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Problem with dtg

Problem with dtg

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Published by Keino Sembiring
Problem with dtg
Problem with dtg

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Published by: Keino Sembiring on Jan 23, 2014
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For Epson T13 service manual, you can refer to L100 L200 service manual (l100sm) or search for

C59, C79, C90, T10 service manual they are almost the same in har dware, google will help. Another tip Most Ep. T10 T13 DTG conversion, fails because of Head positioning p roblem, most designs (i notice) they lower the paper roller (abrasive rod), thes e detached the gear that turns the other gear responsible for head cleaning and head park positioning lever. One solution for this problem is to bring the rod a t the back of the printing mechanism and attach a gear belt that links the end g ear (of the rod) and the gear for head parking (also for paper feed), some trimm ing on the plastic is needed. Don't forget the paper sensor, timing is crucial, extend the platen. Hope this will help.

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