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Do you recognize these students?

Are inexperienced but not beginning readers View reading as only a schoolbased activity Lack confidence and are mentally passive with reading Have limited comprehension when they do read academic texts Are not held accountable for much reading Expend a lot of energy covering up what they dont understand

Appear to have limited knowledge of topics in school texts

Reading Apprenticeship
A partnership of expertise between the teacher and students, drawing on what content area teachers know and do as skilled discipline-

based readers and on learners unique and

often underestimated strengths

Dimensions of Reading Apprenticeship

Our Goals with Reading Apprenticeship:

Help students learn to read and think like insiders (experts) in a subject area Overcome our own expert blind spot blending subject-area knowledge with important understandings of how novices acquire the conventions, rituals, and expectations of discourse in that field

RA helps to develop more powerful readers

Engaging students in more reading for recreation, subject-area learning, and selfchallenge Making the teachers discipline-based reading processes visible to the students; Making students reading processes, motivations, strategies, knowledge, and understanding visible to the teacher and to one another;

Helping students gain insight into their own reading processes; and Helping them develop a repertoire of problem solving strategies for overcoming obstacles and deepening comprehension of texts from various academic disciplines

In a Reading Apprenticeship Classroom, one will notice:

The teacher briefly modeling to make his or her thinking visible
The students engaging in guided practice of what the teacher has modeled Students talking with one another about their experiences with the reading

In Reading Apprenticeship Classrooms, Teachers

Focus on comprehension and metacognitive conversation
Create a climate of collaboration Provide appropriate support while emphasizing student independence

Invitation to ongoing inquiry

3CSN is supporting a statewide Community of Practice in Reading Apprenticeship, the Reading Apprenticeship Project
1-day and day follow up workshops 3-day seminar Summer Leadership training for RA facilitators Six-week online course, September 24-November 2 or October 8-November 16