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Bentonite Magma Magma Bentonitti Bentonite 50gm Purifiedwater qs To make 1000ml 800ml of heated purified water sprinkle bentonite in portions allowing each portion thoroughly wet w/o stirring b. STAND w/ occasional stirring (24h) c. STIR to uniform magma d. Add q.s water and STIR a. Using blender: a. 500ml purified water in blender b. Add bentonite c. Add 1000ml water or until capacity d. Blend (5-10 mins) e. Add qs water and MIX USE: a. susp agent for insoluble medicaments 2. Calcium Hydroxide Solution Liquor Calcis; Aqua Calcariae; Liquor Calcii Hydroxidi Calcium Hydroxide 3gm Purified Water 1000ml a. b. c. Calcium hydroxide + Cooled purified water AGITATE VIGOROUSLY and RPT (1h) Allow excess of Ca(OH)2 to settle Dispense only clear supernatant liquid STANDARD SOLUTIONS 1. Dilute HCl (10%) a. Dil 236ml with qs water to make 1000ml



1N Sulfuric Acid a. Add slowly w/ stirring 30ml to 1020ml water b. Cool to 25degC c. 1.5g anhydrous sodium carbonate (270 1h) d. Dissolve in 100ml water e. 2 gtts methyl red f. Titrate faintly pink g. Boil Cont. titration h. Heat and titrate further permanent faint pink color 1N NaOH a. Dissolve 45g in 950ml water b. Add freshly prepared satd Ba(OH)2 until no more ppt forms c. Shake d. Stand overnight e. Decant/Filter f. 5g potassium biphthalate (120 2h) g. Dissole in 75ml water h. Phenolphthalein TS i. Titrate permanent pink color


REAGENTS 1. Ammonium thiocyanate TS a. Dissolve 8g in water 100ml

USE: a. protective (top) in lotions b. astringent c. infant formulas adequate Ca++ intake REMARKS: Lime water exposed to air is QUICKLY CONVERTED to insoluble carbonate Ca(OH)2 + CO2 CaCO3 + H2O ensures saturated solution since, calcium hydroxide is sparingly sol in water less soluble in hot water than cold deposits of Ca(OH)2 upon heating redissolves when cooled