Another person asked: “Swami, the forests are vanishing. Where can a seeker find peace?

” He answered: “Who needs forests? Who is making them vanish? If yo cannot find peace where ever yo are, yo cannot find peace in forests too. !eace is a"ways inside the man, not o tside. #o cannot find peace o tside, if yo r inner space is in chaos. $"ean p yo r inner space with good tho ghts, words and resid e of actions. #o wi"" have peace everywhere e"se. %he wor"d o tside is & st an e'pression of yo rse"f. %here is no o tside wor"d apart from yo . #o make it. #o (reak it. #o make everything within yo . #o (reak everything within yo . So, there is no point in going to forests to find peace. #o wi"" (e more rest"ess.

%he tr e happiness is in "osing. )osing every thing that added to the weight of yo r e'istence. %he tr e happiness is that of someone who has nothing. *othing to defend. *othing to fear. *othing to r n away from. *othing to do. *othing to prove. *othing to think. *othing to achieve. *othing+++ *o needs. *o re, irements. )ose everything. *ame, fame, image, tho ghts, know"edge. )ose everything. #o wi"" e'perience the ca se"ess &oy and wonder of yo r eterna" spirit. #o wi"" e'perience the tr e state of "i(eration - .eevan / kta. “0oo"ish man, so concerned a(o t “the right path”, does not even know which is his right path and fo""ows someone e"se1s +++ He cannot a""ow the so " to g ide (eca se he is not aware of its e'istence - even once a day. %hen he repeats the same mistakes of "ife times, again and again. What a pity+++ /an, "i(eration is in a(andonment, not in ownership. 2emem(er - 3ne who does not possess anything, owns or commands “everything “. !ossession is "imitation. 4very , estion comes with an answer. And a"" answers are within yo .

5ad god nas "& di vrede, prvo 6to nam m i ego ka7 &e da reag &emo. A (a6 tom moment tre(a se pri(eremo i i8a(eremo do(rot i sami"ost mesto da reag &emo. %o 9e nas istog momenta transformisati i8n tra. %o 9e nas :initi mo9nim.

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