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Food & Beverage Trends for 2014 - Infographic

Food & Beverage Trends for 2014 - Infographic

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Published by MSLGROUP
MSLGROUP's Food & Beverage team predicted 10 food and beverage trends for 2014: wood-fired cooking, savory desserts and Middle Eastern spices, and more!
MSLGROUP's Food & Beverage team predicted 10 food and beverage trends for 2014: wood-fired cooking, savory desserts and Middle Eastern spices, and more!

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Published by: MSLGROUP on Jan 23, 2014
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Food Trends for 2014

Middle Eastern Fare Adds Spice
Middle Eastern spices, such as sumac, za'atar and marash, will be used to expand the flavor profile of other ethnic foods.

Wood-Fired Cooking Turns up the Heat
Mankind has cooked over open flames for millennia, but this organic, back-to-nature method is set to catch fire for foods beyond pizza.

Bean Bonanza
As Americans embrace meat alternatives, expect to see more beans and other legumes, including edamame, white beans, black beans, red lentils and yellow lentils.

Dessert’s Not-So-Sweet Side
Opposites will attract as we see the emergence of sweet and savory desserts, featuring intense flavors and even a dash of spice.

“Wine-y” Millennials
Consumers ages 21-34 drink more wine than any other demographic and they’ll soon represent 40 percent of the population - cheers to that!

The Supermarket Dietitian
Many stores will begin staffing in-store dietitians to help shoppers make healthy purchases or cater to specific dietary needs.

Food Companies Encourage Portion Control
Food companies really do want to help consumers to eat less! They'll offer smaller versions of favorite foods and encourage consumers to follow dietary guidelines.

"Happy Hour in Aisle 4”
Grocers will expand food service offerings, dedicating more retail space to cafés and food courts, even offering happy hours and beers on tap.

Foodies on the Fly
Companies will continue to offer recipes and cooking demos delivered via mobile devices. Diners will use mobile devices more than ever to analyze the nutrition of their restaurant meals and to pay the check.

Shoppers Go Social For Deals
Savvy shoppers, especially young shoppers, will increasingly expect special offers and discounts delivered to their fingertips via social networks.

Contact for more information Steve Bryant, Director, Food & Beverage, MSLGROUP steve.bryant@mslgroup.com 206.313.1588

About MSLGROUP’s Food & Beverage Team A category leader, the Food & Beverage team of MSLGROUP is devoted to creating economic value for the nation’s food and beverage industry. It operates in offices throughout North America, representing leading food and beverage brands, and manages a state-of-the-art Culinary & Nutrition Studio in Seattle.


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