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a.k.a Triple Trit Trinary a.k.a Ternary Dscript

WireScript is is a version of Dscript where each letter is represented by 3 trits(a trit has 3 values, like a bit has 2) ach trit can be !,",or 2. ach value is represented by either a #! de$ree corner, a "%! de$ree curve, or a 2&! de$ree loop. 3 trits yields 2& possibilities. 'ull n$lish (lphabet ) Space. ! de$rees is *eanin$less as it can not be identified. 3+! de$rees is hard to distin$uish fro* 2&!. So neither is used. (bsolute ,rientation is relative, so it not used either. (lso, relative orientation (like left-./ri$ht) causes far to *any unintended line crossin$s that *i$ht end up bein$ confused as loops. ie. 3 left turns is a loop with corners 0orners and loops provide a choice of direction. (left,ri$ht) "%! de$ree curves have no such choice The 1entry point1 is denoted by a dot.

23D 4

First Trit

Second Trit

Third Trit

5colors for learnin$ e6a*ples not needed for usa$e