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Quantum Radionics
The Quantum Radionics Program......................................................1 Program Includes External Link to Powerful Chi Generator.........……..2 How to operate this Quantum Radionics Program....................................2
The Picture Frames....................................................................................2 Text Boxes....................................................................................4 Controls...............................................................................................................4 Testing It.............................................................................................................5

Conclusion.....................................................................................................6 Appendix A: Suggested Uses.......................................................................7

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A common mistake is that “more is better” in terms of time. Today he would probably take advantage of computer technology. When you operate under the belief that a program requires days or weeks to run. It is designed to “warp” the construct of time in our physical world in relationship to the quantum world. It will response to whatever units of time are presented to it. do you really think he would design it as a box with dials? In 1910. A control allows that unit of time to represent anywhere between one hour to one decade. One of the problems with many radionics devises is that those who make them either don’t understand quantum physics or else they market their devise to appeal to our sense of understanding the physical “Newtonian” world as we experience it with our five senses. Many radionics devises brag that they can be left on 24 hours a day. But the field itself does not operate in absolute units of time. It would be like designing an email system that took a week to deliver an email and then feeling really good about it because you believe your email must have been sent with real power if it took so long to get to its destination. you are doing it on a quantum level. at best all you are doing is structuring your intention to carry out that belief.The Quantum Radionics Program If Albert Abrams invented radionics today. Each swish represents a unit of time. 1 . Also since his time. It is made up of energy and information states that will subsequently manifest as a space time event in our physical world. It does not exist as an absolute on the quantum level where all of this works. What makes sense to our physical senses often has no effect on the quantum level. Why? Sure this appeals to our senses in the physical world that “more is better” but when you are doing radionics you are not charging the battery on your cell phone! The problem with “more is better” is that time is simply a construct we have developed in our consciousness in relationship to the physical world we are able to perceive. That is what we have done is creating this program. The quantum field is a continuum of probability distribution of possible functions in time. One simple question. time is the fourth dimension we use to organize space in relationship to movement in the physical world. he was taking advantage of the technology available at that time. If you are doing either healing or manifesting. You can run this program for less than one minute in physical space-time and achieve the same effect on the quantum level as if it had run for years. This time compression generates a strong level of energy most people will easily feel while it operates. quantum physics has evolved to a level where it can now explain why a lot of this stuff works. As Einstein explained in his space-time continuum theory. This program swishes the target picture with a quantum energy pattern. This program does just the opposite.

2 . It was built to be strong enough to be both a Chi Generator and a Cloud Buster. there is no wrong way to do it. It is. It comes with one! Actually it comes with a structural link to a very powerful one we own. If the request is aimed at an object. the key to an indirect picture or symbol is that it reminds the operator of the actual target. however. A common question asked about radionics programs is whether or not a Chi Generator is needed. Since this program is structuring the intent of the operator. load a picture of that person. better to have some picture in the Target window. Remember. With that understanding. If you don't have a direct or indirect picture or symbol. The program is linked through the picture of the Chi Generator in the picture window located in the middle of the screen titled External Link. The one on the top left of the screen is titled target and the one on the top right is titled quantum pattern. The chi generator this program is linked to is one designed to be one of the most powerful ones in the world and was custom designed by Ernie Vega who is the inventor of Cyber Shaman. How to operate this Quantum Radionics Program The Picture Frames The program has two top windows.Program Includes An External Link to Powerful Chi Generator. you can use an indirect picture or symbol is the target window. let your imagination be your guide! As long as it reminds the operator of the actual target in some way. load a picture of that object. If you don't have a picture of the target. There is no logical reason to buy your own Chi Generator if someone allows you to link your program to their Chi Generator. If this program is directed at a person. you can place a picture of yourself in the window and type in the Target Text box your name “as a surrogate for (the name of the person)” This works amazingly well. all of this works on the quantum level. The target window is designed to allow you to click on it and load any jpeg file you wish. the program will work on words alone. Time is a construct that does not apply as an absolute on the quantum level. If you are running the program on another person and you do not have a picture of that person. That means it is all non-local and a Chi Generator a 1000 miles away works as well as one 2 feet away. Most Chi Generators work through a structural link even if you set them next to your radionics box or computer program. On the quantum level it does not matter if one person is using the chi generator or if one million all use it at the same “time”. The answer here is no.

You can place any picture you might ordinary want to use as a trend picture when doing radionics by clicking on this frame It is not necessary to use a trend picture for the successful operation of the program. Diagram 2 is one I used to place a protective white light around my son at all times. If you believe you have a better quantum pattern and would like to experiment with it. Diagram 1. this program allows you to do so. simply do nothing and it will run as the default picture. It is simply a picture of me working out. Here are two examples of trend pictures. Both trend pictures worked great. You can. The Trend picture frame allows you to be creative if you wish. This picture is the default setting. But if you try to buy a Chi 3 . It is an actual quantum pattern caught on film and enhanced for detail. It is a picture of the Chi Generator this program is linked to as discussed above. It is the default picture setting and it is highly recommended that you use it for sending your requests. change this setting and link it to any external source you wish by clicking on the picture and loading any jpeg picture in the window.Protective Light Trend Picture The only other picture frame is located in the middle of the screen and is titled External Link.Workout Trend Picture Diagram 2. Words alone in the trend text box are enough to establish the trend. I made it with a standard jpeg picture and an art program that allows you to draw lines on pictures. The structural link is the picture of the Chi Generator in the “External Link” window. The next picture is the Trend Picture located in the middle right hand side of the screen. Again. It you want to use the Quantum Pattern provided. Just click on the picture of the Quantum Pattern and it will allow you to load any jpeg file in the window. the Quantum Pattern already there is the default pattern and will come back on the screen once you reset it.The next window is a picture of a quantum pattern. Diagram 1 is one I used for a request that I develop the habit of working out more. if you wish.

simply type in that person’s name. it is recommended you use the highest setting as 4 . type in a description of that object. The program allows you to experiment to find what is best for you. Worry only tends to make your intention field less clear. this program is designed to warp the construct of time. you will have to spend thousands of dollars! The price you paid for this program gives you all you will need. The top one is titled Target Text. The program is designed to swish the subject picture with the quantum pattern. This setting is anywhere from hours to decades. when I did the request that I develop the habit of working out. For example. we have provided a choice for lower settings if you feel more comfortable using them. However. I used the following wording: “a white light of energy surrounds and protects from harm and from any negative energies encountered”. If you type in “I hate being fat” you are actually asking to be given hatred for being fat. The drop down menu allows you to select any number between 1 and 25. For example. There is nothing magical about these words. Then don’t worry about it. if you type in “I desire to be rich”. If the target is an object. But be careful to pay attention as to what it is you are asking for. what is it that you just asked for? You just asked to have the desire to be rich. If the target is a person. Not to be rich. Chances are you already have that! Just word your request directly and in straightforward terms. The text box under the Target Box is called the Trend Box.Generator as strong as the one this program is already linked to. I typed in the following” work out on a regular basis so as to ensure good health. The first one on the left hand side is titled “Number of Time Units Run” As stated above. Therefore. and low body fat. Again. Any good description of what it is you are wanting to achieve will do. There is no wrong way to do this as long as the words used remind the operator of what the target is to be. Here you will type in a description of what it is you are requesting. In the words of the popular infomercial chief: “Set it and forget it!” Controls At the bottom of the screen are controls for the program. Text Boxes There are two text boxes located on the left hand side of the screen. muscle tone. This is where you place a description of the target. if you are sensitive to subtle energies you may find this program is intense if you are doing it on yourself. The next setting is “Time Unit Setting” This allows you to adjust how long in normal physical space time each unit is to represent.” On the example above about the white light around my son. Generally it is recommended you use the highest setting as you cannot over do the amount of energy sent.

Testing It We recommend you test this program on yourself to see how effective it can be. If the high setting is uncomfortable. If you are charging water.5 seconds on the control setting but you can experiment to see what works best for you. It is generally recommended that you run it for around 1. you can stop the program at any time by clicking on this close button. One time for a program that actually runs less than one minute in clock time is all that is needed. This allows you to adjust the length of actual time the target picture is swished with the quantum pattern. The next two controls are two buttons on the lower right hand side titled “Reset” and “Save” The Reset button allows you to clear the last program run and the Save button lets you save a session so the it will already be loaded in the program the next time you open it up. More is not better. Next in the Trend Text box type in the following: “to energize to the 5 . running this program will be as through it ran in physical space time for 250 years. It is generally recommended that you only run a request one time. Here is an example of how this works. Place a picture of yourself in the Target window and type in your name in the Target Text box. As amazing as this may sound. set back and enjoy a very nice boost of life energy! Another text you can run (to amaze friends and family) is to energize a symbol. only do it cannot over do the amount of energy sent but this setting does allow you to adjust it down if the high setting feels too strong for comfort. Then in the Trend Text box type in the following: “full of great amounts of life energy that will raises the vibrational frequency to a level where all things are possible” Let the program run on the highest setting of 25 on the “Number of Time Units Run” and “Decades“ on the “Time Unit Setting“. Then type in some name that remains you of the picture or symbol in the Target Text box. in the window that opens there is a close X button on the top right hand side. Otherwise. At the end of that time. The next control for the program is located on the lower right side and is titled “Adjust Time”. It is a small bar. If you set the “Number of Time Units Run” at 25 and the “Time Unit Setting” on decades. Take any unique picture or symbol and load it into the Target picture window. Literally imagine that you are able to run a standard radionics program up to 250 years. That is all that is needed. you will probably feel just how strong this time warp makes the program when it is running. would you feel the need to rerun it? It is the same principle using Quantum Radionics. Please note that once the program starts. food or seeds for the garden.

point that even a printed picture of this will cause all to feel and detect the presence of that energy” Then run the program on the highest setting of 25 on the “Number of Time Units Run” and “Decades“ on the “Time Unit Setting”. join our newly founded Yahoo group called Quantum Radionics. 6 . You can join by either going to: http://groups. It should remain still over the blank sheet. Try it. Conclusion Good Luck with the exciting program. That means anyone in the world can take the same test and get similar a common washer tried to a string will do just fine as a home made pendulum. Also. you can successfully tested the energy. try it on any area of your life. Now hold the pendulum over the printed out picture. Since there are no bad side effects from the program. print off a copy of the picture and hold your hand over it to see if you can feel the energy. Once the program is done. Chances are the pendulum will start moving in a circle over the picture. If with the word SUSCRIBE in the heading. And the energy is non-local. This list is by no means comprehensive. Take your pendulum and first hold it still over a blank sheet of paper. you can do a pendulum test. Email your test picture to a friend and have them do the same test. Let your imagination be your guide in this life time journey! If you wish to discuss your experiences using this program with others. Appendix A describes for you many of the suggested uses for this program. If you don’t have a and signing up or sending an email to: QuantumRadionicssubscribe@yahoogroups.

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