Use Profile Name of Substance: SODIUM SULPHATE CAS no.



Name of the Buye : I!ent"f"e! use name : Secto of Use : #. In!ust "a$ Use %. P ofess"ona$ Use &. Consume Use Use Co!e Secto of Use )P$ease efe A++en!", #* P o!uct cate/o y )P$ease efe A++en!", %* P ocess Cate/o y )P$ease efe A++en!", &* Substance "n a t"c$e )P$ease efe A++en!", 0a1 0b*
En3" onmenta$ 'e$ease Cate/o "es

'ema (s )"f any*

SU- .

PC-%& P'OC-& 0a- AC-2 0b- N.A E'C-% 4ILLE'S 5 ADDITI6ES

)P$ease efe A++en!", .* Techn"ca$ funct"on of the substance )P$ease efe A++en!", 2* Use Desc "+t"on )any a!!"t"ona$ "nfo mat"on*