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Do you recognize these students?

Are inexperienced but not beginning readers View reading as only a schoolbased activity Lack confidence and are mentally passive with reading Have limited comprehension when they do read academic texts Are not held accountable for much reading Expend a lot of energy covering up what they don’t understand

Appear to have limited knowledge of topics in school texts

Reading Apprenticeship
• A partnership of expertise between the teacher and students, drawing on what content area teachers know and do as skilled discipline-

based readers and on learners’ unique and
often underestimated strengths


Dimensions of Reading Apprenticeship

Our Goals with Reading Apprenticeship:
• Help students learn to read and think like insiders (experts) in a subject area • Overcome our own expert blind spot – blending subject-area knowledge with important understandings of how novices acquire the conventions, rituals, and expectations of discourse in that field


RA helps to develop more powerful readers
• Engaging students in more reading– for recreation, subject-area learning, and selfchallenge • Making the teacher’s discipline-based reading processes visible to the students; • Making students’ reading processes, motivations, strategies, knowledge, and understanding visible to the teacher and to one another;

• Helping students gain insight into their own reading processes; and • Helping them develop a repertoire of problem solving strategies for overcoming obstacles and deepening comprehension of texts from various academic disciplines


In a Reading Apprenticeship Classroom, one will notice:
• The teacher briefly modeling to make his or her thinking visible
• The students engaging in guided practice of what the teacher has modeled • Students talking with one another about their experiences with the reading


In Reading Apprenticeship Classrooms, Teachers
• Focus on comprehension and metacognitive conversation
• Create a climate of collaboration • Provide appropriate support while emphasizing student independence


Invitation to ongoing inquiry
• 3CSN is supporting a statewide Community of Practice in Reading Apprenticeship, the Reading Apprenticeship Project
– 1-day and ½ day follow up workshops – 3-day seminar – Summer Leadership training for RA facilitators – Six-week online course, September 24-November 2 or October 8-November 16