A Basic Path-way Guide for a Right Internship

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Objective:To spread awareness about different INTERNSHIP opportunities available for all students of B.Tech. 2nd and 3rd year which will direct them to explore and will motivate them to select the best one available in their particular area of interest.

which is believed to be true to the best of knowledge at the time of compilation. students face many problems in getting the right information at the right time. Hamirpur) and InternFeel. generally not very easy to get. This is very important for getting the internship which will help you and not otherwise be a waste of time and money! This booklet is an attempt to solve some of the many problems and prevent common mistakes done by students in their quest for the internships. With all good things. if all set. read on!! . NIT Hamirpur is a premier Institution of National Importance in Himachal Pradesh and InternFeel is a start-up company founded to help students get insights about internships by knowing the experiences of intern students. So then. The information presented in this booklet has been got by experiences of various students of NIT H. new experience and develop ones personality before leaving the college to face new challenges in the world.A Foreword Internships are now a days forming an important part of an undergraduate student’s college life. And why not. internships being one of the best way to add the highly needed practical skills. This booklet has been compiled by Ritesh Gupta (student of National Institute of Technology.

what is Internship?? An internship is an opportunity to enhance classroom learning through practical career-related work experience. A good internship can potentially become a defining moment towards your career. Apart from providing experience and stipends. So what are the different types of internships available for students? Read on to find out! . Students get chance to make lasting contacts with professionals in a related field of interests.Introduction So first of all. All internships should have the primary goal of providing students supervision and a chance to learn while contributing to the organization’s needs. it helps students in determining whether they are actually interested in a particular career or not. An internship can be both paid/unpaid.

Training and Placement Representatives (TPRs) of respective departments contacting various industries and companies in India and sending the student database to them and companies inviting them as per requirement.Foreign Internships Industrial internships Types of Internships IIT Interns Other Internships We will discuss about each in detail: Industrial Interns This category of internship is preferred by most of the students. It basically involves field exposure by making students aware of practical aspect of their course curriculum. 2. Companies’ campus recruitment for internship through Personal 1|Page . There are three ways to get such internship: 1.

IIT Gandhinagar. IIT Guwahati etc.Tech. Different programs available for internship in IITs are:- SURGE Programme: IIT Kanpur Summer Fellowship Programme: IIT Madras. IIT Interns Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) provides tremendous opportunities for B. This mode is very beneficial for getting a PPO (Pre Placement Offer) from the same company to join them later after B. 2. cover letter & your CV and sending it directly to the concerned IIT faculty via e-mail. IIT Delhi. IIT Summer research fellowship programs in which they invite applications via (online/offline) modes and shortlist required number of candidates for internship. 3. 2|Page .Tech students to pursue research internship under the supervision of their expert faculty having vast knowledge in their particular area of interest. Students having contacts of officials concerned to some project work can directly approach them to get an offer for industrial training. 1. There are two ways to apply for a summer internship in IITs.Interviews (PI). Request for summer internship by writing a short research proposal. IIT Jodhpur.

in/ BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Center) http://www. It is recommended to visit their respective web sites for detailed information.) http://www. launching dates. deadlines and other details can be located in their respective websites.ac.IAS.org/index.ias.in/ Foreign Internships Students can also proceed towards pursuing a summer internship at international level.gov.ernet. eligibility.org/ IISc Banglore (Indian Institute of Science) http://www.drdo.in:8080/fellowship2014/ DRDO (Defence Research & Development Org. requirements and other details.in/ CBIP (Central Board of Irrigation & Power) http://cbip. 3|Page .aspx ISRO (Indian Space Research Org.gov. INSA http://web-japps.) http://www.barc.iisc. NASI. Some are listed below: Summer Research Fellowship Program .isro. There are so many programs available for this and a few out of them are listed below.Other Internships in India There are some research centres in India where students can apply for internship. The relevant details of application invitation procedure.

Draft Mail Wait Funding • After Getting Acceptance ask for scholarship and funding.daad.Following programs require a perquisite acceptance letter from a professor to be eligible to apply for scholarship. • Always send individually. • Keep in mind the interests of professor.de/en/  Charpak Scholarship (France) http://www. • Send your research proposal to the professor. Search • Make a database of their email-ids and contacts.  DAAD – WISE (Germany) https://www.campusfrance.inde. • Prepare your cover letter and CV. and keep in mind time difference. 4|Page . till you get acceptance and invitation letter.org/en/ General Procedure • Search For Professors working in your field of interest. • Keep trying the above by mailing to different professors.

ca/globalink SN Bose Scholars Program (USA) http://www.usc.htm SRI Program (NTU Singapore) http://global. 2 pages)  Statement of Purpose (SOP) Applicants are advised to focus majorly in these two aspects while applying.org/bose/indianstudents.edu. Following documents are critical for selection in this mode:  Curriculum Vitae (Max.sg/global/SRI/Pages/SRIProgramme.mitacs.aspx Viterbi-India Internship Program (USA) http://viterbi.edu. Thousands of applications are invited and only a few students are shortlisted.au/bel-taiwan-scholarships MITACS Globalink (Canada) http://www.ntu.Besides above mentioned scholarship programs following programs are also available which do not require any perquisite acceptance or invitation from professors.htm Miscellaneous points! Online application forms submission is a very competitive mode to get a best (IIT or abroad) internship. Online application form is a sole criteria for selections of students in these programs.uq.edu/students/summerinternship/viterbi-indiaprogram. Global Leadership Scholarship (Taiwan) http://bel. 5|Page .indousstf.

direct emailing to professor mode for an internship is mostly preferred especially for abroad internships due to following reasons: It eliminates a tough competition like in online application mode as only a few students successfully get an acceptance letter and probability of getting a scholarship automatically increases. 6|Page . following guidelines are proposed while sending an email.  Avoid sending mails in bulk as it may drop in to spam folder of recipient professor. Student having an acceptance letter may prefer to proceed towards internship with his own funding in case no scholarship or stipend from professor is received.Besides. So.  Never send your cover letter and CV as attached files in your email. Use e-mail writing section for this.  Always mention waiting to hear from you at the end of cover letter.  Never copy-paste the same Cover Letter all the time.  Never send mails to two different professors of the same university (department) on a single day. Edit it based on the Field of interest of recipient professor.  Never send mail on weekends and check the office hours of recipient Professor. It should be noted that sending an e-mail is a very crucial step and students frequently commit a mistake in this resulting into loss of a big opportunity. There is a possibility of getting stipend directly from the inviting professor which completely eliminates any requirement of a scholarship.

EduInfo: Here along with Internships you are notified frequently about different competitions and programs. “Internship Abroad (Utkarsh)” group on facebook. These will provide you a great deal of insights about the actual internship and lot more tips to get them.asia/ 7|Page .facebook.com/groups/internships. Internshala: Here you will get notified by various openings of different internship programs. https://www. Good to have email subscription for notification via website. InternFeel: Here you will find the interviews of the students who went for internships both in India and Abroad. Good to have email subscription to receive email notification of different internships. http://www. Here you can find latest updates and queries posted by students who are in process of applying for internship and those having a good knowledge in this field and are willing to help others in getting a foreign internship.Stay Connected! All students are advised to join 1. http://internshala.abroad.com/internfeel 3.eduinfo.com 4.utkarsh 2. https://www.facebook. Good to have email subscription to receive email notification of different internships.

put your maximum effort and dedication to get the best. Civil. once graduated. I suggest and motivate my juniors to try their best to find a suitable summer internships and add one such extravaganza in their life.Tech. It is my advice to all juniors to utilize summer vacations in a productive way. Final Year) “Two months in Taiwan made me learn many things. Dear juniors. Mechanical.Tech.” Arpit Gupta (B. Civil.” Ritesh Gupta (B.We Hope This Will Inspire You… “Summer Internship in France was a life changing experience for me. Civil. Final Year) “Every night I am dreaming of those days that I have spent in France. From academics to my own character. I think this is best line to express my experience.Tech. it taught me so much that I will always count it among my best journeys.” Shashank Gupta (B.” Tanmay Agrawal (B. It is the best opportunity for the undergraduate students to break free from theoretical discourses on the subject.Tech. Final Year) 8|Page .” Rishabh Sehgal (B. ECE.Tech. Final Year) “In my opinion summer internship is a way of reinventing one's passion and finding a direction one would like to pursue. Final Year) “Doing research internship in France was a wonderful experience of life and fabulous architectural places to visit made my journey successful. I encourage all my loving juniors to dedicate their full efforts and interest to take the best out of the available tremendous opportunities.

So take out some of your time and trust us. apply only if you are really interested in the research field. but you wouldn’t be reading this if everyone were like that. just for the sake of getting one.com & InternFeel E-mail: internfeel@gmail. You might be super busy though. There have been real stories of many students who were selected for such internship and later repented for having a not-good-to-haveone experience! There are many other ways of getting knowledge and experience.nith@gmail. Share it with those who need it the most. do try that too. it really counts! Best of Luck! Writers Ritesh Gupta (NIT H) E-mail: riteshgupta. so come. please don’t forget that there will be many many juniors throughout the country who will be needing your help. Especially for research internships. Sandeep Maheshwari One Final Point! Don’t apply for internship.If you have more than you need. take a step back and share your experiences for everyone.com 9|Page . Aim to work in a field or on a project which fascinates you. If you do get an internship/training experience – good or bad.

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