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DATE: January 22, 2014 SIGNIFICANT CALLS FOR SERVICE/INCIDENTS: 20140122-1101-00 Larceny 9020 Brentfield Rd Victim reports a known suspect stole jewelry from her residence. This occurred sometime between 01/20/14 and todays date. At the end of todays shift, the victim called and stated the suspect returned the jewelry and no longer wanted to press charges. 20140122-1204-04 Damage to Property 14143 Magnolia Bend Dr Victim reports an unknown person took her gas can and poured the contents on the street. After they poured the gas on the street they tried to light the gas. 20140122-1246-03 Robbery from Person 16023 Sunset Rd Victim reports he had a female escort at his residence the last two days. While at the residence, the escort began using illegal drugs and acting erratic. At some point, last night, she pointed the victims own weapon, a small caliber long gun, at him and stole a large amount of cash. 20140122-1454-04 Fraud 15308 Crossing Gate Dr Victim reports an unknown person got access to her unemployment debit card information and used the card in New York. She still has the debit card in her possession. 20140122-1527-00 Fraud 706 Gilead Rd Victim reports her credit card was used at Food Lion. She does not know who used the card and did not give permission to use the card. 20140122-1603-04 Larceny Old Vermillion Dr / Alley Louia A contractor was working at this intersection and placed the battery to his cordless drill in a charger. When he returned the drill was gone. No known suspects at this time. 20140122-1625-03 Fraud 9801 Sam Furr Rd th Loss prevention reported on the 18 of this month a female came in and wrote three fraudulent checks totaling approximately $500. The female left her correct information on the check. The investigation is on-going. 20140122-1631-02 Inv. Commitment Subject was transported to Novant-Main. 10030 Gilead Rd