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Nria Sadurn Balcells Proficiency 1


Since we are little kids we are taught to behave in public in a certain way. This includes a dressing code that has to be followed especially in formal settings, such as job interviews. Therefore, if you want to achieve success in life the first step is dressing appropriately at a job interview, especially if you are applying for a job you really want to do. Nowadays, it is very difficult to success in life if you dont dress as society tells you to, and people constantly receive messages from both their peers and mass media that can highly influence decisions concerning what to buy and what to wear. However, there are many people who refuse to live this way, and who dress alternatively to demonstrate their total unacceptance to this capitalist way of living, mediated through the biopolitics and the society of control. Whereas many people spend a great part of their salaries in fashionable clothes renewed every season, other people spend their energies and money in other much more fruitful activities. Hence, you dont need to have good looks to achieve success in life if your idea of success does not involve mainstream targets in life. For all the aforementioned, I wonder if this will ever change. I keep asking myself whether looking good and having an attractive personality will ever be left behind, and whether people in the world will ever stop thinking about themselves and start working on the others. In my humble opinion, I thing that changing this superficial values into something generous will be able to make the World a better place to leave in, and hence, leave attractiveness and good looks to the tales of the past.