A Simile and Metaphor Sample Lesson Plan for Teaching Similes and Metaphors

Grades: Adaptable to fit a poetry class in grades 5-12 Goal: Students should be able to use their knowledge of similes and metaphors to promote their appreciation and understanding of poetry. Objectives : 
 1. Students will be able to interpret similes and metaphors. 
 2. Students will be able to write similes and metaphors.
 3. Students will be able to write similes and metaphors that describe a person from your city, TV, or an era in history 
 Materials : 
 Introductory poem with examples of similes and metaphors 
 Sample list of similes and metaphors 
 Introductory questions to stimulate discussion : 
 1.What are some ways authors write to make their details more vivid? 
 2.What are some good describing words to describe a (list something)? 
 3.How can we write things to show comparisions? 
 Introduction Activity : 
 Students should be given definitions of both the simile and metaphor and those definitions should be discussed. 
 Body : 
 1. Read or display the introductory poem.

As a class.
 4. choose a person from TV or an era in history and write several similes and metaphors to describe the person. Tell the students to base their comparisions on facts. Have the students identify the similes and metaphors and what is being compared. 
 3. Have each student choose a different person write similes and metaphors to describe that person. 
 Evaluation Activity : 
 Assess students similes and metaphors:-Did they use like or as in similes?-Did they use comparisions?-Is the information accurate about the person they chose? . Have the students change the similes to metaphors and the metaphors to similes. Use the list of sample similes and metaphors and have the students identify each. 

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