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0n January 16, 2014 the verkhovna Rada of Ukralne wlth vlolatlon of the regulatlons adoµted a number of laws.
Aooording to many experts, these ohanges will result in deterioration of demooratio freedoms, and can be an attemµt
of legal establlshment of dlctatorshlµ ln Ukralne. 1he laws were developed by MPs from the
Party of Regions vadym Kolesnyohenko and volodymyr 0liynyk and suµµorted by the Party of Reglons and the
Communlst Party.
1he list of innovations is not oomplete. Cheok the full text of the law at for details.
Lxpress analysis by 1aras 3PAMA¥LA. lnfographios by vadim Ml3K¥l, CPL3N0 Movement.
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