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Week 1 study guide

General The Mind Map CISSP.pdf is a list of all areas you need to learn. The 10 Domains https: !!!.is"#.or$ "issp%domains default.asp& CISSP pra"ti"e tests Start !ith doin$ some flash "ards and 'ui((es http: !!!."""ure.or$ modules.php)name*+e,*1ie!lin/0"id*123 http: 'ui(let."om #453064 "issp%#70%700%flash%"ards 8ead The ,asi" terms in Se"urity et". 9 Do"01.pdf

8ead up on 8is/ % 8is/ Mana$ement: Se"urity Complian"e and ;udit Controls 8is/ Mana$ement: Se"urity Complian"e and ;udit Controls.pdf This in"ludes: 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 8is/ ;nalysis 8is/ ;ssessment <usiness Impa"t ;nalysis Defense in Depth Model Data Classifi"ation 8is/ Mana$ement Complian"e and ;udit Controls =M>C; =ault Trees >1ent Trees CC;


Part 1 Access Controls 8eadin$ http: en.!i/ipedia.or$ !i/i ;""ess-"ontrol 8eadin$ Se"urity Poli"y o1er1ie! ; Poli"y Issues.pdf This in"ludes: The 8ole of Poli"y and Pro"edures in Information Systems Defense Interpretin$ Poli"y as an ;uditor Identifyin$ Pre1enti1e: Dete"ti1e and Corre"ti1e Controls Se"urity Poli"y De1elopment

8eadin$ % ;ssessin$ Se"urity ;!areness and ?no!led$e of Poli"y ;ssessin$ Se"urity ;!areness and ?no!led$e of Poli"y.pdf This in"ludes: The "reation of an a!areness pro$ram. Testin$ ?no!led$e and Se"urity ;!areness

8eadin$ % Poli"y Issues and =undamentals < Poli"y Issues.pdf This in"ludes: 9 The 8ole in 8elation to Poli"y Creation and Complian"e

Part 2 Software Design and development Security 8eadin$ http: en.!i/ipedia.or$ !i/i ;ppli"ation-se"urity S+><@? http: !!!."omputer.or$ portal !e, s!e,o/

@+;SP http: !!!."omputer.or$ portal !e, s!e,o/ ;tta"/s http: ha."/ers.or$ &ss.html https: !!!.o!asp.or$ inde&.php ATTP-8esponse-Splittin$ http: !!!.o!asp.or$ inde&.php SB.-InCe"tion 8ead % ;uditin$ +e,%<ased ;ppli"ations Do"0#.pdf 9 This do"ument "o1ers !e, and other atta"/s