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Amway India Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

January - February 2014


Sanjay & Saroj Shelar

Executive Diamonds

New Diamonds

Vimala Srinivasan & Srinivasan R

S Obaiah & S Vijayalakshmi

M Dayanand Eerthaneni & Ratna Mandava



Entrepreneurship is alive and well

Amway believes people have the potential to achieve the life they desire. One way is with a business of their own. Its this path toward entrepreneurship you have taken. You believe hard work and determination will help you reach your goals and move toward the life you want. A lot of other people think like you do. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well throughout the world. Weve seen it firsthand meeting distributors and prospects everywhere we go. A recent report commissioned by Amway also confirms this. Amways Global Entrepreneurship Report interviewed 26,000 people in 24 countries and found that people generally look favorably on business ownership. Two-thirds said they had a positive attitude towards it and 39% said they can imagine becoming self-employed. The study also showed independence was the primary motivator driving entrepreneurship across the globe. People like the idea of being self-employed and having control over their time and resources. Bottom line: there is no better time than today for the Amway opportunity. So we must do all we can to keep it vibrant, compelling and relevant. Were making sure our business opportunity, products and training remain competitive and attractive as the environment around us continues to evolve and change. Were always looking for ways to better support you to make running your business easier. A lot of people out there want to be entrepreneurs. That means a lot of opportunity for you. Now is the time to tap into these desires and help others realize their dreams. You have the potential to reach any goal you set. And as you do, well continue to be there to help and support you along the way.

Steve Van Andel Chairman

Doug DeVos President

AMAGR AM January - February 2014

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Executive Diamonds Diamonds Emerald Sapphire Ruby Platinum Gold Producers Silver Producers


First Purchase Offer Business Opportunity Renewal Plain Speak AOF 20 26 32 33 34

APSA-80 SA 8 Gelzyme

19 29


Nutrilite Vision Health Nutrilite Protein Powder Nutrilite Kids Range Nutrilite Kids Nutrilite Black Cohosh & Soy Nutrilite Salmon Omega 05 18 21 22 28 31


Personal Care Promo 24 Attitude Colors Attitude Hand & Foot Cream Artistry Youth Extend Artistry Ideal Radiance 02 27 30 35

Levels of Recognition
Crown Ambassador Founders Crown* Founders Crown Ambassador*

January - February, 2014

A Founders Crown Ambassador is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 20 legs, each of which was at the 21% performance bonus level for all 12 months of the performance year or is a Diamond Bonus Recipient who has achieved 30 FAA Points.

Founders Executive Diamond * Executive Diamond

A Founders Executive Diamond is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 9 legs, each of which was at the 21% Performance Bonus level for all 12 months of the performance year or is a Diamond Bonus Recipient who has achieved 12 FAA Points.


A Crown Ambassador is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 20 legs, each of which was at the 21% performance bonus level for at least 6 months of the performance year or is a Diamond Bonus Recipient who has achieved 27 FAA Points.


A Founders crown is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 18 legs, each of which was at the 21% performance bonus level for all 12 months of the performance year or is a Diamond bonus Recipient who has achieved 25 FAA Points.

Founders Diamond * Diamond

An Executive Diamond is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 9 legs, each of which was at the 21% Performance bonus level for at least 6 months of the performance year or is a Diamond Bonus Recipient who has achieved 10 FAA Points.

Founders Ruby

A Sapphire is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 2 domestic 21% legs in the same month, for 6 months in a performance year, whilst maintaining 4000 personal Group PV or has a third 21% leg in the absence of 4000 GPV in any month.

A Founders Ruby is a qualified Platinum who has maintained 20,000 Personal Group PV for all 12 months in a performance year in market.

Founders Platinum* Ruby

A Founders Diamond is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 6 legs, each of which was at the 21% Performance bonus level for all 12 months of the performance year or is a Diamond bonus Recipient who has achieved 8 FAA Points.

A Founders Platinum has attained 12 qualifying months at the Silver Producer Level as defined in the Amway Business manual for all 12 months in a performance year in market.

Founders Triple Diamond * Triple Diamond

A Crown is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 18 legs, each of which was at the 21% performance bonus level for at least 6 months of the performance year or is a Diamond bonus Recipient who has achieved 22 FAA Points.

A Diamond is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 6 legs, each of which was at the 21% Performance Bonus level for at least 6 months of the performance year.


A Ruby is a qualified Platinum who has attained at least 20,000 Personal Group PV in any one month during the performance year in market.

A Founders Triple Diamond is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 15 legs, each of which was at the 21% performance bonus level for all 12 months of the performance year or is a Diamond bonus Recipient who has achieved 20 FAA Points.

Founders Emerald * Emerald

A Platinum has attained 6 qualifying months at that Silver Producer Level as defined in the Amway Business manual, at least 3 of which are consecutive.

A Founders Emerald is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 3 legs, each of which was at the 21% performance bonus level for all 12 months of the performance year.

Gold Producer

A Gold Producer has attained three qualifying months at the Silver Producer Level as defined in the Amway Business Manual.

A Triple Diamond is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 15 legs, each of which was at the 21% Performance bonus level for at least 6 months of the performance year or is a Diamond bonus Recipient who has achieved 18 FAA Points.

An Emerald is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 3 legs, each of which was at the 21% performance bonus level for at least 6 months of the performance year.

Silver Producer

A Silver Producer has attained a qualifying month at 21% as defined in the Amway Business Manual.

Founders Double Diamond * Double Diamond

A Founders Double Diamond is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 12 legs, each of which was at the 21% Performance Bonus level for all 12 months of the performance year or is a Diamond Bonus Recipient who has achieved 16 FAA Points.

Founders Sapphire

A Founders Sapphire is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 2 domestic 21% legs in the same month, for all 12 months in a performance year, whilst maintaining 4000 personal Group PV or has a third 21% leg in the absence of 4000 GPV in any month.

A Double Diamond is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 12 legs, each of which was at the 21% Performance Bonus level for at least 6 months of the performance year or is a Diamond Bonus Recipient who has achieved 14 FAA Points.

* Volume equivalency is also applicable to these Founders levels.

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Executive Diamond


An Executive Diamond is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 9 legs, each of which was at the 21% Performance bonus level for at least 6 months of the performance year or is a Diamond Bonus Recipient who has achieved 10 FAA Points.

Sanjay & Saroj Shelar

Mechanical Engineer (H) & Businesswoman (W) DOJ: 16/04/1998 | PUNE

Success produces success just as money produces money

If you keep your attention focused on your goals, you will never notice the pitfalls and an obstacle along the way... says Sanjay. The most important ingredient in the formula for success is performing consistently. Sanjay saw this coming into reality when he saw Ruby Myers a handicapped lady from Philippines, achieving higher levels in her business. He says, if she can do it, I cannot give any reason, for not doing it. Imagination is the powerhouse where you can shape your plans and make them a reality. It all started after he saw the Amway meeting and both started Amway business long back in 1998. The business activity took speed when Saroj started working for it. As a result this couple reached Emerald level in 2000 and then became Diamond in 2003. As Saroj grew in joint family she started working to add to nancial support to her family. With common mans zeal of routine education followed by a good job, Sanjay started shaping his life which was later on supported by his better half Saroj. The small businesses which Saroj was doing could keep her busy all the time and so was the case of Sanjay who was busy in his job. Saroj was

liberty to build with speed and at the same time ensure good upbringing to their children and that was to put them in a good hostel. Staying away from their kids was a sacrice, and they wanted to make this sacrice count for their kids & for them..and today are enjoying the fruits. Their younger son Swapnil whilst pursuing his higher education joined the business and has already attained Platinum level. Their daughter Sneha is married. Sanjay and Saroj have already become grandparents. If you look at successful people as your role model, if you listen to what they say and if you work hard and persevere the way successful people do you will make it. This is because; leadership is not conditioned on where you live and what education you have. You can start where you are. Anyone can become a leader. Vision is seeing the invisible, feeling the intangible and believing that the impossible is possible. In 1998, it was a new horizon they entered into, and have now reached the level of Executive Diamonds. Their further goal is to take many downlines to higher level of success. His principle is you nd winners and make them leaders. This is because If everyone is moving forward together then success takes care of itself. It is the leader who creates an environment for success and the

achievements of an organization are the result of combined eort of each individual in it. The couple has given hope of success to many people coming from dierent parts of the country. The result is they are stepping up ladder of success one by one and getting rewarded for the dedicated work they have done. Travelling abroad for Amway trips has become very common for them. Today they are enjoying the luxury of life. Sanjay says:Small thinking and small actions leads to both being broke and unfullled, big thinking and big actions leads to money and meaning.

to start a Cyber Caf in due course by investing few lakhs of rupees to make her entrepreneur. This was then, a prophet met Sanjay and showed him Amway Business plan. Dream Big as if your life depends on it .. Sanjay says. Use the products and share your experience about it with your friends, relatives and even strangers. This is the principle they followed to boost their business. If you have faith in your product, then you know you are doing your customer a favor by sharing its marvelous benets with them. Enthusiasm comes from faith in your product. Enthusiasm comes from your vision of an exciting and successful future. Enthusiasm comes from the support of positive people in your life. When you start paving your way towards success, the hurdles automatically fall o; you start getting help from various ends making your future path brighter and shows way furthest. Sanjay & Saroj were quick to recognize the potential of Amway Business.. and got serious about it from the word go....but they were responsible parents too and did not want to compromise on the upbringing of their 2 kids Swapnil & Sneha. Its said - "Where there is a will, there is a way". They worked out a solution which gave them the


AMAGR AM January - February 2014

AMAGR AM January - February 2014



A Diamond is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 6 legs, each of which was at the 21% Performance Bonus level for at least 6 months of the performance year.




A Diamond is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 6 legs, each of which was at the 21% Performance Bonus level for at least 6 months of the performance year.


Vimala Srinivasan & Srinivasan R

Engineer (Both) DOJ: 19/10/2005 | CHENNAI I am a Chemical Engineer and my wife is an Instrumentation and Control Engineer. We are software consultants by profession. We are blessed with a beautiful daughter S.V.Divyaa and a lovable son S.V.Hetesh Aditiyaa. Since I had a burning desire to do business, I did many businesses soon after completing my Engineering, starting from Vegetable Market, Real estate and partnered with an IT company without disturbing my corporate commitment. But nothing emerged to be successful because of various constraints like deployment of labour, business competition, teething overheads, Government regulations etc. I was in search of an opportunity with good business practices with more returns and that could be long term too. When my wife got conceived, she was prescribed to add more protein to her daily diet. We searched for a good protein among dierent range of products available in the current market. Finally, we decided to use NUTRILITE Protein; starting from Protein as a customer, slowly we started to replace all the X-brand with AMWAY products. I got sponsored into the business at midnight, while returning home from oce where I happened to meet my boyhood friend who is my sponsor and upline. He told me that he was making a very decent 5 digit income per month through AMWAY without disturbing his existing Job. To be frank, I had not even seen the business plan then, but, what I understood was If my friend could do, I can also do it from the short pep talk we shared during that hour of night. Unlike other ventures, my wife was very supportive and encouraging right from the beginning of this business, which gave lot of time and interaction between us for the very rst time to build our own team which will remain with us for a life time and beyond, this motivated us to learn more and own responsibility to build our organization. It was fun building the business spare-time together as husband and wife without the stress of a corporate job or the risks of a conventional business, and we enjoyed it completely. We started to focus on Amway business and we became Platinum with the right structure, but my corporate job made me travel out of the country which was a major hindrance to our business growth. After achieving proper structure & protability in Amway, I dared to resign my corporate job to move from a SPARE TIME business owner to a FULL TIME Amway business owner. We achieved our Dreams and Goals by going Platinum in 2010, Founder Platinum in 2011, Emeralds in 2012 and Diamonds in 2013. Now, I am a fulltime house husband and an ABO too, enjoying quality time with my wife and kids with nancial freedom. Amway, an opportunity galore coupled with a wide range of product category has opened a new chapter in our life, an Ethical business which helps you to achieve your dream only when you help others to achieve theirs. Here in AMWAY we have ample opportunity to associate with lots of legends who are already successful through AMWAY, they are from dierent walks of life, with dierent academic backgrounds, economic status and various ethnic culture; which helped us to learn and grow on a fast track with the right attitude. Because of AMWAYs outstanding global opportunity, we have been able to build a huge team in India and now simultaneously expanding our activity in dierent countries viz US, Australia, South Africa and Singapore. We would like to thank each and everyone, who directly or indirectly contributed to our success. A big thanks to AMWAY and its sta who helped us grow in this business.

S Obaiah & S Vijayalakshmi

Ex Teacher in Govt. School (H) & Ex Employee (W) DOJ: 23/10/2001 | NELLORE I am S.Obaiah who worked as a Teacher in Govt. School for past 16 years in Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh. My wife, S.Vijaya Lakshmi, worked in State Govt. Electricity department in Nellore district. We have 2 wonderful children Sai keerthan(13), Ashika (11). We are from middle class family but now we are enjoying freedom from our jobs, as we both are retired. We were looking for an opportunity to place our life in good position, and nally we got this God given opportunity through one of my close friend without knowing much. When we understood this business plan I took up it very seriously, but on a PART TIME basis. Although we faced many challenges while building this business but we overcome those challenges because of a Strong dream & commitment. Before this business life was a compromise as there was no balance of Money, Time and Family. We were not going anywhere in life and later realized but were doing same thing and expecting dierent results then we took a decision to build this business seriously and worked on it. I quit my job in the year 2010 when were in going Founders Emerald. Through this Great OPPURTUNITY our lifestyle changed with our vehicle changing from Bicycle to Scooter, and bigger Car, Rented house to our DREAM house, Childrens normal education to better education, normal bus travel to Flight travel etc. Over last 12 years we have travelled with Amway across the world, Australia, Europe, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Thailand. This year alone we are going to Toronto for Leadership Seminar and to Alaskan Cruise for Diamond Invitational and enjoy the Luxury and grand Amway Hospitality. We use and promote the world class Amway products and show the plan to all those who need the opportunity for enjoying a Life time FREEDOM. Stay FOCUSSED, Be CONSISTENT & PERSISTENT and take ACTION on DAILY basis and do not get distracted by petty things. Everyone has problems and obstacles in life but keep your Dreams ALIVE and ALWAYS have FAITH in yourself. Consistency, Persistency, Discipline & Focus are the basic fundamentals to build this business. We sincerely thanks our Uplines & Mentors for leading us . Thanks to Founders of AMWAY Rich DeVos & Jay Van Andel for giving us a Great Opportunity. We also thank the entire team of Amway India for our SUCCESS. THANKS GOD AND THANKS TO AMWAY.


AMAGR AM January - February 2014

AMAGR AM January - February 2014



A Diamond is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 6 legs, each of which was at the 21% Performance Bonus level for at least 6 months of the performance year.



M Dayanand Eerthaneni & Ratna Mandava

Engineer (Both) DOJ: 03/09/2000 | TIRUPATI I come from a village called "Oteru" near Tirupati, AP. Ours is an agricultural family. My parents faced lots of hardships and ensured good education for me and my sister as they didn't see any future in agriculture because of water problems in our area. So there was no other option but to excel in studies, even though I was reluctant initially but truth has got me gradually. I did B.Tech in Electrical Engineering from SV University, Tirupati. In 1999 I got campus placement in to TCS as a Software Engineer. That's the biggest achievement by any one in our family, till then. All of us thought that through this job we would realize all our dreams. But little did I know that my dreams started shattering day by day as corporate world started eating away my life slowly. I complained, cribbed, cried silently & eventually realised the fact that an Employee is working for somebody else's dreams. That's when I got in to the looking zone. Then started doing some odd traditional businesses in spare time, burnt money and got in to debts. I got in and got out of Amway couple of times before starting for the third time in the year 2000. By Gods plan when I got introduced to Amway business by one of my close friend, Naren. I was very negative initially. I would not have started for the third time, but for his professional approach and awareness about the potential of Amway opportunity. So I strongly believe that getting to know about Amway from a right person is half the battle won. Initially I didn't take the opportunity sincerely and had to go to Canada in 2001 on my job assignment. I attended couple of meetings there and understood the Global presence of Amway, International quality standards of Amway Products and the power of this opportunity. Came back to India in the end of 2002 and started building the business passionately. I was a Founders Platinum when I met Ratna, the love of life through a reference in the business. Ratna came from a business family and has an Engineering degree. Had a short stint in IT eld. But out of choice, she supported me in this successful endeavour & then never had to work for anyone but for self. We got married in 2003 and have a beautiful daughter Sree Anagha, over 4 years old. So I can proudly say that this opportunity has given everything in my life I cherish today. Being in Software Profession for more than 12 years, without disturbing it building this business on part time and becoming a Successful Entrepreneur who started living on OWN terms & conditions at an age of 32, the journey is awesome than the destination. The freedom with respect to TIME and MONEY which this business has oered is just incredible. Heartfelt gratitude to our parents, uplines and phenomenal Team. We always pray to GOD for better opportunities and often overlook the simple answers, thinking that only a complicated solution will solve our problems. So don't get fooled by the simplicity of this opportunity with negligible investment and miss an opportunity of life time. If you are reading this, if you have specic Dreams and Goals in life, you already have got a right introduction to Amway, stay with the team and GROW through them. If PATH is beautiful check the DESTINATION but if DESTINATION is beautiful don't check the PATH. Everything will be okay in the end, if it's not ok, then it's not the end, Just Do It.


AMAGR AM January - February 2014

An Emerald is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 3 legs, each of which was at the 21% Performance Bonus level for at least 6 months of the performance year.

Shanta & Indu Bhushan Rath

Engineering Consultant (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 23/02/2001 | BHUBANESWAR

Mahesh Chandra & Manju Kankani

Businessman (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 26/07/2001 | KOLKATA

Pallavi & Pradeep Kumar

Business Professional (W) & Businessman (H) DOJ: 20/07/2000 | LUCKNOW

Rajesh Kumar Srivastava & Sudivya Srivastava

Professor (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 19/01/1999 | LUCKNOW

I am a Post Graduate and my husband is a Mechanical Engineer with two Post Graduate degrees in Management and Real Estate Appraisal. We are blessed with a son, Ishaan. Initially, Amway opportunity came as a challenge but constant association with successful people enabled us to overcome our doubts. Our dream, our promise to uplines and commitment for our teammates make us successful. We are thankful to our family, son and team for their unstinted support.

I am a businessman and my wife is a homemaker. We are blessed with a daughter, Jagriti and son, Shivam. Prior to Amway business, our life was monotonous. This opportunity gave a new meaning to our lives. Me and my wife started working together to achieve common goals. Now we are leading a happy and secured live. We are thankful to our family, uplines and downlines for their support.

I was introduced to Amway opportunity when I was preparing for my civil service examination by my sister and brother-in-law. Though initially I was sceptical but understood its real potential soon and started building it with great enthusiasm. I got married to Pallavi after reaching Platinum level. She too realized that what Amway can give us, her job could not and thus we started building Amway business together. We are blessed with a daughter, Dhanvi and our life is totally secured today. Success does not come to you; you have to go for it!

I am a homemaker and my husband is an Associate Professor of Commerce. Initially, we were sceptical about Amway business but the outstanding rewards and change of outlook towards life made us build it persistently. It was the great mentorship of our uplines and support of our unified team that we reached this level. We are thankful to our parents and our children Meghna, Ratna and Vishesh for standing with us throughout.

Innocence, integrity, consistency and relationship are our mantra for success!

Amway has given a new direction to our lives!

Dream is not what you see while sleeping but something that doesnt let you sleep!

Ganesh P Patil & Bhagyawathi Patil

Ex.Professor (H) & Teacher (W) DOJ: 08/07/2000 | NANDED

Kalam Mohammed & Rukshana Begum

Executive (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 28/02/2001 | BHADRAK

Anwar Rahemani & Shahenaz Rahemani

Tax Consultant (H) & Nutritionist & Teacher (W) DOJ: 03/06/1998 | KALYAN

Rajesh M. Mahadik & Seeta R. Mahadik

Civil Engineers (Both) DOJ: 30/03/2002 | PUNE

I am a Mathematics Professor and my wife is a High School Teacher. We are blessed with two lovely children, Shraddha and Sarthak. We are thankful to God for blessing us with Amway opportunity, which has transformed our lives for good. We are thankful to our uplines and proud of our tiger team. Our aim is to help our team achieve their dreams and goals.

I am a homemaker and my husband is an Executive. We are blessed with two children, Nafis, who is a Computer Engineer and daughter, Nasreen, who recently joined Amway business. Joining Amway opportunity changed our stressful family life. We never imagined that people like us who could not have afforded a second hand two-wheeler, would one day enjoy the luxuries of a car. Our success is the result of our faith in God, Amway and our uplines and team. Only way to do great work is to love what you do!

I was a Tax Consultant and my wife was a Nutritionist & Teacher, prior to joining Amway opportunity. Its the ethical approach and mutual help within the business, which attracted us tothis wonderful business. We build this business for financial growth, peace of mind, quality time with family and helping others to achieve in life. We thank Almighty, our caring family, upline mentor and beloved downlines for helping us reach this stage.

We both are Civil Engineers by profession and are blessed with a son, Piyush. Prior to joining Amway, I was into Civil Construction business and my wife was working with an Architect firm. Amways wonderful products and a great life attracted us to it. We started working hard to build it. Thanks to the mentorship of our uplines and great team support, Seeta could quit her job. Today, we go for foreign vacations every year

Serve people unconditionally. What you sow, so do you reap!

Have a vision, desire to work hard, dedication and team effort to succeed in Amway business!

If you have dreams and you are ready to work hard to achieve them, success would be yours!

AMAGR AM January - February 2014


An Emerald is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 3 legs, each of which was at the 21% Performance Bonus level for at least 6 months of the performance year.

Amit Bajaj & Vandana Lakhotiya Bajaj

ABO (Both) DOJ: 04/04/2007 | DELHI

Prior to joining Amway business, I was a student and a big dreamer. I joined Amway opportunity because I was sure that this business would help me achieve my dream even as I study. After completion of my studies, I got married and my wife too is now a full time Amway Business Owner. Today, at an age of 25 I am free of job and live life of my choice. The entire credit to our success goes to our team and uplines.

Dream big! Change yourself and be a winner!



A Sapphire is a qualified Platinum who has sponsored 2 domestic 21% legs in the same month, for 6 months in a performance year, whilst maintaining 4000 Personal Group PV or has a third 21% leg in the absence of 4000 GPV in any month.

Rakesh Kumar & Meenakshi Gupta

Engineer (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 27/09/2007 | GURGAON

Ombir Rana & Urmil Rana

Executive (H) & Ex-Teacher (W) DOJ: 27/10/1999 | PANIPAT

Manoj Pandey & Anuradha Pandey

Civil Engineer (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 05/05/2001 | MUMBAI

I was an Engineer and my wife was a homemaker, prior to joining Amway business. We are building this business along with our children Swarnima (16 years), Pallavi (13 years) and Yash (8 years). I was successful in my profession but was looking for something meaningful. We are grateful to God and our parent with whose blessings we could understand this wonderful opportunity. Our lovable downlines and visionary upline work with us persistently, bring success to the entire team. Be consistent in action to fulfil your dreams!

I am an Ex- Teacher and my husband is JE. We are blessed with two sons, Pankaj and Hemant and a lovely daughter-in-law, Ritu. We are grateful to God for blessing us with wonderful Amway opportunity. We are also thankful to our uplines and downlines, whose dedicated support has today brought us to this level. Now, we only wish to help others reach the point where we are today. With faith in self and ethics, anyone can achieve success in this business!

I am a homemaker and my husband is a Civil Engineer. We are blessed with two children, Devanshi and Pradhyuman. Amway came as a spark to our dying dreams. We not only started using all Amway products but also building this business consistently. We are grateful to Amway, our uplines and downlines for their guidance and support. Over a period of time, our faith in our abilities to achieve our dream is ascending; thanks to Amway!


AMAGR AM January - February 2014

A Ruby is a qualified Platinum who has attained at least 20,000 personal group PV in any one month during the performance year in-market.

Roto Yamung & Tamar Doging

Executive (W) & Businessman (H) DOJ: 03/04/2004 | ITANAGAR

Usha Upadhyay & Shyam Narayan Upadhyay

Homemaker (W) & Businessman (H) DOJ: 27/03/2004 | LUCKNOW

Srinibas Sahoo & Subhashree Sahoo

Consulting Company (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 24/10/2008 | DELHI

Subashini B & Balamurukan N S

Homemaker (W) & Photographer (H) DOJ: 27/02/2008 | ERODE

G Hemalatha & N Gandhiraj

Business (Both) DOJ: 30/10/2000 | COIMBATORE



A Platinum has attained 6 qualifying months at Silver Producer level as defined in the Amway Business Manual, at least 3 of which are consecutive.

Sanjay Panda & Meenakshi Dash

Civil Engineer (H) & Mechanical Engineer (W) DOJ: 21/02/2004 | BHUBANESWAR

Barun Kumar & Gitali Das

Employee (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 27/05/2000 | HOOGHLY

Priyanka Jain & Deepesh Jain

Homemaker (W) & Businessman (H) DOJ: 31/01/2004 | BANSWARA

Kamaljeet Panwar & Sujata Kalyani

Engineer (H) & Ex Teacher (W) DOJ: 09/06/2004 | HISSAR

Pralay Kumar & Chandrani Datta

Businessman (H) & Author (W) DOJ: 16/06/2003 | NEW DELHI

Shyam Nandan & Rashmi Tripathi

Executive (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 22/09/2001 | SAHIBABAD

Sukhjinder Singh Basra & Davinder Pal Kaur

Ex Teacher (Both) DOJ: 10/09/2007 | NADALA

Mohammad Askari & Shagufta Perween

Engineer (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 13/03/2001 | PATIALA

Sarjeet Singh & Munesh Singh

Executive (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 05/02/2002 | REWARI

Vinay Kumar
Manager DOJ: 21/09/2002 | FARIDABAD

Kamal Sharma & Abhilasha Sharma

Assi.Professor (H) & Graphics Artist (W) DOJ: 30/06/2007 | DEHRADUN

Sandeep Bamal & Kiran Bamal

Advocate (H) & Ex-Teacher (W) DOJ: 24/07/2007 | HISSAR

Lal Saheb & Lila Singh

Employee (W) & Homemaker (H) DOJ: 12/01/2000 | KOLKATA

Uttam Kumar Mohanty & Kanjanakhi Pradhan

Businessman (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 31/10/2001 | JAJPUR

Ekram Mohammed & Rizwana Begum

Businessman (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 31/10/2002 | BHADRAK

Uttam Kumar & Rekha Devi Tatia

Businessman (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 17/12/2007 | KOLKATA

Namita Suman
Teacher DOJ: 03/02/2010 | PATNA

Sambit Kumar & Manasi Mohapatra

Businessman (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 23/05/2005 | JAJPUR

Suresh Kumar Patanaik & Sanjukta Rani Patnaik

Employee (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 08/07/2000 | JEYPORE

Dr Sarat Kuma Samal & Sasmita Samala

Doctor (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 08/03/2004 | GANJAM

Chhabirani Muduli & Kailash Chandra

Businessman (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 25/04/2011 | BHUBANESWAR

Gyanprakash Arya & Rajshree

ABO (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 05/01/2007 | BHILAI

Dr Mahesh Madhukar Patil & Dr Sadhana Patil

Doctors (Both) DOJ: 06/11/2008 | JALGAON

Ravi Bhushan Kumar & Sunita Ravikumar Bhushan

Teacher (H) & Beautician (W) DOJ: 16/09/2006 | MUMBAI

Ghanshyamsinh Gohil & Indu Gohil

Manager (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 15/05/2010 | KARJAN

AMAGR AM January - February 2014


A Platinum has attained 6 qualifying months at Silver Producer level as defined in the Amway Business Manual, at least 3 of which are consecutive.

Manjulaben H & Hradayakant D Patel

Teachers (Both) DOJ: 14/05/2008 | BODELI

Snigdha Raizada
Teacher DOJ: 19/03/2007 | JAMMU

Manoj Bora & Jyoti Kochhar

Executive (H) & Engineer (W) DOJ: 12/06/2012 | NEW DELHI

Gautam Das & Purnima Das

Businessman (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 16/07/2001 | DELHI

Narender Verma & Veena Verma

Jewellery Merchant (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 21/12/2009 | DELHI

Ritika Anand
Homemaker DOJ: 31/07/2006 | DELHI

Jasbir Singh & Narinder Kaur

Asst. Professor (H) & Doctor (W) DOJ: 11/06/2003 | TANDARAM SHAHAI

Vijay Kumar & Vimmy Sabbharwall

Job (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 20/09/2003 | JALANDHAR

Gurdial Singh & Shama Mehra

Job (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 04/09/2007 | DASUYA

Chandra Prakash & Sachi Prakash Ojha

ABO (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 18/10/2000 | ALLAHABAD

Rajendra Prasad & Sarika Singh

ABO (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 20/11/2000 | MIRZAPUR

Mukund & Manisha Sinha

Ex-Army (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 03/02/2010 | GURGAON

Mahendra Singh & Pramod Kumari

Businessman (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 20/02/2002 | JASPUR

Arjan Singh & Devinder Kaur

Rtd.Patwari DOJ: 30/04/2004 | AMRITSAR

Shyamsunder S Lahoti & Komal S Lahoti

Businessman (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 17/03/2005 | NANDED

Sridhar Guttala & Nirmala Guttala

Professor (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 14/09/2002 | VISAKHAPATNAM

Pushpalatha K & Kalimuthu D

Homemaker (W) & Employee (H) DOJ: 22/07/2011 | RAJAPALAYAM

Jayalakshmi R & Rengarajan B

Beautician (W) & Civil Contractor (H) DOJ: 09/02/2009 | KUMBAKONAM

Brahmaiah M & Navarathna Kumari M

Businessman (H) & Ex-Lecturer (W) DOJ: 22/10/2002 | TIRUPATHI

Kulapala Sreenivasulu
Graduate DOJ: 25/06/2004 | CHITTOOR

Balaji K & Tharani B

Marketing (H) & Homemaker (W) DOJ: 14/05/2008 | COIMBATORE


AMAGR AM January - February 2014

Hosur Oupada Jalgaon Kokrajhar Mumbai Gurgaon Shirur Gurgaon Guwahati Mumbai Karimnagar Raichur Ahmednagar Howrah Amguri Surat Gurgaon Gurgaon Indore Nagpur Boisar Gurgaon Karnal Kohima Itarsi Pathankot Chennai Udupi Gurdaspur Guwahati Ghaziabad Panch Mahudi

Kosli Pimpri Kashipur Patna Bishnupur Thergaon Gurgaon Gurgaon Gurgaon Lucknow Bhubaneswar Imadpur Mumbai Betul Godhra Bhawanipatna Ahmedabad Ahmedabad Dhar Kolkata Dehri On Sone Chennai Sagar Shahjahanpur Chapra Surat Uran Surat Rajura Gurgaon Gurgaon Ranikhet

A Gold Producer has attained three qualifying months at the Silver Producer level as defined in the Amway Business Manual.

A, Nandeepa & S K, Venugopal Bal, Ravi Kumar & Manjushri Barhate, Sanjay Digambar Basumatary, Chandrabati & Manoj Bera, Prashanta Kumar & Champa Bishnoi, Sunita & Vijay Singh Chavan, Jayawant Vittal & Kalpana Chen, Sheng Choudhury, Hira & Pradip Kumar Devi, Usha Gadapa, Ramakrishna Gadwal, Dr Mangala Gaikwad, Satishkumar Sarjerao & Kamal Satish Garg, Vandana & Varun Gogoi, Mausum Gosai, Charulata Rajnikant & Rajnikant Gu, Zheng Yan Gu, Zongyao Gupta, Dr Bharti & Dr Saurabh Gupta, Samir Ramdasji & Sahu, Ramdas Hambire, Prerna P & Prashant Han, Shu Hong Handa, Vinay & Vikram Imlimenla Ingle, Jyoti Prashant & Engle, Prashant Jaswal, Vijay Kumar & Jaswl, Jyoti K, Sridhar & Gandhimathi K, Mohandas & K Ganapathy Nayak
Authorised Representative of Kadthal Shankar Nayak Trust

Kalia, Ketan & Karun Kalita, Pranita & Ajit Chandra Kandpal, Sarita & Bhupendra Kharadi, Dr Tejas Bachubhai & Dr Dimpal Tejas Kumar

Kumar, Ravinder & Manoj Kumar, Santosh & Susan Santosh Kumar, Sudhish & Kamboj, Shashi Kumari, Sangita & Krishna Tripathi, Vinay Laishram, Memthoi Devi & Ibocha Singh Lande, Suvarana & Raghunath Ramchandra Liang, Wenhui & Yang, Yuqin Meng, Fan You Meng, Fanzhen Mishra, Gaurav Mohapatra, Ranjit Kumar Mondal, Rupatita & Kuntal Naik, Yogesh & Yukta Namdev, Satish Kumar Padwal, Jyoti Panda, Prabhat Kumar & Nibedita Patel, Nilam A Patel, Reva Dalpat & Dalpatkumar K Patidar, Liladhar Poddar, Sushil Kumar & Annapurna Rai, Sunita & Roy, Dr Badri Vishal S, Mariya Selvam & G, Suresh Shukla, Amit Singh, Jagvinder & Kaur, Rupinder Singh, Pankaj K R & Soni Suthar, Rita & Hemant Kumar Thakur, Sanjivani Jayant Vadapalli, Radhikadevi & Subrahmanyam, V S M V V Wandhare, Dadaji Gajanan & Asha Wang, Yongsheng & Yi, Yang Wu, Qinghua & Wang, Haifeng Yadav, Nisha & Suprem


A Silver Producer has attained a qualifying month at 21% as defined in the Amway Business Manual

Chikhale, Ketaki V, Adalarasu Achary, Suryanarayan & Kureshu Adak, Anil Kumar & Samanta(Adak), Bandana Adwani, Muskan & Lalchand Ali, Shahid Amin, Tanbirul & Chetri, Teena Anand, Alkesh Vinodchandra & Rasmita Arora, Pritesh & Garima Atwal, Jujhar Singh B, Rajalakshmi & Naik, Krishna B, Vasanth Kumar & A, Malathi Balina, Rajesh Babu & Divya Banerjee, Shreya Baranwal, Nitika & Sanjeev Baria, Govindbhai N Basu, Papiya & Tamal Bathula, Sridhar Behera, Dr Susant Kumar & Ghosh, Dr Ro Behera, Jyotirmayi & Ananta Prasanna Behera, Manoranjan & Mahasweta Bhargava, Arpit Bhattacharjee, Jhuma & Mrinal Bhilare, Sharmila Anil & Anil D Bhushan, Bharat & Kumari, Anisha Bhushan, Vibha & Kumar, Binod Biswas, Chandrakanta & Minati Bodade, Prashant Maroti & Arati Boparai, Yadwinder Singh Bora, Prakash Singh & Gayatri Brar, Kamaljit Kaur Chakraborty, Biswajit & Rina
AMAGR AM January - February 2014

Pune Coimbatore Kalahandi Hooghly Nagpur Kushinagar Bangalore Ahmedabad Allahabad Sitarganj Arehalli Chennai Pune Asansol Allahabad Limkheda Kolkata Hyderabad Cuttack Bhubaneswar Bhubaneswar Jaipur Kolkata Mumbai Ghaziabad Motihari Bhubaneswar Wardha Doraha Almora Moga Jirania

Chakravorty, Tinku & Ajoy Chandak, Akshay & Kanchan Devi Chatterjee, Anirban & Tumpa Chatterjee, Lalita Chattopadhyay, Sudipta & Anjan Chauhan, Anamika & Gyanvendra Chavan, Manisha & Sandip Chen, Sheng Chettri, Birkha Bdr & Pavitra Chhabra, Sonia & Bhushan Chinna Setty, Sasidhar Choubey, Neetu & Chintamani Choudhary, Purva Choudhary, Rajesh Danthurti, Aparna Das, Pratima Dasgupta, Sabari & Debaprasad Datta, Biplab & Monalisa Dave, Haresh & Chetana Dave, Sanjay Shantilal & Madhubala Dehury, Ganesh Chandra & Saudamani Devi, Chandan & Roy, Subodh Kumar Devi, Kalawati & Singh, Himmat Devi, Krishna & Singh, Roshan Devi, Loni & Roy, Dilip Kumar Devi, Malti & Patel, Shankar Lal Dey, Ranjita Dhakar, Mukesh Kumar Dhamija, Anju & Ravinder Kumar Dhanda, Anupam & Sukhvir Singh Dhiman, Mamta & Avnish Kumar Dhindsa, Kulwant Singh & Gurmeet Kaur

Bhilai Delhi Gobardanga Bhubaneswar Kolkata Ghaziabad Satara Gurgaon Namchi Jagadhari Hyderabad Jammu Udaipur Jaipur Vishakhapatnam Birendra Nagar Kolkata Hooghly Vadodara Nagpur Sundargarh New Delhi Almora Dehradun Gauripur Lucknow Kokrajhar Bhilwara Zirakpur Kalanwali Herbertpur Malerkotla


A Silver Producer has attained a qualifying month at 21% as defined in the Amway Business Manual


Dhindsa, Manjinder Kaur & Sukhchain Singh Divakaran, Rajesh & Diwakar, Babita Dobariya, Vidhi & Dobaria, Atul Dodipala, Sanjeeva Reddy & Sandya Rani Doging, Yakang Doshy, Shinora Dubey, Sujata & Asish Kumar Dutta, Milan & Manika Dutta, Prankrishna & Surabhi Dwivedi, Neelam G, Benjamin Franklin & K, Kaliammal G, Shilpavathi & M, Jayakumar Gadhiya, Nita Chetan & Chetan Vallabh Gahlawat, Dr Suman & Narender Gaikwad, Swati Santosh & Santosh Galande, Umakant & Harsha Garg, Krishan Kumar & Radha Ghag, Manaswee Hemant & Hemant Ghosh, Aniruddha & Ghosh, Sriparna Ghosh, Poulami & Sankar Kumar Ghosh, Priyanka & Krishna, Gopi Ghosh, Rinku & Jayanta Ghosh, Tapas Kumar & Barnali Giri, Arti & Arvind Giri, Kamal Krishna Godara, Mohini & Omprakash Gogoi, Pradip Golhar, Ravindra Bhauraoji & Kanchan Ravindra Gulrajani, Devesh Gundubilli, Gopala Krishna & Sree Ramya Gupta, Charu & Mohit Gupta, Jaiprakash C & Manju J Gupta, Nirupam Gurung, Meena Halder, Kashinath Han, Shu Hong Hanjgimath, Dayanand & Basamma Hao, Cheng Jun Hardia, Rashmi Hazari, L K & Seema Hinge, Varsha & Jitendra Hota, Kalpana & Sukanta Husain, Islam & Tabassum, Rehana Ignatius, Ragini & Duvvada, Ram Babu Irom, Pramodini Devi & Wangkhem, Raghu Singh J, Antonyraj & A, Chellathai J, Rajeshkannan Jain, Gaurav Jain, Paras Mal & Rinku Jaishwal, Alpana Jaiswal, Sarika Santosh & Santosh Jawaharlalji Janorkar, Suchita & Purushottam Jejurkar, Hausabai B & Gopal Bhimraj Jha, Ajay Kumar Joshi, Sasmita & Dillip Kumar Joshi, Sunil & Khushbu Kadulkar, Mohan Vilas & Chhaya Kamthe, Sharad Vasantrao & Hirabai V Kapoor, J P & Ritu Kapoor, Luxmi Karad, Vilas Jotiram & Jayshri Vials Karmakar, Uma & Bishwakarma, Naresh Katare, Ganesh K Kath, Haikeya & Ali Kaur, Gurjeet Kaur, Jaskaran & Singh, Khojender Pal Kaur, Jatinder & Singh, Pritpal Kaur, Sandeep & Singh, Sukhdev Kaur, Sarabjot & Singh, Harbhajan Kaur, Satnam & Singh, Baljeet Kaur, Sukhjeet & Kaler, Manjeet Singh Kelkar, Sunita Vinayak & Vinayak

Mohali Bhopal Surat Nalgonda Naharlagun Aranattukara Purulia Bagula Nagaon Maharajganj Arakkonam Bangalore Surat Madlanda Rahatani Chinchwad Samana Mumbai Howrah Burdwan Varanasi Hooghly Howrah Raipur Baharagoda Bikaner Mariani Hinganghat Lucknow Bangalore Jaipur Mumbai Noida Dehradun Hooghly Gurgaon Gulbarga Gurgaon Indore Faridabad Indore Titilagarh Patna Jamshedpur Imphal Surandai Coimbatore Ghaziabad Mandsaur Satna Nagpur Akola Naigaon Patna Bolangir Kanwan Thane Rahata Mumbai Allahabad Latur Raniganj Shivpuri Dimapur Chandigarh Jalandhar Mohali Chandigarh Sitarganj Gurdaspur Gurgaon Nanded

Khadse, Sarita Suresh & Suresh Rajura Khan, Mohd Jaseem & Siddiqui, Sultana Allahabad Khedkar, Ramdas N & Suman R Amravati Kohli, Rajiv Krishna & Aarti Varanasi Kotha, Ravi Kiran & K, Prameela Chandramouli Nagar Kumar, Amit & Shalini Dehradun Kumar, Dharamvir & Kumari, Neena Marara Kumar, Manoj & Rani, Asha Sonepat Kumar, Rajeev & Kumari, Preeti Jamshedpur Kumar, Saji Delhi Kumar, Sevana Keshaw & Sevana, Syamala Jamshedpur Kumar, Shama Charan Hooghly Kumar, Sudhir Patna Kumari, Anamika Bhagwanpur Kumari, Jyoti & Jaiswal, Rahul Kumar Tanda Kumari, Kiran Jamshedpur Kumari, Mukesh Panipat Kumari, Sunita Patna L, Shunmugakani & I, Lakshmanan Tirunelveli Laguri, Mutud & Ananta N S Jajpur Lawande, Vandana & Sachin Savedi Lenka, Sanjibanee Sudha & Ashok Kumar Chennai Leuva, Monika Jitendrakumar Ahmedabad Li, Minggang Gurgaon Liang, Wenhui & Yang, Yuqin Gurgaon M, Jeromefelixanand & F, Helan Ruby Coimbatore M, Kannan & A, Kayalvizhi Coimbatore Mahajan, Vaibhav Vasudeo Kerhale Mahamine, Deepa B & Badriprasad Kolhar Maini, Karishma Bangalore Maiti, Gargi Howrah Maji, Shankar & Sraboni Howrah Maji, Uttam & Nilima Midnapore Mallick, Anup Kolkata Mammen, Kurien & Neena Paul Chennai Mandal, Kartick Chandra & Sumati Balasore Mandal, Santinath Midnapore Mandal, Tarun & Mondal, Sampa Hooghly Mangat, Harsimran Singh Mohali Mann, Gurans Pal Singh & Kaur, Harjit Sirhind Meher, Balaram & Sasmita Balangir Meher, Umakanta & Sangeeta Nuapada Meng, Fan You Gurgaon Meng, Fanzhen Gurgaon Mewada, Minaxi Mukesh & Mukesh Navsari Mishra, Hridaya Narayan Singahi Mistry, Parul Rakesh Mira Road Mitra, Saikat & Rita Chinsurah Mittal, Vikas & Shikha Ghaziabad Modalavalasa, Narayan Murthy & Rajeshw Bilaspur Mohanta, Bijayalaxmi Cuttack Mohanta, Kavita Bhubaneswar Moirangthem, Bira Singh & Usham, Sumati Devi Imphal Mondal, Asim Kumar & Tanusri Navi Mumbai Mondal, Debatosh & Bandana Kolkata Mukherjee Roy, Anumita & Roy, Kalidas Kolkata Mukherjee, Nibedita Howrah Muley, Shubhangi & Sanjay Gondia Nag, Aditi & Susanta Dhubulia Naik, Chandrashekar Muddu & Shreekala Indrali Nair, Satish S & Poornima Gandhinagar Nayak, Prafulla Kumar & Pradhan, Diptimayi Baisinga P Thangavelu & T Rathinam Erode Padwal, Rajendrasinh G Dahod Pal, Nilkantha Burdwan Panchbhai, Dilip & Sunanda Jabalpur Pandey, Raghvendra & Chanchal Lucknow Pandya, Sangita Umashankar Una Chanchanlata Devi & Sanajaoba Singh Pangambam Imphal Pappu, Gopal Krishna & Vijaya Lakshmi Visakhapatnam Pardhiye, Vidya Vijay & Vijay Mumbai Parmar, Hansaba Gulabsinh & Gulabsinh Palanpur
AMAGR AM January - February 2014


A Silver Producer has attained a qualifying month at 21% as defined in the Amway Business Manual

Surat Bayad Kadapa Dehradun Haridwar Kharghar Jamshedpur Ghaziabad Mumbai Satna Sagar Surat Lucknow Doiwala Naraingarh Jalandhar Kashipur Mariani Faridabad Reasi Surat Mumbai Noida Doraha Ranchi Varanasi Ghoman Delhi Surat Dhanera Godhra Navi Mumbai Patna Varanasi Namchi Gurgaon Mumbai Rajnandgaon Valsad Malpur Sangli Jhalod Mannargudi Ahmedabad Aurangabad Junagadh Allahabad Tinsukia Nagercoil Sanand Mumbai Ghaziabad Hyderabad Meerut Jamshedpur Chennai Surat Bageshwar Allahabad Jaipur Gurgaon Gurgaon Gurgaon

Parveen, Shahnaz Patel, Anjana & Jitendra Patel, Haresh Manilal Patel, Jhankhana Ben & Vijay Patel, Shashikalaben Pravin Patel, Sunil Baldevbhai Pathak, Tanaya Patil, Bhushan Murlidar Patil, Pradeep Patil, Ravindra Dharmraj Patil, Sanjaykumar L & Meena Patil, Sunil Bhanudas Patra, Subhransu & Jena, Sushri Sangita Pattanayak, Sujata Kumari & Ramanath Pattnaik, Ipsita & Pattnayak, Sudhansu Sekhar Paul, Litan Chandra & Anjali Pawar, Sachin Suryakant & Shreya Pittika, Venunath & Mekala, Renuka Pradhan, Devi Maya Prajapati, Vinod Kumar & Rinku Prasad, P S V & Aruna Bala Prasad, Ram Nandan Pratoomsut, Somrerk Pruthi, Anil Purohit, Aakansha & Ashutosh Purohit, C P & Pratik Purushotam, Kumar & Kumari, Pinki R, Balasubramani & B, Rajeshwari R, Gayathri & S, Vinoth R, Gnananavarathinam R, Prabagaran & P, Jayanthi Rai, Chitra Kumari & Holika Ranade, Mridula & Dilip Ravat, Heena H & Harishkumar M Ravat, Laxmi Mavjibhai Ravinder & Shashi Ray, Susmita Relan, Binu & Neeraj Roy, Sharmistha Roy, Shilpi Rungta, Rita S A, Soundar & P, Suba S Maheswari & P Sakthivel S, Girish & Sundarajan, Kavitha S, Sathish Sachdeva, Neeraj Kumar & Divya Sahoo, Keshab Chandra & Bhanumati Sahu, Swetapadma & Khuntia, Hemanta Kumar Saikia, Aadityaneel Saini, Amarjeet & Beena Saloch, Nirmal & Dr Anil Samajpati, Aparna & Radrup Samal, Bandana Sandhu, Inderjit Singh & Sandeep Sarkar, Sankar & Gouri Sarmah, Amitavh & Bornali Sasurkar, Nilesh Arun & Sheetal Nilesh Satani, Kalpesh Vinu Satbhai, Chaya & Rajendra Saxena, Arvind & Anshu Saxena, Rashmi & Anoop Kumar Sen, Kakali & Pranab Sen, Matilal Senthil Kumar J & Jeya Kumar P

Najibabad Indore Ahmedabad Halol Killa Pardi Wadhwan Bongaigaon Jalgaon Nagpur Chopada Aurangabad Jalgaon Bangalore Balisira Bhanjanagar Dewanhat Karad Champapet Singithang Neemuch Raipur Patna Gurgaon Kurukshetra Herbertpur Vadodara Nalanda Nilakkottai Chennai Villupuram Pondicherry Singtam Pune Godhra Jhalod Rewari Kolkata New Delhi Burdwan Howrah Patna Pavoor Chatram Krishnagri Bangalore Chengalpattu Samana Dhenkanal Talcher Mariani Gurgaon Udhampur North 24 Pgns Bhubaneswar Gurgaon Jalpaiguri Mariani Miraj Surat Gondia Shahjahanpur Jhansi Kolkata Kolkata Madurai

Shah, Rinal J & Jigar Dilip Shahu, Jyotiben J & Jitendra Kumar P Shaik, Jakeer Basha & Nasrin Begum Sharma, Kamlesh & Virendra Sharma, Mukesh & Neelam Sharma, Renu Chetan & Chetan Sharma, Sangita Sharma, Suman Rai & A K R Sharma, Sunita Shekhawat, Bajrang Singh Shukla, Shailendra & Maya Shukla, Shreyas Ravikant & Alpa S Singh, Archana & Sanjay Singh, Asha Singh, Baldev & Kaur, Paramjeet Singh, Hardeep & Kaur, Nasib Singh, Harjinder & Kaur, Manjit Singh, Inderjit & Kour, Harvinder Singh, Mahender Singh, Paramjeet & Devi, Yashodha Singh, Poonam & Anup Singh, Pratibha S Singh, Rachna & Nirmesh Singh, Satjit & Kaur, Varinderjit Singh, Shivji & Devi, Nisha Singh, Sumitra Singh, Tejinder & Kaur, Amarjit Singh, Yashpal & Negi, Neeta Sojitra, Pankaj Mansukh Solanki, Arvind Kumar P & Pinkiben Solanki, Jayantilal J & Asha J Sonare, Pratiksha Soni, Menika Srivastava, Ishwar Chand & Brij Bala Subba, Kala & Bhutia, Sangay Sulabh, Swati & Kumar, Jeetendra Sundareswaran, Sumesh & Nair, Deepa Tamboli, Raj Kumar & Manju Tandel, Ramesh Dahyabhai & Premila R Tarar, Ramila Galabhai & Gala S Tavase, Dipali Ashok & Ashok Balkrishn Taviyad, Babaliben S Thaiyalnayaki, Dr T Thakar, Beena Rakesh & Rakesh Anil Kumar Thakur, Vandana C & Chandrashekhar L Thanki, Jayantilal Laljibhai & Dharmistha Jyantila Tiwari, Archana & Arvind Kumar Upadhyaya, Priyanka & Singh, Sunil Kumar V, Perumal Vaghela, Anjanaben Alpesh Vakil, Jwalant & Asha Varshney, Deepak & Shipra Vattikonda, Veerendra Babu & V, Rajayy Vidushi & Dhanker, Kuldeep Vidya Vijay Subramanyan Virdiya, Kamlesh Savjibhai & Jigisha K Vivekananda & Tamta, Rashmi Yadav, Manorma & Ramakant Yadav, Poonam Zhao, Guang Rong Zhao, Hong & Zhang, Bao Jiang Zheng, Xin Qing & Zhou, Fan Yang

AMAGR AM January - February 2014









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Plain Speak


Single Distributorship
A focussed, single minded effort in developing your one and only Amway Distributorship. It is our endeavour to educate you on the rationale behind the Rules so as to empower you with appropriate Business Ethics and Practices. This, in turn, will help you to personally evolve as a successful Amway Business Owner and a strong leader, in the long run. It is our constant effort to impart knowledge of the Rules so you could conduct your Amway business in the right manner. Our Plain Speak column is a stepping stone, in this direction. Some important Rules that will help you to understand about this significant Rule are: Section 6.8 An individual can become an Amway Business Owner only under a single Distributorship. No ABO is allowed, under the Rules to own or have an ownership interest in more than one Distributorship*. As a ABO, you need to channalise your energy and efforts in constantly working towards building your business group with single-minded devotion. Any distraction, by way of an ownership interest in an alternate Distributorship, would be adverse to your business interests. We receive many cases where ABOs have taken a second Distributorship for various reasons like ignorance, lack of support from sponsors, acquaintances in the new group etc. However this is not permissible under the Rules. Any ABO who wishes to change their Line of Sponsorship must write to Amway India with the request. Changes in Line of Sponsorship are not encouraged, as preserving the original Lines of Sponsorship is essentially the most important component of the Sales & Marketing Plan. Any transfer, therefore, would involve many no objections from various uplines. ABOs who are not able to secure a no objection or release from their uplines must resign their business and undergo appropriate inactivity period (6 months or 2 years) before applying for a new Distributorship. An ABO who resigns the present business with a view to re-join after the period of inactivity cannot : Purchase, sell Amway products; Present the Sales and Marketing Plan; Attend any System or Amway meetings or be a part of another Distributorship in name of family members, in the interim period. Section 3.17 In cases where both Husband and Wife wish to join as ABOs, they should be sponsored together, as an Applicant and co-applicant, in a single Distributorship. Amway will recognise both spouses as partners of the Distributorship irrespective of whether both the names are registered on the Distributorship - Partners in life, Partners in Amway. Section 3.16 As a confirmation to the single Distributorship rule, all invitations to various events organised by Amway are extended only to two individuals per Amway business. ABOs, who register their Amway businesses as a Sole proprietary concern, Partnership firm, Limited Liability Company or Trust need to identify the two individuals who would be eligible for receiving such invitations. This is required to be done at the time of submitting the Application form for the Partnership, Corporation, Trust or Limited Liability Company. * There are certain exceptions to this Rule, details of which are available in the Rules of Conduct.

If you need more information on the above write to Archna Reuben at Amway India Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, Plot No 84, Sector -32, Gurgaon - 122001 (Haryana) OR Email:

AMAGR AM January - February 2014



Job opportunities for visually challenged in Madurai

Amway Opportunity Foundation (AOF) partnered with the Indian Association of the Blind (IAB), Madurai, and launched a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) unit exclusively for the visually challenged to work as customer service telephone representatives in Madurai. The said project which was piloted in 2011 with 15 people now provides employment to 60 nos. and in the coming year aims at an expansion to 200 seaters.

International White Cane Day celebrations

For the 13th successive year, AOF celebrated International White Cane Day in October along with its partner NGOs working towards the welfare of visually challenged. On the occasion, white canes were gifted to visually challenged students. In Delhi & Mumbai, AOF along with its volunteers went the extra mile to draw attention of vehicle users to the plight of the visually challenged by organizing a small road show to sensitize the vehicle users to be sensitive to the visually challenged and the importance of White Cane. In Madurai, a Sports Meet was organized at the premises of Indian Association for the Blind, witnessing participation of over 400 visually challenged students from 4 schools. In Kolkata, AOF presented a donation cheque to Ramakrishna Mission Blind Boys Academy to procure raw material for the white cane manufacturing division of Ramakrishna Mission.

Eye check up camp for Delhi Police Officials

Amway in association with its partner, Mahavir International, organized a free eye check-up camp for the Police as well as Traffic Police officials of Police Station, Sector 23, Dwarka, New Delhi. Over 150 police officials got benefitted out of the said camp. This is an initiative of Amway to take care of the health of the officials who devote 24x7 for the protection of the civilians.