Curried Pea Soup

Bon Appétit | April 1993 Yield: Serves 4 2 tablespoons (1/4 sti !" butter 1 lar#e onion$ %opped & teaspoons urr' po(der 4 ups (or )ore" %i !en brot% 2 1*+oun e pa !a#es ,ro-en petite #reen peas or 3 pound ,res% peas$ s%elled (about 4 1/2 ups" 1 up plain lo(+,at 'o#urt 1/2 up %opped ,res% ilantro 1/4 up %opped red onion .elt butter in %eav' lar#e sau epan over )ediu)+%i#% %eat/ Add 1 onion and sauté until tender$ about 1* )inutes/ Add urr' and stir 3* se onds/ Add 4 ups brot% and peas and brin# to boil/ 0edu e %eat1 si))er until peas are ver' tender$ about 1& )inutes/ Season (it% salt and pepper/ Puree in blender in bat %es/ 2%in (it% )ore brot% i, desired/ (Can be )ade 1 da' a%ead/ Cover1 %ill/" .i3 'o#urt$ ilantro and red onion in s)all bo(l/ Cover1 %ill up to 2 %ours/ 0e(ar) soup$ stirrin# o,ten/ Serve (it% dollop o, 'o#urt )i3ture/

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