Format of Procurement Plan1 Cost Package estimation Code2 of the package Cost funded by IFA Prior/ e"# Procurement post

!ethod re$ie% &ime for issuance of bidding document &ime for opening bids &ime for signing a contract uration of contract implementation


Contract/ package name 'oods


Consulting (er$ices

)orks &otal

1 2

Additional columns and information can be added if necessary If necessary

$/n MNy lOp &Png 3 & Các cột và thông tin bổ sung hác c! th" th#m vào n$u c%n thi$t '$u c%n thi$t .n mG th0u &hFi gian dA ki.5ng >:ng ho9 !6 s78 'i9 g3i th0u Ph0n $7n IFA t:i tr4 +iDm tra tr.n ph9t h:nh >(!& &hFi gian dA ki.<ng ph9p . ho-ch .5ng (&& &2n g3i th0u/ h4p .n kH h4p .5ng 'hi chJ Kch $L t.!*u +./u th0u =>?nh th@c lAa chBn nh: th0uC &hFi gian dA ki.Ec/ sau &hFi gian thAc hiIn h4p ./u th0u1 Ph.

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