By Senators Chu, Guzman, and Shaw Date: 17 August 2009 AN ACT Adding Chapter 201. BE IT ENACTED BY THE ASWSUV SENATE: Sec. 1. The By-laws shall be amended to read: 201.00 Secretary 201.01 The Senate Secretary shall be annually elected by a majority vote from the seated Senate membership at the second Senate meeting. 201.02 The Senate Secretary shall have the following duties and responsibilities: A. To record and distribute Senate meeting minutes for all Senate meetings. (1) Meeting minutes will be distributed at least one (1) week prior to the next Senate meeting for Senate approval. (2) After final approval of the meeting minutes by the Senate, the finalized, amended meeting minutes will be redistributed to all Senators, the Vice President, Public Relations Director, and IT Assistant. B. To amend the meeting minutes. (1) Meeting minutes can be amended by the Senate Secretary as long as it is three (3) days before a Senate meeting. (2) Meeting minutes must be amended at a Senate meeting by a majority vote after the three (3) day deadline outlined in Chapter 201.02 (B) (1). C. To organize the Senate Shared Drive. 201.03 The Senate Secretary shall not be the Chair of a Senate Standing Committee. 201.04 The Senate Secretary may have other duties as may be assigned by the following: ASWSUV Senate, Chair Pro-tempore of the Senate, and the Rules and Administration Committee. STATEMENT OF FACT: This will formally add the Senate Secretary position to the By-laws. The position will be filled at the same meeting as the Chair Pro-tempore of the Senate. This also establishes a single person to ensure the organization of the Senate Shared Drive. Other duties may be assigned to this position through multiple means. This position cannot be the Chair of a Senate Standing Committee.

Nineteenth Senate

2009-10 Session

Senate Passed __________

I hereby certify this to be a true and correct copy of this legislation as passed by the ASWSUV Senate on the date hereon set forth.

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