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Jasons Catalogue Dec2012

Jasons Catalogue Dec2012

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Christmas Items in 2012
Christmas Items in 2012

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1-31 December 2012

Advance orders required for Christmas stollen bread. Order forms are available from our concierge.

Christmas Stollen Bread RM35.99

Mince Pies RM3.99

3 pieces for RM9.99

Taste Serving Tray with 4 Bowls RM218

RM5.49 to RM7.99

Assorted Scones from

Primo Como Bamboo Serving Set (set includes 2 porcelain dip bowls and 1 bamboo board) RM243


Season’s Greetings
from all of us at Jasons Food Hall
Jasons’ florist provides flower arranging services - bespoke posies, bouquets or table arrangements. Ideal as gifts or for festive home decor. ‘Tis the season of indulgence, of giving, of sharing, of coming together with family and friends. At Jasons, we have everything you need to make your holiday season truly unforgettable, from your everyday needs to those little indulgences of the season. Whether you’re looking for a gift for that special someone, or doing your regular grocery shopping, it’s all here under one roof. For the season of giving, we have a luxurious range of ready-made hampers for your convenience. Or you can customise your own hampers from the many exclusive and imported gourmet delicacies available in store. Be sure to order early to avoid disappointment. Our in-house florist carries the freshest seasonal blooms – to brighten up your home for the holidays, or as a classic gift that every lady or gentleman will appreciate. We can make up bouquets and posies from your choice of flowers. Or if you’re in a hurry, pick up a gorgeous readymade bouquet. Jasons takes all the stress out of your shopping experience. Our concierge is ready to help with anything you need. Our trolley porters will help with your shopping bags and escort you to your car. And we also offer home delivery within 5km. We wish all our customers a peaceful, joyful and magical holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, from the bottom of our hearts. Jasons is offering complimentary 2013 calendars to our customers during the festive season (while stocks last). FABULOUS FIRS

Nothing conjures up the Christmas mood more than the fresh woody smell of a real fir tree. Decked with baubles and tinsel, sparkling with lights and Christmas cheer, presents overflowing beneath – the Christmas tree is the centrepiece of every home during the holiday season. Jasons brings you live fir trees, specially flown from the USA, to give that authentic touch to your festive decor. Available in 4 sizes: 4 ft, 5 ft, 6 ft and 7 ft.

Traditional Christmas Turkey
Advance orders required for roast turkey. Order forms are available from our concierge.

RM359 per bird,

(approx. 5-6kg before cooking)

comes with stuffing & sauce.

Last order for Christmas & New Year respectively: 21 & 27 Dec 2012

Frozen Whole Turkey RM2.29 per 100g

Baccarat Entree Stainless Steel High Dome Cover Roaster 44 x 27 x 18cm

49 per 100g Smoked Duck Breast RM4.99 per 100g Smoked Turkey Drumstick RM3.99 per 100g Beef Pastrami RM5.59 per 100g Smoked Salmon 500g RM79.Smoked Honey Cured Turkey Breast RM7.90 per pack 5 .

2kg) New Zealand Roast Lamb Rack RM129 (before cooking: 700–800g) (before cooking: 1. Australian Roast Lamb Leg (bone-in) RM189 (before cooking: 2–2.8–2kg) Australian Chilled Beef Tenderloin RM19.79 per 100g Australian Chilled Lamb Leg RM6.99 per 100g (grain fed) Australian Chilled Lamb Rack RM10.5kg) Australian Roast Striploin Beef RM239 Roast Chicken RM45 per bird Antibiotic-free (before cooking: 1. Order forms are available from our concierge.99 per 100g 6 .Advance orders required for all roast meats.3–1.

49 per 100g Australian Savoy Cabbage RM3.69 per 100g Australian Prominent Tomatoes RM4.99 per 100g Holland White Asparagus Highland Fresh Coral Green/Red Lettuce RM4.Holland Brussel Sprouts RM3.99 per kg RM6.99 per kg Australian Chat Potatoes RM6.89 per 100g White Button Mushroom RM2.69 per 100g 7 .99 per 100g Portobello Mushroom RM3.69 per 100g Australian Cream Gold Onions RM9.79 per pack Accura Venus Scale 5Kg RM335 Australian Baby Carrots RM5.99 per 100g Australian Telegraph Cucumber RM3.

99 per pack Red Delicious Apples RM2.99 per piece Australian R2E2 Mangoes RM19.99 per piece Primo Lido Bowl 22cm x 4.99 per pack Australian Nectarines RM6.99 per pack Australian Cherries (2kg) RM189.99 per box Primo 3 Swivel Stand Chrome RM372 Australian Rock Melon RM14.19 per 100g US Raspberries 170g RM19.5cm RM74 each Taste Bistro Fruit Basket RM181 8 .99 per kg US Cranberries 340g RM19.99 per piece Black Seedless Grapes RM2.New Zealand Strawberries 454g RM26.

Roast Baby Back Ribs 1.5kg RM149.90 each Traditional Roast Pork Belly RM8. Order forms are available from our concierge.2–1.NON HALAL Roast Pork Knuckle 1–1.2kg RM69.99 per 100g Advance orders required for all roast meats.90 per piece 9 .

89 per 100g 10 .90 per 100g Jamon Iberico Cebo RM38.90 per 100g Prosciutto de Parma RM23.NON HALAL Spanish Jamon Serrano RM22.

80 per 100ml OPULENT OILS For a gift with a personal touch. available from our bakery.50 per 100ml Vom Fass Waldburg Star Apple Vinegar RM44. Taste before buying. then choose from a wide range of beautiful glass bottles in various designs and sizes.90 per 100ml Taste Baguette Basket RM134 Vom Fass Aceto Balsamico di Modena Traditionale RM845 per 100ml Vom Fass Aceto Balsamico di Modena “Maletti” (16 yrs) RM81. They also make a delicious complement to a loaf of freshly-baked bread.80 per 100ml 11 .Vom Fass Il Poggione Extra Virgin Olive Oil RM45. Vom Fass Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil (Austria) RM45. check out our gourmet oils and vinegars. freshly decanted according to your preference.

90 per 100g Bamboleo Sundried Tomatoes RM12.90 per 100g Davis & Waddell Misc En Bouche Tear Dish (4 pcs) RM87 Primo 4-pc Tool Set RM134 12 .90 per 100g Marinated Green Queen Olives RM16.Taste 12cm Bistro Mini Cocottes (set of 2) RM120 Advance orders required for baked salmon. Order forms are available from our concierge.90 per 100g Salted Anchovy Filets (Italy) RM16. Baked Salmon (half fillet) RM149 Octopus “Gran Mare” (Italy) RM12.

MT Entrevinas Semi-Cured Cheese RM6.Cheese Platter– customise your own CHEESE DELIGHTS A cheese platter is an essential part of any festive party spread. and the perfect way to round off a lavish Christmas meal.99 per 100g D.49 per 100g B. Dutch Gouda Young Cheese E RM11. Tasmanian Heritage Camembert Brie RM13. ask our sommelier to pair your cheese selection with a rich red or dessert wine. 1 2 3 4 5 Rulo de Cabra RM14.89 per 100g E. Dutch Baby Edam Aged Cheese RM6.99 per 100g Taste Acacia Serving Platter with bamboo board RM250 13 .99 per 100g C. For that extra touch of refinement.49 per 100g 6 B 8 7 Taste 8-pc Bistro Cheese Serving Set RM268 C A. At our exclusive Fromagerie. Lustenberg Gruyere Swiss Cheese D RM14.99 per 100g A Bergader Blue Cheese RM18. Jasons carries over 100 cheeses from around the world – one of the largest ranges in the country.

99 14 . Our in-house sommelier will be delighted to advise both novices and connoisseurs on the best choices for your palate and budget. you’ll find everything you need in our exclusive cellar.99 The Glenlivet 25 Years Old Single Malt Whisky. Whether you’re looking for the perfect complement for your festive meal. Moet & Chandon Champagne 750ml RM199. or a gift that’s sure to impress your hosts.DRINK AND BE MERRY At Jasons we have a wide selection of wines.99 Expert Club Medoc 750ml RM79.99 Baron Otard VSOP 700ml RM228. champagnes and liquors from all over the world. 700ml RM3676.

99 Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whisky.99 Bowmore 12 Years Old Single Malt Whisky. 750ml RM 749.99 Laphroaig Islay Single Malt Whisky. 700ml RM Johnnie Walker 18 Years Old Platinum Label.The Yamazaki 18 Years Old Single Malt Whisky.99 The Balvenie Double Wood 12 Years Old. 700ml RM 159. 700ml RM 347. 700ml RM 249.99 Glenlivet 12 Years Old Single Malt Whisky.99 Grand Marnier Liqueur. 700ml RM 264. 700ml RM 229.99 15 . 750ml RM 208.99 368.

99 El Gaitero Spanish Cider. 500ml RM 16.99 Magners Original Irish Cider.99 23.99 Hertog Jan Tripel 500ml RM 29. 750ml RM Staroslav Pilsner. 330ml RM 19.99 Grimbergen Double Ambree.Valt Scottish Single Malt Vodka. 330ml RM 11. 568ml RM 19.99 Valentins Hefeweissbier. 700ml RM 339.99 16 .99 Estrella Damm Inedit Beer. 500ml RM 59.

99 Chateau La Chapelle 750ml RM 155. 750 ml RM 479. 750ml RM Chandon Brut 750ml RM 299.99 17 .99 Ruffino Prosecco Doc.99 Blood Of Jupiter 2007.99 109.99 Almaviva 2005 750ml RM 444. 750ml RM 72.Ace of Spades Champagne 700ml RM 1399 Bollinger Champagne Special Cuvee. 750ml RM 173.99 Chateau de Beaucastel Rouge 2004.

750ml RM 82.Tarrot 2009 750ml RM 104.99 Mouton Cadet Bordeaux Rouge. 750ml RM 73.99 Houghton Cabernet Shiraz Merlot. 750ml RM 64. 750ml RM 69. 750ml RM 79.99 Yering Station Shiraz. 750ml RM 72.99 Boschendal 1685 Shiraz.99 3 Autores Duoro Doc Vonho Tinto.99 18 . 750ml RM 89.99 McGuigan Discover Shiraz Viognier.99 Tatachilla McLaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon.

750ml RM 109. 750ml RM Natchmann Samba Whisky RM132 each 44.99 19 .Natchmann Samba Stemme RM132 each Natchmann Samba Martini RM132 each Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2012.99 59.99 Natchmann Rumba Whisky RM135 each Cotes de Provence 750ml RM 56.99 Vina Carmen Reserve Pinot Noir. 750ml RM Penfolds Koonunga Hill Chardonnay.

JUST HEAVENLY Taste Parlour Cupcake Holder (18pcs) RM317 Taste Parlour Serving Plate with Dome (L) RM357 Heavenly X’mas Chocolate Cupcake RM8.40 each Heavenly X’mas Vanilla Cupcake RM7.40 each Taste Parlour Serving Plate with Dome (S) RM268 Chocolate Gingerbread 8” Square RM98 “Christmas Cheer” chocolate fudge with fondant 8” Square RM188 11” Square RM368 Frosty the Snowman Cupcake RM10 each (also available in other designs) 20 .

750g RM 59. 300g RM 42.99 Waitrose Cider & Sherry Christmas Pudding.99 Monte Verde Gourmet Panettone 1kg RM 29.2kg RM 169. 454g RM 54. 750g RM 79.99 Heston from Waitrose Hidden Clementine Christmas Pudding.99 Valentino Mandorli Crisp Almond Cookies.99 VALENTINO Valentino Classic Panettone.Valentino Glassato Panettone. 545g RM 59. 300g RM 42.99 Waitrose Belgian Chocolate Sponge Pudding. 454g RM Waitrose Christmas Orange Panettone.99 Waitrose Richly Fruited Christmas Pudding. 227g RM 39. 1kg RM 69.99 39.99 Heston from Waitrose Hidden Orange Christmas Pudding.99 WAITROSE Waitrose Toffee & Pecan Sponge Pudding. 1.99 (while stocks last) *while stocks last 21 .

99 Gardiners Traditional Christmas Butter Toffee. 250g RM 34.99 Borsari Panettone-Flat Bake.99 22 .BORSARI Borsari Panettone with Recioto.99 Pudding Lane Classic/ Date & Toffee Log.99 Borsari Panettone with Limoncello Cream.99 42. 200g RM RM 34.99 (while stocks last) Fosters Assorted Fruit Mince Pies (4s) Fosters 6 Luxury Fruit Mince Pies. 100g RM 39.99 Borsari Panettone with Pears & Chocolate Chips. 1kg RM 149. 250g RM 42.99 Gardiners Cranberry & Blueberry Fudge.1kg RM 149. 500g RM 119.99 Borsari Traditional Flat Bake Panettone 1kg RM 149.1kg RM 149.

1050g RM199.FLAMIGNI Flamigni Panettone Milano.99 Flamigni Traditional Italian Panettone. And they’re even better the next day – serve toasted with creamy butter for a delicious quick snack. These luscious golden featherlight cakes. 750g RM299.99 ITALIAN INDULGENCE Panettone – an Italian Christmas tradition that has taken the world by storm. studded with candy and citrus.99 Flamigni ‘My Flower’ Panettone. or make fantastic French toast with a difference.99 Flamigni Traditional Italian Panettone Milano in Hatbox. 2kg RM499.99 Flamigni Traditional Italian Panettone Gran Malaga. 2kg RM299. 1kg RM199. are the holiday treat to round off a marathon Christmas feast. (while stocks last) 23 .

49 Perrier Mineral Water 4 x 330ml RM 20.49 Ceres Fruit Juice (assorted) 1L RM 5.99 15.99 UCC Coffee/Milk & Coffee/ Blended Coffee 4 x 185g–250g RM 14.39 d’arbo Dietetic Honey 330g RM 26.99 24 .99 FREE FREE Rose Sea Salt worth RM4.CHILLED Organic Kefir 946ml RM 38.69 Davidoff Coffee (rich/dark roast/fine) 100g RM 22.49 Meadow Fresh UHT Milk (assorted) 1L RM 5.49 Powell & Mahogany Cocktail Mixer (assorted) 750ml RM Lorina Sparkling Drink (assorted) 750ml RM 39.99 d’arbo Dietetic Jam (assorted) 330g RM 17.99 Bonne Maman Jam (assorted) 370g RM 12.99 Sprite/Coca Cola (regular/light) 6 x 325ml RM 7.90 Biogreen DHA Gold Organic Soymilk 800g RM 42.

Our largest import of the year has arrived.51oz RM72.23oz RM54.99 Ghirardelli Holiday Oval Tin Premium Assortment 7.99 Ghirardelli Nostalgic Trio Gift Box Chocolate Assortment 5.75oz RM39. Australia. including diverse delectables from France.GHIRARDELLI Ghirardelli Holiday Tower Box Premium Assortment 12.99 Ghirardelli Squares Peppermint Bark Tin 6. Many of these items only appear once a year.99 SWEET TREATS Jasons has an amazing range of chocolates. You’ll be spoilt for choice for your festive table or your Christmas gift list. US and the UK. from artisanal chocolates to imported gift sets. so don’t miss out! (while stocks last) 25 .88oz RM59.

5-5.9oz RM 55.8.2oz RM 33.99 Ferrero Rocher Raffaello (9pcs) 3.99 Ferrero Rocher Gift Box (18pcs) 7.1oz RM 2.8oz RM 69. Lindt Chocolate Truffles (assorted) 5.99 29.2oz RM 22.99 4.2oz 33.oz RM 33. Lindt Holiday Snowflake Box 7. Lindt Holiday Chocolate Truffles (assorted) 7.99 Ferrero Rocher (9pcs) 4oz RM 22. Lindt Holiday Lindor Truffles Tree Box (milk choc/assorted) 5.99 Ferrero Collection (9pcs) 3.99 Ferrero Rocher Collection (24pcs) 8. Lindt Lindor Truffles Gift Box 7 (milk choc/assorted) 6. Lindt Chocolate Truffles Pillow Box (milk choc/assorted) 9. Lindt (gourmet/classic) Truffles.3oz RM (milk choc/assorted) 4.99 6.FERRERO ROCHER Ferrero Rocher Tree Collection (12pcs) 4.9oz RM RM 26 3.2oz RM 59.3oz RM 44.99 33.99 .3oz RM 22.6oz RM 44.99 5. 6.99 Ferrero Rocher Collection (18pcs) 6.99 69.99 (while stocks last) LINDT 2 3 6 5 (while stocks last) 1 4 1.

99 Loacker Season’s Greetings Gift Pack. 195g RM 12.99 Hersheys Iconic Kisses (assorted) 146g RM Merci Petits Gift Pack .99 Kinder Bueno Tri Pack RM 9.99 Lindt Swiss Thins.59 Swiss Delice Gift Box (assorted) 300g RM 29.99 Choc O’ Time Gold (assorted) 200g RM 13. 125g RM 23.99 39.99 Sorini Gran Mousse. 300g RM 24.Ferrero Rocher T16 Bell RM 36. 180g RM 18.99 Ferrero Rocher T24 Collection RM 45. 180g RM 10.99 27 .99 Daim Bag.99 BS Seashells Perle D’or. 375g RM 9.

99 2.99 1 1. 500g RM 5. 185g RM 5 79.99 81. 359g RM 4 28 .99 89.99 69.99 6 2 4. Thornton’s Christmas Spirit Collection. 183g RM 6. Truffettes French Truffles Cocoa.99 89. Butler’s Chocolate Selection.99 89. 370g RM 129. Butler’s Chocolate Selection. 200g RM 3. 316g RM 3 7 7. Butler’s Dark Chocolate Selection. Thornton’s Premium Collection.99 89.99 Thornton’s Giant Santa 250g RM Thornton’s Celebration Bottle 200g RM 79.Thornton’s Ronnie Reindeer 250g RM 79. Thornton’s Mint Collection.

PASTRY PRO Chocolates in Gift Box 6 pieces RM 12 pieces RM 18 35 Chocolate Figurines RM 20 to RM40 Chocolate Pieces from RM 19 per 100g 29 .

2g RM 2.99 Dove Milk Dark Chocolate. 46. 88oz RM 59.99 M&M’s Peanut Butter.99 M&M’s Bite Size Mini Cookies (assorted) 12oz RM 19.6g-106. 250g RM 34.99 M&M’s Nutcracker Chocolate Candy Dispenser.99 Kagi Mini Bag 125g RM 10. 131g RM 26.99 M&M’s Mixed Nostalgic Tin. 5oz RM 33.99 M&M’s Gift Tin.2oz RM 33. 100g RM 7. 87.GuyLian Impulse Christmas Pack.3oz RM 119.89 M&M’s Canister.99 M&M’s Chocolate/Peanut Chocolate Candies 19. 5.3g RM 14. 135g RM 18.59 GuyLian Seashells Christmas Sleeve.99 GuyLian Belgian Seashell Chocolate.99 30 .

3.Dilettant Coffee Spoons 3.99 Godiva Dark Peppermint Truffles. 400g RM 32.99 Excelcium Pralines. 125g RM 26.99 Beech’s Fine Chocolate Creams (assorted) 90g RM 26. 400g RM 69.16oz RM 119.5oz RM 24.6oz RM 59.99 Dobla Dark Belgian Chocolate Cups /Dessert Shells (8pcs) 48g RM 14.99 Dobla Dark Belgian Chocolate Cordial & Toasting Cups (12pcs) 48g RM 16.99 Seattle Chocolate Truffles.99 Rausch Chocolate Sticks 12’s (assorted) 480g RM 129.99 Andes Mint Parfait Thins Christmas Sleeves (assorted)132g RM 8.99 Duc d’O Chocolate Liqueur 250g RM 79.99 Bendicks Bitter Mint.99 Schluckwerder Marzipan Bar 200g RM 100g RM 19.99 9.99 Hamlet Dark/Milk Chocolate Liqueur Truffles.99 31 .

99 (2) (1) (3) Bramble Bakery Green Camper Van Tin with Clotted Cream Shortbread RM59.The Bay Tree Chutney Window Selection Gift Pack 7 x 100g RM49.99 Best of British Tea & Biscuits (1)+(2)+(3) Gift Set RM69.99 Bramble House Shortbread Round Gift Tin RM32.99 Grandma’s Kitchen Dresser Tin with Luxury Biscuit Selection 400g RM69.99 32 .

Fosters Teatime/Savoury Selection Gift Bag RM69.99 The Bay Tree Dessert Fruits Gift Pack 3 x 100ml RM79. containing the finest imported goodies. They make great gifts for your hostess.99 The Bay Tree Chutney Window Selection Gift Pack 4 x 100g RM59. chutneys and teas. to preserves. from delightful biscuit tins that are sure to please any collector. or stunning stocking fillers for Mum! (while stocks last) 33 .99 GORGEOUS GIFTS Need a gift in a hurry? Grab one of our gift sets – beautifully packaged and ready to go. jams.

49 Lotte Koala March Gift Tin RM 13. 430g RM 15.99 Voortman Cookies (assorted) 200g RM 11.99 Macarons De Pauline (assorted) 72g RM 34.99 Labeyrie Cafe Gourmand 170g RM 67.29 TGG Chocolate Pretzels (assorted) 7oz RM 29.99 Weetabix Whole Wheat Biscuits.99 34 .FROZEN FROZEN FROZEN Waitrose Heston Ice Cream 300ml (assorted) RM 16.99 Chateau Blanc Mini Macarons (assorted) 12g RM 29.99 Famous Amos Cookies (assorted) 12.4oz RM 13.99 TGG Birds & Noel Novelty Tower RM 69.49 8.99 Mulino Bianco Cookies (assorted) 3 x 55g RM Mulino Bianco Cookies (assorted) 150g RM 9.99 TGG Popcorn Crunch (assorted)5oz RM 19.

400g RM 54.Walkers Mini Shortbread (assorted) 200g RM 65.99 Golden Boronia Crunchy Nougat 30’s 270g RM 24.99 M.49 Sunsweet Pitted Prunes (USA) 340g RM 8. de Turenne Fruit Au Sirop (assorted) 180ml RM 49.99 Doritos Tortila Chips (assorted) 198g RM 7.99 Swizzles Sweet Shop Favourites 750g RM 42. 500g RM 10.99 Jelly Belly Candy Canes (assorted) 12oz RM 14.99 Koh Kae Peanuts (assorted) 240-265g RM 7.99 32.99 Fisher Peanuts (Honey/Golden Roast) 14oz RM 15.99 35 .99 Opies Fruits in Jar (assorted) 460-550g RM The Bay Tree Christmas Fruits.99 Sunmaid California Raisins.

99 to RM19.99 to RM99.99 each 36 .99 each Assorted Christmas Crackers RM 12.Assorted Die Cut Tags/Acc Pack/Bottle Bags/Ice Sparkle/Festival Foilage RM 9.

99 13” Reindeer Candle Holder RM 23.99 each Christmas Pine Candle Holder RM 23.99 to RM32.Assorted Christmas Wrap RM 29.99 RM 4.99 per box Christmas Assorted Candle Set Christmas Acrylic Ornaments (2’s/3’s) RM 5.99 Assorted 10” Christmas Lantern RM 25.99 Christmas Velvet Poinsettia RM 16.99 each First Choice Assorted Christmas Ball (24’s) (40mm-70mm) RM 9.99 37 .99 to RM7.99 to RM24.

99 OIOI Seasoning/Herbs (assorted).49 Van Houten Cocoa Powder 350g RM 24.99 Naturel Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml RM 20.99 Natural Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml RM 27.FROZEN FROZEN Pronto E Fresco (assorted) 150g RM 21. 3g – 80g Range Discount 20% Kimball Hot Sauce 88ml RM 1.49 Jasmine Basmati Pusa Rice 2kg RM 26.99 De Cecco Pasta (assorted) 500g RM 8.99 Monte Verde Ravioli (assorted) 250g RM 31.99 38 .99 Orville Movie Theater Butter/Butter Popcorn 246g RM 11.99 Prego Pasta Sauce (assorted) 680g RM 9.99 Filippo Berio Gusto Fruttato Oil 500ml RM 22.

399 Landmann Cronos BBQ Grill 1360 x 600 x 1280mm RM 2. freshly cut to your order. Liberty Turbo 3 1263 x 548 x 1094mm RM 1.Liberty Zesta 1100 x 625 x 1040mm RM 2.299 39 . bright crunchy salads. You can also find everything else you need for the perfect outdoor party at Jasons – fresh meat and seafood. and stylish cutlery and napkins.499 GRILLING IN STYLE What better way to ring in the new year than with an al fresco barbecue party? It’s the jolliest way to bring family and friends together this festive season. Grill up a storm in style with our designer barbecue sets – you’ll be the envy of all your guests.

99 Pap Star Napkins 33 x 33cm (Olive Grove) RM 22.99 40 .99 Pap Star 25’s Drinking Cup (200 ml) RM 9.99 Pap Star 60’s Cutlery In Box (consists of fork.Flash 12-pc BBQ Tool Set RM 199 Liberty Spitfire BBQ Kettle 18” RM 339 Pap Star Royal Napkins 40 x 40cm Colours .Grey/Red/Champagne/Dark Green RM 29.99 Pap Star 6’s Round Paper Plates 29cm (Gold/Silver) RM 19. spoon and knife) RM 45.

Taste Parlour Dessert Bowl (set of 4) RM Taste 20cm Mussel Pot RM 198 201 Taste Brie & Camembert Baker with Spreader RM 134 Taste Parlour Chocolate Fondue (includes 2 forks) RM 159 Anolon Sure Grip Bakeware Fluted Mould RM Images are for illustrative purposes only 170 RM 210 Davis & Waddell 25-pc Tasting Set with Glass Tray RM 335 41 .

99 Method Squirt & Mop Floor Cleaner. 1.99 Comfort Ultra Fabric Softener (assorted) 800ml RM 6.99 RM 37.99 Method Dishwashing Liquid (assorted) 532ml RM 18.99 8.99 Shieldtox Mosquito Spray Value Pack (2 x 800ml) RM 18.99 Bio Home Liquid Dishwash 500ml RM 6. 1L RM Kao Attack.6kg RM 9.99 Antimos 301 Mosquito Repellent 20g x 6 RM Ambi Pur Gel Fresh (assorted) 180g RM Kleenex 3-ply Mega Pack Toilet Tissue 20 rolls (Regular/Fresh) RM 19.99 42 .TOP Liquid Detergent Super Low Suds.99 TOP Liquid Lite Fine Fabric.49 30. P/0212/046 RM 10.99 IKLAN INI RACUN MAKHLUK PEROSAK Royal Gold Kitchen Towel 6+2 rolls RM 12.99 Kleenex 2-ply Facial Tissue (assorted) 4 x 170s JIRP.99 14. 3kg RM 19. 739ml RM Mamy Poko Jumbo Pack (NB52/S48/M44/L38/XL34/XXL28) 12.99 Mamy Poko Pants Extra Soft Jumbo Pack (M34/L28/XL24/XX20) RM 39.

99 Method Gel Handwash (assorted) 354ml RM Charles Worthington Hair Care RM 11.99 Kiss Me HVY Rotation Pure Colour Gloss (assorted) RM 31.99 Pure & Green Organic Deep Moisturising Lotion (assorted) 100ml RM Espirit EDT (assorted) 30ml RM 157.99 118.99 Alive Black Diamond Shampoo 200ml RM 79.99 Kiss Me HVY Rotation Milky Colour Lips (assorted) RM 27. 130g 2 for RM 24.99 Free 200ml + 2 miniatures on pack Free Exfoliate Organic Facial Scrub 100ml 43 .99 FREE FREE Sebamed Face & Body Wash 1000ml RM 79.99 to RM25.Pearlie White Whitening Toothpaste.29 Kerasys Shampoo/Conditioner (assorted) 600ml RM 28. 60ml RM 5.99 Euky Bear Hand Sanitizer.79 23.

com/JasonsFoodHall | www jasonsfoodhall. 40 100 Shah Alam. 15 PBS 14/3.. any inaccuracy is unintentional and regretted.Pierre Ledent Premium Personalised Hamper Selection from RM99 Ground Floor. 59100 Kuala Lumpur. Selangor. Mezzanine Floor. Taman Perindustrian Bukit Serdang. Lot 2. 43300 Seri Kembangan.com. Persiaran Sukan. .31 DEC 2012 All prices are verified correct at the time of print but are subject to change without prior notice. Seksyen 13. While every care has been taken in production. Giant Hypermarket Shah Alam.my PROMOTION PERIOD 1 DEC . We also reserve the right to not sell our merchandise to trade personnel at our discretion. Bangsar Shopping Centre. Selangor PENCETAK: Skypress Sdn Bhd. 285 Jalan Maarof. T +603-2094 2900 | F +603-2284 6716 | FB facebook. All prices are QUOTED IN RINGGIT MALAYSIA PP 12284/05/2012 (029988) PENERBIT: GCH Retail (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd.

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