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How to configure ftp server on centos 6

Theroy:FTP :-- File Transfer Protocal. Port :- 20 and 21 Used:- To transfer the data from one location to another. Package used:- VSFTP !Very secure file trasnfer "rotocal demean#

What is File Transfer Protocol (FTP)?

FTP$ File Transfer Protocol$ is a "rotocol through %hich internet users can u"load files from their com"uters to a %e&site or do%nload files from a %e&site to their P's. (riginated &y )&hay *hushan in 1+,1 for use in the military and scientific research net%ork kno%n as )-P)./T$ FTP has e0ol0ed into a "rotocol for far %ider a""lications on the 1orld 1ide 1e& %ith numerous re0isions throughout the years. FTP is the easiest %ay to transfer files &et%een com"uters 0ia the internet$ and utili2es T'P$ transmission control "rotocol$ and 3P$ internet "rotocol$ systems to "erform u"loading and do%nloading tasks.

1# 3nstall the "ackage 'ommand:- 4 yum -y install 0sft"d

The configuration file for the 0sft"d %ill &e 5etc50sft"d.conf *efore making any changes$ do take the &acku" of the configuration file 'ommand:- 4 c" -0 5etc50sft"d50sft"d.conf 5etc50sft"d50sft"d.conf6&k"

.o% edit the conf file 'ommand:-4 0i 5etc50sft"d50sft"d.conf 7ake the follo%ing changes -e"lace 8/S to .( in the &elo% line. anonymous_enable=NO Find and Uncomment the below lines local_enable=YES write_enable=YES and uncomment this line to limit the users to their home directories. chroot_local_user=YES Save and exit A ter editin! " #reate a older where you want data to be dum$ed.

Now start creatin! users

or accessin!

t$ server .

#ommand%%& 'useradd &d ( t$(ra) ra) '$asswd ra)

Now start the *s t$d server also ma+e the service start automatically every time the system reboots. '(etc(init.d(vs t$d start 'ch+con i! vs t$d on

Now to test it " ,ets create ew directory o the created user.

iles and

olders in the home

,ets use

t$ client

ile-illa and see i


iles are accessable.

.his is the basic setu$ o

vs t$d.

.han+s *adira) /oish vadira))r012!