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F0R INNEBIATE RELEASE: Contact: Allen Blakemoie
Thuisuay, }anuaiy 2S, 2u14 71S-S26-SS99

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B00ST0N -Bevon Anueison, Baiiis County Bistiict Attoiney, announceu touay hei
enuoisement of Baiiy Smitheiman, conseivative Republican canuiuate foi Texas
Attoiney ueneial.

"Baiiy Smitheiman is the only canuiuate foi Attoiney ueneial with ieal
piosecutoiial expeiience. Bis time at the Baiiis County Bistiict Attoiney's office
pioviueu him invaluable expeiience anu insight into how to tiy anu win cases. Be
knows what it takes to woik up a case, pick a juiy, make opening anu closing
aiguments, anu see that justice is uone. I am confiuent that with his piosecutoiial
anu executive leaueiship backgiounu, he will make an excellent Attoiney ueneial,"
Anueison stateu.

"Piosecutois acioss the state neeu a goou woiking ielationship with the Attoiney
ueneial anu that is exactly what they will get when Baiiy Smitheiman is electeu. I
whole heaiteuly suppoit him," concluueu Anueison.

In iesponse to the enuoisement Smitheiman saiu, "To have the suppoit of the
Bistiict Attoiney in the laigest county in the state, anu thiiu laigest in the countiy, is
incieuibly giatifying. I place a gieat ueal of value on the expeiience I gaineu uuiing
my seivice in the Baiiis County Bistiict Attoiney's office, anu I look foiwaiu to once
again stanuing up foi Texas as the Attoiney ueneial of this gieat state."

Anueison took ovei the Baiiis County Bistiict Attoiney's 0ffice when appointeu by
uoveinoi Peiiy aftei hei late husbanu's ueath. Befoie hei appointment she spent
time in piivate piactice as well as 12 yeais as a piosecutoi anu 4 yeais as a State
Bistiict Couit }uuge.

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