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Early Childhood Education

Primary school teachers develop schemes of work and lesson plans in line with curriculum o !ectives" They facilitate learnin# y esta lishin# a relationship with pupils and y their or#ani$ation of learnin# resources and the classroom learnin# environment"

Edith Suarez

Primary school teachers develop and foster the appropriate skills and social a ilities to ena le the optimum development of children% accordin# to a#e% a ility and aptitude" They assess and record pro#ress and prepare pupils for e&aminations" They link pupils' knowled#e to earlier learnin# and develop ways to encoura#e it further% and challen#e and inspire pupils to help them deepen their knowled#e and understandin#"

School of education
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Earl y Childhood
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Undergrad Information

,etting a world&class education is all about in(esting in yourself and your future! 0e1re focused on that in(est$ent' but we also understand that it can feel out of reach for $any students' so we try to $a)e it as affordable as #ossible! .ur goal as an institution is to $anage our resources as effecti(ely as #ossible' so we can #ass a better (alue along to our students! /or the second year in a row' the tuition increase for continuing undergraduate students is 2!3 #ercent' which is the sa$e as the rate of inflation! "he recent tuition increase for inco$ing fresh$an is 3!3 #ercent' a rate that is on #ar or lower than that of #eer institutions! 4ates for graduate students (ary' de#ending on the #rogra$ of study! 0e also offer a full range of financial aid o##ortunities to ensure access to a di(erse #o#ulation of students! DePaul has budgeted 5678 $illion for financial aid for 296:&296;' a < #ercent increase o(er the #re(ious year! "his is the official listing of 296:&296;

DePaul's Bachelor of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education (BAECE) is a joint degree offered by the College of Education and the School for New earning! "he BAECE #rogra$ is designed for adult students through a #ersonali%ed curriculu$ that is co$#etence&based' allowing you to earn credit fro$ #re(ious college courses' wor) and life e*#erience! "he BAECE #rogra$ will #re#are you to teach infants through third grade in a (ariety of urban and suburban educational settings' including #ublic and #ri(ate ele$entary schools and childcare centers! As a BAECE student' you will ta)e courses in+

Freshman Scholarships
DePaul $ay award scholarshi#s to newly entering students who e*hibit acade$ic e*cellence' artistic talent' or strong leadershi# or ser(ice to their co$$unities! Each year' DePaul awards $ore than 52; $illion in scholarshi#s! (Eligible $usic and theater a##licants $ay be considered for acade$ic as well as talent scholarshi#s!)

Application Deadline
Application Type Early Action Progra$ Regular Notification School of Music The Theatre School Deadline November 13 February 6 December 6 anuary 13 Classes Begin September September September September

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!hec" #ut De$aul %niversity &ourself' http())***+youtube+com)*atch, v-dR..!r!/e0c

Courses are offered online and at DePaul's oo#' incoln Par)' Na#er(ille' .a) /orest and .'-are ca$#uses!