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Governor calls for jobs and training in address at
Legislature’s start By Elizabeth “Sam” Grosz, Community News Service

Daugaard had said his first
priority with one-time funds
would be “to keep our rainy day
funds at 10 percent of general
fund appropriations.” The second,
he had said, would be to give a
proposed $30 million to the Building South Dakota Fund.
changes to modernize the bank
franchise tax, as well as the Division of Insurance. Changes in the
Governor’s House program that
Daugaard is proposing would
bring the homes up to federal passive home standards, that would
make them more energy efficient.
Daugaard lauded the soldiers
of the 1722nd: the 162 soldiers
who recently were deployed.
“They may be the last in South

January 22, 2014
Dakota called up to serve in Iraq
and Afghanistan,” said the Governor.
However, the war has brought
a new generation of veterans, he
said, noting that the new Veterans Home in Hot Springs is “on
track and under budget.” It is expected to be opening late next
year, Daugaard said.
The state, he said, has 75,000
veterans from Workd War II to
those just returning.
Operation Reach All Veterans
was kicked off by the Governor
just prior to his State of the State
address. Operation RAV is designed to ensure veterans and
their families are aware of the
programs and services available
to them.

U.S. Postal Service announces
new prices for 2014

Price increases expected to generate $2 billion in new revenue
to improve financial situation

South Dakota’s workers on average earn 3.8 percent more than
the average American.
That positive word came from
Gov. Dennis Daugaard at the beginning of the 89th session of the
S.D. Legislature Jan. 14. The
Governor spoke to a joint session
of Senate and House members for
about an hour, pointing out the
state’s successes and outlining
programs he would like to see implemented to make things even
better for the average citizen.
Workers in South Dakota,
Daugaard said, have “persistence
and determination” and know
how to work. That is why, he said,
the state has the “best business
Unemployment in the state is
3.6 percent, or the second lowest
in the nation, the Governor said.
Only 15 states in the nation, including South Dakota, have regained a positive economy since
the recent recession.
“South Dakota has 10,000
more jobs than when the recession started,” said Daugaard.
Two years ago, the Governor
introduced his ambitious Work
Force Initiative, or South Dakota
WINs program. That initiative
has four parts, he said, with the

first being preparing our youth to
live and work in the 21st century.
Career Technical Education
programs, or CTE, said Daugaard, need to be closely aligned
with the state’s needs to give students exposure so that they “understand there are not dirty jobs,
but opportunities to work with
the latest technology.”
Today, said Daugaard, he was
advising $5 million in Future
Funds dollars be given in grants
for CTE schools to strengthen
those programs, He also suggested such things as the expansion of Medical School slots, with
four increased last year and 11
more proposed for the coming
year. In four years, he said, that
would be 60 more medical students being trained in the state.
The Governor said he also was
asking for increased school slots
for Physician Assistants and
Nurse Practitioners, and reserving some of those spots for South
While the Governor’s ambitious project to attract more
workers to South Dakota has
fallen short of its goal, he said
that Dakota Roots, started in
2006, has encouraged more than
3,000 people to return to the state

of their birth.
Sen. Billie Sutton, Democratic
leader from Burke, said he saw
“more good than bad” in the Governor’s speech, noting that he
supports career technical education and was pleased to see this
component added to the WINs
program, since it had been left
out before.
Enabling more dual credits for
high school students taking college courses also was good, Sutton
said. Daugaard had proposed that
the disparity between fees
charged for those dual courses be
removed, making them more affordable, at $40 per credit hour,
for high school students and their
“I am leery about changes to
the Building South Dakota
Fund,” noted Sutton, adding that
his concern was not so much for
the present, but that “future administrations may not see the validity” of using these one-time
dollars in this manner. It was the
intent last year, when the program started, he said, to have ongoing funding, and not be
dependent on one-time money.
That leaves, said Sutton, “no certainty for economic development


United States Postal Service
today announced proposed price
changes, including an increase
in the price of a First-Class Mail
single-piece letter from 46 cents
to 49 cents. The proposed
changes, which would go into effect in January 2014, are intended to generate $2 billion in
incremental annual revenue for
the Postal Service.
Highlights of the new singlepiece First-Class Mail pricing,
effective Jan. 26, 2014 include:
• Letters (1 oz.) – 3-cent increase to 49 cents
• Letters additional ounces–
1-cent increase to 21 cents
• Letters to all international
destinations (1 oz.) – $1.15
• Postcards – 1-cent increase
to 34 cents
Stamp prices have stayed consistent with the average annual
rate of inflation of 4.2 percent
since the Postal Service was
formed in 1971.
Pricing for Standard Mail, Periodicals, Package Services and
Extra Services also will be adjusted as part of a filing to the
Postal Regulatory Commission
(PRC) scheduled to take place
Sept. 26.
The Governors of the Postal
Service voted Sept. 24 to seek
price increases above the typical
annual increases associated with

changes in the Consumer Price
Index (CPI).
In a letter disseminated to
customers today, Board of Governors Chairman Mickey Barnett described the “precarious
financial condition” of the Postal
Service and the “uncertain path
toward enactment of postal reform legislation” as primary reasons for seeking price changes
above the CPI increase. He also
indicated that the price adjustment above the CPI increase is
necessary in order to ensure that
the Postal Service will be able to
maintain and continue the development of postal services of the
type and quality which America
“Of the options currently
available to the Postal Service to
align costs and revenues, increasing postage prices is a last
resort that reflects extreme financial challenges,” said Barnett
in the letter. “However, if these
financial challenges were alleviated by the timely enactment of
laws that close a $20 billion
budget gap, the Postal Service
would reconsider its pricing
strategy. We are encouraged by
the recent introduction of comprehensive postal reform legislation in Congress, and despite an
uncertain legislative process, we
are hopeful that legislation can
be enacted this year.”

Page 2 • January 22, 2014 • The Faith Independent


Opal Area News
By Kay Ingalls

Irvin L. Thompson

Irvin L. Thompson, 98, rode
his bronc through the gates of
Heaven on January 14, 2014, at
the Philip Nursing Home.
Funeral services were held
Saturday, January 18, 2014  at
the Faith Community Center
with Pastor Harold Delbridge officiating. Burial followed at 2:00
p.m. at the White Owl Cemetery.
A memorial has been established to the Marcus Hall.
Irvin, the sixth of eleven children, was born on the family
homestead near Marcus to
Edwin and Anna (Brevik)
Thompson. He attended Barada
School through the eighth grade
but was not allowed to attend
high school. Consequently, he
valued education and made sure
all his children graduated high
school. His family moved to Forrest City, Iowa, where he began
working on various farms. In
1936, the George T. Addams
Rodeo Company came to town.
Irvin rode broncs at one of their
performances and was hired on
the spot. When the company left
town, Irvin went with them for
the next two years, traveling
throughout the southeast and

eastern United States. They
went from Florida, where Irvin
said, “I didn’t like them damn alligators” to northern Minnesota
and Canada, “where there were
too many mosquitoes” in their
travels. They were to perform in
Madison Square Garden but sat
up outside away from it because,
“the place was a damn, dirty,
smelly pit”. In between summer
travels he wintered in Menard,
Texas with his friend, Calvin
Segauser “The Pecos Kid” and
family. The last of the thirties
and early forties found him back
in South Dakota rodeoing in
weekends, working on ranches,
skinning cat for Wally Knight,
and starting his own herd of
On August 13, 1945 he married Marian Howie at Sturgis.
Irvin worked on South Dakota
ranches near Thunder Butte,
Faith, Green Grass, Isabel, and
Timber Lake before moving back
to the home place at Marcus in
1967. Marian and the four children born to them, Adele, Alton
“Bub”, Vicky, and Earl moved to
each spot and called it home.
While raising their family, Irvin
was a 4-H club leader, Farm Bureau president, County Farm
Bureau president, president of
the Timber Lake Saddle Club,
director of the Dewey County 4H Rodeo, and member of Our
Saviors Lutheran Church in
Timber Lake, where he was on
the Building Committee. Irvin
was active in the Faith Stock
Show spending many unpaid
hours as the ring steward of the
horse show. He was a South
Dakota Brand Inspector and did
the back tagging at Faith Livestock for the South Dakota Livestock Sanitary Board. He worked
for many years as an assistant to
Dr. Wayne Sletten, traveling the

countryside vaccinating cattle
from Parade to Reva. He loved
this because he met and visited
with so many wonderful people.
Nothing made him madder than
“some so-and-so that wouldn’t
Irvin and Marian loved dancing and were known for their
dancing ability. He assisted
many young South Dakotans get
started riding bulls, broncs, and
breaking horses. One young man
he helped was the legendary
Casey Tibbs who used Irvin’s
bronc saddle and equipment before he had his own. As Jim Traversie said, “Irvin had a steel
trap memory” and he told wonderful stories of early day South
Dakota ranching and rodeos.
Young and old would gather
round to hear his stories and
gain some horse knowledge.
Irvin was believed to be the last
surviving South Dakota member
of the old original Turtle Association, previously known as the
RCA, Rodeo Cowboys Association and now called the PRCA or
Pro Rodeo Cowboys Association.
Proud to have shared his life
are his children, Adele (Denver)
Enright of Timber Lake, Alton
“Bub” (D’Anne) Thompson of
Marcus, Vicky (Harold) Waterland of Marcus, and daughter-inlaw, Corinna Thompson of Faith.
Also surviving him are nine
grandchildren, 14 great-grandchildren, and one great-greatgrandchild.
Preceding him in death were
his wife, Marian; his youngest
son, Earl; his parents and inlaws, four brothers, three sisters,
five brothers-in-law, four sistersin-law, one niece, and one
Condolences may be sent to
the family at www.kinkadefunerals.com.

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Some older catch up news
from Judy Peterson. On Dec.
14th Carl Sr broke both legs in a
cow loading accident at St. Onge
Livestock. His left heel is shattered into 6 pieces and was surgically put back together with
screws and a plate on Dec. 30 in
Rapid City.  His right leg, the
femur is broke into 8-10 pieces
behind the knee and the bone
cracked upwards. Won't know if
it will have to be replaced until
after he can stand on it and it is
healed, either way they would
have to have it healed to have a
good strong post to put a new
knee in. They have put the right
leg in a slow moving device to
start bending that leg/knee this
past week. His address is Carl H.
Peterson, CLS Unit G, Room
104,  Ft. Meade VA, 113 Comanche Rd. Ft. Meade, SD
57741. He will be awhile yet so
stop by for a visit.
Monday, the 13th, Judy went
to Faith to the livestock auction
to watch their cattle sell and do
some business.  Michelle McGraw and CJ Peterson who
hauled the cattle in were also
there. CJ also sold some cattle.
Wyatt wasn't feeling well so
stayed at Gladys's house.  Judy
took all out for supper before
going back to Ft. Meade to visit
Carl Sr. Wednesday, Jack and
Kay Overland and Michelle McGraw went to visit Carl, Friday
Darrel and Connie Mickelson
stopped to visit with him.
Marlin and Ethel Ingalls went
to Rapid City on Monday to keep
Dwayne Vig took the tractor
and cleared a path in the snow to
move cows to a new pasture. The
snow is so hard and sharp that
the cows seemed content to stay
on the path so Hope and Morgan's job of following wasn't as
hard as it could have been. On

Tuesday, Dwayne met with several other preachers at the campus house in Spearfish at noon,
then went on to Sturgis for an
appointment which included a
filling, no deadening and taking
13 minutes.
Wednesday afternoon, Isaac
Jones helped Zona Vig with the
last hour of preparations for the
Youth Supper, helped serve and
also with cleanup.
Dwayne and Zona Vig enjoyed
the 7th and 8th grade boys basketball games in Faith on Friday
Rod and Tracy Ingalls went to
Sturgis to pick up parts, then on
to Rapid City for appointments
on Friday.
Saturday morning, Dwayne
Vig fed cows in the dark so they
could attend the funeral services
for Irvin Thompson in Faith and
visit with new and old friends.
And along with so many others,
drove out to the Opal Community Church for the services for
Dub Hotchkiss at 1:00 that afternoon.  Our condolences go out to
these two families with their loss
of their earthly father as they
enter into their new lives with
their Heavenly Father.
Saturday evening, there was a
wonderful gathering at the Opal
Hall with many generous neighbors gathering for a chili/chicken
noodle soup supper and pie auction. There were 33 pies brought
for the sale and a fun time of
fund raising bidding with a little
over $2900 raised for the upkeep
for the hall. A good evening of
visiting, laughter and so good to
see second and third generations
of young folks taking over the
care and interest in the Opal
Hall that was built in 1961 by
their fathers and grandfathers.
Sunday, Howard, Kay, Rod
and Tracy Ingalls went to Union
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Faith Community Health Center
Hours of Operation:
Monday thru Friday 8 am – 12 pm
and 1 – 5 PM

Verna Schad, CNP
Darci Harper, CNP
For appointments call:
605-967-2644 or

January 22, 2014 • The Faith Independent •

USDA/Farm Service Agency News
USDA/Farm Service Agency
The Dewey, Meade, Perkins &
Ziebach County FSA offices
would like to keep you informed
of the following items important
to USDA programs. If you have
any questions please contact the
Dewey County office at 865-3522
ext 2, Meade County at 347-4952
ext 2, Perkins at 244-5222 ext 2
or Ziebach County at 365-5179
ext 2.
MARCH 15 - Last day to purchase NAP for 2014 Spring
Planted and Forage Crops
Microloan Program
The Farm Service Agency
(FSA) developed the Microloan
(ML) program to better serve the
unique financial operating needs
of beginning, niche and small
family farm operations.
FSA offers applicants a Microloan designed to help farmers
with credit needs of $35,000 or
less. The loan features a streamlined application process built to
fit the needs of new and smaller
producers. This loan program
will also be useful to specialty
crop producers and operators of
community supported agriculture (CSA).
Eligible applicants can apply
for a maximum amount of
$35,000 to pay for initial start-up
expenses such as hoop houses to
extend the growing season, essential tools, irrigation and annual expenses such as seed,
fertilizer, utilities, land rents,
marketing, and distribution expenses. As financing needs increase, applicants can apply for
a regular operating loan up to
the maximum amount of
$300,000 or obtain financing
from a commercial lender under
FSA’s Guaranteed Loan Program.
Individuals who are interested in applying for a microloan
or would like to discuss other
farm loan programs available
should contact their local FSA office to set up an appointment
with a loan official.
FSA offers applicants a Microloan designed to help farmers
with credit needs of $35,000 or
less. The loan features a streamlined application process built to
fit the needs of new and smaller
producers. This loan program
will also be useful to specialty
crop producers and operators of
community supported agriculture (CSA).
Eligible applicants can apply
for a maximum amount of
$35,000 to pay for initial start-up
expenses such as hoop houses to
extend the growing season, es-

sential tools, irrigation and annual expenses such as seed, fertilizer, utilities, land rents,
marketing, and distribution expenses. As financing needs increase, applicants can apply for
a regular operating loan up to
the maximum amount of
$300,000 or obtain financing
from a commercial lender under
FSA’s Guaranteed Loan Program.
Individuals who are interested in applying for a microloan
or would like to discuss other
farm loan programs available
should contact their local FSA office to set up an appointment
with a loan official.
Rural Youth Loans
The Farm Service Agency
makes loans to rural youths to
establish and operate incomeproducing projects in connection
with 4-H clubs, FFA and other
agricultural groups. Projects
must be planned and operated
with the help of the organization
advisor, produce sufficient income to repay the loan and provide the youth with practical
business and educational experience. The maximum loan
amount is $5000.

Youth Loan Eligibility Requirements:

Be a citizen of the
United States (which includes
Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands,
Guam, American Samoa, the
Commonwealth of the Northern
Mariana Islands) or a legal resident alien
•Be 10 years to 20 years of
•Comply with FSA’s general
eligibility requirements
•Reside in a rural area, city or
town with a population of 50,000
or fewer people
•Be unable to get a loan from
other sources
•Conduct a modest incomeproducing project in a supervised
program of work as outlined
•Demonstrate capability of
planning, managing and operating the project under guidance
and assistance from a project advisor. The project supervisor
must recommend the project and
the loan, along with providing
adequate supervision.
Stop by the county office for
help preparing and processing
the application forms.

Black Hills Stock Show
Sheep Day set for
February 6
To promote the sheep industry
in the Northern Plains the Black
Hills Stock Show®, South Dakota
State Univeristy Extension and
other area sheep affiliations have
combined with the Black Hills
Stock Show® to hold Sheep Day
Thursday, February 6 at the
James Kjerstad Event Center on
the Central States Fairgrounds.
Along with the National Sheep
Shearing Contest and the sheep
dog trials and there will be
demonstrations on shearing, wool
spinning, wool handling, and wool
Dr. Lisa Surber from the Montana State Wool Lab will be in attendance demonstrating the
OFDA2000 wool fiber analyzer.
This machine can analyze the
wool fiber's diameter, length, curvature, comfort factor and prints
off a histogram detailing the uniformity of the fiber along the entire staple length.
Stock show staff have indicated that they will welcome any
sheep related groups, individuals,
businesses, and associations to
set up a table to display their
products and promotions of the

sheep industry. This could include veterinary services, animal
health companies, feed companies, pasture to plate producers,
wool pools, wool processors, guard
dogs, sheep dogs, shearing crews,
breed associations, extension folk,
government agencies, American
Sheep Industry, South Dakota
Sheep Growers, South Dakota
Stockgrowers, R-CALF-Sheep,
news media, sheep equipment
companies, stores that sell wool
products and cuts of lamb, restaurants that serve lamb and so on.
Anyone interested in displaying
historical sheep equipment would
be welcome to do that as well.
Samples of lamb are certainly
welcomed, but need to be toothpick sized with no “sides” as we do
not want to take business from
the concessionaires.
There will be no charge for
having a table, but please contact
SDSU Extension Sheep Specialist
Dave Ollila with your questions
and interest at 605-394-1722.
There is a cost for all day
which includes the sheep dog
preliminaries and the finals that

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Opal News continued from previous page
Center for church services, then
over to the Community Center
for the soup and dessert dinner,
plus silent auction, cake walk
and fish pond for kids.  This was
fundraiser to keep the doors
open for their community with
this long standing church building.  They had a good crowd,
good food, good auction and good

Jan. 14th
Jan. 15th
Jan. 16th
Jan. 17th
Jan. 18th
Jan. 19th
Jan. 20th

time of visiting.
Sunday, Hope Vig had dinner
with Dwayne and Zona Vig and
to have a piece of pie from the
My laptop computer took a big
dump and created an ulcer for
me as I lost all my email connections on that computer plus more
important stuff.  Double darn is
all I have to say. 







Page 4 • January 22, 2014 • The Faith Independent

Central Meade County News
By Sandy Rhoden
Though temperatures have
been mild, the wind released its
fury last week for several days.
The wind returned on Monday
morning. It hasn't been able to
melt a lot of the ice and snow as
it has been accumulated and
packed with the previous snow
and rain we have received. It has
been a nice break from the cold
temperatures though.
The Faith varsity basketball
team came out with a fourth
place in the West River Basketball Tournament. The Faith JV
team played in Rapid City at the
Civic Center on Saturday afternoon and won, beating New Underwood.
There was a nice crowd at the
Central Meade County Community Center on Sunday for the
Marcus Church Fundraiser.
They had a variety of soups including cheeseburger soup, chili,
beef stew, chicken noodle and
desserts. Many items were on
the tables for a silent auction
and they had a cakewalk and
fish pond for young ones.
Tumblers are half finished

with their season and will hold a
special program for anyone wishing to attend some time in February.
The rural junior high girls
will finish their season with a
basketball tournament in Sturgis this coming weekend. The
4th- 6th graders will have two
more tournaments before they
complete their basketball season.
There will be a Dist.29 Legislative Cracker Barrel on Saturday, January 25 at the
Courthouse in Sturgis. It will
begin at 9:00 am.
Those who are running for office are currently circulating petitions to put their names on the
ballot for the primary elections
to be held on June 3. Many will
be asked to sign petitions for legislative races as well as state
wide elections. A certain number
of signatures for each office is required.
Sandy and Tristen Rhoden
will be flying to Ft. Rucker Alabama on Wednesday to attend
the graduation ceremony for

Cody Rhoden. He will graduate
from flight school and will be an
official pilot for Black Hawk and
Lakota helicopters. Larry Rhoden will not be able to attend as
he fulfills obligations in Pierre
during the legislative session.
Cody will be returning home to
Union Center.
Many of the Broncos fans in
the area are excited to see the
Broncos in the Super Bowl. After
winning their game on Sunday
afternoon, it's very likely that
Super Bowl Party hosts have
begun their planning.
This was too late for last
week: Larry Rhoden attended
the Ag Chairs Summit in Oklahoma last week for SARL (State
Ag and Rural Leaders). The organization is made of up agriculture committee chairmen and
invited ag committeemen who
gather to discuss agriculture issues and legislation. The organization consists of legislators
across the U.S. Larry came
home as the newly elected President of SARL.

Faith News
By Loretta Passolt

Wind! We’ve had plenty of it
recently and I’m ready for it to
quit. It has been 25-35 and gusting from 50-60 mph! At least the
temperatures haven’t been that
bad while it’s been blowing.
Temperatures have been in the
30s to low 50s.
Condolences to the family of
Irvin Thompson. Irvin was one of
our old-timers, very well known
in the rodeo circuit. His service
was held Saturday at the Faith
Community Center. His family
and friends will miss him. Condolences also to the Dub
Hotchkiss family.
Dave and Eldora Fischbach
spent a couple days at their
house in Rapid City last week.
Dave had meeting over there
Wednesday and Thursday. They
came home Friday afternoon.
Raymond and Diane Isaacs
went to Rapid City last Friday
for Raymond’s appointment at
the heart doctor. Diane got in a
little shopping before they
headed home.
Paul and I went to Rapid City
last Wednesday. I had a followup appointment with one of my
doctors. We made a quick trip of
The girls Little Moreau Con-

ference Tournament will be this
Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
The first two rounds will be held
in Bison with the championship
rund in Lemmon on Saturday.
We want to wish the girls the
best of luck!
The boys basketball team
came home with fourth place in
the West River Tournament last
week. They won their first game,
but lost the next two.
The jr. high boys will be hosting Eagle Butte this Thursday
evening at 5:00. I understand
they have some pretty good players on the team! They will be
hosting Dupree next Tuesday,
along with JV and Varsity
Parents are encouraged to attend a Cyber Bullying and Internet Safety presentation at the
school gym next Monday evening
at 5:30. We probably all think
this doesn’t happen but there’s
probably more of it around than
we realize.
I registered for ebooks from
the library and it’s wonderful. If
you like to read and have a computer I’d suggest you do the
same. There are thousands of
books you can read, and they’re
free. Check it out!

Marcus News
By Vicky Waterland
My father, Irvin Thompson,
passed away Tuesday at the age
of 98. His funeral was Saturday
at Faith. It’s been a long week.
At times of loss and illness, we
are reminded of what a great

email us at

The Faith

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area we live in. The hugs, kind
words and soft touches of condolence are so special. The food
that was sent to our families and
the food and desserts shared at
the dinner were wonderful. The
ladies who brought food, set out
the meal and served can never
be praised and thanked enough.
Thompson, and Amanda cooked
and prepared the food. That was
a major job and we so appreciate
them. Pastor Harold Delbridge
did the service so you know it
was special. Kay King played the
music, John Miller sang “The
Strawberry Roan”, and Lacey
Wondercheck put together the
slide show. There was lots of visiting, happy stories, hot coffee
and food.  Dad would’a been
pleased. Thanks to the community of Faith and the people of
South Dakota. We are so blessed
to live here.
Condolences also go out to the
Hotchkiss family and the Laurenz and Bogue families in the
loss off their loved ones this past
week.I copied this off Tanna
Howie Holzers wall on Facebook.
I hope it calms others as it does
Ecclesiastes 3:1-2, 8: For
everything there is a season, and
a time for every purpose under

heaven: a time to be born, and a
time to die; a time to plant, and
a time to pluck up that which is
planted. A time to love, and a
time to hate; a time for war, and
a time for peace.
The Marcus Presbyterian
Church Winter Extravaganza
held  Sunday at Union Center
was well attended. The  foods
were excellent  and  the visiting
was wonderful. Thanks to all
who came. 
Some news from last week:
Tuesday, Jim and Vonnie
O'Dea were in Philip and went to
the dentist. Later they visited
with Jim's sister Phyllis and
Marvin Coleman.
Jim and Vonnie O'Dea drove
to Spearfish after feeding cattle
to help Michael Deichert celebrate his 19th birthday. Susan
says "last teenage birthday party
at her house"! Amy and Mary
Deichert and Kade Welfe were
also at the party. Then Amy
headed to Chadron and Michael
and Mary will be attending college at Black Hills State.
I have to write my news on
Sunday morning now so I can get
it in by Monday noon to Faith. If
I get your news too late I save it
for next week. My phone numbers are 985-5318 or 967-2014.
Call if you have news.

Local business recognized by
Retailers Association
Reed and Donna Henschel of
Tower Stools in Faith have been
presented with a Certificate of
Distinguished Service by the
South Dakota Retailers Association.
The Certificate of Distinguished Service commends them
for “Distinguished service to customers and commitment to community.”
The Henschels were nominated for the 2014 South Dakota
Retailer of the Year Award. The
Certificate of Distinguished
Service is given in recognition of
that nomination.
“We have been presenting the
Retailer of the Year Award annually since 1982,” said SDRA
Lyons. “This year’s nominations
were particularly impressive. It’s
clear that we have many retailers across the state who excel at
customer service and play a vital
role in community activities. We
were delighted to see so many
customers, employees, business
colleagues and organizations acknowledge those contributions
by submitting nominations, and

we are pleased to recognize Reed
and Donna Henschel for their
Carol and Randy Hallock of
Rockingtree Floral and Garden
Center of Sturgis received this
year’s Retailer of the Year
Award during SDRA’s annual
Awards Banquet January 13 in
For information on submitting a nomination for the 2015
award, visit www.sdra.org/EducationEvents/RetailerofYear,
call the South Dakota Retailers
Association at 800.658.5545, or
email donna@sdra.org.
The South Dakota Retailers
Association is a 3,750-member
statewide trade organization
which represents retailers in the
process; provides information to
businesses; and offers moneysaving member services such as
credit card processing, group
health insurance, workers comp
insurance, and training programs. SDRA was organized in
1897, and is one of the five
largest state retail associations
in the nation.

January 22, 2014 • The Faith Independent •


Page 5

December Students of the Month

W.A. “Dub” Hotchkiss

W.A.”Dub”Hotchkiss, age 88,
of Mud Butte, SD died Sunday,
January 12, 2014 at the Friendship Villa Care Center in Miles
City, Montana.
The funeral service will be held
1 pm Saturday, January 18th,
2014 the Opal Community
Church in Opal. Visitation, with
the family present, will be held 5
to 7 PM Friday at Funeral Home
of the Northern Hills in Belle
Fourche. During that time, at
6:30 pm, there will be a public
prayer service and time of storytelling.  Interment will be held in
the Opal Cemetery.
Memorials are preferred to the
Rainbow Bible Ranch or Gideon’s
W.A. (Dub) was born at Raton,
New Mexico on May 10th 1925,
the third child of Lora (Messick)
and John Samuel Hotchkiss. He
grew up on the home ranch near
Capulin, New Mexico and graduated from high school at Des
Moines, NM. 
Dub loved music especially the
lively old hymns. He and his sister, Reta, sang together whenever
the opportunity arose. The young
brother and sister duo sang in
many churches and camp meetings.
Dub joined the Army in 1944
during WWII. He was stationed
in Hawaii, following Pearl Harbor, training other soldiers to
drive anti-aircraft tanks. During
this time his mother encouraged
a young lady, a close friend of his
sister’s, to write to this homesick
soldier. When he was honorably
discharged in 1946 he returned to
Capulin to help his father. He
soon asked his faithful pen pal if
he could come calling. Romance
blossomed. He and Mozelle Johnson fell in love. They were married June 4, 1948. They made
their home on the home place
near Capulin. Daughter, Sandy,
was born in 1952. After years of
drought took their toll, they sold
out and moved to Nebraska to
farm with Dub’s parents. Dub
and Mozelle bought a ranch near
1956. Son, Terry, joined their little family that year. Hard work
was always at hand including a

chickens. Cindy, their youngest,
was born in 1961. In 1966 they
moved again, buying a ranch
north of Big Timber, MT, where
they lived until 1973. Dub longed
for good grass country and no irrigation. He did some searching
and found a ranch near Mud
Butte, SD. They pulled up stakes
and moved to South Dakota settling in for 35 years. 
Through good times and bad,
church was always a priority and
a very important part of Dub’s life
and that of his family. He served
on church boards and taught Sunday School wherever they lived.
Dub’s deep and genuine love for
God and his family characterized
his life. He knew and loved his
Lord Jesus and wanted others to
know Him too.
Dub loved raising black cattle,
cutting hay, and fly fishing the
streams of Montana. He loved
playing with and teasing his kids
and grandkids who were very special to him. They loved to hear
him sing and yodel. He seldom
met a stranger and if he did, they
weren’t strangers for long. He
was dearly loved by all his family
and friends and will be deeply
missed. For his life and the godly
legacy that he left, the family is
truly thankful.
“Dub” is survived by his wife,
Mozelle of Hathaway Mt, and
Mud Butte; son, Terry (Beth)
Hotchkiss of Mud Butte; daughters, Sandy (Max) Blanchard of
Hathaway, MT, Cindy (Ken)
Baumeister of Worland, WY; 8
grandchildren, Cassie, Andrea,
Evie, Jamin, Wesley, Ashley,
Christian, Blane; and 11 great
He was preceded in death by
his parents; brothers, John
Samuel Jr., Howard ; sister, Rita
Maxine (and Spence) Hall; and
nephew, John Hall.
Friends may leave written condolences and view Dub’s video
tribute at www.funeralhomeofthenorthernhills.com.

Blake Vig

Shelby Sires-Lemke
Harlie Heidler

TyAnn Mortenson

Brandi Simons
Lenae Haines

email us at
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Senior Citizens Menu
All meals served with milk
and bread. Menu subject to
change without notice.
Wed., Jan. 22: Breaded baked
fish, Company potatoes, Stewed
tomatoes, Tropical fruit
Thurs., Jan. 23: Chili, Jello
w/pears, Apple
Fri., Jan. 24: Pork chops
w/celery sauce, Baked brown
rice, Broccoli, Cranberry sauce,
Fruit cocktail
Mon. Jan. 27: Beef and noodles, Tossed salad, Parsley car-

rots, Plums
Tue., Jan. 28: Mexican
chicken soup, Fruity slaw, Fruit
Wed., Jan. 29: Creamed
turkey over biscuit, Tomato
slices on lettuce, Fruit cocktail
Thurs., Jan. 30: Swiss steak
w/onion and tomatoes, Mashed
potatoes, Peas, Pears
Fri., Jan. 31: Sausage gravy
over biscuit, Green beans, Baked
squash, Jello w/strawberries

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2. Bring us your empty refill bottle
3. Call Vilas with your physician and prescription information

It’s That easy. Faith’s full-service pharmacy is here
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Please bring in your new insurance cards when you fill or
transfer your prescription!

Vilas Pharmacy &
Healthcare Store
PH: 967-2123, Faith, SD

Page 6 • January 22, 2014 • The Faith Independent

Legislative Update
Rep. Betty Olson
The Executive Board met on
Monday before the 2014 Legislative session started. We approved the language in the first
bill to be introduced in the Senate. SB 1 provides for the selection of the chair and vice chair of
the Executive Board of the Legislative Research Council, to provide
governance of the Legislative Research Council by the Executive
Board, to provide for the term of
each constituted Executive
Board, and to provide for continuity of board membership. We
also had the Legislative Research Council compile a list of
protocols for the nonpartisan
staffing of partisan caucuses to
help both political parties about
constitutionality, legality, legislative precedent, legislative research, fiscal analysis, and other
issues that may arise that have
nothing to do with partisan politics.
Tuesday was the first day of
the 2014 Legislative session.
Five legislators resigned last
year after the 2013 session, so
Gov. Daugaard appointed replacements for their positions.
Senator Blake Curd replaces
Mark Johnston in District 12,

Senator Chuck Jones replaces
Russell Olson in District 8, Senator Alan Solano replaces Stan
Adelstein in District 32, Representative Dave Anderson replaces Patty Miller in District
16, and Representative Kris
Langer replaces Jon Hansen in
District 25.
Gov. Daugaard gave his State
of the State address Tuesday afternoon. Both the State of the
State address and his budget address were encouraging.
South Dakota is definitely
moving in the right direction.
Unlike the federal government,
South Dakota has balanced our
budget every year for 125 years.
South Dakota has the 2nd lowest
state tax burden in the nation.
The South Dakota Retirement
Pension Fund is over 100%
funded. Barrons recently listed
South Dakota as the Best Run
State in the Nation and CNBC
rated SD #1 for Business in
South Dakota’s unemployment rate fell to 3.6 percent –
the second lowest in the nation.
Only 15 states have recovered all
of the jobs those states lost during the recession. South Dakota
is one of them. Today, South

Dakota has over 10,000 more
jobs than we did before the recession. South Dakota is 2.5 percent
above our pre-recession peak,
while the nation remains about
1 percent below pre-recession
South Dakota’s average personal income growth continues
to be among the highest in the
nation. In the third quarter of
last year, personal income
growth compared to the same
quarter in 2012 was the highest
in the nation. Our per capita income now exceeds the national
average. Numbers available for
2012 indicate that the average
South Dakotan earns about 3.8
percent more than the average
American and because of that,
we’ve seen a 1.3 percent decrease
in the number of people on Medicaid and a 2.4 percent decrease
in those enrolled for SNAP or
food stamps.
Since the state is in good
shape financially, we will be able
to give increases of 3 percent to
providers and state salaries,
which is a 1.6 percent increase
called for by statute and standard practice.
Harding County teachers

Laura Johnson and Gene Von
Bickerdyke brought twentythree Harding County students
to Pierre to join ten other schools
to celebrate the 200th anniversary of our national anthem by
singing “The Star Spangled Banner” in the Capitol rotunda during
Wednesday. The mixed chorus
did an outstanding job! Thanks
to all who participated.
The Chief Justice David
Gilbertson gave the State of the
Judiciary message to the Legislature Wednesday afternoon.
One of the things Judge Gilbertson mentioned was the collection
of early courthouse pictures that
the Hon. William J. Srstka donated after his retirement last
year. The collection of county
courthouses dating from the
1900s to the 1950s is on display
outside the Supreme Court
Courtroom for public enjoyments. When I took the Harding
County students on a tour of the
Capitol building, they were very
interested in seeing what the old
courthouse in Buffalo looked
So far we haven’t dealt with
much legislation yet and not
many legislators have turned
their bills into LRC. With few exceptions, most of the 64 House
bills, 65 Senate bills, and 2
House Concurrent Resolutions
have come from various state
agencies and summer studies.
The major issues we will deal
with this session are education
and Medicaid funding, non-meandered lakes legislation, Common Core standards, EB-5
program oversight, and Division
of Insurance regulatory bills.
The other hot-button issue for
the agriculture community is
Senate Bill 46, which would

make cruelty to animals a class
6 felony. Every Ag organization
in the state has been working
long and hard with state veterinarian Dustin Oedekoven to
come up with a law that will satisfy the Humane Society and
PETA folks without hurting our
livestock and pet owners. Several legislators representing the
ag community, including me, remain skeptical. We are studying
the issue and will try to do what
is best for our constituents
whose livelihood depends on us
making the right decision.
Rep. Hickey is going to bring
a bill to try to do away with capital punishment. Attorney General Marty Jackley sent a packet
to all legislators giving the details of the crimes committed by
every one of the convicted murderers on death row in South
Dakota. After reading what
those depraved criminals did to
their victims, I doubt Rep.
Hickey’s bill even makes it out of
committee. Reading the details
of how those innocent victims
suffered was absolutely sickening!
To get in touch with me in
Pierre, call the House Chamber
number 773-3851; leave a phone
number and I’ll call you back.
The fax number is 773-6806. If
you send a fax, address it to Rep.
Betty Olson. You can also email
me at rep.bettyolson@state.sd.us
during session. You can keep
track of bills and committee
http://legis.state.sd.us/ Use this
link to find the legislators, see
what committees they are on,
read all the bills and track the
status of each bill, listen to committee hearings, and contact the

December Students of the Month

Jaelani Uthe

Karisa Carmichael

email us at faithind@faithsd.com

January 22, 2014 • The Faith Independent • Page

School funding, financial
oversight to highlight legislature
The governor spells out much
of his legislative agenda in Tuesday’s State of the State speech to
open the 2014 legislative session,
while legislators already are
shaping their own proposals.
Traditional issues such as the
state budget, property taxes and
education funding will once again
percolate throughout the session
while new ones such as beefed-up
oversight of the state’s financial
picture and economic development programs by legislators will
enter the scene.
The 89th legislative session
runs for 38 days, with the final
day of the main portion set for
March 14 and a veto day scheduled for March 31.
Gov. Dennis Daugaard has
proposed a 3 percent increase in
per-pupil funding from state aid
and general-education property
taxes for public school districts.
Some school officials and legislators would like to see a 3.8 percent hike to get school funding
back to levels before budget cuts
that were made in 2011.
“I think that a discussion will
take place regarding 3.8 percent,
but the truth is there is not the
ongoing funding available to get
to that number,” said Senate Majority Leader Tim Rave (R-Baltic).
“We were lucky to get to 3 percent
with the influx of the $70 million
extra one-time money and should
move forward.”
Rave adds that if near the end
of the session legislators discover
that the state’s financial picture
is rosier than anticipated, the discussion to consider a school-aid
increase greater than 3 percent
could be intensified.
House Minority Leader Bernie
Hunhoff (D-Yankton) supports a
3.8 percent increase for education
“A bipartisan summer study of
lawmakers recommended a 3.8
percent increase. That’s affordable and I support the summer
study report,” Hunhoff said.
A legislative interim committee studying school funding last
fall recommended a 3.8 percent
increase in education funding on
an 8-7 vote.
Meanwhile, the controversy
that developed last year over
state-involved funding and support for the bankrupted beef
packing plant in Aberdeen will
draw attention from legislators in
the coming weeks.
Questions also surfaced about
the state’s involvement in a federal program to recruit foreign investors, the EB5 visa program.
“The EB5 program is only part
of the fiasco that we’re facing,”
Hunhoff said. “The inherent failure of our trickle-down economic
development philosophy is being
exposed in bits and pieces. To restore confidence and ensure that
we have policies and programs
geared toward helping South
Dakotans, we need an exhaustive

and independent audit.”
Republican legislators want to
wait for the results of various ongoing financial investigations involving the Governor’s Office of
Economic Development before

making any further decisions.
“We will address that issue
when the U.S. attorney finishes
his investigation and we have all
the information in hand to make
sure we are making educated decisions about any issues,” Rave
said. “To do anything before we
have all the audits and investigations are complete would probably not be productive.”

Legislators also want to step
up their role in the state budget
process. They are proposing that
the governor present his proposed
budget to the legislature three
weeks earlier. Now the governor
presents his budget in the first
few weeks of December.
Legislators also want the governor’s budget office to pay attention to recommendations of the


Legislature Planning Committee
and present a long-term financial
plan annually to the legislature.
Bills that are introduced and
work being done by legislative
committees and chambers can be
tracked on the South Dakota Legislative Research Council’s website. Contact information for all
legislators also is on the website.

Page 8

The Faith Independent • January 22, 2014

Black Hills Stock Show˚ Ranch
Rodeo field set
The Black Hills Stock Show˚
Ranch Rodeo will feature 63
teams competing for the coveted
title of Black Hills Stock Show
Ranch Rodeo Champions.  “This
is the second most entries we
have ever had for the original
Ranch Rodeo at the Black Hills
Stock Show˚”, says Kevin
Schmidt, chair of the Ranch

Rodeo Committee.  The previous
record for entries was 70 for last
year’s show. 
The Black Hills Stock Show˚
Ranch Rodeo is a true test of who
is the best cowboy since the competitors compete in ranch like
chores but at breakneck speed.
The preliminary events will
begin Tuesday, Feb. 4th at 8

a.m. at the James Kjerstad
Event Center at the Central
States Fairgrounds.  Fifty-one of
the teams will be eliminated in
the preliminary round if they
aren’t up to the challenge. 
The top 12 teams will complete in the Ranch Rodeo Finals
in an effort to win part of more
than $30,000 in cash and prizes.
“We added championship saddles last year and this year we
have added a saddle for the best
horse,” Schmidt says. 

Draggin Three Performance
Horses, the defending champions from Baker, Mont. will be
back to try to win the hardware
again. This year the Central
States Fair Ranch Rodeo Champions from Philip Livestock will
be among the teams trying to unseat them. 
Tickets are available for the
original Black Hills Stock Show
Ranch Rodeo at the BHSS Office
or online atwww.blackhillsstockshow.com  

Lady Longhorns
win one, lose one
By Kassidy Inghram
The JV girls brought home a
win on Tuesday, January 14th
against the Bison Cardinals. The
final score was 14 to 34. The
leading scorer was Kailyn
Groves putting up 13 points on
the scoreboard. She also had 5
steals,2 offensive and 5 defensive
rebounds. Brooke Lemmel also
had 5 assists!
Our Lady Longhorns Varsity
also brought home a win over the
Bison Cardinals that night! The
final score was 63 to 13. The girls
really did well! The team was
glad to bring home a win.
Shanna Selby led the team putting up 16 points on the score
board, with 4 assists, and 4 defensive rebounds. Madison
Vance helped the team out with
steals. It sure was good to bring
home another win!
Varsity Quarter Scores
The JV Lady Longhorns won
against the Lemmon Cowgirls on
January 6th. The final score was
32 to 21. Kailyn Groves also was
the leading scorer with 9 points!
Teammates say she really is a
huge help to the team! Brooke
Lemmel led the team with 5
steals. Teagan Engel also helped
the team out with defensive rebounds.
They have a record of 9 – 0.
Quarter Scores:
The Varsity had a different
outcome than the JV, but even
though they lost, many people
agree that the varsity Lady
Longhorns stepped up their
game and the Lemmon game
was one of their best. The final
score was 34 to 44. The girls kept
the game very close up until the
4th quarter. Coach Carmichael
says he was very proud of the
girls and they did very well being
aggressive and keeping a hold of
the ball. Madison Vance led the
team with 10 points! Katy Miller
led the team with 4 defensive rebounds. Katy also says that she
was proud of how well the team
worked together. It sure was a
good game to watch!
The Varsity team has a record
of 6 – 3.
The Conference Tournament is
this Thursday and Friday at
Bison and Saturday at Lemmon.

Notify The Faith
Independent of your
change of address before
moving or as quickly as
possible, so as not to
miss a single issue.

January 22, 2014 • The Faith Independent •

Legislature update
by Ryan Maher
Week 1 – January 14th -17th:
Greetings from Pierre, we just
finished our first week of the
89th Legislative Session, which
started on January 14th. I am
proud of the fact that we serve as
citizen lawmakers and take
great pride in our accessibility to
all of you as constituents in our
district. Our regular jobs and involvement in local community
activities allows us to stay
grounded and held accountable.
This will be my eighth and final
session as your Senator for District 28, its hard to believe eight
years have come and gone so
fast.  In the Senate over this past
summer we saw three of our fellow Senator resign for various
reasons, however, the governor
has made the appointments to
have them replaced by the start
of session.  As a result of this
many of the committee assignments have been changed and
shuffled a bit. Over this next session, I will be serving on the Senate State Affairs Committee, the
Senate Commerce and Energy
Committee and finally I was
moved to be the vice-chairman of
the Senate Education Committee. I will also serve as a Major
Whip to the Republican Caucus. 
On Tuesday, Governor Daugaard gave the State of the State
address, which focused on the
SD workforce. He emphasized
the successes of South Dakota
achieved through persistence
and hard work. The Governor
spoke of South Dakota’s low cost
of living and low unemployment
and stated that South Dakota
has more jobs today than it did
before the recession and that
South Dakota citizens earn
about 3.8% more per capita than
the average American.  Governor
Daugaard has recommended a
$1,393,732,594 for FY 2015. The
Here are some of the highlights of the proposed budget:
•The State received a onetime windfall of Unclaimed
Property revenue. In all, we had
projected to receive about $30
million from this source in FY14,
but in fact we received just over
$120 million. Some of that is a
one-time windfall, but we also
now believe that Unclaimed
Property will continue to be collected at a higher rate - about
$68 million annually.
•Rather than spend the onetime windfall, the Governor is
proposing that we use much of
that money to eliminate or avoid
liabilities. Specifically, his proposal will spend $58 million to
retire four outstanding bonds for
state buildings, which will free
up $6.3 million in ongoing money
each year. He also proposed to
use $30 million to pre-fund the
Building South Dakota economic
development program, which
also frees up ongoing dollars.

•By using the windfall to pay
down liabilities, the Governor's
Budget frees up enough revenue
to be able to give increases of 3%
to K-12 education, Medicaid
providers, and state salary policy. That is more than the 1.6%
increase that would have called
for by statute and standard practice.
•The Governor is also proposing funds to freeze tuition at the
universities for in-state, on campus students; to expand the
Medical School by 11 slots a
year; to provide additional funding for technical institutes, and
to 100% fund the State Cement
Plant Pension Fund. He also included funds to pay cash for the
state's share of the new State
Veterans Home, rather than to
issue bonds as had been
Additional Major Issues for
Education: Providing adequate funding for education is a
priority for legislators every year
and there will undoubtedly be
extensive debate about how
much education funding should
increase, where the money
should come from and what it
should be spent on. State law
only requires a CPI increase of
1.6% this year, however, Governor Daugaard has proposed a 3%
increase in funding.
Legislative Report
Medicaid Funding: The debate over Medicaid funding has
already begun and Democrats
are making this issue one of
their priorities for Session. Proponents are arguing that the
state should expand Medicaid
coverage so more people will
qualify and argue that if the
state spends an additional $157
million over a ten year period, it
would leverage upwards of $2
billion in Federal Medicaid dollars. (Proponents also argue the
state can spend $1.5 million to
leverage $214 million by 2016).
South Dakota is one of 21 states
that have stated they will not expand Medicaid as permitted
under Obamacare (Affordable
Care Act) - which allows states
to expand their Medicaid programs to include anyone who
falls beneath 138% of the
poverty level. 20 of the states
that have rejected Medicaid expansion have Republican governors. Governor Daugaard has
said he is leaning against expanding Medicaid and that he
will ask the Legislature to hold
off on any Medicaid expansion
plans until there is more evidence on how the ACA is working nationally.
Non-Meandered Lakes Legislation: This will be round 3 in the
attempt to pass legislation determining the extent public access
on water that is over land that
has historically been private.
The first attempt occurred in
2005 and failed after a very
hard-fought battle between
sportsmen and landowners. The
2nd attempt failed in 2013 when

both sides were unable to reach
a compromise and agreed to
spend the summer attempting to
find common ground.
Common-Core Legislation:
There has been legislation introduced to limit the State’s ability
to adopt Common-Core standards. Common Core started out
as a state-led initiative to boost
K-12 content standards as an alternative to the No Child Left
Behind Act. However, there is
extensive debate about how the
standards are actually being implemented in schools and districts. South Dakota has not
accepted any federal funding for
Common-Core and the state
maintains the option of adopting
common-core standards or not.
SB 62 – Sen. Ernie Otten, RTea, is the prime sponsor. The
bill calls for an evaluation of
Common Core by a 25-member
council that would be created.
The council would report its findings no later than Dec. 1, 2015,
to the Legislature. The bill includes a $100,000 appropriation
to cover costs of the evaluation
process. The appropriation
means the bill needs a twothirds majority in each of the
Senate and the House of Representatives for approval.
SB 63 – Otten is the prime
sponsor. This bill seeks to limit
the information collected by the
state Department of Education
about students and grant confidential status to other information about individual students.
SB 64 – Otten is the prime sponsor. This bill would allow current
Common Core standards to take
effect but would require additional hearings by the state
Board of Education before adopting others.
EB-5 Program Oversight:
There will likely be extensive debate about what additional regulations, if any, the state should
implement in regard to the Immigrant Investor Program, also
known as “EB-5”. It is a federal
program administered by the US
Citizenship and Immigration
Services and was created by
Congress in 1990 to stimulate
the U.S. economy through job
creation and capital investment
by foreign investors. There have
already been demands for additional auditing and oversight by
the state. The federal investigation is still pending in regard to
the Northern Beef Plant’s utilization of the program. In addition, the state is conducting an
external review of GOED by a
private accounting firm, an audit
by the Department of Legislative
Audit and a review by accounting firm Eide Bailly of GOED’s
internal control procedures. 
Division of Insurance Regulatory Bills: The Division of Insurance, through the Department of
Labor, has introduced a package
of bills that would expand its authority and implement additional regulations over the
insurance industry- including
unfair claims practice.

Page 9

Longhorns take 4th at
West River Tournament
By Jami Derflinger and Kianna Fisher
This past weekend, the Faith
Longhorns boys basketball team
competed in the West River
Tournament held two days in
Newell, and the next day in
Rapid. They played 3 games, and
ended up 4th. The boys took on
Moorcroft for their first game.
The boys had to battle the whole
game, but ended up winning
with a score of 56-51. JJ Halligan was the high scorer of this
game having 20 points, 2 assists,
and 4 steals. Tyler Hohenberger
followed closely behind with 16
points, 3 assists, 9 rebounds, and
5 steals. Josh Afdahl and Rio
Hulm each had 8 points, while
Josh had 7 rebounds, 4 assists,
and a steal and Rio had 5 rebounds, 2 assists, and a steal.
Chaney Keffeler and Jaelani
Uthe each added 2 points, and
Chaney also had 2 rebounds and
a steal. “We didn’t play to our
full potential and we have a lot
of stuff to work on, but I think
we can do it by the end of the
season,” were junior, Chaney
Keffeler’s thoughts on the
The boys played New Underwood for their second game and
fell short with a score of 44-57. It
seemed like they just couldn’t
get any momentum going and
their shots weren’t falling. Tyler
Hohenberger had 12 points, 12
rebounds, 3 steals, and an assist.
JJ Halligan had 11 points, 6 assists, 4 rebounds, and 4 steals;
Dalton Sheridan had 7 points, 1
assist, and 1 rebound; Rio Hulm
had 7 points; Chaney Keffeler
had 3 points, 1 assist, and a
steal; Jaelani Uthe and Wyatt
Scheulke each had 2 points, 1 assist, and a rebound. Wyatt said,
“We didn’t play our best, but it’ll
make us a better team.”

On Saturday the JV team also
got the chance to play in the
Civic Center. They took on the
New Underwood Tigers. After
the varsity fell to the Tigers the
night before, the JV got the
chance at redemption for Faith
and pulled through with a win
43-27. Coach Travis Grueb was
proud of his team's effort and
said he was happy that there
wasn't a decrease in play when
subs went in and out; the whole
team played well.
For the third game of the
weekend, the boys took on Hot
Springs. It wasn’t looking good
at halftime, Hot Springs being
up 13 points. The boys got it together in the 3rd and 4th quarters and caught up, but still
ended up falling short with a
score of 65-61. Tyler Hohenberger and JJ Halligan each had
18 points, while JJ had 4 assists,
3 steals, and a steal, and Tyler
had 10 rebounds, a steal, and an
assist. Rio Hulm and Wyatt
Schuelke each had 9 points and
4 rebounds. Jaelani Uthe had 4
points, a rebound, an assist, and
a steal. Chaney Keffeler had 2
points and 2 rebounds, and Josh
Afdahl had 1 point, 2 rebounds,
and a steal. “We got to compete
against some good basketball
teams, and it will make us a better team. We need to keep getting better, so we can play our
best basketball in March,” were
Coach Doug Schauer’s thoughts
on the weekend.
Although the weekend didn’t
turn out how the boys wanted it
to, they still played good and
they all know it will just make
them a better team. Congrats to
Tyler Hohenberger and JJ Halligan for being named to the West
River All-Tournament Team.

Keep up with your city,
school, and county...
Read the Legals

Page 10 • January 22, 2014 • The Faith Independent
Black Hills
National Forest to
Hire Temporary

Nice, one owner trade-in, well
equipped . . . . . . . . . . . . . $27,995

2006 EXPLORER: Eddie Bauer,
heated leather, DVD & lots more,
94,000 miles, clean . . . . . $10,995

PICKUPS • 4x4s • 4x2s

2012 F-150 SUPER CREW 4X4:
Lariat pkg. with all the extras, 28K
easy miles, call soon..........$33,995

2013 ESCAPE SEL: Ecoboost, 4x4,
heated leather, sunroof & more,
16,500 miles . . . . . . . . . . $26,995

1996 CHEVY SUBURBAN: 3/4 ton,
4x4, very usable . . . . . . . . . $3,995

20,000 miles, AWD, heated leather
& more . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $28,495

Mid-Sized & Family-Sizes Cars
2008 F-150 SUPER CREW XLT:
AT, clean, good running . . $19,995

2011 RANGER SUPERCAB: 4 door,
XLT, 4x4, 8,900 miles .......$22,995

2008 F-250 CREW CAB: Lariat,
4x4, 84,000 miles, V-10, good, clean
rig . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $23,995
2008 SUPERCAB 4X4 XLT: Well
equipped trade, 93,000 miles, way
under book. . . . . . . . . . . . $15,995

2010 F-150 SUPER CREW 4X4
XLT: Local, one owner trade-in, well
equipped, 54,000 miles . . $27,995

2010 F-350 SUPERCAB 4X4: Long
box, V-10, 6 speed, XLT, 67,000
miles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $23,995

2009 F-150 SUPER CREW XLT:
102,000 miles . . . . . . . . . $18,495

2008 F-250 CREW CAB SHORTBOX: 72K miles, XLT, 4x4, diesel,
trailer tow pkg., clean. . . . $26,995
Supercab, 4x4, 5 speed, 4.0 V-6
engine, well equipped, 111,000
miles. Just traded.
One owner . . . . . . . . . . . . . $8,995
2005 DODGE DAKOTA: 4x4, V-8,
SLT pkg., quad cab & more $7,995

4X4: 5 speed, good buy . . . $3,995

2013 F-150s & F-350s
Nice Rebates & Discounts!

F-150 4x4 Super Crew, XLT, longbox, 5.0 engine ~ Black
F-150 4x4 Super Crew, Lariat, shortbox, Ecoboost ~ Blue
F-350 4x4 Crew Cab, XLT, shortbox, 6.7 diesel ~ Blue
NEW F-150 4x4 Super Crew, Lariat, Ecoboost ~ White

New DCT 20 ft. Car Hauler: Tandem 3500 lb. axles ...$3,695
2005 Trailer:
2 place snowmobile, drive-on, drive-off ....................$1,995

2013 LINCOLN MKS: Ecoboost,
AWD, 16K miles, extras ....$38,495

2012 FORD FOCUS: 5 door hatchback, well equipped, 40,000 mile
economy rig ......................$13,495

Sunroof, heated leather, 60,000
miles, call on this one! ......$13,895

2003 LINCOLN TOWN CAR: Signature, 170,000 easy miles, well cared
for car.................................$4,995

2010 GRAND MARQUIS LS: Ultimate pkg., good full sized car,
63,000 miles .....................$13,995

2009 FORD FUSION SE: 4 cyl., 4
door, sunroof, 57,000 miles, clean &
2004 LINCOLN TOWN CAR: Signature Series, very good, comfortable
car, 143,000 easy miles, $1,500
under book .........................$5,495

Dovetail Tandem, 3500 lb.
Axles … $2,895

MURDO FORD • 669-2391

(605) 669-2784 EVENINGS: 669-2881 • 669-2918 • Murdo, SD

Terry Van Dam: 669-2918 • Jim Butt: 669-2881 • Travis Van Dam: 406/239-8020

TOLL-FREE: 1-800-658-5585 • www.murdo-ford.com


SUVs & Vans



The Black Hills National Forest will be hiring temporary employees for 2014 and will be
hosting open houses for the public
to learn about job opportunities
coming up throughout the Forest.
Since 1905, US Forest Service
employees have been operating
under the philosophy initiated by
the first Chief of the Forest Service, Gifford Pinchot, who believed
in "the greatest good for the
greatest number in the long run."
Forest Service careers provide exciting and challenging opportunities to be involved in the
management and protection of
the nation's Forests & Grasslands.
The Black Hills National Forest has a wide variety of temporary summer job opportunities
available, appealing to both outdoor and indoor enthusiasts, including in the areas of archeology,
botany, wildlife, recreation, timber, engineering, fire and more. 
“Many Forest Service career
employees started in temporary
positions,” said Ruth Esperance,
Mystic District Ranger. “Seeking
a temporary job is a great way to
learn about the organization and
to prepare individuals for potential permanent employment.”
Work locations on the Forest
include Bearlodge Ranger District, Sundance, WY;  Northern
Hills Ranger District, Spearfish,
SD; Mystic Ranger District,
Rapid City, SD and Hill City, SD;
Hell Canyon Ranger District,
Custer, SD and Newcastle,
WY;  Supervisor’s Office, Custer,
If interested in working on the
Black Hills National Forest,
please plan to attend one of the
hiring open houses. Black Hills
National Forest employees will be
available to provide additional information and speak with interested
representative will also be available to provide assistance and information
application process in USAJobs.
Open Houses: Mystic Ranger
District, Contact: (605) 343-1567
Date: Thursday, January 16,
5:00-7:00 p.m.; Thursday, January 23, 5:00-7:00 p.m. Where:
Mystic Ranger District, 8221
South Highway 16, Rapid City,
SD 57702.
Northern Hills Ranger District; Contact:  (605) 642-4622;
Date: Tuesday, February 4, 1:00
– 7:00 p.m. Where: Northern Hills
Ranger District, 2014 N. Main,
Spearfish, SD 57783
Bearlodge Ranger District,
Contact:  (307) 283-1361, Date:
Thursday, January 23, 5:00 –
7:00 p.m. Where: Bearlodge
Ranger District, 101 South 21st
St., Sundance, WY 82729

January 22, 2014 • The Faith Independent • Page

Justice system on
track with programs
approved last session
By Elizabeth “Sam” Grosz Community News Service
Chief Justice David Gilbertson
reported to the S.D. Legislature
that programs approved by them
last year for the judicial system
are successfully moving ahead.
That Criminal Justice Initiative was one of the highlights of
the past session implemented to
deal with perceived problems in
overcrowding of corrections facilities. His message this year Jan.
15, said Gilbertson, was focused
on those “programs undertaken to
remedy the problems.”
Options, he said, “do not
amount to anything without some
type of decision and action.”
Topics addressed were alternative sentencing, Veterans Courts,
the rural attorney recruitment
program, along with the Odyssey
software upgrade. All had received legislative approval last
year, but as Gilbertson noted,
that legislation is “only a map to
a goal, not the goal itself.
“The goal will be achieved only
by successful implementation of
those statutes.”
Last year’s passage of the
Criminal Justice Initiative, he
said, went into effect last July 1.
However, he noted, it takes about
two years to select a city where
the drug court and alcohol court
programs could be expanded. The
process also includes: gain local
community and public official
support, and train staff. Expansion of existing programs in Sioux
Falls and the Black Hills also is
in progress, Gilbertson added.
Pilot programs for rural areas
that lack counseling and other
professional services, will be
using the HOPE Program, which
comes from Hawaii.
“This program,” said Gilbertson, “aims to reduce probation violations by drug offenders and
others at high risk of recidivism.”
However, these programs, he
stressed, are not “get out of jail
free” cards.
The focus, he said, is “changed
from imprisoning non-violent
felons to giving each felon with
addictions the personal responsibility to be in charge of his or her
Veterans Courts, Gilbertson
said, are another component of
the Criminal Justice Initiative.
Veterans with misdemeanor
charges can be directed into the
program, where the charge will
be dismissed if the veteran successfully completes the program.
Pilot projects are located in Sioux
Falls, Watertown and Hot
Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative has been successful in Minnehaha and Pennington

Counties, said Gilbertson. The
JDAI, he added, is what the Legislature did last year with all of
the state’s corrections. The Unified Judicial System is working to
make the benefits of this juvenile
program statewide, he said.
The rural attorney initiative
approved last year, said Gilbertson, allows the state to “take a
giant step forward to stem 50
years of decline in the ability of
our citizens in rural areas to have
access to attorneys.”
The South Dakota Association
of County Commissioners joined
in working on behalf of this initiative.
While Gilbertson did not mention it, Douglas County is the first
county to sign on to this program,
making it also the first in the nation. The Corsica Development
Corporation worked with the
Swier Law Office, Avon, to establish a recently graduated attorney
in a Corsica office, using this program. The program also required
the blessing and financial contribution of the Douglas County
Commissioners, which was given
this past November.
The Chief Justice also lauded
the effects of improved probation
practices, which has helped stem
the tide of incarcerating prisoners
at a cost of $62.50 per day. Probation costs just $3 per day.
Gilbertson noted that by
FY2010 about half of the state’s
courthouses had received interactive television units, but the program was put on hold because of
the state’s financial strictures.
Now, Gilbertson said, improvements in technology are allowing
those installations to continue.
The cost now is around $3,200 per
unit as compared to the $15,000
previous price.
The plan now is to move forward in 11 additional counties:
Duel, Miner, Ziebach, Campbell,
Edmunds, McPherson, Mellette
and Lyman Counties.
Odyssey, said Gilbertson, is a
paperless filing system in the circuit and magistrate courts that is
“well on its way to completion and
success.” Every judicial circuit
now has the paperless Odyssey
Gilbertson said he anticipate a
day when electronic filing is a reality and court records can be
viewed online. The Seventh Circuit already is experimenting
with it, he added.
A standing ovation was given
for the Honorable John Konenkamp, Rapid City, First District, on his retirement this year
due to his reaching his 70th birthday.


email us at faithind@faithsd.com

Faith Livestock Commission Co.
(605) 967-2200
A lighter run of cattle here for our sale on Monday, January
20, with a steady to higher market. A big showing of lambs
sold to a very strong market with the older bred ewes selling
on a softer trade.
Thank you for your business.

Alan Dye
75 ......................Angus heifers BV
P & V Tenold
64......................1st x baldy steers
55 .........................Hereford steers
Jim Bingaman
75.........................blk & red steers
60.........................blk & red steers
90.........................blk & red steers
Ryan McLellan
44................................blk x steers
33...............................blk x heifers
Linn Ranch
23.............................Angus steers
30............................Angus heifers
Todd Lundberg
16............................Angus heifers
30 ...........................Char x heifers
Keith Carmichael
18 .........................Hereford steers

512 .............$206.50
674 .............$188.75
679 .............$183.50
758 .............$170.50
781 .............$168.00
658 .............$185.00
602 .............$198.50
545 .............$199.00
52 ...............$224.00
503 .............$200.00
561 .............$189.00
600 .............$179.00
579 .............$194.50

Bill Thompson
34 ..................Hereford steers NW
Loyal Schultes
40......................Angus steers NW
8 .......................Char x steers NW
31.....................Angus heifers NW
14 ....................Char x heifers NW
R & J Akers
133 ......................................lambs
49 ........................................lambs
Max Mathews
84 ........................................lambs
AJ Lindskov
300...............................ewe lambs
ND Consignment
110 ......................................lambs
Bud Long
39 ................................wf ewes 2s
50 ................................wf ewes 3s
52 ................................wf ewes 4s
28 ................................wf ewes 5s
Jim Wilkenson
41.............................wf ewes 5-6s
Fishhook Ranch
220 ..............................wf ewes 6s

596 .............$178.25
512 .............$227.00
589 .............$202.00
462 .............$202.50
530 .............$185.00
71 ...............$242.00
77 ...............$238.00
104 .............$228.00
107 .............$230.00
103 .............$231.50
HD ..............$220.00
HD ..............$235.00
HD ..............$195.00
HD ..............$195.00
HD ..............$137.50
HD ..............$123.00

Sale Time: 10 AM

Expecting 400-500 bred cattle, 800-900 feeder cattle

K & D Robinson – 100 Angus heifers HR bred Angus
45 Angus heifers AI'd (1 day) calf 3-6
35 Angus heifers calf 3-28 (15 days)
20 Angus heifers calf 4-13 (15 days)
K & D Robinson – 60 blk & bldy cows 8-10s bred Angus calf 4-15
Henderson – 50 Red Angus cows Fed cows
Parker – 50 blk & bldy cows Fed cows
Lermeny Ranch – 95 Angus heifers HR 550-625#
consignment – 85 Angus heifers BV 650-700#
More bred cows & heifers expected by sale time.

Mon., Feb. 3: NO SALE (Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo)
Mon., Feb. 10: Special replacement heifer, feeder cattle & bred cow sale
Sletten Angus Bull Sale at 1:00 pm offering 70 yearling bulls
Mon., Feb. 17: Special bred cow & feeder cattle sale
Mon., Feb. 24: Regular cattle and sheep sale

Gary Vance – (605) 967-2162 OR Scott Vance – CELL: 484-7127
OR Max Loughlin – 1-605-645-2583 (cell)
OR Glen King 1-605-390-3264 (cell)
We appreciate your business. Give us a call at 605-967-2200
or www.faithlivestock.com if you have livestock to sell.
We would be glad to visit with you.

Page 12

The Faith Independent • January 22, 2014

Meade County
Commission Meeting
January 8, 2014)
Generated by Lisa G Schieffer on
Monday, January 13, 2014
Members present: Alan Aker, Robert
Heidgerken, Linda Rausch, Bob
Bertolotto and Galen Niederwerder.
Meeting called to order at 8:30 AM
1. Call to Order at 8:30 AM
Procedural: A. Pledge of Allegiance
Procedural: B. Prayer
2. Reorganization - Board of Commissioners
Action, Discussion: A. Selection of
Board Chairperson
Motion to nominate Alan Aker as
Chairperson for 2014.
Motion by Niederwerder, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Action, Discussion: B. Selection of
Board Vice-Chairperson
Motion to nominate Robert Heidgerken as Vice Chairperson for 2014.
Motion by Niederwerder, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
3. Veteran of the Month
Information, Presentation: A. Mr. Ray
The Meade County Veteran of the
Month for January 2014 is Mr. Ray
Hunter from Sturgis.
Mr. Hunter enlisted in the United
States Marines in 1946 and separated in
1948. His influence to go into the military
was from another ranch hand he worked
with who served in World War II. His
friend served and came back with shrapnel wounds and in his mind, came back
a man. He thought going into the
Marines, just like his friend did, might
make him into a man, too. His career
field was a sea going marine guard. He
was also categorized as a sharp shooter.
He entered the service in Los Angeles,
California. He was then sent to San
Diego for basic training.
Mr. Hunter has done a lot of travels
throughout the US as well as Foreign
Service to include:
· California
· Pennsylvania
· Massachusetts
· Cuba
· different islands in the Mediterranean
· Spain
· Italy
· Crete (Greece)
· North Africa
He returned to the United States after
being away for almost two years. After
serving his country, he went back into
the family business of ranching. He also
was an auctioneer and real estate agent.
He retired from ranching out of Mud
Butte 10 years ago before moving to
4. Routine Business
Discussion, Information: A. Opportunity for Public Comment
5. Items from Commission
Action, Discussion: A. Set Commission Rate of Pay - FY2014
Motion to approve the rate of pay for
the Meade County Commission for
FY2014, as budgeted, in the amount of
Motion by Niederwerder, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Aker, Bertolotto,
Nay: Rausch.
Action, Discussion: B. Set Elected Officials Rate of Pay
Motion to approve the rate, as bud-

geted, of a 2.1% cost of living adjustment.
Motion by Heidgerken, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Action, Discussion: C. Set rate of Pay
for Planning and Weed & Pest Boards
Motion to approve $100.00 per meeting.
Motion by Bertolotto, second by Heidgerken.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Action, Discussion: D. Adopt the Primary and Secondary Legal Papers of
Meade County
Motion to approve the Meade County
Times and Faith Independent as the primary/secondary legal papers for Meade
Motion by Niederwerder, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Action, Discussion: E. Committee Appointments for 2014
Motion to appoint Kenneth Lee to a 3year term for the Weed and Pest Board.
Motion by Heidgerken, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Motion to rename the Meade County
Technical Transportation Committee to
the Meade County Road and Bridge
Committee and appoint Heidgerken as a
Motion by Aker, second by Niederwerder.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Motion to approve the Committee Appointment list as amended:
4-H Board (TBD)
Black Hills Council of Local Governments
• Commissioner Rausch
• Commissioner Niederwerder - Alternate
Campground Committee
• Commissioner Bertolotto
• Commissioner Rausch
• Ron Merwin
• Rhea Crane
• Jerry Derr
Community Action
• Connie Burditt
• Curtis Nupen
Elk Creek Conservation / TRI County
• Commissioner Niederwerder
Faith Stock Show
• Commissioner Niederwerder
• Arlie Hulm - President
Grant Committee
• Lisa Schieffer
• Jerry Derr
• Angella Sutton
• Nathan Jagim
Joint Fire/Ambulance Hazmat/
Communications Committee
• Commissioner Bertolotto
• Commissioner Heidgerken
• Sheriff Ron Merwin
• Chief Jim Bush
• Angella Sutton
Meade County Fair Board
• Commissioner Heidgerken
• Commissioner Niederwerder
• Kelly Keffeler - President
• VP • Tammy Keffeler - Treasurer
• Vonda Anderson - Secretary
• Leanne Schmidt
• Rochelle Schultz
• Jacque Lamphere
• Tacy Langemeier
Meade County Housing & Redevelopment
• Brett Lynass - Chairman (term ends

LEGALS Legal Newspaper for the City of Faith • Faith School District 46-2 • Meade County

• Dick Rajewhich - (term ends
• Barry Furze - (term ends 12/31/15)
• Linda Lensegrav - (term ends
• Robert Powles
Meade County Road and Bridge
• Commissioner Aker
• Commissioner Heidgerken
• Ron Merwin
• Ken McGirr
• Kirk Chaffee
• Bill Rich
Mental Illness
• Dan Meyer – (term ends 12/31/14)
• Chuck Valades – (term ends
• John Hughes – Alternate (term ends
• Pamela Kennedy – Alternate (term
ends 12/31/14)
Planning Board
• Commissioner Heidgerken
• Commissioner Bertolotto - Alternate
• San Monahan - (term ends
• Leota Quam - (term ends 12/31/14)
• Talbot Wieczorek - (term ends
• Robert Mallow - (term ends
• Bill McCarty - (term ends 12/31/16)
• Doreen Creed - (term ends
Resource & Conservation Development RC&D
• Commissioner Heidgerken
• Commissioner Niederwerder - Alternate
Sick Leave Bank Committee
• Commissioner Rausch
• Lisa Schieffer
• Jerry Derr
Sturgis Chamber of Commerce
• Commissioner Bertolotto
Sturgis Economic Development
• Commissioner Aker
• Commissioner Bertolotto - Alternate
• Kirk Chaffee
Weed and Pest Board
• Commissioner Heidgerken
• Kenneth Lee – (term ends 12/31/16)
• Terry Hotchkiss - (term ends
• Dave Fischbach - (term ends
• Jim Schroeder - (term ends
MPO Committee
• Linda Rausch
Motion by Bertolotto, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Action, Discussion: F. Commission Liaison Appointments
Motion to adopt the following Commission Liaisons as follows, with approved changes:
Commissioner Bertolotto – State's Attorney
Commissioner Niederwerder – Auditor
Commissioner Bertolotto – Treasurer
Commissioner Heidgerken – Register
of Deeds
Commissioner Niederwerder – Sheriff
Commissioner Heidgerken – Equalization & Planning Department
Commissioner Heidgerken – Highway Department
Commissioner Heidgerken – Weed &
Commissioner Rausch – Facilities
Commissioner Aker – Commission
Assistant / HR Director
Commissioner Heidgerken – Extension Service
Commissioner Heidgerken – Resource Advisory Committee
Commissioner Rausch / Heidgerken – MPO Committee

Commissioner Rausch – LEPC Committee
Motion by Bertolotto, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Action, Discussion: G. Policy for Writing Checks Outside of the Two Commission Meeting Dates
Motion to name Commission Assistant Jerry Derr as the person authorized
to approve warrants, when he and the
Auditor deem it necessary, prior to approval by the Board of Commissioners.
Such warrants shall be reported separately to the Commission at its next regularly scheduled meeting.
Motion by Niederwerder, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Motion to appoint authorized signatories to be Ron Merwin, Dave Muller and
Cheryl Cross to the commissary accounts.
Motion by Niederwerder, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Action, Discussion: H. Deferred Compensation Program for Volunteer Firefighters and Ambulance Personnel
Commissioner Niederwerder would
like a letter drafted and sent to all the volunteer ambulance and fire departments
in an effort to seek their input on this proposal and make sure they are aware of
this initiative, and additionally inviting
them to come forward to the Commission to make the Commission aware of
their thoughts and any concerns.
Action, Discussion: I. Communiques'
to Commission
6. Items from Treasurer
Discussion: A. Bank Depository Solicitation
Motion to leave banks the same for
FY2014 as specified in FY2013 motion.
Motion by Niederwerder, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Action, Discussion: B. Non Collectable Mobile Home Taxes
Motion to place distress warrant
#2173 on the uncollectible list.
Motion by Niederwerder, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Motion to deny moving distress warrant #2214 to the uncollectible list.
Motion by Heidgerken, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
7. Items from Auditor
Action, Discussion: A. Set Rate of
Pay for Election Workers for FY2014.
Motion to approve the rate of pay for
election workers in 2014 as:
Fifty Dollars ($50.00) for schooling;
One Hundred Twenty-five Dollars
($125.00) for Election Day;
Thirty-seven Cents ($.37) per mile for
Ten Dollars ($10.00) for said election
worker if he/she uses their own phone
for election purposes at the polling facility.
Motion by Rausch, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Not Present at Vote: Niederwerder.
Action: B. Policy for Courthouse to be
considered a Polling Place.
The Board of Meade County Commissioners will prohibit any political campaigning within 100' of the Erskine

Administrative Building, or any other location within the County that has been
established for early absentee voting, for
the period of time that early absentee
voting is being conducted for an election
which is administered by the Auditor's office.
Motion by Bertolotto, second by Heidgerken.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Not Present at Vote: Niederwerder.
Action: C. Declaring Polling Places
for 2014 election year
Motion to approve the following
polling places for Meade County for
2014 election year:
Motion by Bertolotto, second by Heidgerken.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Action: D. Combining Election Agreement with City of Piedmont.
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LEGALS Legal Newspaper for the City of Faith • Faith School District 46-2 • Meade County
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Chairman deferred until next meeting.
Information: E. Inventory
8. Items from Sheriff
Action, Discussion: A. Call for Bids on
Sheriff Vehicles
Motion to set a public hearing for call
of bids on three Sheriff Department vehicles for February 12, 2014 @ 1PM.
Motion by Bertolotto, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
9. Items from Facilities Director
Action: A. Black Hills Trails Title I Request
Motion to authorize loaning equipment to Kevin Forrester’s department, in
an effort for cleanup of the Black Hills
Trails, on week-ends assuming he takes
responsibility for said equipment to be
used for cleanup after storm Atlas. The
equipment is to be operated by County
employees only.
Motion by Rausch, second by Niederwerder.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Action, Discussion: B. City of Sturgis
Water/Sewer Availability Fee
Motion was made to direct the facilities group to replace the water connection with a meter pit in order to greatly
reduce the water bill, and furthermore to
authorize the 4H Department to develop
a 4H and community garden. This agreement shall continue until cancelled with
a 3-month notice. The County will also
furnish storage of supplies in the Primary
Motion by Rausch, second by Niederwerder.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
10. Dinner Break @ Noon
Minutes: A. Recess for Dinner Break
11. Public Hearings @ 1PM
Action, Discussion: A. Vacation of
Section Line Right-of-Way
Motion made to approve the Petition
to Vacate the Section Line as presented.
Motion by Rausch, second by Heidgerken.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Action, Discussion: B. Velocitel Cell
Tower Application
Motion to decline the application permit due to inaccurate legal description.
Motion by Niederwerder, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Motion to set a new hearing date for
February 12th @ 1PM.
Motion by Rausch, second by Niederwerder.
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Action, Discussion: C. First Reading
of Surface Mining Ordinance
Commissioner Rausch stated for the
minutes – That the Board did not act on
the first reading of the Surface Mining
Ordinance because by State Statute the
County is not allowed to have a mining
ordinance because they do not have a
zoning ordinance according to Chapter
SDCL 45-6B.
12. Items from Equalization and
Action, Discussion, Information: A.
Veteran's Exemptions
Motion to approve the Veteran's Exemptions for 2014/15.
Motion by Niederwerder, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,

13. Items from Commission Assistant
Action, Discussion: A. Vacation /
Change of Section Line Road
Action, Discussion: B. Application for
Application withdrawn.
Action, Discussion: C. Appoint Mr.
Ken McGirr as Highway Superintendent
Motion to appoint Ken McGirr as the
Meade County Highway Superintendent
per SDCL: 31-11-1.
Motion by Heidgerken, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Action, Discussion: D. Appointment of
Veteran Service Officer
Motion made to appoint Angella Sutton as the Meade County Veteran’s
Service Officer.
Motion by Niederwerder, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Action, Discussion: E. NACO 2014
PILT Initiative
Action, Discussion: F. Consider Press
Release on the County's MPB Cut-andChunk Program on Forest Service Lands
Motion to issue press release as drafted
and amended.
Motion by Niederwerder, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Action, Discussion: G. Set 1st Reading for Proposed Changes to Ordinance
Motion made to set first reading for
Feb. 12, 2014 @ 1PM.
Motion by Bertolotto, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
14. Consent Calendar
Action, Discussion: A. Motion to Approve Consent Calendar
Motion to approve items on consent
Motion by Heidgerken, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Action (Consent), Minutes: B. December 3, 2103 Minutes
Action (Consent), Minutes: C. December 5, 2013 Minutes
Action (Consent), Minutes: D. December 23, 2013 Minutes
Action (Consent): E. Auditor's Report/Treasurer's Report
To the Honorable Board of County
Commissioners Meade County:
I hereby submit the following report of
my examination of the cash and cash
items in the hands of the County Treasurer of this County as of January 1,
Total amount of deposits in banks –
Total amount of actual cash –
Total amount of checks and drafts in
Treasurer's possession not exceeding
three (3) days – 26,367.81
Postage – 1,949.31
CD/Savings – 302,919.31
Pioneer Bank – $302,919.31
First Interstate Bank Special Checking – 66,615.43
Farmers State Bank – 15,355.70
First Trust – 0.00
First Interstate Bank Savings – 0.00
Flex Account – 29,122.50
PBGen 2 – 9,177.83

January 22, 2014 • The Faith Independent •

PBWarrant 2 – 1,770,421.74
cc pending – 3,474.34
Insuff. Funds – 1,930.88
TOTAL – 2,248,537.06
Action (Consent): F. Register of
Deeds Report
In the amount of $22,974.50.
Action (Consent): G. Claims for Payment
$6955.00, Auditor - $12154.49, Treasurer – $24165.31, States Attorney
$29722.67, Maintenance $26555.38, Director of Equalization $43206.57, Register of Deeds $13187.61, Vet Svc/Em
Mgmt $3995.83, HR – $8491.91, Sheriff – $94005.78, Jail – $78912.93, Fire
Protection – $5560.08, County Nurse –
$4574.12, Weed & Pest – $7653.73,
Highway – $86680.22, Snow Removal –
$291.60, Communications – $29141.14
$77.70, Gunderson Palmer – $945.00,
Faith Ind. – $296.19, Dept of Legislative
Audit – $15890.65, G Niederwerder –
$162.80, Thomson Reuters – $88.50,
BHWG – $512.76, A Aker – $87.29,
Knology – $.88, SMDL Workers Comp –
Comp – $14.00
$781.20, Penn Co. Sheriff – $1968.00
AUDITOR: Knology – $.61, Quill –
$118.34, SDML Workers Comp –
TREASURER: City of Faith –
$167.11, Knology – $5.46, SDML Workers Comp – $808.00
COMPUTER: Knology $229.99
$247.38, First Interstate – $19.99, K
Mack – $22.80, C Harkins – $55.10,
Knology – $7.62, SDML Workers
Comp – $797.00
Wilde & Hunt – $226.49
LAW LIBRARY: Lexis-Nexis –
$336.00, Thomson Reuters – $354.00
Thompson – $1696.86, J Stielow –
$2638.77, J Hilpert – $6600.56, Wilde &
Hunt – $360.64, Grey Law – $234.80, R
Haivala – $5312.45, R Hymans –
BHP&L – $4344.38, ADI – $671.23, First
Interstate Bank – $563.41, Sherwin
Williams – $147.83, Kone – $955.93,
CBH – $347.12, Border States Electric –
$71.40, Johnston Hardware – $16.06,
Knology – $1322.00, Menards – $31.97,
Sturgis Water – $1939.43, SDML Workers Comp – $10894.00
P&Z: First Interstate Bank – $908.65,
Knology – $4.96, SDML Workers
Comp – $9335.00, Dell – $3036.88,
CBH – $195.82
$1.49, Rushmore Office – $59.89, SDML
Workers Comp – $458.00
$3.89, SDML Workers Comp – $67.50
INSURANCE & BONDING: SD Public Assur Alliance – $42352.47, SDML
Workers Comp – $8687.00, SD Public
Assur Alliance – $270.00
HUMAN RESOURCES: First Interstate Bank – $241.23, Wellmark Flex
Benefits – $271.40, Knology – $2.64,
Quill – $18.29, SDML Workers Comp –
SHERIFF: First Interstate Bank –
$889.27, LexisNexis – $5069.00, Thomson Reuters – $265.50, Black Hawk Fire
Dept – $4800.00, Knology – $178.82,
Mid States Organized – $150.00, State
Treas – $100.00, SDML Workers
Comp – $25195.00, CBH – $4878.90
JAIL: Armstrong Ext. – $147.96,
Foothills Home Medical – $24.00, Walmart Comm. – $22.56, CDW Govt –
$2011.38, First Interstate Bank –
$1381.30, US Food Service – $4182.27,
Sturgis Regional – $312.47, Earth-

grains – $617.34, Cash-Wa – $2453.20,
Sysco Montana – $2348.60, Chatsworth
Gloves – $985.87, Fall River County –
$69.00, Inmate Services – $1200.00,
Knology – $4.64, Moore Medical –
$781.29, Midcontinent comm. – $58.27,
Sam’s – $146.28, SDML Workers
Comp – $20432.00
Sobriety Prog – $454.00
JDC: WSDJDC – $12240.00
FIREWISE: SDML Workers Comp –
$23402.00, CBH – $358.91, First Interstate Bank – $652.01
Name City Campground – $700.00
MENTAL ILLNESS BOARD: Thurman Law – $184.10, RC Regional Hospital – $620.96, Audra Malcomb –
$1973.22, Penn Co. States Atty. –
$215.00, Yankton Co. Sheriff – $25.00
MENTALLY ILL: State Treas. –
BHP&L – $149.72, First Interstate
Bank – $106.16, Knology – $.07,
KRCS – $40.00, SDML Workers Comp –
$67.50, West River Electric – $96.51
DOMESTIC ABUSE: Crisis Intervention – $1135.00
HIGHWAY: Twilight First – $221.85,
Sturgis Napa – $93.75, BHP&L –
$1120.31, SD State Treas – $367.64,
Butler Machinery – $241.97, Chris Supply – $9.14, Kieffer Sanitation – $53.21,
Dakota Battery – $196.28, First Interstate Bank – $57.31, A&A Auto Salvage – $4500.00, John Deere
Financial – $2981.80, CBH – $4553.83,
CBH – $3775.34, Fastenal – $218.75,
Grand Electric – $85.00, Godfrey
Brake – $4675.00, Wagner Land –
$347.13, Contractor Supply – $1229.59,
Scott Peterson – $3939.84, Vermeer
High Plains – $69.40, Nebraska Salt –
$7290.37, Inland Truck Parts – $721.78,
G Harmon – $4.44, McGas Propane –
$909.93, Johnston Hardware – $49.43,
Perkins County Hwy – $1822.50, Knology – $136.82, Lyle Signs – $167.01,
O’Reilly Auto – $141.86, Light & Siren –
$1148.54, Owens – $305.40, Adams –
$77.09, Rapid Delivery – $14.40, Servall
Uniform – $327.72, Sheehan Mack –
$134.59, Sturgis Water – $116.14,
SDML Workers Comp – $39506.00,
Town n Country – $91.99, West River
Electric – $227.94, Whisler Bearing –
$42.92, Western Comm. – $28.00
SNOW REMOVAL: T & M Log Hauling – $11865.00
COMMUNICATIONS: Butte Electric – $141.86, Golden West Tele –
$592.19, Knology – $.03, C Shaver –
$1500.00, SDML Workers Comp –
Comp – $150.00, State Treas. –
First Interstate Bank – $112.11, Dakota
Business Center – $37.20, Knology –
$2.15, CBH – $40.96, Rushmore Office – $13.99
Cons. – $15000.00
WEED & PEST: BHP&L – $116.51,
First Interstate Bank – $68.69, SDML
Workers Comp – $3793.00, Sturgis
Yamaha – $572.93, Johnston’s Hardware – $26.99, Knology – $53.64,
McGas Propane – $920.63, Servall –
$38.06, Rushmore Office – $27.00
VARIOUS FUNDS: Norwest Bank,
matching Social Security – $34074.92,
SD Retirement System, matching retirement – $29326.63, county share of
health and life insurance – $85141.92.
Action (Consent): H. Personnel Actions
December 2013 Payroll Changes
Employee, Action, Effective
Bergman, S., Longevity to $19.28/
hour, 11/26/13

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Blakeman, J., Raise to $16.61/hour,
Chleborad, K., Raise to $6,352.67/
month, 11/26/13
Cross, C., Transfer to Secretary II @
$16.40/hour, 11/26/13
Crown, D., Raise/Longevity to
$19.09/hour, 11/26/13
Knight, T., Raise to $15.98/hour,
Urbaniak, J., Promotion to Secretary
II @ $14.29/hour, 11/26/13
2014 Wages,
Effective, 12/26/2013
Aker, A., $1,267.06/month, 12/26/13
Alan, C., $16.28/hour, 12/26/13
Alan, K., $12.02/hour, 12/26/13
Anders, C., $19.90/hour, 12/26/13
Anderson, L., $16.30/hour, 12/26/13
Andrews, S., $15.02/hour, 12/26/13
Aplan, D., $15.28/hour, 12/26/13
Asheim, E., $19.17/hour, 12/26/13
Averill, C., $21.90/hour, 12/26/13
Bedford, T., $18.68/hour, 12/26/13
Berglund, D., $19.92/hour, 12/26/13
Bergman, S., $19.67/hour, 12/26/13
Bertolotto, R., $1,267.06/month,
Blakeman, J., $16.96/hour, 12/26/13
Boadwine, S., $5,360.25/month,
Bordewyk, M., $4,840.26/month,
Bostrom, D., $23.94/hour, 12/26/13
Bratland, L., $19.42/hour, 12/26/13
Brengle, M., $15.13/hour, 12/26/13
Bueno, M., $15.13/hour, 12/26/13
Bulau, E., $20.17/hour, 12/26/13
Bryan, K., $14.69/hour, 12/26/13
Chleborad, K., $5,944.35/month,
Cleland, K., $13.62/hour, 12/26/13
Cleland, L., $14.34/hour, 12/26/13
Cooper, M., $15.98/hour, 12/26/13
Crane, R., $5,042/month, 12/26/13
Creed, D., $100/month, 12/26/13
Cross, C., $16.72/hour, 12/26/13
Crown, D., $19.49/hour, 12/26/13
Cummins, A., $18.70/hour, 12/26/13
Dempsey, S., $17.60/hour, 12/26/13
Dennis, C., $17.79/hour, 12/26/13
Derr, J., $5,378.53/month, 12/26/13
Deyo, C., $24.19/hour, 12/26/13
Droppers, M., $18.99/hour, 12/26/13
Droppers, T., $12.75/hour, 12/26/13
Fischbach, D., $100/month, 12/26/13
Fischer, D., $18.24/hour, 12/26/13
Fish, D., $18.04/hour, 12/26/13
Fitzpatrick, V., $19.03/hour, 12/26/13
Flesner, M., $18.92/hour, 12/26/13
Ford, S., $17.63/hour, 12/26/13
Forrester, K., $6,422.68/month,
Fowler, L., $14.69/hour, 12/26/13
Frickel, S., $15.84/hour, 12/26/13
Goodro, M., $12.02/hour, 12/26/13
Harmon, Gr., $19.91/hour, 12/26/13
Harmon, J., $17.09/hour, 12/26/13
Harner, S., $20.15/hour, 12/26/13
Hast, K., $17.79/hour, 12/26/13
Heidgerken, R., $1,267.06/month,
Hendricks, J., $19.92/hour, 12/26/13
Holzer, J., $14.34/hour, 12/26/13
Hostetter, J., $20.17/hour, 12/26/13
Hotchkiss, T., $100/month, 12/26/13
Hoven, B., $15.13/hour, 12/26/13
Hulm, M., $18.17/hour, 12/26/13
Humphrey, P., $20.41/hour, 12/26/13
Hunt, C., $17.79/hour, 12/26/13
Hunt, Gr., $20.17/hour, 12/26/13
Huston, S., $15.57/hour, 12/26/13
Jensen, T., $19.83/hour, 12/26/13
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• The Faith Independent • January 22, 2014

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Johnson, S., $22.55/hour, 12/26/13
Julson, J., $16.05/hour, 12/26/13
Keszler, G., $19.42/hour, 12/26/13
Keszler, S., $14.69/hour, 12/26/13
Kinslow, L., $15.13/hour, 12/26/13
Knight, T., $16.30/hour, 12/26/13
Komes, S., $15.59/hour, 12/26/13
Korth, R., $16.64/hour, 12/26/13
Krull, K., $6,806.67/month, 12/26/13
Lee, K., $100/month, 12/26/13
Lehrkamp, R., $5,330.03/month,
Lippert, L., $18.86/hour, 12/26/13
Majzner, S., $20.41/hour, 12/26/13
Mallow, R., $100/month. 12/26/13
Martin, V., $17.75/hour, 12/26/13
Masden, A., $15.84/hour, 12/26/13
McCarthy, D., $19.24/hour, 12/26/13
McCarty, W., $100/month, 12/26/13
McGee, W., $13.53/hour, 12/26/13
Messner, G., $17.09/hour, 12/26/13
Meyer, D., $20.17/hour, 12/26/13
Mitchell, K., $14.69/hour, 12/26/13
Monahan, S., $100/month, 12/26/13
Moore, D., $23.30/hour, 12/26/13
Mowell, S., $14.69/hour, 12/26/13
Nasser, R., $19.81/hour, 12/26/13
Niederwerder, G., $1,267.06/month,
O'Bryan, K., $15.13/hour, 12/26/13
Olson, J., $17.99/hour, 12/26/13
Osborne, L., $17.09/hour, 12/26/13
Peterson, J., $14.69/hour, 12/26/13
Petrocco, B., $4,212.44/month,
Pickett, M., $15.67/hour, 12/26/13
Quam, L., $100/month, 12/26/13
Regan, Q., $19.68/hour, 12/26/13
Reichert, W., $18.92/hour, 12/26/13
Reimer, S., $20.41/hour, 12/26/13
Rhoden, J., $17.09/hour, 12/26/13
Rich, W., $5,230.56/month, 12/26/13
Ruff, J., $14.69/hour, 12/26/13
Schieffer, L., $5,360.25/month,
Schmunk, L., $14.69/hour, 12/26/13
Schmunk, V., $14.69/hour, 12/26/13
Schneider, G., $12.02/hour, 12/26/13
Schneider, N., $20.15/hour, 12/26/13
Schneider, R., $19.91/hour, 12/26/13
Schroeder, J., $100/month, 12/26/13
Scott, R., $22.02/hour, 12/26/13
Severson, B., $19.67/hour, 12/26/13
Shoun, T., $18.29/hour, 12/26/13
Simons, B., $16.05/hour, 12/26/13
Skinner, C., $19.34/hour, 12/26/13
Smith, C., $20.42/hour, 12/26/13
Smith, E., $19.92/hour, 12/26/13
Sorensen, K., $5,842.02/month,
Sorensen, M., $15.67/hour, 12/26/13
Stansbury, K., $14.69/hour, 12/26/13
Sulzbach, D., $18.04/hour, 12/26/13
Swenby, C., $16.28/hour, 12/26/13
Tegethoff, S., $3,911.72/month,
Thomas, A., $14.69/hour, 12/26/13
Tifft, K., $15.13/hour, 12/26/13
Tveidt, B., $18.74/hour, 12/26/13
Ugland, T., $15.52/hour, 12/26/13
Ulrich, S., $15.98/hour, 12/26/13
Urbaniak, J., $14.59/hour, 12/26/13
Vansickel, M., $17.28/hour, 12/26/13
Weiland, T., $14.18/hour, 12/26/13
White, R., $4,453.17/month, 12/26/13
Wieczorek, T., $100/month, 12/26/13
Williams, C., $23.94/hour, 12/26/13
Williams, J., $18.78/hour, 12/26/13

Wilts, T., $5,697.76/month, 12/26/13
Woods, T., $19.67/hour, 12/26/13
Zuercher, W., $19.42/hour, 12/26/13
15. Adjourn
Action, Procedural: A. Adjourn the
Motion to adjourn the meeting.
Motion by Heidgerken, second by
Final Resolution: Motion Carries.
Yea: Heidgerken, Rausch, Aker,
Bertolotto, Niederwerder.
Alan Aker, Chairman
Lisa Schieffer, Auditor
Published January 22, 2014 at the approximate total cost of $349.91

The City of Faith, South Dakota is offering the following surplus property for
sale by sealed bid.  Please contact the
City Office at 967-2261 for further information or to make arrangements to view
the property.
Description of Property – Appraised
1963 Digger Truck – $2,083.33
Snow Plow – $193.33
Snow Plow – $193.33
Sealed bids will be accepted at the
City of Faith Finance Office, PO Box
368, Faith, SD  57626-0368, until 7:30
P.M. on February 11, 2014. All bids must
be clearly marked “Sealed bid for a Digger Truck” or “Sealed bid for a Snow
Plow” on the outside of the envelope.
Bids will be opened at the regular meeting of the Faith City Council on February
11, 2014 at 7:30 P.M.
The City of Faith reserves the right to
accept or reject any or all bids.
Published January 22 & 29, 2014 for a
total approximate cost of $18.82

The following offices will become vacant due to the expiration of the present
term of office of the elective officer:
Council Member – At Large - 2 year
Council Member – At Large – 2 year
Council Member – At Large – 2 year
Council Member – Ward One – 1
year term
Nominating petitions for these seats
may be filed in the office of the Finance
Officer by any registered voter of the City
of Faith at the Faith Community Center,
Faith, SD between the hours of 7:30
A.M. and 4:00 P.M., MST, beginning the
31st day of January, 2014 and not later
than the 28th day of February, 2014 at
5:00 P.M., MST.
Debbie Brown, Finance Officer
City of Faith
Published January 15 & 22, 2014 for an
pproximate cost of $18.85

LEGALS Legal Newspaper for the City of Faith • Faith School District 46-2 • Meade County

Notice is hereby given that the
records and books of account of Faith
School District No. 46-2 of Meade
County, South Dakota have been audited by Eide Bailly LLP for the fiscal
year ended June 30, 2013 and that a detailed report thereon is filed with the governing board, the Director of Finance,
and the Department of Legislative Audit,
427 South Chapelle, Pierre, South
Dakota, for public inspection.
This notice is published in compliance with the provisions of SDCL 4-1112.
2013-01 Segregation of Duties –
Material Weakness
Condition: The District has a lack of
segregation of duties in certain areas
due to a limited staff.
Recommendation: While we recognize that your office staff may not be
large enough to permit complete segregation of duties in all respects for an effective system of internal control, all
accounting functions should be reviewed
to determine if additional segregation is
feasible and to improve efficiency and effectiveness of financial management of
the District. We recommend that someone other than the Business manager
keep a log of the sequence of checks
and that the sequence of checks be included in the packet given to the Board
for approval to ensure they are receiving
the complete listing. We also recommend having someone else in custody of
the Board President’s signature stamp
so there are always two people reviewing checks being written. We also recommend periodically using outside
services such as Eide Bailly’s Forensic
Services to review the District’s system
of internal control for any weaknesses or
improvements that can be made to
strengthen the system of internal control.
2013-02 Recording of Transactions –
Significant Deficiency
Condition: We identified misstatements in the District’s financial statements causing us to propose material
audit adjustments.
Recommendation: While we recognize that this condition is not unusual for
an organization your size, it is important
that you be aware of this condition for financial reporting purposes. Management and the Board should continually
be aware of the financial reporting of the
2013-03 Preparation of Financial
Statements – Significant Deficiency
Condition: The District does not
have an internal control system designed to provide for the preparation of
the financial statements being audited.
As auditors, we were requested to draft
the financial statements and accompanying notes to the financial statements.
This circumstance is not unusual in an
organization of your size. It is the responsibility of management and those
charged with governance to make the
decision whether to accept the degree of
risk associated with this condition because of cost or other considerations.
Recommendation: While we recognize that this condition is not unusual for
an organization your size, it is important
that you be aware of this condition for financial reporting purposes. Management and the Board should continually
be aware of the financial reporting of the
District and changes in reporting requirements.
2013-04 Reconciliation of Cash –
Significant Deficiency
Condition: The District’s bank recon-

ciliations did not balance to the general
ledger cash amounts recorded.
Recommendation: We recommend
that the bank reconciliations be completed within the same accounting system as the general ledger accounts to
ensure all transactions are properly
recorded and tracked within the general
ledger system. We also recommend that
someone should be reviewing the bank
reconciliations on a monthly basis that
does not complete the reconciliations, to
ensure all items are properly recorded
and match what is recorded on the District’s financial statements. Since the
District’s balance still has an immaterial
difference at year-end we recommend
the District arrange for someone to investigate the variance and correct any
s/s: Eide Bailly LLP
Consultants and Certified
Public Accountants
Published January 22 & 29, 2014 for a
total approximate cost of $81.21

The following school Board position
will become vacant due to the expiration
of the present term of office of the following school board member:
Sharron Johnson, Chairwoman – (3)
Three-year term
Scott Vance, Vice Chairman – (2)
Two-year term
Mellissa Vig, Member – (2) Two-year
Circulation of nomination petitions
may begin on the 31st day of January
2014, and petitions may be filed in the office of the Business Manager located at
the Faith School between the hours of
8:00 am and 5:00 pm MST not later than
the 28th day of February 2014 at 5:00
pm or mailed by registered mail not later
than 5:00 pm.
Amie Schauer, Business Manager
Faith School District #46-2

email us at

Publish January 22 & 29, 2014 for approximate cost of $18.18

Keep up with your city,
school, and county...
Read the Legals

January 22, 2014 • The Faith Independent •

Keep up with your city, school,
and county … Read the Legals

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email us at faithind@faithsd.com

Home: (605) 837-2945
Cell: (605) 381-5568

Excavation work of
ALL types!

WTire Tanks
WCobett Waters

…T he Better Choice
Pr airie Oasis Mall
PH: 605-967-2622 – Faith, S D

Brent Peters
Located in
Kadoka, SD

Bakery is featuring


4 count frosted long johns

The Faith

Produce Special

In Town & Dupree
$34.00 + local tax
In County
$34.00 + local tax
Out of County
$39.00 + local tax
Out of State $39.00

Broccoli $1.99 a bunch
Plan ahead – order your
Super Bowl trays from us

PO Box 38 • Faith, SD 57626
Ph: 605-967-2161
FAX 605-967-2160

Dr. Jason M. Hafner
Dr. David J. Prosser
Faith Clinic
PH: 967-2644
910 Harmon St

Bogue & Bogue
Law offices
Eric Bogue
Cheryl Laurenz Bogue
416 S Main St., Faith, SD
967-2529 or 365-5171
H&H Repair–Jade Hlavka
3 mi. W & 3 mi. N of Howes, SD
Equip. Repair/Maintenance Hydraulics - A/C - Tires
Car & Light Truck Tires
Shop: 605-985-5007
Cell: 605-441-1168
Certified Diesel Tech


Available for all

Anniversary - Weddings
Call Diane Fees

605-748-2210 or 2244
Ravellette Publ. Inc.
We offer a complete commercial
printing service ...
• Business Cards • Letterheads
• Envelopes • Brochures
• Office Forms • And More!
The Faith Independent
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FAX: 967-2160
e-mail: faithind@faithsd.com

Serving the town of
Faith, SD
Bison, SD

Dusty’s Tire Service
PH: 605-490-8007 – Faith, SD
“Have truck will travel”
For all your on-farm tractor, truck &
machinery tire repairs call Dusty.
Leave a message if no answer

Call anytime 7 days a week!!
I have tubes & most common
tires on hand & can order in any
tire of your choice.

For all your Real Estate Needs
call Kevin Jensen
Black Hills land, homes and businesses.
With values and honesty born and bred in Faith,
trust Kevin Jensen to help you
solve your real estate questions.

Kevin Jensen your friend
in real estate
Exit Realty, Rapid City
Ravellette Publ. Inc.
We offer a complete commercial
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The Faith Independent
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Bus. (605) 859-2585 or 1-800-859-5557
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101 W. Oak St., PO Box 816
Philip, SD 57567-0816
FAX: 967-2160
• Dodge Ram • Ford-Lincoln
e-mail: faithind@faithsd.com

Faith Community Dr. Brandace Dietterle
DC Chiropractor
Health Service
HOURS Mon.–Fri.:
8 a.m.–12; 1 -5 p.m.
Located in
Prairie Oasis Mall,
After Hours
Faith, SD
Verna Schad: 964-6114 or
PH: 415-5935
605-365-6593 (cell)
Faith Veterinary
(605) 967-2212
Monday–Friday: 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Saturday: 8 am-Noon
For the best in critter care!

Ravellette Publ. Inc.
We offer a complete commercial
printing service ...
• Business Cards • Letterheads
• Envelopes • Brochures
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The Faith Independent
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CLASSIFIEDS • CALL 967-2161 • Email: faithind@faithsd.com
CLASSIFIED RATE: $5.00 minimum for first 20 words; 10¢ each word after.
CARDS OF THANKS: Poems, Tributes, Etc. … $5.00 minimum for first 20
words; 10¢ each word after. Each name and initial must be counted as one
NOTE: $2.00 added charge for bookkeeping and billing on all charges.
Classified Display Rate.....................................................$4.70 per column inch
PUBLISHER’S NOTICE: All real estate advertised in this newspaper is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968, which makes it illegal to advertise
“any preference, or discrimination on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation, or discrimination.”
This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which
is a violation of the law. Our readers are informed that all dwellings advertised
in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis.


Rivers Counseling/Eagel Butte office. Computer experience, organizational skills and the ability to
maintain confidentiality is required. Call 800-658-3900 to request an application.

2826 or 1-605-347-3077 Equal Opportunity Housing
trencher and backhoe, Livestock
Water Systems. 10 1/2 miles south of
Maurine, 605-748-2473 Merle Vig.

Sale with equal opportunity to bid
on each bull. Beginning Sat. February 8. For more information and a
catalog, call Bill Wilkinson, 605203-0379 or Mark Wilkinson, 605203-0380 De Smet, S.D.
SDSU Alumni Association seeks an
accomplished and strategic professional to serve as the new President
and CEO of the Association. For details
Certified preferred, City of Tripp,
Salary DOE, apply City of Tripp, Finance Office, 101 W. 1st St., Tripp,
S.D. 57376, 605-935-1410.


Faith. 1 bedroom, carpeted
throughout. Laundry facilities
available. Handicap accessible.
Rent based on income. For information contact: MetroPlains
management, LLC 1-800-244-

The Faith Independent • January 22, 2014 •

person for general farm work on
cattle farm, tractor driver. Experience necessary. Call 605-547-2257
or 712-551-7828 for details.
ANGUS Yearling Bull Private Treaty

SULLY COUNTY SHERIFFíS OFFICE accepting applications for a
Deputy Sheriff. an EOE, Sully
County Sheriffís Office, PO Box
189, Onida, SD 57564. 605-2582
IMMEDIATE OPENING FOR JOURNEYMAN PLUMBER with valid driverís license & clean driving record.
Wage DOEQ Winner Plumbing &
Heating 31721 US Hwy 18, Winner,
SD 57580 605-842-1487.
available in South Dakota. This is
a reputable dealer in a good territory. High income potential. Call
Schmidtco Ag Services. (605) 6253456.
has full-time RN opportunities
available working in the beautiful
southern Black Hills of SD. We are
located just a short distance from
Mount Rushmore, Wind Cave National Park, Custer State Park,
Jewel Cave National Park and
many other outdoor attractions.
We offer competitive salary and excellent benefits. Please call 605673-9418 for more information or
log on to www.regionalhealth.com
to apply. EOE.
heavy equipment, maintain streets,
meters, pumps, water, sewer. CDL
or obtain. FT, benefits. Applications call 605-598-6515, closes 129-2014. EOE.
CNA’s, top weekly pay, direct de-

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posit, & flexible schedules. Take
control of your schedule with TriState Nursing. Apply online today.
www.tristatenursing.com 800-7271912.
for journeyman and apprentice
electricians. Positions are located at
Pierre, SD. Competitive salary and
benefit package. Contact Lisa at
605-224-8750 or lisa@nystromelectric.com or application forms.
Sealed bids on 140-H 2007 CAT
Motor Grader, S/N CCA03286 accepted until February 3. Information call: Faulk County Highway
Department 1-605-598-6233.
TROUBLESHOOTER! An exciting new
Western series by Dave Diamond.
Available now on Amazon Kindle.
Did you undergo transvaginal
placement of mesh for pelvic organ
prolapse or stress urinary incontinence between 2005 and the present?
complications, you may be entitled
to compensation. Call Charles H.
Johnson Law and speak with female staff members 1-800-5355727.
DAKOTA LOG HOME Builders representing Golden Eagle Log Homes,
building in eastern, central, northwestern South & North Dakota.
Scott Connell, 605-530-2672, Craig
Connell, 605-264-5650, www.goldeneagleloghomes.com.
statewide for only $150.00. Put the
South Dakota Statewide Classifieds
Network to work for you today! (25
words for $150. Each additional
word $5.) Call this newspaper or
800-658-3697 for details.
operators, freight from Midwest up
to 48 states, home regularly, newer
equipment, Health, 401K, call
Randy, A&A Express, 800-6583549.
Buying jackrabbits for Jack-alopes. $5 each. Contact Frank
605-484-0898 (Rapid City).

email us at faithind@faithsd.com

The Farm Service Agency has a Program
Technician vacancy in the Perkins County Office
located in Bison, SD. Opening date is
January 13, 2014 and the
closing date is January 27, 2014.
The vacancy announcement can be found at
For more information contact 605-352-1171.
FSA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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