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Route, Dosage & Frequency


Mechanism of Action

Side/Adverse Effect

Nursing Consideration

Generic Name: Bacillus Clausii Brand Name: Erceflora Classification: Antidiarrheals Indication: Acute diarrhea with duration of 14 days due to infection, drugs or poisons. Chronic or persistent diarrhea with duration of >14 days.

Children 2-11 years: 1-2 vials of 2 billion/5 mL suspension. Infants >1 month: 1-2 vials of 2 billion/5 mL suspension.

- Not for use in immune compromised patients (cancer patients on chemotherapy, patients taking immune suppressant meds)

-Contributes to the recovery of the intestinal microbial flora altered during the course of microbial disorders of diverse origin. -Produces various vitamins, particularly group B vitamins thus contributing to correction of vitamin disorders caused by antibiotics & chemotherapeutic agents. -Promotes normalization of intestinal flora.

No known side/adverse effects

1.) Shake drug well before administration. 2.) Monitor patient for any unusual effects from drug. 3.) Administer drug within 30 minutes after opening container. 4.) Dilute drug with sweetened milk, orange juice or tea. 5.) Administer drug orally.