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The London 2012 Olympics was one of the biggest sporting events in the world. Here are some of the simple facts in words and numbers. The Basics There are 26 sports played by 204 countries. The games started on the 27th of July and finish on the 2th of !ugust. "vents too# place at 26 different venues. People There were more than 0$000 athletes from all over the world. The new %lympic village was big enough for 6$000 people. &0$000 spectators were able to sit in the new %lympic stadium. "very day '000 police officers #ept athletes and spectators safe. News and media (ith 200 #ilometres of electrical cables$ 20$000 )ournalists reported on the 20 2 %lympics 24 hours a day. *ore than 4 billion people around the world watched the opening ceremony and the rest of the games on T+. Lookin !o !he "#!#$e The 20 2 %lympics hoped to develop one of the poorest parts of ,ondon and provide new homes$ )obs and shops. Three-.uarters of all the money helped to ma#e "ast ,ondon a better place to live in the future. The games made 2& & new homes for people to live in. An%!hin else& /uring the games people ate 202 tonnes of potatoes1 There were &000 %lympic torch carriers.

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. ;ports played at the %lympics< 2. The day in !ugust when the games finished< 0. The number of #ilometres of electrical cables used< 4. How many billion people watched the games< =. The number of people who could sit in the new %lympic stadium< 6. The number of )ournalists reporting on the games< 7. The number of countries ta#ing part in the %lympics in 20 2< &. The number of tonnes of potatoes that people ate<

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"bben a h>napban egy sporttal #apcsolatos ?ower ?ointot #ell el#:s79teni. *inimum = di8b>l #ell$ hogy 8ll)on. ! t:m8t te v8las7thatod. ! di8#< . ! sport vagy sportol> megneve7:se 2. ! sport8g vagy sportol> bemutat8sa$ 4-= mondattal 0.*ennyire n:ps7er@ vagy rit#a e7 a sport *agyarors78gon$ illetve a vil8gon4 Ha sportol>$ milyen versenye#et$ d9)a#at nyert4 0. ! sporttal #apcsolatos v:lem:nyed vagy$ m8so# v:lem:nye 4. "gy:b :rde#ess:ge#$ re#ordo# e77el a sporttal$ sportol>val #apcsolatban =. ! #:s79t6 neve$ os7t8lya$ is#ol8)a ! ??T )ellem76)e$ hogy so# #:ppel illus7tr8lhat> a s7Aveg. Te is illess7 be$ min:l tAbb :rde#esebb #:pet$ de vigy877 ne fele)tsd el a #:pe#et tAmAr9teni el6tte$ hogy el#Bldhet6 legyen.