I have a handsome husband; the women turn their heads and smile, He winks with those big dimples and replies with a sexy line But I’ll tell all you women, there’s one thing you should know, e’ve been married twenty years and he’s mine, mine, nine!!

"ou’ll never #ind him, you $an’t have him, and he’s mine, mine, min!! %ll you women are alike, see a wealthy man and stake your $laim ell I’ve had it with all o# you; you’ll never steal my man again, I have my husband’s gun and I warn you, I’m deadly when I take aim

hat I didn’t know is he weaseled out, he le#t me without a word, &rom what I hear, he’s s$ared o# me, this I don’t understand I’m not $ra'y, I’m prote$ting what o# $ourse is mine, (eople )ust don’t understand, you $an’t take what is mine, he’s my man

by *im *hayer

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