The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan

The Joe Bonington Natural Eating Plan Starts Here


Tuesday Breakfast Minute steak, grilled tomato/ mushrooms 1/2 Cup of mixed nuts and seeds (sunflower seeds, almonds etc) 1 apple Mediterranean chicken and asparagus 2 sticks of celery and prosciutto Thai Green Curry Chicken + steamed vegetables Wednesday Breakfast Coconut milk, organic chocolate and raw egg smoothie Nuts and Seeds, Plums Vegetable Soup 1/2 cup nuts and seeds, Carrot Pork Chops with Fried slices of Apple, Vegetables Thursday Breakfast Snack (am) Lunch Snack (pm) Dinner Grilled fish with greens Apricots, 1 handful sunflower seeds Omelette with mixed vegetable salad 2 sticks of celery and prosciutto Venison/Veal steak, asparagus, new potatoes Friday Breakfast Snack (am) Lunch Snack (pm) Dinner Ranch style eggs 1 pear/apple, handful of almonds Chicken salad 1 boiled egg, 1 apple Sirloin Steak, new potatoes, green beans Dinner Breakfast Snack (am) Lunch Snack (pm) Breakfast Snack (am) Lunch Snack (pm) Dinner

Saturday Poached fish and spinach Kiwi fruit, nuts Lamb Cutlets with salad 2 sticks of celery and prosciutto Pot Roast Beef, cabbage, roast vegetables Sunday Bubble & Squeak with leftover beef Blueberries + small handful nuts of nuts and seeds Home made Chicken Soup 1 pear/apple, 1/2 handful sunflower seeds Ocean Trout, broccoli, new potatoes

Snack (am)

Lunch Snack (pm) Dinner

Snack (am) Lunch Snack (pm) Dinner

Post 28 days
Now your body is clear of all toxins and impurities this is the perfect time to work out what foods are good for you and what aren’t. Certain of the foods we have eliminated can cause reactions, you are just so used to odd niggles, aches, lethargy, discomfort, wind, the cravings or bloating that you may not really be aware that you have allergies. So here is how we figure out which are your poisons.

3 Day Reintroduction Process
Firstly we must take this really easy with one food type at a time: Introduce that food type at 1 meal on 1 day in a small portion. Write a note on how you feel afterwards. If there is no dire effect the next day repeat the process again just with one small portion taking note of any changes in physiology and energy levels, don’t forget if after you have eaten something later you “crave” more, this is classed as an adverse effect. If after this, the 3rd day you are not feeling any ill effects, it may safely be reintroduced. If you feel any adverse effects do not reintroduce it.

The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan

The Joe Bonington Natural Eating Plan Starts Here


As far as colourings and preservatives, even if you discover that you are not allergic to them, they are still not real foods and I would exclude them from my diet wherever possible. The reason I’ve got you to do this process with them is that it is handy to know whether you have an adverse reaction to something. As for Sugar, I would avoid that wherever possible as well. Sugar, because of the reactions it causes, is highly addictive – we are better off without it. Many people, once they have eliminated these products from their diets, don’t bother returning to them or if they do it is only in small quantities and not on a regular basis, whether they would have a physiological reaction or not. These people have come to realise that there are a lot more healthy foods out there that make them feel alive and help their health from the inside out. It is important that the food groups are tested in the following order: 1. Wheat 2. Dairy 3. Sugars 4. Processed foods with food colourings 5. Processed foods with preservatives

foods, I completely understand. Good luck and may the health care system treat you and yours with care and sensitivity through out your lives.

Weight Loss Tips
If your primary focus is weight loss there are a couple of things you can do to beef up the process: Days 1-14 Keep your carbs low and from mainly green leafy vegetables no more than apple a day and a handful of fresh blueberries as far as fruit goes. This will put your body into a state of Ketosis, enabling the body to release and burn more fat as an energy source faster. On days 7, 14, 21 and 28 eat purely protein. You can have 1 small serving a day of green leafy vegetables such as watercress, lale or spinach or silverbeet but the rest is just meat, fish or eggs!!! You can add spices, oils and seasoning but nothing else.

What Now?
Well that’s the end of the Natural Eating Plan. How do you feel? I’d love to hear from you and hear the benefits that you have found. This style of eating gets some amazing results. Why? Because it is the way our bodies were designed to work. Eating a meat and vegetable diet, with nuts and seeds and a limited amount of root vegetables is how we ate for hundreds of millions of years, whilst our main threat of death was childbirth, hunting accidents (those pesky mammoths) and getting speared by your neighbour.

Other Considerations: And for the Kids in your House
I said before the best way to succeed is to get your whole family involved. I’ve had comments back saying “You can’t expect children to eat like that!”. Well, I can. They did for over 100,000,000 years until the Neolithic age. But if you think that long term your child’s health is better with sugar, additives and processed

The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan

The Joe Bonington Natural Eating Plan Starts Here


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The 28 Day Natural Eating Plan