Plastics and Polymers

1. What ➢ ➢ 2. What ➢ are plastics? Is made from polymer and organic materials Ex. Rubber, films, fiber, plates and etc is the difference between natural and synthetic plastics? Natural-made from natural substances; could be done by elementary students grade 4-6 ➢ Synthetic- oil-based plastic What is the chemical and physical properties of plastics that make it a perfect material substitute to other things? ➢ physical properties: transparency, permeability, flexibility, elasticity, permeability, water absorption, electrical resistance, Specific Gravity ➢ chemical properties: solubility, chemical resistance, thermal stability, reactivity with water, flammability, heat of combustion What do different resin codes of plastics mean? ➢ indicate the type of plastic that an item is made from Why are plastics economically important? ➢ Yes, it’s the artificial substance which is cheap reusable and recyclable What are polymers? ➢ Is a substance that is often use for making plastics Differentiate between synthetic and natural polymers ➢ Natural- includes RNA and DNA that are so important in genes and life processes ➢ Synthetic- Industrially produced chemical substances consisting of a number of molecules linked together with covalent bonds. What are insulators can polymers be insulators? ➢ is a material that resists the flow of electric current References ➢ CID=1102&DID=4644 ➢ ➢ rties_of_plastic ➢ ➢ ➢ ➢


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