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SAT 100 Success Secrets - 100 Most Asked Questions: The Missing SAT Test and Preparation Information Guide

SAT 100 Success Secrets - 100 Most Asked Questions: The Missing SAT Test and Preparation Information Guide

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There has never been an SAT Guide like this.

100 Success Secrets is not about the ins and outs of SAT. Instead, it answers the top 100 questions that we are asked and those we come across in forums, our consultancy and education programs. It tells you exactly how to deal with those questions, with tips that have never before been offered in print.

This book is also not about SAT’s best practice and standards details. Instead, it introduces everything you want to know to be successful with SAT.
There has never been an SAT Guide like this.

100 Success Secrets is not about the ins and outs of SAT. Instead, it answers the top 100 questions that we are asked and those we come across in forums, our consultancy and education programs. It tells you exactly how to deal with those questions, with tips that have never before been offered in print.

This book is also not about SAT’s best practice and standards details. Instead, it introduces everything you want to know to be successful with SAT.

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  • College SAT: How to Efficiently Prepare for the SAT Exams
  • Where to Get Free SAT Preparation Mod- ules
  • New SAT: Making the Test More Challeng- ing
  • The Good and Bad News about the New SAT Math
  • Perfect SAT Score: Can It be Achieved?
  • Outlining the Contents of the PSAT
  • An Easy Registration Method for SAT
  • SAT Sample Test – What to Expect During the SAT Test?
  • The Process of Deriving SAT Test Scores
  • Nice to Know Facts about SAT Scores
  • SAT Fees on Registration, Scoring, and Other Services
  • Signing up for SAT
  • Tips on Choosing the Best SAT Study Guide
  • Tips to Perform Before the Actual SAT Test Date
  • Marking Down Upcoming SAT Test Dates
  • The Need to Take Advantage of SAT Test Prep Materials
  • SAT Test Preparation – A Must for Stu- dents
  • The SAT Test Evolution
  • The Basics of SAT Testing
  • The Importance of Taking SAT Tests
  • Getting an SAT Private Tutor for a Cause
  • Why Get into SAT Tutoring?
  • Changing SAT Lanes from Verbal to Criti- cal Reading
  • View Your SAT Scores Online
  • Improve Your SAT Vocabulary
  • Phase Learning through SAT Vocabulary Word List
  • Ways to Learn SAT Vocabulary Words
  • How wide is your SAT Vocabulary Know- ledge
  • Getting to Know SAT Words
  • What Covers the SAT Writing Section
  • Studying for the SAT Starts NOW
  • The Evolution of SAT 1 Reasoning Test
  • SAT 2 – A Determinant of Your College Admission Options
  • Which is Which? SAT and ACT
  • The Usefulness of the SAT Average
  • How to Choose the Best SAT Books
  • Get Higher Marks with SAT Class
  • The Advantage of SAT Classes
  • Better Scores with SAT Coaching
  • College Board: Helping SAT Hopefuls Since Day 1
  • SAT Courses to Improve Your Study Time
  • Getting Critical With SAT Critical Reading
  • Noteworthy Tips to Make it to Your SAT Date
  • How NOT to Fret Over Your SAT Essay
  • Timely Tips to Prepare for the SAT Exam
  • Smart Solutions for SAT Exam Preparation
  • Helpful Tips in Preparing for SAT Exams
  • SAT Test Item Finders That Can Help You Pass the Exam
  • What to Know that Would Help Prepare for SAT
  • Understanding How SAT II Differs from SAT
  • How to Pass SAT II Biology
  • SAT II Chemistry 101
  • Beating that SAT II Math Scare
  • Basic Information on SAT II Physics for Examinees
  • Choosing SAT II Subjects to Take
  • Doing Better with SAT Instruction
  • SAT Math: Know What to Expect
  • Getting by with a Little SAT Math Help
  • How to Effectively Prepare for the SAT
  • Strategies to Efficiently Prepare for the SAT
  • SAT Preparations: Knowing the Truth about SAT
  • Knowing the Best SAT Books to Help You Unload the Burden
  • Prepping for SAT with SAT Prep Books
  • The Benefits of taking SAT Prep Classes
  • Achieving a Better Result by taking SAT Prep Courses
  • What Covers the SAT Program Reasoning Test
  • What SAT Questions are you to Expect?
  • Benefits of Learning the SAT Question of the Day
  • Which SAT Question should you be most ready with?
  • Where to find SAT Reasoning Test Articles
  • SAT Reasoning Test Math Section Evolu- tion

SAT 100 Success Secrets
SAT 100 Success Secrets - 100 Most Asked Questions: The Missing SAT Test and Preparation Information Guide Marion Tracey

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100 Success Secrets is not about the ins and outs of SAT. This book is also not about SAT’s best practice and standards details. it introduces everything you want to know to be successful with SAT. our consultancy and education programs. Instead. . It tells you exactly how to deal with those questions. it answers the top 100 questions that we are asked and those we come across in forums. Instead. with tips that have never before been offered in print.SAT 100 Success Secrets There has never been an SAT Guide like this.

......................14 500 Forever Key Remember SAT Them Words: Tips on How to Remember SAT Key Words Forever ...........27 Good SAT Score: Giving Students a Competitive Edge for College Admission ...............................19 College Board SAT Program: Measuring the Intellectual Abilities of Students ...................................................25 Free SAT Practice Test: Cost Effective Way of Preparing for SAT .......................15 500 SAT Words Study Guides: Improving the Vocabulary of Students ................................................................................................20 College SAT: How to Efficiently Prepare for the SAT Exams ...................18 Easy Access to Barron SAT Reasoning Test Download to Help Students Pass ................................................................................22 Date SAT Site Test Testing: Tips on How to Choose SAT Testing Date and Test Site Location ...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................17 Average SAT Score: An Important Factor For College Admission ..............23 Where to Get Free SAT Preparation Modules .....................................................................29 .............28 GRE SAT: Understanding the Different Levels of Standardized Tests .................Table of Contents 100 Master Math Now SAT Them Tip: Providing Students Several Ways to Master Their Math .......

................................................................................................. 48 Signing up for SAT .................................................... 42 SAT Sample Test – What to Expect During the SAT Test? ..................................................... 37 Princeton Review SAT: Providing a Triple Approach to SAT Prep ............................................................................. 47 SAT Fees on Registration.............................. 51 Tips on Choosing the Best SAT Study Guide ........... 31 New SAT: Making the Test More Challenging ....................................................... 36 Perfect SAT Score: Can It be Achieved? ............................................................................. 33 The Good and Bad News about the New SAT Math ........................................................................................ 35 Online SAT Preparations: Providing Convenience and Flexibility for SAT Takers ..................... 44 The Process of Deriving SAT Test Scores......................................................................................................... 53 SAT Subject Test – A Display of Mastery of General Subject Areas ...................................... 50 SAT Study Guides – Getting the Right Information from the Right Sources ...................................... 41 Reviewing Terms and Conditions for the SAT Reasoning Test Registration .......................... 46 Nice to Know Facts about SAT Scores ............................................................ and Other Services ................................................................................................................................................... 38 Outlining the Contents of the PSAT.................... 55 ............ Scoring.. 40 An Easy Registration Method for SAT ........................ 34 Official SAT Study Guide: A One-Stop Resource for SAT Exam Preparation ..............Kaplan SAT Program: Providing Superior SAT Preparation Methods ...

................................................................................85 The Usefulness of the SAT Average ........................................................................................................73 View Your SAT Scores Online........................................79 Getting to Know SAT Words.....82 The Evolution of SAT 1 Reasoning Test ...76 Phase Learning through SAT Vocabulary Word List ..................71 Changing SAT Lanes from Verbal to Critical Reading ........................77 Ways to Learn SAT Vocabulary Words .................69 Yielding More Favorable Test Results with the Help of SAT Tutors ...................................................................................................75 Improve Your SAT Vocabulary .......86 ................................62 The SAT Test Evolution ...........................83 SAT 2 – A Determinant of Your College Admission Options .........78 How wide is your SAT Vocabulary Knowledge ..........66 The Importance of Taking SAT Tests ...........59 The Need to Take Advantage of SAT Test Prep Materials .................................67 Getting an SAT Private Tutor for a Cause ............................................................................................................................................................................80 What Covers the SAT Writing Section ..81 Studying for the SAT Starts NOW ........................................................................68 Why Get into SAT Tutoring? ....................84 Which is Which? SAT and ACT ......................................................57 Marking Down Upcoming SAT Test Dates .Tips to Perform Before the Actual SAT Test Date ...............60 SAT Test Preparation – A Must for Students .................................................................................................................64 The Basics of SAT Testing ......................................................

......... 92 Getting Critical With SAT Critical Reading ..................................................................... 97 Helpful Tips in Preparing for SAT Exams ............................. 112 Doing Better with SAT Instruction .............................................. 88 The Advantage of SAT Classes ....................................... 96 Smart Solutions for SAT Exam Preparation ...................... 87 Get Higher Marks with SAT Class ....................................... 114 ............... 110 Choosing SAT II Subjects to Take ................................................................ 104 SAT II Chemistry 101 ...................................... 100 What to Know that Would Help Prepare for SAT ..... 101 Understanding How SAT II Differs from SAT .................................................................. 89 Better Scores with SAT Coaching ............................................................................... 102 How to Pass SAT II Biology ....... 95 Timely Tips to Prepare for the SAT Exam .................. 108 Basic Information on SAT II Physics for Examinees .... 94 How NOT to Fret Over Your SAT Essay .............................. 93 Noteworthy Tips to Make it to Your SAT Date ......................................... 106 Beating that SAT II Math Scare ....................................................................How to Choose the Best SAT Books ................. 99 SAT Test Item Finders That Can Help You Pass the Exam .............. 91 SAT Courses to Improve Your Study Time ........................................................................... 111 SAT Basic Information about Nailing That College Admission Test ............................................ 90 College Board: Helping SAT Hopefuls Since Day 1 ................................................................................................

.130 Benefits of Learning the SAT Question of the Day .........125 The Benefits of taking SAT Prep Classes ......................124 Prepping for SAT with SAT Prep Books ............136 SAT Reasoning Test Math Section Evolution .................120 SAT Preparations: Knowing the Truth about SAT ...........126 Achieving a Better Result by taking SAT Prep Courses ....................................128 What SAT Questions are you to Expect? .............140 .......118 How to Effectively Prepare for the SAT ..................................133 Where to find SAT Reasoning Test Articles ..138 The SAT Reasoning Test Math Section Arithmetic Is Just As Important ..............................................131 Which SAT Question should you be most ready with? .....................................................................................................................................................115 SAT Math: Know What to Expect ...............116 Getting by with a Little SAT Math Help ...............135 SAT Reasoning Test Critical Reading 450-Word Passages Now Shorter ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................117 SAT Practice Tests Make a Perfect Score…or at Least...If There's a Will There's a Way to Pass the SAT I Reasoning Test .........................................127 What Covers the SAT Program Reasoning Test .........................................132 The Criticisms about the SAT Reasoning Test and the Call to Drop It...............................122 Knowing the Best SAT Books to Help You Unload the Burden .................................................119 Strategies to Efficiently Prepare for the SAT............. a Good One ..................................................................................................

.......... 144 All About SAT Exam is on www........................................................... 143 Knowing What is the SAT Reasoning Test ..................................... GMAT and SAT ............ 142 Getting Hold of the Ultimate Math Refresher for the GRE................................ 146 .................... 141 Why you need to buy the Official SAT Study Guide for the New SAT .Learning the Ins and Outs of a SAT Registration .............collegeboard.......................com ...................................................................


13 .

So come SAT exam time. SAT review centers offer professional SAT math tutorial that could solve the dilemma of most students.14 100 Master Math Now SAT Them Tip: Providing Students Several Ways to Master Their Math SAT math questions are probably the most challenging part of the entire SAT exam. Students who are experiencing difficulty in math should take only math lessons and self review other subject areas. This is especially true for students that have difficulties managing their math lessons. Another way to improve math skills for the SAT exam is to enroll in a specialized SAT tutorial service or review center. students can take hold of various SAT math study guides and resources that could help them during the SAT exam. Thankfully. A good first step that can be made by students is to maximize every free available SAT master math tips and resources they could find on the Internet. Some good SAT websites also offer affordable books with titles such as 100 Master Math Now and SAT Tips. There are also specialized resources that focus on giving students 100 math questions and tips in order to master the SAT math part of the exam. These study guides could definitely raise the math SAT scores of students. . High SAT scores mean better chances of being accepted in any college or university. In this way they can save valuable time and resources. There are books that can provide 100 master math SAT tips which could be utilized to enhance the math skills of students. students who have prepared well for their SAT math section will feel more confident thus boosting their ability to score higher.

So it would be important to remember and understand each word that a student may find in their studies. In fact some key words for the SAT exam could probably appear again in future test. the brain would trigger a physical description that could best describe that word. It would certainly improve the language abilities of students preparing for the SAT exams. the meaning of the word and its usage could easily be remembered. Some SAT key words are derivations or compound words from a single root word.15 500 Forever Key Remember SAT Them Words: Tips on How to Remember SAT Key Words Forever Improving and widening ones vocabulary and word mastery could be a key to get high SAT scores. So whenever a student would encounter a certain word. Students can use several techniques to remember some 500 SAT key words forever. Another good method is to understand the root of every key word. These SAT key words could be used as guide words and phrases for very difficult SAT questions on Critical Reading and comprehension. In this way. First. Understanding the origin of a specific SAT key word would help students determine its correct grammatical and syntax usage. Finally the easiest way to build SAT vocabulary is to purchase book that contain 500 SAT key words and tips on how to . they can use mental hints or physical comparison for those SAT key words. Students can get 500 SAT key words and master the techniques on how to remember them. It would be best to associate words with other easy to remember things so that it can be stored in the memory forever.

16 remember them forever. . Students can read those kinds of books over and over to increase their language and word skills.

Some of the best 500 SAT words reference materials also provide mental cues or hints on each word. 500 SAT words reference materials and guide books are important preparation tool kits of SAT exam takers. Some successful SAT takers have used these kinds of vocabulary reference guides which greatly improved their chances of passing the exams. Being prepared and having a rich vocabulary through the study of 500 SAT words books and guides could make a difference in the test. It is not uncommon for students to get confused with words especially its usage. and pronunciation. These study materials can be used by students preparing for their SAT exams and wish to improve their word skills and comprehension.17 500 SAT Words Study Guides: Improving the Vocabulary of Students There are many resource materials and books that offer 500 SAT words vocabulary enhancement and improvement methods. It is a mind trick but it has been proven effective as memorization method. 500 SAT words reference materials provide a rich array of common and not so common words that will probably appear during the SAT exams. They can easily hurdle the vocabulary and reading comprehension parts of the test because of their firm grasp of language and wide and rich vocabulary. definitions. The verbal and mental hints provided for each word could also help students comprehend difficult word meanings so they could differentiate definitions and pronunciations of similar or look-alike words. The hints serve as an anchor that will help students remember hundreds or even thousands of other words and derivations of given words. .

this aptitude exam will also include percentiles and score ranges for each discipline and major areas of studies. college admission boards usually evaluate other academic records of the student applicant. excellent recommendations. and written essays that may be required by the accepting college. for the year 2007 the average SAT score on Critical Reading was 502. Also. this could change for the next batch of senior graduating students who will take the SAT exams. and Languages. So a student who is applying for admission in Comparative Literature should have good average SAT scores and high percentile scores in Literature. Social Sciences. involvement in civic and sports activities. For example.18 Average SAT Score: An Important Factor For College Admission The average SAT score refers to the mean average generated by the scores particular senior student batch that has taken the exam. It means the average SAT score varies for every graduating class that will take the exam for that year. Aside from the general average SAT score of a students. In fact. There are also other factors that may be considered by admissions boards in their processes such as performance in the interviews. . the grades and performance of the student in school has more weight in the evaluation process so it is really important to have excellent or above average grades to increase college admission viability. college admission boards evaluate and look not just the general average SAT score but also these percentiles and ranges. That’s because these are good measure of the capacity and aptitude of students in the different areas and disciplines especially for specialized courses. Normally.

The reading materials. On its part. . Most would buy books and reviewers for the SAT Reasoning Test. students nowadays prefer to do everything through the internet. That is why most students would really do their best to pass the test and to get good scores on it. They will be able to study and prepare well. Almost all review companies have responded to this. The company has been around for many years providing review materials for almost all examinations including the SAT Reasoning Test.19 Easy Access to Barron SAT Reasoning Test Download to Help Students Pass Taking and passing the SAT Reasoning Test is something a student must do if he wishes to study college since it is prerequisite for admission. the list of vocabulary words. You would find quite a lot of reviewers if you go to the bookstore. there’s almost no more reason why students won’t have enough review materials and practice for the SAT Reasoning Test. Not only do they do their research there. Because of the demand. However. there’s also a Barron’s SAT Reasoning Test download. what used to be in books is now formatted for internet use and access. Aside from the assistance provided in school. There are many SAT review providers in the market. they would do addition readings on their own. Because of its availability and easy access. And since they will have more practice taking the exam. One of these providers is Barron’s. they also like to get review materials there too. they have better chances of passing the test too. the lessons they need to review on and the practice tests are now available and can be bought through the internet.

writing. The test lasts for one hour and covers several major subjects and areas of academic disciplines. Some college admission boards require SAT Subject Test to evaluate applicants for specialized studies. Some questions may be easy and require general knowledge and skills while others may be difficult which may require a good deal of critical thinking. These major areas are critical reading. The SAT Reasoning Test module also popularly known as SAT is a rigorous 45 minute test that measures the aptitude of students and their natural skills in three major areas. and mathematics. These two modules have specific purposes in determining the aptitude of students in different areas of specializations and critical reasoning. The results of this test are also used by the colleges for their placement and recruitment decisions. The SAT Subject Test on the other hand is mainly a multi choice examination.20 College Board SAT Program: Measuring the Intellectual Abilities of Students The College Board SAT program includes trademarked examination modules such as the SAT Reasoning Test and the SAT Subject Test. So students who are applying for college admission should score well both in SAT and SAT Subject Test. The SAT Subject Test determines the capabilities and knowledge of students in several subjects and their ability to apply that knowledge in practical circumstances. . SAT also gives a 25 minute writing exam where students will be required to compose essays on several disciplines or general information. SAT is primarily a multi choice module exam so students will have to answer questions based on the arrayed possible answers provided to them. Aside from the 45 minute multi choice test.

21 .

Practicing for the SAT exam could be done in two ways. So as much as possible. students must seriously practice for the SAT exams. Needless to say that the quick way to increase SAT scores is to prepare thoroughly and understand the methodologies and intricacies of SAT and SAT Subject Test. Familiarity with the methods could give students confidence thus increasing their chances of getting high scores in the SAT exam. It is a known fact that taking the SAT exams should be accomplished in less than two hours. it should not be considered an easy undertaking. These downloadable practice SAT tests could familiarize students on how SAT questions are given. Simulated SAT practice exams could be a key factor in proper test taking time management. students must be able to manage their time during the SAT exam. there are other simple steps that students can make in order to have good SAT scores. However. Students could enroll in a SAT prep program or they can download resources from the Internet. Many students have fared poorly in SAT due to lack of practice. Second. . A high score in SAT is essential to be competitive in any college admission processes.22 College SAT: How to Efficiently Prepare for the SAT Exams There are many college SAT preparation modules and kits that students can study so that they can significantly increase their SAT scores. Students therefore are advised to properly phase their answers and avoid answering a question for too long. students are advised to constantly take simulated SAT exam mimicking actual SAT standards time allowances. First. Although SAT is primarily a multi choice exam.

students must ensure that their SAT testing date and test site would be convenient and would give them enough time for preparation. They must choose a SAT test site that is near their place. and SAT course trainings. Rushing to SAT testing location could add tension and stress during the SAT exam. reviews. This would give them enough preparation for study sessions. First. These important aspects of the SAT exam could impact on the overall preparation of students. This will certainly improve the SAT testing skills of any student. There are several ways students can organize these important SAT factors. So when scheduling for the SAT exam. . In this way they would have enough time for easy travel going to the SAT testing location. Second. students must register and schedule their SAT testing date far in advance. Scheduling the SAT testing date inappropriately could shorten preparation which could have a very negative impact during the actual SAT exam. The need for preparation is very important and in fact critical to get a high SAT score. This would definitely affect the composure of students and it might negatively affect their test taking skills. This is a sure formula for disaster. However other critical factors that must be considered by students are the SAT testing date. the SAT test site and testing location must also be considered by students. and SAT testing time. As much as possible students must avoid cramming for the SAT. test site and location.23 Date SAT Site Test Testing: Tips on How to Choose SAT Testing Date and Test Site Location SAT study and preparations are important.

24 .

They can take as many practice tests that they can handle so in this way students will be well prepared during the exams. . Third. The free SAT online tests also provide explanations to students about their incorrect answers. They could just answer the questions provided on the web interface and check their answers and scores after the session. there are also documents and reference materials that can provide thousands of SAT words. students can take advantage of free SAT preparation methods. These booklets are valuable tools for review and to sharpen the test taking skills of students. Studying these materials could improve the vocabulary of students which could greatly help them during the SAT exam.25 Where to Get Free SAT Preparation Modules There are many ways to prepare for the SAT exams. However. students can also get a copy of free SAT test booklets which can be provided by their respective schools. The SAT booklets can be used in conjunction to online SAT practice test. This would enhance the understanding and comprehension of students on the questions and will prepare them how to tackle such questions come examination time. To avoid too much expense for preparation. many websites devoted to SAT offer free online practice tests. These online SAT practice exams can be taken through the web and students need not download software or applications. some SAT preparation methods could be expensive. SAT words documents can be purchased from bookstores and campus book shops. First. Second.

26 However some of these thousand words SAT prep modules could be accessed from the Internet for free. .

. These tips will develop the abilities of students to critically read questions and spot possible answers. the most beneficial utilities of these SAT related websites are their free SAT practice tests which could certainly help any student preparing for the SAT exam.27 Free SAT Practice Test: Cost Effective Way of Preparing for SAT Some excellent SAT related websites are offering free SAT practice test. Students will be required to just register and create an online account and they could enjoy the full benefits of free SAT preparations including practice tests. There are tips on how to eliminate questions that are placed on the exam to trick the students. there are also important lessons on correct grammar usage and vocabulary enhancement. There are also street smart tips and advice that can be accessed from these SAT related websites. Most of these websites also have vibrant interactive forum boards and communities where students can interact with each other and exchange notes about the SAT exams and other important SAT information. To fully appreciate the services of these websites. Tips on how to intelligently guess really difficult questions will be provided. students are generally advised to take advantage of other free SAT prep tools such as the SAT subject lessons. Presentations and multi-media lessons will be provided to students to make their SAT learning experience worthwhile. However. These are online interactive tutorials which will give important inputs on the different areas of specializations that will appear on SAT Subject test. These lessons are very important because lots of questions will be asked on grammar and vocabulary during the SAT exam. Finally.

This would give a student a definite edge over other applicants. To give a fair picture of SAT scores. Although SAT score is not the sole measure for college admission. A SAT score for a specific college may be good enough but it can be considered poor by other higher learning institutions especially the top colleges and universities. To be safe. However the accepted national average for SAT score is 1550. These scores are way above the national average so students should better consider the SAT score requirements of their chosen college or university. So before taking the SAT exam. It means that good SAT scores vary from college to college. SAT scores above the national average will give students a competitive edge especially if they are applying to elite colleges and universities. . it would really help a student to have a good SAT score. students should strive to aim for good SAT scores based not on the national average but on their choice of school. students must investigate or inquire about the SAT score requirements of different colleges.28 Good SAT Score: Giving Students a Competitive Edge for College Admission A good SAT score is determined primarily by the college that will admit student applicants. in the year 2007 top universities required their student applicants to have SAT scores ranging from 2090 to 2370. They should then try to focus their efforts in matching those scores or better yet to go above the minimum required SAT score of the college. So students must at least garner a SAT score equal or higher than the national average.

the exam could be a good preparation for future GRE undertaking. and institute. Sometimes the score in quantitative disciplines such as math and exact sciences would have lesser weight but the scores on social and behavioral sciences must be well above the accepted average. This is because graduate studies are more specialized and students must have superior aptitude in their specific field of specialization. a prospective graduate school applicant in social science studies should have excellent GRE score in that area. For SAT takers. it is more difficult and highly specialized than SAT. Because GRE is used as a measure and a requirement for graduate school proficiency. Because both exams are standardized tests. the GRE exam score of students is considered not just for general admissions but it is also being evaluated by specific college. The SAT is a requirement for college admission while GRE is a qualifying test requirement for graduate schools. In fact. the methods and preparations would be similar. For example. This is important if they plan enroll in graduate schools. it would be good have good scores for both exams. On the other hand. It means students who want to pursue graduate studies and advanced learning should have excellent SAT scores as well as good GRE score. .29 GRE SAT: Understanding the Different Levels of Standardized Tests The GRE and SAT test are both standardized admission exams being required by higher learning institutions. incoming undergraduate students must thoroughly prepare for their SAT and while at college should start sharpening their knowledge on areas covered by GRE. department. Although different sets of students take GRE and SAT.

30 .

These programs are designed for students who are better in interacting with peers during study sessions. This specific program is ideal for students who want to study intensively to be able to grasp fully the SAT examinations. The programs of Kaplan for SAT also include classroom courses and traditional instructional sessions. This would give them enough leverage for their application to their chosen colleges or universities. Intensive tutoring provided by Kaplan could give students the ability to score higher in the SAT exam. These are short fast tracked course which is beneficial for those who will try to catch up on their SAT exam preparations. The Kaplan SAT program includes in its training and prep package an in-house SAT tutoring and instruction.31 Kaplan SAT Program: Providing Superior SAT Preparation Methods The Kaplan SAT preparation program and educational test admission courses are considered one of the best prep programs for the SAT exam. The Kaplan learning institution is known for its excellence in providing superior prep programs for different standardized tests and aptitude exams. Different schedules will be set for the Kaplan SAT classroom courses and students must choose which course periods would fit into their schedules. On the other hand. All information will be . Students who have taken advantage of the Kaplan SAT preparation programs usually get high SAT scores and percentages. The Kaplan SAT program can be availed by registering on the official website of Kaplan institute. those that are cramming for the SAT exam can enroll on the Kaplan Express SAT classes.

32 provided on the Kaplan website and students would have to choose what program suits their preferences. .

Review institutions as well as free SAT prep websites offer new SAT exam modules and these include the writing or essay part. This part of the exam makes the new SAT more challenging than the previous exclusive multiple choice SAT test.33 New SAT: Making the Test More Challenging The new SAT introduced by the College Board improved the overall structure of the standardized test. Some in the educational sector believed that the new SAT became longer and more difficult. Students however need not worry about the level of difficulty of the new SAT. and writing skills improvement. . classroom courses. Students can take advantage of the writing tips and pointers designed for SAT exam takers. That’s because with the advent of the new SAT. These pointers can be accessed on the official SAT website or on other sites devoted to SAT preparations. These prep methods can push the SAT scores of students well above the national average. It would be a comfort to know that the new SAT although very challenging can be overcome with good SAT test preparation methods. tutoring services. Some good SAT prep training institutions also provide writing skills enhancement program so that students can improve their writing abilities. These methods would include SAT simulated exams. The introduction of the writing section or the essay test makes the new SAT more intimidating for most students. the new SAT is being dreaded by students for its new features and level of difficulty. new preparation methods and new techniques of practicing for the exam also came about. However.

34 The Good and Bad News about the New SAT Math There are good news and bad news about the new SAT math exam. Another good development is the new SAT math has eliminated the Quantitative Comparison part of the exam. The bad news however is the new SAT math incorporated a new subject area which is Algebra II. and the final part is the really difficult questions. So the total sum of the level of difficulty for the new SAT math exam is: it really became more difficult. Students however need not worry too much about the new SAT math exam. The good news about the new SAT math exam is it became shorter and math questions are considerably fewer. Students must learn to answer quickly the first two parts of the SAT exam in order to have more time in the difficult stages. the second part is the average questions. This would help them handle the difficult questions of the new SAT math exams. The questions that will be asked on the new test modules typically cover lessons in advance high school math. . This subject has made many students sweat all over the exam centers. This is really good news for students who have difficulty navigating their numbers. It would also be good to know the each section of the new SAT math is categorized in three parts. The exam got shorter of course but it became more computational intensive due to the Algebra section. So students must thoroughly review their previous math lessons in order to have better chances at the new SAT math exams. The first part includes the very easy questions.

The Official SAT Study Guide can be availed on every major bookstores and school book shops. The nine hundred page book consists of 21 chapters discussing concepts. This would enhance the understanding of students about the SAT exam so that they could better appreciate the exam answering techniques provided in the book. . So the guide book could also be utilized as an important educational material and not just test taking resource. lessons. Some online book shops and Internet auction sites also sell this book at discounted prices. and techniques on taking the SAT exam. It is a very valuable study material for students who are preparing for the SAT exam. Also included in this important resource book are lessons on different subject areas that will be typically covered by the SAT exam. The College Board is constantly updating the Official SAT Study Guide in order to keep it abreast with new developments of the SAT exams. It would be best to get the latest edition of the guide book especially that the SAT exam has been modified by its developers. These lessons include basic explanations and conceptual analysis on a range of topics.35 Official SAT Study Guide: A One-Stop Resource for SAT Exam Preparation The Official SAT Study Guide is a registered trademarked book resource published by the College Board. The practice exams of the guide book also include explanation and annotations about certain difficult questions. The official SAT study guide book also includes hundreds of practice questions and test materials that came directly from the creators of the SAT exam. So it would be the most accurate practice exam module that can be studied students.

The good thing about these online SAT prep centers is they can give SAT trainings based on the chosen schedules of the students. The convenience and flexibility of online SAT preparation can unburden the students of undue pressure. These could give students a more personalized experience because they can interact fully with the online facilitator. On intensive courses. Students can study for SAT on weekends when they are at home. They can easily log in to their account at the online SAT training center and proceed to study the lessons and answer SAT simulated tests. It provides excellent lessons and valuable practice SAT exam sessions. student can definitely get high SAT scores. Online SAT prep centers are excellent training method for students.36 Online SAT Preparations: Providing Convenience and Flexibility for SAT Takers Students who want to get excellent and very high SAT score must thoroughly prepare through online SAT prep centers. They can also choose their schedules during weekdays on their free time and vacant hours. With this kind of preparation. It means regular class schedules of the students will not be disrupted by their SAT preparation. They would not rush to two places just to study for the SAT. Students can also enjoy the convenience of studying at home and not bothering about mixed up schedules. These online SAT training institutions and centers can provide superior preparation methods. they could easily avail of tutoring services offered by these online SAT centers. . An e-classroom will be provided to the students and experienced SAT tutors will conduct voice and video conferencing to trainees.

good grades and good extracurricular records are important to be able to go to college. There are other factors that college admission boards will consider for their evaluation and screening process. In fact. A perfect SAT score is 2400 and getting this score would definitely push a student above the competition. So the combination of high SAT scores. . This means that students need to score higher than the accepted average to increase their chances of being accepted in college. However. an important point that every student must understand is SAT scores are not the sole basis for college admission. Knowing the specific SAT score requirement could give students a benchmark target for their SAT score. Some elite and prestigious institutions require a SAT score of 2000. Students therefore must inquire about the SAT score requirement of their chosen college. The national average SAT score is 1500 but most colleges and universities require a higher score than the national average. Most colleges offer scholarship grants to students excelling in these areas. They could adjust their preparation schedules and techniques according to their SAT score targets. every year an average of twenty students could get a perfect SAT score out of the approximately one million SAT takers. Other factors such as excellence in sports and other extracurricular activities are also evaluated. The general weighted average of students is also an important college admission factor.37 Perfect SAT Score: Can It be Achieved? Getting a perfect SAT score is of course difficult but it could be done. Students therefore should have good grades and above average skills so that they can be more competitive in college admissions.

Students who want to get above average or even a perfect SAT score must take advantage of the SAT services and courses offered by Princeton Review. The online SAT reviews can also give flexibility to students which could significantly unburden . It means the focus of review will solve the difficulties of students in some academic disciplines and subjects. In its years of experience and service. These sessions have manageable number of students in order to have efficient and effective learning environment. Students who want to have full concentration and prepare intensively for the SAT exam must enroll in the Princeton SAT individual tutoring services.38 Princeton Review SAT: Providing a Triple Approach to SAT Prep The Princeton Review SAT program is one of the most excellent SAT programs available to students. Courses in this method of training will cover weak areas of students. This type of SAT prep is ideal for busy students or for those who want the convenience of studying at their own homes. the Princeton Review institution has proven that it can deliver superior SAT review classes and courses designed to improve the score of students in SAT exams. The unique SAT services of Princeton Review center is its highly individualized SAT review program. It is ideal for those who want peer support for their study sessions and interactions with fellow students. The Princeton Review center also provides classroom sessions for their SAT trainings. Another SAT review service that Princeton offers is the online SAT training and preparation.

39 them of any pressure associated with the SAT preparation and exams. .

probability as well as data analysis and geometry and measurement. has different multiple-choice questions that test your abilities on grammar. The different topics that are included in this section include algebras and functions. your school ought to provide you with such an opportunity to do so in order to fully prepare yourself for all the components of the exam. The Preliminary SAT also tests the same areas such as critical reading. and word usage and word organization. it is to take the PSAT or the Preliminary SAT. . The writing section. The section that covers Critical Reading in the PSAT has sections that also tackle both full length as well as paragraph length reading comprehension questions. It is a good way for you to practice your SAT because it also has the same types of exam questions and is timed in the same way as well. While there is no section where you will be asked to write an essay in the PSAT. statistics. These are all topics that expect to be taken up during the school year and some topics that are not taken up during the first semester are excluded from the exam. word choice. writing skills as well as math problem solving. on the other hand. This section also has sentence completion items. numbers and operations.40 Outlining the Contents of the PSAT If there is anything you can do to prepare for your upcoming SAT test. The Mat section of the Preliminary SAT also has multiplechoice questions as well as grid-in questions which will require a generated response from the test takers.

You can already choose for the different test venues listed on the site as well as the testing schedule you want. . After you get your registration details. This is because with the advent of the Internet. It is also easier to view your scores and you no longer have to wait for the letter from the SAT board. Even the payment option is also easy because you can also pay via credit card and have a twenty four hour support service any time you need it. All you have to do after is to print out your admission slip and everything will be all set. a lot of new SAT exam takers have it easier and their parents also find it a more convenient way to monitor their children's progress.41 An Easy Registration Method for SAT Registering for the upcoming SAT is a whole lot easier now compared to a couple of years ago. The extra-added feature of having a recruitment option also gives the children better opportunities to make it to a good college. you can now do your registering online without the hassle of waiting for any paperwork through the mail. You also get immediate confirmation of your registration after filling up everything. you can even get extra benefits by having your scores posted and have recruitment options of the different colleges and universities. One great benefit of registering for your SAT online is the immediate results you get. and you can do this any time of day because of the 24-hour registration. Indeed.

by mail or by phone. However. Students must call Customer Service for such changes to take effect. They can verify such official information displayed on the College Board web site.42 Reviewing Terms and Conditions for the SAT Reasoning Test Registration Before signing up. registration cannot be cancelled once it is already submitted. Students have the option to make necessary changes up to two and a half weeks before the actual test day. Once a preferred schedule is chosen. provided that the notice is received three weeks before the actual exam. Test fees are also non-refundable. But then again. In addition. requests for any change in test schedule and date should be reported directly . test date or test type. the test takers have the option to either register online. there is a need to pay additional fees for changes to be done. For registered students with disabilities. provided that they will pay the test date change fee. SAT Reasoning test takers are encouraged to check on the available testing dates that they find more appropriate for their busy schedule. Request of students who have fee waivers can also be granted a new test date. Should there be any discrepancies on the contact information and score report recipients. students still can make necessary corrections at no extra charge up until nine days after the actual test day. Change fees can be taken from a credit card and transactions can be done via phone. Same is true with changing test centers. such changes will only be applied once there is an available seat for the student on his or her preferred new testing schedule and location.

43 to their SSD Coordinators and the Services for Students with Disabilities office. .

SAT sample tests can be downloaded online from various testing web sites or taken from books. study guides and other reading materials intended specifically for SAT test takers. To give you an idea of the content of the SAT Reasoning test.44 SAT Sample Test – What to Expect During the SAT Test? Do you feel that you are still unprepared for the SAT Reasoning test? Do you fear of not completing SAT on time? Then it is recommended for you to take SAT sample tests to assess yourself on how prepared and ready you are in conquering the SAT Reasoning test. here is a list of sections with their corresponding time constraints: (1) Writing – 60 minutes (total time) (a) Essay = 25 minutes (b) Multiple-choice = 25 minutes (c) Multiple-choice = 10 minutes (2) Critical Reading – 70 minutes (total time) (a) Multiple-Choice = 25 minutes (b) Multiple-Choice = 25 minutes (c) Multiple-Choice = 20 minutes (3) Mathematics – 70 minutes (total time) (a) Multiple-choice and student-produced response = 25 minutes (b) Multiple-Choice = 25 minutes (c) Multiple-Choice = 20 minutes The SAT Reasoning test can be taken in any order for as long as the first and last sections are taken from Writing. Sample tests can definitely give you the advantage of knowing how it feels like to take the actual test and formulate techniques that will help you finish the three sections of the SAT Reasoning test on time. It is .

Mathematics or multiple-choice Writing questions but are very much essential in developing new editions of the SAT in the near future.45 also important to note that a 25-minute unscored section is also included in the SAT test. It may have Critical Reading. .

the Writing section has also two subscores: one is for the multiple-choice writing test (reported on a 20-to-80 scale) and the other one is the 25-minute essay (reported on a 2-to-12 scale). Still stumped? Students can visit the College Board web site for more information about SAT scoring. which is based on the number of questions you answered correctly. Both of the scores from these two readers are combined to produce the 2-to-12 scale. Questions that were skipped or left blank are not counted. on the other hand. ¼ of a point is subtracted on the total number of points. The essay portion of the written exam is independently scored by two readers with 1 to 6 points each. but later on you will get to realize how easy it is to process and derive test results. The first to be computed is a student’s raw score. This makes it possible to generate comparisons among test takers. It is obtained by converting a raw score using a statistical process called equating. On the other hand. It is just plain and simple as you only need two calculations: the raw score and scaled score. It seems to be a bit hard to understand at first. Computing for the raw score is almost similar to scoring a ―Right minus Wrong‖ type of exam. is reported on a 200-to-800 scale. Each correct answer is worth 1 point and for each incorrect answer on a multiple-choice question.46 The Process of Deriving SAT Test Scores You may be wondering how your SAT Reasoning test score is being calculated. minus a fraction of the number answered incorrectly. . This is actually the number of points you earned in the test. The scaled score for each SAT test section.

For an additional fee. while paper scores are usually sent through mail after six weeks. on the other hand. Each of the three sections of the SAT test is graded on a scale of 200 to 800 with two sub-scores for the writing section (essay score and multiple choice sub-score). incorrectly or left blank.400. Here are some nice to know information about SAT test scores. Students usually receive their online score report approximately three weeks after the test. students may also receive a copy of the Question and Answer Service. is based on the percentage of total SAT test takers who received a lower score that you did. This serves as a reference for the student as his or her answers are being displayed against the correct answers to each test question. It is because the SAT score is one of the deciding factors that most academic institutions used in admitting college freshmen. In addition to the SAT score.47 Nice to Know Facts about SAT Scores The most exciting part in taking the SAT Reasoning test is not only about choosing the correct answer on each test question but determining if you have passed the test or not. If you got a pretty high SAT score. The raw score is computed based on the number of questions you answered correctly. This means that the minimum exam score that a student can get is 600 and a maximum score of 2. students will also receive their raw scores and percentile. this means you have great chances of getting accepted in the college or university of your choice. The results of the SAT Reasoning test can be checked online and through mail. . Percentile.

However. Students can also request their scores to be sent to four of their preferred . Scoring. and Other Services Like any other scholastic exam. Summing it all up. Here are the Registration fees for the SAT Reasoning test and SAT Subject Tests: (a) SAT Reasoning test – US $43 (b) SAT Subject Tests Basic Registration fee (per registration) – US $20 Language Test with Listening – add US $20 All other Subject tests – add US $8 Additional processing fees include the following: (a) Phone registration – US $12 (b) Changes made on test date. you will soon realize that it is indeed worth every penny. considering its importance to graduating high school students’ college education. test center or test type – US $21 (c) Late fee – US $22 (d) Standby fee – US $37 (e) International processing fee (per registration) – US $25 (f) Security surcharges to take the test in locations such as India and Pakistan – add $22 Releasing of scores by phone is US $12 on a per call basis. taking the SAT test will definitely take away some valuable money from your pocket. There are a lot of fees to be submitted from registration up until the release of SAT scores. Scores received online and through mail are for free.48 SAT Fees on Registration. the SAT Reasoning test is not for free.

Indeed. per score report costs US $9.49 academic institutions at no extra cost. some of the services listed above are only available by request.50. . Other services including Student Answer Services also have their corresponding fees: (a) Question-and-Answer Service – US $18 (b) Student Answer Service – US $10 (c) Multiple-choice hand score verification – US $50 (d) Essay score verification – US $50 But then again. it is very important to select the most preferable and convenient testing schedule so as to avoid paying such fees. Should there be a need to add more.

SAT test results and the student’s general point average (GPA) will be evaluated by scholastic institutions to determine which among the college applicants are qualified for admissions and can do well in taking their chosen academic course come freshman year and onwards. Because of this.50 Signing up for SAT High school will never be complete without taking the SAT Reasoning test. This will definitely give them an edge over other students who have taken their SAT on senior year. . They can send their intent either via mail or telephone for as long as the notice is received at least three weeks before the preferred test date. They can also register online at the College Board’s web site or better yet seek the advice of the school guidance counselor for more information as to where. Though there is a higher degree of difficulty and probability of failing the exam. Students have several options in signing up for a SAT test schedule. To check for test schedule dates. Students are also given the choice to take their chances on the SAT test as early as junior year. there is no need to worry as they still have senior year to take on the SAT test once again. Pay close attention to registration deadlines and sign up as early as possible. students are encouraged to go to the College Board web site for verification. many students anticipate and take necessary preparations to obtain a pretty good SAT test score. SAT scores are then forwarded to colleges and universities preferred by the student where he/she will pursue in getting that much coveted college diploma. when and how to take the SAT test.

It was published in August of 2006 with 700 plus pages. Another book entitled ―The Official Study Guide for All SAT Subject Tests‖ is popular to high school students who are planning to take one or more SAT Subject Tests. simply buying this new book will also grant buyers free online score reports and discounts to ―The Official SAT Online Course‖. a national non-profit membership association with the mission to prepare and encourage students to pursue college education.51 SAT Study Guides – Getting the Right Information from the Right Sources One of the best books that students can buy to review for the SAT Reasoning test is entitled ―The Official SAT Study Guide‖. (b) raise confidence by reviewing test-taking approaches. In addition. It is the only source of official questions and answers for all Subject Test exams. Both of these books were authored by the men and women behind the College Board. It also contains test-taking tips and strategies with never before published practice tests. This paperback book contains 700 plus pages and 21 chapters. an online courseware with auto essay scoring. and (c) increase the awareness and understanding of the new SAT test format. aiming to help students: (a) gain experience by taking 8 practice tests with corresponding estimated scores. It was originally published in November of 2004 to help prepare students for the new SAT test revised by the College Board in March of 2005. If you are planning to take on SAT in . SAT concepts and practice questions. ―The Official SAT Study Guide‖ is a part of the College Board’s new SAT Readiness Program. It also features two free audio CDs that enable students to practice for the foreign language SAT subject tests.

52 the coming weeks then consider buying any of these study guides and equip oneself with the right information. .

It should also motivate the interest of the SAT test taker to produce more desirable results. Study guides should also include practice SAT test questions to assess oneself on how prepared you are in taking the exam. (b) Content – It must be well-written so that all test takers may not find it difficult to understand. here are two important things that you may want to check up on. Mostly. This means that you should not go beyond what is written on the SAT study guide as it will only waste your valuable time studying things that aren’t included in the test. which happen to be the men and women behind College Board. Always remember to choose a credible .53 Tips on Choosing the Best SAT Study Guide Study guides are good sources of information that can help students ease their way out of the SAT Reasoning test with flying colors. It would be helpful to check feedback from online forum discussions to determine which SAT study guide has truly helped them in getting a pretty good SAT score. (a) Author – A good SAT study guide must be authored by no one else but writers who have carefully researched topics and concepts needed to succeed on the SAT test. Good examples of credible authors are none other than the SAT developers themselves. and not harder. You should study smarter. In finding a real good SAT study guide. It should highlight truly important information delivered in a straight to the point manner. popular study guides are sold in a form of a book among while some are also made available online for everyone to access.

54 study guide author that has in-depth knowledge of SAT so as to avoid false expectations during the actual SAT test. .

French. do you want to know how to impress your preferred college and university and eventually accept you in their institution? If yes. universities.Literature. Chemistry and Physics. All SAT Subject Tests are to be completed within an hour. German. Test questions are purely independent of any method of instruction. not all colleges. (c) Science – Biology. (d) Language – Chinese. However. you may want to make a list of your preferred colleges first. Modern Hebrew and Latin. and other academic institutions require incoming freshmen to take SAT Subject tests. You can also review school catalogues and college handbooks to determine which Subject tests are required for admissions and how many are required for you to take. (b) Mathematics – Level 1 and 2. Korean. Japanese. SAT Subject tests assess a student’s mastery of specific subjects that include the following: (a) English . Italian. then you have to demonstrate a working knowledge of specific subjects by taking SAT Subject tests. Before taking SAT Subject tests. and questions are presented in multiple-choice format. But then again. Spanish. These also change little from year to year. It is also . and (e) History – World History and US History.55 SAT Subject Test – A Display of Mastery of General Subject Areas As a graduating student. depending on the current trends in high school curricula. scores will still be reviewed to determine a student’s competence on major subject areas. thus gaining enough advantage over other college applicants.

56 recommended to take Subject tests toward the end of your junior year or at the beginning of your senior year. it is best to talk to your teacher or school counselor to seek for assistance. . If you happen to be undecided still as to what Subject test that you should take.

Second. This just makes the situation even worse upon hearing the bad news of failing the SAT test. check where the test center is located a day or two before the actual SAT test so as to avoid unexpected circumstances. Lastly. mistakes may . it takes a lot of preparation to get a relatively high SAT score. bring your admission ticket. calculator. IDs. watch. Surely. Do not let such distractions from getting into your way of pursuing that much coveted college education. It is also recommended to leave home early at the day of the test to eliminate worries of being late. First. The SAT Reasoning test should be considered as another big day to be taken critically. take a bladder break before the actual SAT exam. Move away from TV. here are some of the tips that you may find useful to succeed once the actual SAT test date finally arrives. a reliable pen. Third. This is of course with the exception of extraordinary people with brilliant minds like Einstein’s that do not need to take SAT preparations seriously. Focus on what truly matter at the moment and that is to pass the SAT test.57 Tips to Perform Before the Actual SAT Test Date It is but very unfortunate when test takers say ―I should have done this… I should have done that‖ after taking the SAT Reasoning test. Yes. get enough rest the night before the exam. Aside from taking SAT test preps. and other materials that you may use before or during the SAT test. movies and other things that could distract your attention.

.58 happen at times but taking necessary precautions will always be for your own advantage.

Each section is scored between 200 and 800. The SAT Reasoning test is divided into three sections: (a) Critical Reading. Registration is expected to ramp up until these regular deadlines: April 1. . respectively. 2008. You may be wondering why juniors are already allowed to take the test. Late registrations are permitted as well. There are still a lot of weeks to prepare for this roughly three and a half hour standardized test that is usually used as a basis for college admissions in most educational institutions in the United States. 2008. Getting a high SAT score. 2008 and June 7. At least. This is definitely one great offer that is so hard to resist. coupled with excellent grades in all subjects in high school may also mean granting of scholarship from the college or university of your choice. which means that the lowest mark a student could have is 600 with 2400 considered as the perfect score. SAT is open to all high school juniors and seniors. 2008 and May 6. Be sure to check out the College Board web site for more information.59 Marking Down Upcoming SAT Test Dates Have you taken your SAT Reasoning test? If not. (b) Mathematics and (c) Writing. Scheduled SAT test dates on May and June fall on these dates: May 3. a second opportunity is given in the senior year to at least get a more decent SAT score. then you may want to take note of the upcoming SAT test dates in May and June of 2008. This is because of the risk of failing the exam on first attempt.

getting its fare share of additions and eliminations to reach scholastic standards set by various educational institutions.60 The Need to Take Advantage of SAT Test Prep Materials Many high school juniors and seniors are looking forward in taking the SAT Reasoning Test. Indeed. This section of the SAT measures an individual’s knowledge of grammar usage and word choices. in hopes of achieving a pretty decent SAT score. and other references were developed through the years as the SAT Reasoning test also evolves on its own. geometry. These three sections of the SAT should be completed within time limits. (c) Writing – includes a brief essay and multiple choice questions. Such gravity of importance has made it possible for people to come up with a lot of test preparatory materials for students to take advantage of. online tutorials. Topics that students should focus on include algebra and functions. This is because the result of the SAT test will play a critical role in getting admitted to the college or university of their choice. This is the reason why it is very important to take SAT test prep materials so that students can more or less get to feel like taking the actual test. where they will pursue their preferred academic course in a year’s time or so. the SAT test is something . Today’s structure of the SAT consists of the following sections: (a) Mathematics – comprises of three scored sections (two 25-minute and one 20-minute) with corresponding multiple choice questions. statistics. (b) Critical Reading – also consists of three subsections (two 25-minute and one 20-minute) with questions that involve sentence completions and short/long reading passages. Reading materials. data analysis and probability. number and operations.

.61 that should not be taken for granted as it somehow dictates one’s future lifelong career.

design a study plan that fits your schedule. Then. (c) Lastly. and writing utensils in taking practice SAT tests. After checking on the College Board web site for testing schedules. it is then time to prepare the needed materials that you will use before and during the exam. (b) Second. Setting reasonable goals.62 SAT Test Preparation – A Must for Students It has been said that taking too much preparation on any endeavor you would like to pursue on will definitely yield desired results. the more extra effort you exert on SAT test preparation also means getting a relatively high score during the actual . Here is a step by step guide on how to perform smarter SAT test preparation. notebook. (a) First. You have the option to buy a good SAT prep book at the nearest bookstore or borrow one from a library or a friend to save some money. and upon deciding on which testing date and location to take the SAT. Indeed. The SAT test itself will cost you around US $43 so being budget conscious should also be a priority. Students have the option to take necessary preparations such as reading books. assemble all materials needed for the SAT test. taking online courses and getting tutorials before the actual test. coupled with strong selfdiscipline to follow through are just the right ingredients of getting better chances of achieving a higher SAT score. reevaluate if there is a need to attend SAT classroom discussions or hire an SAT in-house tutor to make room for more learning opportunities. The same is true with the SAT Reasoning test. make an effort to save money to pay for SAT test expenses. You may also want to ready your calculator.

it is just right to be optimistic because everything will turn out just fine. With such great preparation. .63 test.

The verbal section contains antonyms.64 The SAT Test Evolution The SAT test was developed by a psychologist in the person of Carl Brigham. definitions. The decision to split the verbal and math sections of the SAT test was made in 1930. The math section. arithmetic. paragraph reading and double definitions. analogies. In 1928. the time limit was increased to about two hours. Because of this. In its initial offering on June 17. math was eliminated. The first official administration of the SAT test was on June 23. the College Board was able to sign up 973 students to take the test across 67 locations. The true essence of . It was still then known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test. A 315-question exam was given to more than 8. The test includes sections such as classification. Years passed by and there were still some additions and eliminations done in the SAT test.000 students at 300 plus testing centers. and paragraph reading among others to be answered in little over an hour and a half. only one thing is for sure. This was again decreased to 6 in 1929. It even changed its name to Scholastic Assessment Test in 1990 and was later on changed to simply SAT. 1901. It was originally used in colleges and universities situated in the north-eastern part of the United States as a way to get rid of test bias between people from various socioeconomic backgrounds. 1926. Though the exam concept continues to evolve through the years. Exams given in this era focus more on verbal ability. though the number of verbal sections was reduced to 7. on the other hand. contained 100 free response questions.

. no less.65 SAT is to always measure an individual’s knowledge and skills in pursuing a college degree – no more.

extra score reports. where and how to take the SAT. standby testing. December.66 The Basics of SAT Testing It is a good thing to note that SAT Reasoning test is being offered seven times a year in the United States. May and June. Typically. This means that SAT test takers have a lot of time to prepare for such a critical determinant of one’s future career. There are also additional fees to be applied for late registration. are also given special accommodations when taking the SAT. This only goes to show that everyone is entitled to acquire knowledge through education that even individuals in less fortunate situations can also dream of pursuing their chosen career path in the future. Before taking the exam. SAT testing dates are usually scheduled in October. the College Board brings hope and good news to low income students as it also issues fee waivers. both physical and learning. They also have the option to sign up by mail and by telephone. SAT test in other countries is also offered on the same dates as in the United States. November. students can log on to the College Board web site for more information. . students should secure a test fee of US $43 (or US $68 if the test is taken in foreign countries). To register. March or April. the SAT test is being administered every first Saturday of the month. But then again. More or less. given that the notice will be made at least three weeks before the SAT test date. Students can also contact their school’s guidance counselor as to when. For students with disabilities. scores by telephone and some other registration changes. January.

first date. The SAT Reasoning Test is a standardized college admission exam in the United States. College education somehow dictates the future career of a person and success can only be attained by making that very first step of conquering the SAT test. This is not only a life changing instance but a critical stage on a person’s life as well. high school students (typically juniors and seniors) should not only think of getting good grades. Getting a high score in SAT may also mean taking the desired course on a preferred institution. This is the time when people experience a lot of ―firsts‖ in their lives – first recital. with Educational Testing Service (ETS) as the one administering and scoring all exams. colleges and universities use SAT scores to forecast how well an individual will do on his or her academic subjects in college. high school is often regarded as the most memorable and exciting. Because of this. first kiss. it seems that high school is all about having fun while at the same time. namely Mathematics. acquiring knowledge and skills needed for college education. each of which contains problem solving questions that will assess a candidate’s critical thinking skills. but pass the SAT Reasoning Test as well. Writing and Critical Reading. It consists of three major sections. . Aside from high school grades.67 The Importance of Taking SAT Tests On any person’s journey. Having this said. High school is also the time for people to make new friends and explore limitless boundaries that will eventually lead to understanding one’s own true self. and even first love. It is owned and developed by a non-profit organization known as College Board.

But then again. There are some students who excel in writing but find it challenging to solve math problems. One-on-one SAT tutoring is ideal for students who would like an expert tutor to support them along the way. as what they always say. there are certain exemptions to the rule and not all students have that drive to pursue on a college education.68 Getting an SAT Private Tutor for a Cause Some parents find SAT tutoring irrelevant because they think that their kids have enough time in doing their own reviews and preparations. for as long as the tutor will cater to the learning style of the student. Oneon-training can definitely push a student to the limit using the right motivational techniques. This is indeed a faster and more efficient approach. bear in mind these sample scenarios: (a) Students who seek for faster learning. (c) Students who are not exceptionally motivated. However. Most students nowadays have different priorities and parents are truly fortunate if SAT belongs to that list. Through one-onone SAT tutoring. . (b) Students who are weak in one or more areas of SAT. For parents to determine if resorting to SAT tutoring is just the right move. There are some students who just want to get away from it all due to lack of the needed drive to pursue on bigger things. Just wait for the SAT results and you will definitely say that SAT tutoring is just the right thing to do. this is just a single side of the coin as there are still a lot of factors to be considered as hindrance to SAT success. Though hiring a private tutor may be a bit costly. it still brings about a lot of benefits. assigned tutors can easily determine problem areas and focus on them to seek progress before the actual SAT test date.

One very good criterion is the SAT score. convenient since your private tutor will be the one going right at your doorsteps. as they say. In-house private tutoring. These are just a few of the many . Educational institutions have certain standards as to who among several high school students can walk into their premises and get enrolled to the academic course of their own choice. You can choose from any of these three tutoring options: (a) Online/classroom tutoring. SAT tutoring is a regular one-on-one interaction with an expert who will help you understand SAT concepts and determine areas of concern that you have to focus on before the actual test date. such as Princeton and Kaplan. You will be provided with reference materials. Online/classroom tutoring means that you will have access to online SAT content while getting directions from an instructor. you will be grouped with other students who share similar needs and interests. On small group tutoring. offer a wide range of solutions that will definitely ensure you of getting a considerably good SAT score.69 Why Get into SAT Tutoring? It is not that easy to get into your preferred college or university. (b) Small group tutoring and (c) In-house private tutoring. This is the reason why it would be best to keep up with the challenges and get the preparation you need to conquer the SAT Reasoning test. practice tests and other important tutorial lessons that will hasten your knowledge and skills needed to prep you up for college education. is more comprehensive and at the same time. Providers of SAT tutoring services. One good thing that you may want to consider is SAT tutoring.

70 techniques that students can get into in hopes of getting high SAT scores. .

online tutorials. Aside from providing in-house tutoring lessons. Kaplan and Princeton are two of the best known providers of SAT tutorial and preparatory courses for junior and senior students who are about to take the SAT Reasoning test. Most SAT tutors are teachers by profession. Given the experience of leading classroom courses will help them in making it easy for students to understand a wide variety of topics to further hasten their writing and reading skills that make up two-thirds of the SAT test. Students can also resort to attending classroom courses. there are still a lot of options to consider in maximizing one’s chance of getting a high SAT test score. there are still some who finds hiring a SAT tutor very essential to leave all worries behind and start to think positively about their child’s future. SAT tutors should be conversational and must demonstrate strong communication skills. reading books and other reference materials. They should translate dull subjects into interesting lessons to make room for more enthusiastic discussions. Each SAT tutoring service guarantees highly skilled and knowledgeable tutors to give students full attention and quality time in preparation for the actual SAT test.71 Yielding More Favorable Test Results with the Help of SAT Tutors Do you think it is still necessary to resort to tutoring to prepare your kids in the SAT Reasoning test? Though it may appear as not required to others. then hiring an in-house tutor is more favorable. Some also have devised test taking techniques that can be applied and are proven effective in improving one’s SAT . For those who find it hard to absorb all relevant information about SAT.

SAT test outcomes will definitely be more favorable. With the help of a reliable tutor. .72 score.

Analogies may require students to memorize a list of tough vocabulary words to outwit the Verbal test. wherein the student will be asked questions after reading a long or short passage regarding physical sciences. sentence completion is all about testing one’s vocabulary as it requires the test taker to select one (or may be two) word that can best complete a given sentence. The major difference between these two is that the Verbal section includes analogies without short reading passages. on the other hand. vocabulary is still associated with Critical Reading however it would be easier . It also involves questions concerning sentence completion and short/long reading passages. Previously. Reading passages makes most of the Critical Reading section. and the Writing section measures one’s ability in sentence construction and grammar usage. namely Mathematics. assesses a student’s reading comprehension. humanities. statistics and probability. the Critical Reading section. While the Mathematics section tests an individual’s knowledge of algebra. It is because of this very reason that this section was later changed to Critical Reading to focus more on reading comprehension other than vocabulary.73 Changing SAT Lanes from Verbal to Critical Reading The SAT Reasoning test consists of three sections. Stretching those reading muscles is more important to easily distinguish hidden clues or meanings of vocabulary words within the context of the sentence. The test is timed so it is necessary to read the passages with full attention to easily answer questions based on the read excerpt. Writing and Critical Reading. Generally. Indeed. the Critical Reading section was known as Verbal section. social sciences and personal narratives. geometry.

74 for students to answer test questions correctly once he or she has mastered the art of reading critically. .

With the SAT View. wrong or omitted. As you apply for college. colleges would ask for the results of your SAT exam. the total number of questions. a student is given a history of the SAT score recipients where the scores have previously been sent. your raw score. such as the number of questions you answered right. and the percentiles number of college entrants who took the SAT exam.75 View Your SAT Scores Online Most colleges in the United States require college entrants to have passed the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT). With the SAT View. Every year millions of students usually from the junior and senior years take the SAT. The testing institution will send this to the colleges. The SAT View brings awareness to SAT takers to see their entire score history. It is a student advantage to be accepted in universities and at same time an edge to avail of scholarship. It aids colleges and universities in the selection of students. Registration on SAT may be done online. Your SAT score report can be viewed online and is available free to students who took the SAT. This online registration allows you to view the dates available and testing centers that you can take the SAT exam. students are able to determine how well they did in the exam. but the SAT online report provides features that will enable student to understand their SAT scores. . Students still receive their SAT score report in the mail. It also allows you to view your SAT scores at a specified period.

It is important that takers should practice a lot of reading. One of the hardest parts in the SAT Exam is the SAT reading comprehension or sentence completion section. To pass the SAT is for students to have a wide knowledge of vocabulary. The SAT is your key to college. The sentence completion may look simple but the question is most often catchy. You need to be familiar as well of the synonyms and antonyms of the word. future takers start working on their vocabulary as early as their early years in high school. A wide vocabulary tends to improve your intelligence. Most SAT vocabulary materials provide tips for SAT takers on better understanding words. writing and improving their vocabulary. It is a test of skills and abilities. The SAT result is a factor that most schools consider in student admission. There are many reference books available that will help you increase your vocabulary. Most takers are confused of the choosing the right word appropriate to fill in the blank. The SAT vocabulary is like getting a dictionary. . invest on working your vocabulary. Some are made available free over the internet and some books that you can purchase. It is necessary that you have to understand the parts of the sentence carefully before you select your answer. It is advisable that as early as you can. speaking skills and image.76 Improve Your SAT Vocabulary The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is a standardized exam that is used to assess a college in bound student of how prepared one is to be college.

It makes you communicate well and makes you a more educated person. if you want to go to a good college or university. The Words List is designed by module. It is also for this reason that learners will not be overwhelmed and confused with the large number of words to learn at one time. Therefore. This is to allow learners to take time to learn words and test their vocabulary skills after each module. You must have a wide knowledge of vocabulary words to be able to pass this section.77 Phase Learning through SAT Vocabulary Word List If you are to take the SAT you need to remember that one of the hardest sections in the SAT exam is the Critical Reading Section. Improve your vocabulary is one thing. you would need to prepare yourself for the SAT exam. . This section includes questions on reading comprehension. Some provide word lists presented based on the level of difficulty. Remember that building your vocabulary is not a waste of time. There are lots of free websites over the internet that provide SAT vocabulary words that help takers quickly and memorize these vocabulary words. The SAT Vocabulary Word List is designed to ease the learning of SAT takers. Each word list normally contains 100 important words. as the sentences and questions are too catchy. There are tips that are provided to students on how to remember words easily. Module completion is based on the pacing of how quick you learn. completion of sentences and understanding long passages.

You communicate well if you are able to grasp what others are talking. . You can even be driving your car and still find time to increase your vocabulary. the less of your understanding on situations. The section is just about reading but it also requires that SAT takers must be able to understand the parts of the passage and supply the missing words or the appropriate word for the sentence. SAT vocabulary words help you build your vocabulary. Some providers provide materials in CD downloadable form. This would allow learners to go back to their previous practice results and compare their improvement compared to online free test on SAT vocabulary words. SAT vocabulary words are common words that were given during previous SAT exams.78 Ways to Learn SAT Vocabulary Words There are various ways to increase your vocabulary. as most materials do provide test skills after each module. which can be played over. there are several study materials that you may avail free or purchase at stores or over the internet. The less vocabulary you have. The study of the SAT vocabulary words is necessary for those who will take the SAT exam. Increasing your vocabulary words in preparation for the SAT would help you get that SAT score result you want to enter college. A section in the SAT exam considered the hardest among the sections in the exam is the Critical Reading Section. SAT vocabulary words are also available on CDs and tapes. If you intend to take the SAT exam. SAT vocabulary words allow learners to test their understanding of the words.

There are also websites over the internet where previous SAT takers provide SAT Vocabulary words to help future takers learn words that they encountered during their previous SAT exam. One of the hardest sections in the SAT exam is the Critical Reading Section. It is in this section that your vocabulary is tested. SAT Vocabulary materials are not to be viewed only for future SAT takers. Yu need to have a wide knowledge SAT Vocabulary materials are available at stores or online. Applying the right words to the blank is the test of your vocabulary words. The Critical reading includes item type of questions on reading comprehension. Guides and help tips are provided to make students understand the word meaning easy. One of the factors that these schools require in bound college students is the SAT results. sentence completion and paragraph length critical reading. Passages are based into one or two passages and mostly catchy questions that will test your understanding of how well you understood the sentence or passage. It is also your way of assessing your skills and abilities and your preparedness in entering college.79 How wide is your SAT Vocabulary Knowledge Getting into college is not as easy as you think it should be. . It consists of short and long passages. but should be viewed as an aid in increasing your vocabulary as well. Most colleges and universities tend to be choosy on the students that they would want to admit. Taking the SAT and passing the exam will aid schools in the selection of students that is best fitted in their institution.

Get acquainted with SAT words. compact discs. Students are given the chance to test their skills in their learning of SAT words at the end of each module. You do not even have to memorize. Most colleges and universities require that you are a passer of the SAT. a high or low score on the SAT may break one’s chances of acceptance. SAT is a standardized test given to in bound college students. SAT word materials are designed according to level of difficulty. It is a test that determines how equipped the student is to enter college. Depending on the institution standards. These materials aim to ease the learning of words quickly. The Critical Reading Section is one of the hardest sections of the SAT exam. and free access on internet websites. Your word vocabulary may require further boost prior to SAT exam. These words are not the words that you use every day. sentence completion and reading comprehension. One should really prepare for the SAT exam and aim for higher score to be on the edge among others.80 Getting to Know SAT Words Your key to entering college is to take the Scholastically Assessment Test (SAT). The SAT words are common words that usually appear on SAT exams. understanding of passages. It aids them to determine if you are qualified to become part of their institution. definition and relation of the words to the sentence or paragraph. tapes. this section is all about words. . This section tests the student’s knowledge in word meanings. In totality. some materials provide learners with root words to remember. The SAT words materials are made available to users through the form of books.

The SAT writing will be graded by high school and college teachers. Students will be asked to develop their point of view on issues. The SAT Writing Section of the SAT includes multiple choice questions and student written essay. This section tests the student’s grammar. or observations. You should remember that not because your essay is long would mean you will get a high score in SAT Writing. sentence construction. it is time for you to apply those words in your writing. The questions under the Multiple Choice seeks to measure the students ability to improve sentences and paragraphs. grammar. present their examples clearly and be realistic and meaningful on how they give their reasoning and evidences. readings. proper word usage. The student written essay or short essay measures the student’s ability to organize and express ideas clearly. and wordiness. usage and word choice skills. Students should remember to understand and read the assignment carefully.81 What Covers the SAT Writing Section With your increased knowledge in SAT vocabulary words. It also assesses the students ability to identify errors that includes diction. It is the content and how you were able to deliver your insights that counts most. To support the ideas is to based their writing on their own experiences. subject-verb agreement. Another type of question is the Multiple Choice Writing Question. The Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is consists of three parts and these are the test in match. critical reading and writing. . and apply their reasoning skills and evidence.

As such. This is because the content of the Scholastic Aptitude Test also comes from the different subject areas that are taken up during freshman up to junior high school. this means that everything your teachers have lectured on in class has a high chance of coming out in the exam – so if you have not been paying attention or did do enough to copy your lessons on your notebook.82 Studying for the SAT Starts NOW When high school looms to a close and many upperclassmen are scrambling to crack open their books and burrow their heads in reviewers. Before one goes to college. preparation begins early on – so it is highly encouraged for even mere freshmen to actually think about their impending Scholastic Aptitude Tests looming in the horizon as they begin their experience in high school. It is very difficult for someone who is lazy during the first few years of his high school life to suddenly wake up and start studying for the SAT. but a lot also end up getting a low score. . in class standing and discipline in one’s self. you know the season has arrived – the SAT season. Basically. it is a national test that measures the academic proficiency of all American or United States-based students to see if they have what it takes to make it to college. This is because the key to the SAT is consistency – in academics. Most students pass the highly rigorous exam. Basically. you will end up having a mountain to study for in order to be proficient enough for the exam. that is. he or she will need to pass the Scholastic Aptitude Test.

chemistry. 1929. There have been more changes that took place in the following years especially in 1946 and 1994.83 The Evolution of SAT 1 Reasoning Test The SAT 1Reasoning test is being taken by many students as a part of completing the requirements for admission to college. And there were also complaints about some questions being ambiguous so that too was dealt with. Greek. This test is composed of three parts and they are math. This time the languages were taken out and the exam covered more on skills in math definition. All of which made adjustments on the coverage of the exam and the time limit set for the examinees. analogy and paragraph reading. Math was taken out in the 1928 revision but it was reintroduced in 1930. German and French. They were made to improve the credibility of the exam and its ability to measure intelligence. 1930 and 1936. it was not until 1926 that the first SAT was given to students. The exam was actually made more difficult this time. The coverage then was further revised in 1928. It also covered other subjects such as physics. This is in response to the trend that more and more students were actually getting perfect scores on the test. critical reading and writing. Latin. The SAT 1 Reasoning Test as it is known today has undergone many changes. All answers were given in essay form. . math and history. The College Board first administered an exam in 1901 and it included questions on five languages namely English. And then finally. However. the last revision was done in 2005. It is a standardized examination that is being given to measure the critical thinking capabilities of the future college students.

on the other hand gives you a twenty-minute allotment in order to write an essay. writing. This time. but you use these skills in order for the test giving body to determine how well you fare in the different areas of history. Social Studies and History. This type of test is composed of a set of twenty different tests that focus on the different and highly specific disciplines of subjects like English. This way. math. Each of the subject tests last for around an hour and is composed of pure multiple-choice questions. Mathematics. Of course. many colleges use the SAT II scores in two specific ways – to help them make better admission decisions and make the right placement options for their students.84 SAT 2 – A Determinant of Your College Admission Options Aside from the regular SAT or Scholastic Aptitude Test. you have a test that is supposed to measure how competent you are in the specific disciplines. chemistry and other subjects. The SAT II is different from the SAT I. critical thinking and reading skills are part and parcel of such tests. they can pit the different scores you have on your exam with the type of course you want to take up in college and determine if you really can hack it through the program based on the type of skills you currently possess precollege. The Writing Test. In fact. The SAT II is important because it is a good indicator of how well you will fare in college. save for the Writing Test. you also have the SAT II. Foreign Languages and Physical Science. .

you make a choice depending on what the admission criteria of the school of your choice are. . These four exams are designed to determine your educational development as well as your ability to complete work in the college level. so you need to look at the characteristics of both tests to determine which one will be better suited to your abilities as a test taker. As for scoring. Additionally. remember that only the correct answers will count in order to come up with your composite or your average score. This test is different from the ACT because you have more time to take it – specifically. the ACT test is composed of four multiple choice subject tests that tackle Math. People cannot say that the ACT is easier than the Sat or vice versa. Reading and Science. the ACT also has an optional writing test that has thirty minutes long and designed to determine your skill in both planning and writing a simple essay. It starts with a twenty-five minute essay writing section and then progresses to Critical Reading and then Math. however. You will have two hours and fifty-five minutes for the test with a break in between. English. The SAT on the other hand. Whichever test you choose. While one test is not really more superior to the other.85 Which is Which? SAT and ACT When it comes to choosing the right test you want to take before college. three hours and five minutes. will certainly be beneficial towards your pursuit of college acceptance. is geared towards measuring your ability in general thinking as well as problem solving. you might be choosing between the SAT and the ACT. For example.


The Usefulness of the SAT Average
If you want to pass the SAT or the Scholastic Aptitude Test, you will need to meet the minimum level. Most SAT reports publish annual information regarding the previous year’s exam takers, so this should be really helpful in you getting a sense of what you need to get in the test to merit satisfactory nods from the academic institutions you want to be part of later. To give you an idea, the average mean score in the SAT critical reading, mathematics and writing tests are 502, 515 and 494, respectively. These are last year’s average scores which were based on the most recent scores of students who were graduating. Since the averages are different among groups of students who took the test, you ought not compare your possible score based on one particular group. That is, unless, one group happens to have the same characteristics as you. There are other areas in the entire SAT test, and most of the average scores that run around these areas are from higher or lower five hundred to higher or lower six hundred. These other areas are, in particular, English, History and Social Studies, Mathematics, Sciences, and Language Tests. So what is one to do with these average scores? If you think you can get a really good score on your PSATs then you are more or less on the safe side. It is important to know the average scores so you will have an idea of which areas you need to pull up in order to make the overall passing grade.


How to Choose the Best SAT Books
Studying for the SAT or the Scholastic Aptitude Test? Though you might want to hold out on a review course, you really ought to consider getting some SAT books in order to help you study for that much anticipated exam. There are many different kinds of SAT books – all of them very useful, but in particular ways and cater to a wide variety of audiences. So how does one choose the right one for the maximum benefits? First, you begin with a trip to your regular bookstore or favorite online shop. You might want to scan a couple of books, give or take three, and look up reviews on the Internet. Looking at reviews will give you an idea of how others found the book and if it was useful to a person who is like you at all. Other important things you need to check when it comes to choosing your book are the extra benefits. Sure, you pay for the paper and the content written on it – but you also deserve a little extra perk here and there. Some books come with compact discs of simulated exams and some will give you bonus hours on a website that will let you in on useful and handy secrets about acing the test. These benefits are important, and such could actually be the decisive factor between two seemingly similar books which you really cannot choose between both. Of course, the price is also a consideration. Ideally, you should shell out some more for the SAT books but get value for money. Check if the book you want has all the sections covered and includes comprehensive answer keys as well as review notes. This is important because you will need to know how you fare in order to make your purchase worth the amount you paid for.


Get Higher Marks with SAT Class
You might be a busy senior who has a lot of his mind – including your impending Scholastic Aptitude Test or SAT. How do you find the right study time for such an important exam if you are busy with a lot of activities? The answer is to commit yourself to an SAT class. Committing yourself to an SAT class will force you to make time and study for such a test. This class is ideally offered in your own school after regular school hours so it will not be such a hassle for you to transfer from school mode to review mode. Most high schools actually have their own SAT programs so it is always wise to sign up for it and be early. It is also better if you have a sign up class with your own classmates for support. In an SAT class, you will learn all about the different test questions and you will try your hand at answering each one. There will be areas that you will find difficulty in, so the wise move that you can make is to consult with your SAT class teacher so he or she can help you come up with devices that will allow you to understand and retain the information so you may easily retrieve it come test time. Remember, the SATs are practically once in a lifetime so you better make good and exhaust all of your studying opportunities –which also includes the SAT class that you can take.

you can gauge your own capabilities compared to the other students. Your classmates may even extend the learning in your own personal and common time. So without looking like you are extremely competitive or grade conscious. you will learn all about the components of the test. While others can do this on their own.89 The Advantage of SAT Classes Enrolling in classes in order to prepare for the Scholastic Aptitude Test is a great way to ensure that you are adequately prepared for the test itself. Also. One can really win in SAT classes because you get the social support you need and there is a professional instructor which can help you out right away. remember that what they get in the test will pull up or pull down the percentile curve – this will have an effect on your own marks as well. While there are some people who can get by with self-reviews. you will surely be able to make good in your SAT classes and benefit a whole lot from them. When you keep these things in mind. . Another thing that is good about SAT classes is you can get social support from your peers. While you are all friends and everything. the advantage of having a review class is that you can have your unique questions answered in an instant – even questions which any book might not have been able to anticipate. always be aware of the standing of the other members of your class. In class. others will get better scores with SAT classes.

these coaching programs even have schedules that will match yours so it will not make too much of a dent in your schedule if ever you happen to be such a busy bee. What is more. Each coaching session are usually two hours long but there can also be cases wherein sessions will be an hour and a half or two hours and a half. depending on the need of the student. No matter what kind of learner you are. so people who feel like they can benefit from the additional courses will surely find it a very handy way to boost up their scores in the test. Two hours is the ideal amount because the student will have ample time to really absorb the contents of the review materials. you will get a coach that will make sure you learn all the information you need. There are also courses on advanced preparation. But what if one needs additional help or prefers solitary study? The answer just might lie in another method which is called SAT coaching. . In SAT coaching.90 Better Scores with SAT Coaching The SAT test usually sends a lot of high school seniors to hunt down the different types of ways that they can study for it. This is good for all kinds of students – those who have a hard time. it is strongly recommended that you set aside ample time for study when it comes to SAT. books and review classes are the top choices of the majority. However. those who are just average and those who want that extra oomph to their already impeccable record. you will be assisted by a tutor who will make sure you are in a tailor fit program so you get to learn in the best possible way. As it so happens.

These added benefits include guidance. of course) in different programs and services that are about college admissions and offer other perks as well. The College Board really is a godsend for all people whose lives are affected by the Scholastic Aptitude Test and thus will really be a force that helps people have better outcomes and improved maps to the future. Every year. This College Board was established in the year 1900 and links together more than five thousand and four hundred schools – colleges. the College Board does well by sending roughly seven million students (together with their parents. This is really good news for both students and parents alike. because no matter who is agonizing over the impending exam there is a support system that can guide them through it. . universities and other educational organizations alike. assessment. They even have a Test Preparation Center where you can find trusted materials as well as sound advice to help you prepare for the exam. enrollment and other. This is a non-profit organization which helps students succeed in college and have more opportunities.91 College Board: Helping SAT Hopefuls Since Day 1 Feeling a bit lost when it comes to learning all about and getting support for the upcoming Scholastic Aptitude Test? You can stop feeling your way through the entire process by logging on the College Board website for everything you need to know about the SAT. But the College Board is also very popular when it comes to their programs for the Scholastic Aptitude Tests as well as the Preliminary SATs. financial aid.

you will be able to have more opportunities to learn about the ins and outs of the Scholastic Aptitude Test. you need to make sure that they offer the basic benefits that you deserve. But when it comes to the Scholastic Aptitude Test or SAT. To give you an idea of what kind of essay you ought to come up with (or perhaps a simple inspiration in order to give your paper direction). you need to exert extra effort in order to really have a better chance of getting a high score in your SAT. There are many kinds of online SAT courses. but they more or less offer the same thing – or rather.92 SAT Courses to Improve Your Study Time Cracking open a book or going through your classmates reviewers is fine for studying for a simple exam for school. And of course. Moreover. The really good ones offer around eighteen interactive lessons and give you six times the number of official practice tests that have hundreds upon hundreds of practice questions. If you do this. there are sample student essays that show plenty of evidence on the things you need to take not of in order to pass the test. Coupled with detailed answer explanations. . you will surely find these types of SAT courses a great opportunity to learn about the exam and so much more. the only way to do this is to sign up for SAT courses online. such as at least sixteen online sessions per account and sample exams. these also process your own personalized score reports and also allow opportunities to come up with essay exams which are checked using an automated scoring system).

Feel like you are stuck in a rut? Remember that all the things you need to know in order to answer the question can be found in the passage. . as these end up following the entire logic of the passages you need to read. This is because it only takes a few minutes to do this as opposed to the more time costly passage-based reading questions. On the flip side. that is). When it comes to the Critical Reading portion of the exam. at first glance. And there are also some which will require you to do sentence completion-like tasks. the same does not hold true for the reading questions. Also keep in mind that the sentence completion questions get even more difficult as you progress through the questions (for as long as you answer them in order. There are some questions which you need to refer back to around one or two reading passages. Try not to be misled by a particular answer that might. This used to be known as the verbal section and it also includes both short and long passages which the test taker has to read. it is better to work on the sentence completion questions before the other types. This only means that you need to read carefully in order to determine whether an answer is correct or not.93 Getting Critical With SAT Critical Reading One important section of the Scholastic Aptitude Test is the Critical Reading Section. seem the correct one – but in reality is not really a part of the actual text that is found in the package.

take comfort in the fact that the SAT runs seven times a year. There are some months that allow test takers to do the SAT as well as the Subject Test (or otherwise known as the SAT II Test). be aware of the registration deadlines of all the testing dates. First off. For regular applicants. Secondly. Then again. you should have submitted your test application around the first week of September already.94 Noteworthy Tips to Make it to Your SAT Date If you are of the disorganized kind. Luckily for you. there are also months wherein only the Scholastic Aptitude Test and not the Subject Test are allowed. you might have a bit of trouble figuring out your schedule – especially when it comes to your schedule for the upcoming Scholastic Aptitude Test. you need to file your application and register an entire month before the actual test. However. plot it out on your planner and make sure you get to file for your SAT in time to make it to the test date of your choice! . Usually this single test month is in March. Keep this information in mind. Late registrants usually have an extra week to submit their requirements but will be subject to late fee chargers as a result. there are few guidelines you might want to take note of for you to be able to make it to your SAT date. So if the test you want to take is on October 2. you need to know which particular kind of test runs on a particular month. From October to June you can sign up for the Scholastic Aptitude Test at the month of your choice.

Such an essay will be graded and scored by high school and college instructors who have received special training for such a component. Because the test is designed to reflect your own capacities for reasoning and expressing your own ideas.95 How NOT to Fret Over Your SAT Essay Feeling jittery over the essay portion of the Scholastic Aptitude Test? Do not fret because it will not be as bad as you think. wealth of experience. keep in mind that the test is supposed to measure your ability to be powerful enough to deliver your own point of view when it comes to any particular issue you may be asked to elucidate on. observations and formal studies. remember that there is also an allowance for thinking time in order to encourage the students to come up with better essays. . For example. All you need to do in order to be at ease with the test is to know the different things about it. While you are bounded by a time limit. Since it follows the conventions of the standard form of written English. The test also checks how well you can support your own point of view by making full use of varied reasoning abilities and deriving samples from your readings. you will also need to steer clear of any casual language. you should take your time to carefully develop all the points you wish to make in this section. Each person who is assigned to evaluate the essay will give it his or her own scores that range from 1 to 6 (with six being the highest score) as determined by the quality of your entire essay as well as your ability to write in a competent manner.

96 Timely Tips to Prepare for the SAT Exam The mark of a true blue high school senior may be reflected in the dark circles under his eyes and the paper cuts on his fingers due to much page leafing. You also need to invent your own devices for studying such as mnemonics and word games that help sharpen your ability to recall terms. This means buying books. you need to start early to gain a foothold in the exam. Which is why there are some things one needs to know in order to result in great scores in the SAT. though certainly not the bane of existence of most high school seniors. And above all. Based on one’s scores on the exam. This SAT exam. the less you will need to cram come crunch time. Some admissions committee turn to the SAT exam scores of their applicants to determine which of two seemingly equal candidates deserve the slot for the next academic school year as a freshman member of their prestigious academic institution. make sure you exhaust all means or vehicles for learning. And a lot of students know this. really is somewhat a ticket to academic excellence. he or she will be able to influence his or her standing in whatever academic institution the student applied for. signing up for online courses and establishing study groups. These are usually evidences of his staying up late and spending long hours studying for the Scholastic Aptitude Test or SAT. facts and figures. This is because the more time you have. enrolling in classes. . To score really well in the SAT exam.

Itemize the contents of the exam and spread the study topics equally over the time you have to study. do get a professional tutor or teacher to help you and your study group (if you have one) go over the tricky details of the test contents. . Secondly.97 Smart Solutions for SAT Exam Preparation Contrary to popular belief. you will know how much more you need to review on particular subjects. make sure you draft out a schedule of study blocks. preparing for the Scholastic Aptitude Test can actually be quite manageable if you know where to begin and where your efforts will end up. For starters. Third. Whether you have one year or one month. check out online courses that allow you to take sample tests and process your results in an instant. When you know how you fare on the practice test. you need to get your hands on as many review materials as possible. This will allow you to learn the material in manageable bits and pieces without getting overwhelmed. you need to check the time frame of the exam deadline. But before you buy your materials. knowing exactly how long the study time is will allow you to determine how you can pace yourself. Fifth. A professional teacher or a tutor will be able to answer whatever questions you might have regarding the exam. do make wise purchases by checking out which ones appeal to you and which ones look comprehensive enough to qualify as a good purchase. Fourth.

98 If you follow these tips to the letter. . you will have a better chance of getting a good score on your SAT.

Wake up early in the morning and do your reading. One tip is to take the PSAT. Before the exam. This way. Study in advance and focus on the main areas that you are not very good with. Keep in mind that although it is a necessary evil that you have to tackle. Of course this is not to say that same questions will appear in the actual SAT. then focus a bit more attention to math. It is also very helpful to keep a healthy diet and lifestyle. Instead. but this is a way to have a "feel" of what to expect. but math is a challenge. One can think and focus better at studying after a good night sleep. For example if you are very good in Critical Reading and Writing. a student can gauge how he can make it on the actual exam. it is their ticket to entry into the world of college. take time to de-stress and get a positive attitude. it is not a puzzle that has no solution. it does entail a lot of preparation and although the SAT is a long exam. Maintain a healthy diet too. Never. Focus and don't let nervousness get the better of you! . Just like any ordinary exams. or the Preliminary SAT. get enough rest and eat well.sound body and mind so to speak.99 Helpful Tips in Preparing for SAT Exams Taking the SAT exams can be stressful for many high school students. Staying up too late and not eating at the right time will not help you at all. After all. It's only logical to practice before the actual exams after a period of preparation. ever try to cram a week or a few days before the SAT exam! This is a common mistake that kids do in order to pass.

It is best to find the best SAT prep book among reviews being said by those who previously used this. There are even websites with test items which you can practice on. On the actual day. One can opt to buy or barrow more than one prep book to find the best Test Items that you can use for practice. you can relax and not psych yourself out. similar to the items given in the actual SAT test. The questions are assumed to be based on the questions. It is only logical to take a PSAT. the more confident you become about taking the exam. you can post a relevant question and those who have experienced taking the exams can give answers. . Join forums and some discussion boards to see what students and parents are saying about these prep books. look for useful websites that can give you tips in preparing. The more you practice.100 SAT Test Item Finders That Can Help You Pass the Exam The only way to pass the SAT exam is to prepare well for it? And what better way to prepare than to find the best SAT test items among prep books. one can find many titles of books that are available for every reviewer. one can have a ―dry run‖ of the actual exam. In the internet alone. This will give you a good idea about the difficulty of questions for the actual exams help you prepare for what’s to come. This way. Lastly. In discussion boards. It is not wise to spend money on something that is worthless in the end. Remember that practice makes perfect.

In any exams. anon profit organization in the United States. and most importantly. Keep in mind that a matter is achieved thru patience and perseverance. focus is necessary. It would also help if you put an effort improving your vocabulary. read a lot. ask your teachers. So what is SAT anyway? For those who are not familiar with SAT. It is said that SAT is bound to measure critical thinking needed for college. and join study programs. and more job opportunities. more money. it is a standardized exam developed by the College Board. Such universities and colleges would require SAT results. including that of SAT. It's always a good choice to pick out an elite school sin they offer the best facilities and are known to have rigorous standards. the better the chance at entering an excellent university. They are also known to hire the best faculty members so that we can be assured of quality education. spare time to study. Remember that in preparing for SAT. better potential.101 What to Know that Would Help Prepare for SAT So what is the significance of a college education? Why do people allot money just for this purpose? A college degree is equivalent to broader knowledge. These are some tips that would help prepare for the SAT exams. They can also be a big help in some areas such as tackling time when taking the SAT exams . it's a lot of help if you are focused on the subject matter. attend class every day. Do not hesitate to ask persons who have already taken the exams or better yet. The higher your SAT scores.

U. Putting it in simple terms. So it is best to review your old notes. The bad thing though about being specific in a subject is that the questions become harder if you don't really know the answer. SAT II covers specific subjects. How much simple can that get? Another good point is that. History. SAT II covers specific subjects. Physics. The questions will test a student’s critical thinking by asking questions that are math and verbal in nature. In contrast. you have a good chance of trying to beat the odds by reasoning out. So what do you need to do? Prepare well for it. Be sure to make time for each subjects covered and do not . for example: Chemistry. then you can study chemistry questions. your high school chemistry classes may have already prepared you for it. Chemistry. hit the right answer. In SAT II.S.102 Understanding How SAT II Differs from SAT The subjects in SAT II are also created and administered by the ETS or College Board. SAT I or SAT is a general overview of the math and reading topics assumed to be discussed in high schools. It was created to complement the SAT which tackles 3 main areas which are Critical Reading. Writing and Mathematics. Let's tackle first the positive points. In SAT I. There are good and bad points of the SAT II. And because you do know that you're studying for Chemistry. Writing. that is not the case. You may. Math II is an exam on different subjects that actually test or measures how knowledgeable a particular student in different areas such as Math. or Biology.

.103 focus in one subject only. Pay special attention though in subjects that is difficult for you.

You are not required to take both exams. Since there are only 80 questions. Ecology. Also take time to read and understand the instruc- . make sure that you answer all questions since the machine cannot read a blank item. it is best to know that a "machine" will score your test.104 How to Pass SAT II Biology The SAT II Biology is otherwise known as SAT II Biology E/M. not a human being. It is also best to know the main topics covered for SAT II Biology in preparing to take the test. the difference lies in the other 20 questions. get a good night sleep and come up for air once in a while. wherein in fact 60 questions for each share the same core subject. This means that you don't need to explain how you came up with an answer since the machine is only interested whether you gave the right answer or not. Do not psych yourself out before and during the exam. The two tests both consist of 80 questions that last an hour each. Evolution and Diversity and lastly Organism Biology. The main strategy in passing to the SAT II Biology is to keep calm. E stands for Ecology and Evolution while M stands for Molecular Biology and Evolution. Remember those little ovals or circles that you need to completely fill in? Now you can take a slow breathe. To do this. During the exams. study in advance. You will also use basic math knowledge on ratio and proportion in addition to studying the main topics. These two are similar in some questions. These are Cellular and Microbiology. Before you take the SAT Biology II Exams. so you should decide whether to take the E or M exam. Classical Genetic.

Some instructions may be confusing and this you need to be careful of.105 tions. .

try to enroll in 1 or 2 years algebra. Of course. One tip? Like with all other SAT subjects. Types of Chemical Reaction. calculators are not allowed during the exams? Chemistry entails a lot of calculations. Descriptive Chemistry and Laboratory. This will cover a lot of the topics in the SAT II Chemistry. Stoichiometry. Thermodynamics. this is not a mountain too high to climb. Chemistry is one of the least favorite subjects for a high school student. This may sound too many and scary for any high school student. Equilibrium and Reaction Rates. it is also assumed that you are good in arithmetic functions. What are the topics covered in SAT II Chemistry. But to a student who has been diligent in taking the necessary preparations. Assuming that you're very good at Chemistry.106 SAT II Chemistry 101 Like math. Surprisingly. State of Matter. but never fear! You don't need a calculator for this exam since the questions only entails simple formula derivation or manipulation and arithmetic. Prior to taking the exams. Try to solve practice problems weeks before taking the exams. The good news for reviewers? The SAT II Chemistry does not really tackle coordination compounds and crystal-field theory? SAT II Chemistry covers topics in the subject area that are assumed to be typically discussed in a college level 1 chemistry or high school level chemistry. There are topics ranging from Structure of Matter. otherwise tackling a simple chemistry problem can be a very big problem. This eliminates the careless way of using the calculator. . and then you'll pass the exams.

but also the process by which it is solved. It is not enough to simply know the answer. Try to solve problems and understand how it is being solved. .107 Lastly. get a good preparation book.

This usually tackles some similar topics covered in the exams. algebra. Math level 2 however.108 Beating that SAT II Math Scare Mathematics is definitely not the most favorite subject among high school students. . Taking the exam without a good grasp of the subject is useless. The prospect of dealing with numbers is either seen as boring or difficult among students. Division. Lastly. is an integral part of the SAT and no high school student can get into college without passing the Math portion of the SAT. Math level 1 and 2 both deals with the different topics that are assumed to have been discussed in high school. probability. Addition and Subtraction). This includes basic mathematical operations or the MDAS (Multiplication. make sure that you were enrolled for the previous year in a Trigonometry subject and 2 or 3 years algebra. try to read a preparation book. Take time to have a dry run. Before taking the exams. Forewarned is forearmed. Mathematics however. includes a more advanced knowledge of algebra with a mixture of trigonometry and calculus questions. There are only a few numbers of students genuinely interested in the subject and this is only a small ratio of the total population of an entire school. Practice on some questions and try to solve problems as fast and as accurately as you can. trigonometry. data analysis and statistics. geometry (plane and descriptive). Sounds very dumbfounding right? So when should you take the exams and how do you prepare for it? Take it when the college you want to enter will require it.

109 .

The 6 general test categories in SAT II Physics are Mechanics which covers 34 to 38%. Last but not the least. the bulk of the exam deals with single-concept problems which also require recalling. And you're right it is. Lastly. It is also interesting to know that you have 48 seconds to answer each question in SAT II Physics.15 to 19%: Heat. you'll need that for the exam. Now you might say. But they are very interested in the understanding of basic concepts taught in high school level and level 1 Physics.8 to 12% and Modern Physics about 8 to 12%. Electricity and Magnetism. This is the "whether you know it or not" type of questions. Keep in mind that like the SAT Chemistry II. equations and relationships. Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory. Keep in mind that ETS does not fully realized that 48 seconds is simply not enough time to solve a problem. practice your arithmetic skills and manipulation of formulas.22 to 26%. . things are getting more and more complicated. These categories may not give you specific topics but it gives you an overall picture of how test questions are distributed in SAT II Physics. one is not allowed to use a calculator? This can be viewed as big challenge but now that you do know you're not allowed to use a calculator. this is how your knowledge will be tested in SAT II Physics. The rest are random miscellaneous topics. Waves. Another 20 to 33% has multiple concept problems which tackles equations and relationships.110 Basic Information on SAT II Physics for Examinees Taking SAT II Physics can be very scary if the student did not prepare for it. Yes. About 20 to 33% of the test uses recalling.

the real idea behind this tests it to test one’s knowledge regarding among specific high school subjects. Based from these subjects. The SAT II subjects tackles topics based on the things normally discussed in high school level subject or in the first year of college. US History. many studies have shown that there is a significant relationship between SAT scores and how well a student performs in college.111 Choosing SAT II Subjects to Take SAT II Subject tests cover specific areas of knowledge such as Chemistry. Physics. There are still the high school grades to be considered. In order to help you decide which exams to take. a student wants to take up a Chemical Engineering course in a well known university that requires him to take up many math subjects and chemistry. Let’s look at an example. It is not enough to spend a few months of doing review. the school board will have an idea if the student will have the necessary skills to adapt in the college academics. This is not to say that SAT scores alone are conclusive. The SAT II subjects are very specific and the ―you know it or you don’t‖ type of thing. . Of course it is only logical that he chooses to take SAT exams for Chemistry and Math. So a student needs to take up subjects that will prepare him for this kind of test. After all. However. know which subjects are required for the college or university that you want to enter and what course will you take up. You do not need to take all exams. Biology. Math and Writing.

is a standardized test for those who want to go to college. All scores in the SAT are in multiples of 10. is purely set of multiple questions totaling to 16 questions. The critical reading part. which is now called the SAT Reasoning Test since 2005. Obtaining a good score increases the chance of a student of a slot in a university so for those who want to go to a reputable university. critical thinking. like the math portion consists of two 25-minute test and a 20-minute test. He should strive to get a high score at SAT in order to obtain a good position in a known university. But what is SAT anyway? SAT. and each category has 800-point questions. The math portion of SAT has two 25-minute sections with that consist of 8 multiply choice and a 10 grid in questions. reading and writing. passing is passé. SAT is based on the belief that it measures critical thinking skills. Scores can range from between 600 to 2400. . It assesses a student's capability to survive in college. For the last section which is the 20 minute portion. The type of questions varies and may include sentence completion and questions to be answered after reading a passage. and the other section is purely multiple type of questions. The writing section includes multiple choice types of questions with a brief essay. It is divided into three main areas like math.112 SAT Basic Information about Nailing That College Admission Test A high school student needs to pass the SAT in order to get to a good college or university in the United States. which is exactly what is needed to survive in the college life.

it can help you prepare for the test. preparation is the key to success! . Now that you have an idea. After all.113 The above are the main portions of the SAT.

However. they will be surprised by how much commitment and involvement they must give in order to get something positive from the SAT instruction. On their end. but also on the score they get in SAT. Students need to check the reputation of a SAT instruction provider by getting feedback from other students and checking the passing rate of previous enrollees. But with a credible and effective provider of SAT instruction. Admission to their chosen colleges and universities not only rely on their grades. Students will not only have confidence.114 Doing Better with SAT Instruction High school students in the US know that if there is only one test to prepare for. Because of the importance of SAT on a college-bound high school student. not all providers SAT instruction are created equal. Review classes and sessions for SAT instruction are intense. All of these are worth the effort. though. it's the SAT Reasoning Test or SAT for short. they will be expected to exert extra effort and immense themselves in the sessions. many review centers across the country have come up in an attempt to help juniors and seniors have a bigger chance of doing well in their SAT. Sessions providing SAT instruction--whether in a classroom or one-on-one set-up are available to students who are willing to spend extra time and money in exchange of a rigorous preparation for the SAT. . but also a much bigger shot at doing well at something that has a huge influence on their future. otherwise. Students who will participate need to know that beforehand to set their expectations. students will flourish under the extra guidance.

there may be students who may not do well too.115 If There's a Will There's a Way to Pass the SAT I Reasoning Test SAT I Reasoning Test was formulated by the College Board to measure the students' ability to go through college. But since the exam is administered several times a year they still have several chances of scoring well that same year. There are also many SAT reviewers around so they can get hold of them in order to pass the test. In this effort SAT I Reasoning Test even had to undergo constant revision. . On the other hand. And although the number of students who are getting perfect scores are increasing. There will be choices for each question but there will also be a part where the student would have to provide the right answers. The whole test takes about 4 hours. But SAT I Reasoning Test is not free from criticisms. What’s important is that they will be able to get good scores on the test so they will be admitted to the college of their choice. That too has become a reason for the test had to go through changes. SAT I Reasoning Test now consists of three parts. The math part covers the specific subjects like algebra. the critical reading part is a 70-minute piece wherein students are required to complete sentences and answer questions regarding one or two passages supplied during the exam. geometry and arithmetic. proper word usage and proper construction of sentences. The writing piece tests the ability of the students to organize their thoughts and ideas and come up with an essay in 25 minutes. The remainder of this part would be in multiple choices and it would be a quiz about grammar.

geometry. and algebra. it focuses on assessing a student's ability to apply previously learned mathematical concepts and to think quickly and logically. The aim of the test is to determine if a student possesses the skills and knowledge of a standard tenth grade student. It’s no surprise high school upperclassmen place a high importance on SAT. . there are 54 questions in total—44 multiple choice and 10 grid-in.116 SAT Math: Know What to Expect High school juniors and seniors all over the US dread one test that marks a huge impact on the future—the SAT Reasoning Test. or SAT as referred to by students. Each section has a fixed amount of time allotted to it. Topics usually covered by the test are arithmetic. Many colleges look at SAT scores as a factor for determining whether a student will be accepted or not. so having a healthy knowledge on various areas of math is also advisable. There are several categories in the SAT. questions on applied math and statistics appear every now and then in the SAT Math. Within this category. rather. with the first section as the easiest and the last one as the hardest. the test takes an hour and 5 minutes long. A student who is going to take SAT Math is advised to hone his skills in these three areas. These questions are further divided into three sections. SAT Math doesn't focus too much on memorization of formulae. However. and one of them is Math. All in all. Section 1 and 2 run for 15 minutes while Section 3 runs for 20 minutes.

the internet also offers lessons on video for students who want to review techniques and concepts that they’ve forgotten. Thanks to the internet. quick. a student can find a lot of help online—a few for a small price and a lot for free. so no one has to worry about being bored out of her mind while studying. However.117 Getting by with a Little SAT Math Help Of all subjects covered by the SAT Reasoning Test. Aside from practice tests. Unlike traditional review classes that are scheduled at a specific date and time and held in a specific place. . Math is the scariest one for most students. This is particularly good news for students who have short attention spans. Math in itself is many students' waterloo. and fun. review sessions online provide students on the go with more options and flexibility. she can always find a lot of SAT Math help that can prepare her for the actual test. or SAT. Students can also work whenever they can at their own pace when reviewing for Math using resources found on the internet. and it doesn't help much that SAT is just about the most important test that they'll ever have to take in their high school life. it's never a good idea to let pressure get the best of them. Video lessons online are affordable alternatives to expensive review classes that have a traditional classroom setup. If a student is worried about not doing well in her SAT Math. Online practice tests are interactive. One good place to look at for help is the World Wide Web.

the questions in practice tests are harder than in the actual SAT. One way of preparing for the SAT is to practice a lot. The key to a good score is understanding the concepts behind the questions so that the student can develop the necessary skills which the actual SAT will assess. the better are his chances to develop the skills he needs to be able to get a good score. If a student did well in his practice tests. . or even better. Because of the importance of practice tests. a Good One High school students don't need to get a perfect score in their SAT Reasoning Test (or SAT for short). Of course. modifying some of those aforementioned questions.118 SAT Practice Tests Make a Perfect Score…or at Least. Colleges and universities put a lot of value on SAT scores. Usually. most review classes are focused on a little bit of lecture to help students remember important lessons. This simply defeats the purpose of the SAT. in the actual SAT. he has a good chance to do just as well. SAT practice tests simulate the actual test by getting old questions from previous SATs. and the rest of the time is spent discussing answers to practice tests. and creating new and challenging problems. The idea is that the more practice tests a student answers. so if students want to get into the school of their choice for their tertiary education. this doesn’t mean that students should rely on memorizing the answers to questions in practice tests. but it's always on the safe side to aim for a high score. they need to do well in the SAT.

the far-cry effective ones. you need to make sure that you know which SAT books and reviewers are best-selling. an SAT examinee must be able to have a clear glance on the various disciplines that are given as part of the SAT examination. how can one effectively prepare for the SAT? Preparing for the SAT is never an easy activity. . This means that you are given so much time to better prepare for the registration and for the review classes. Third. he must be able to know exactly the dates for registration in the SAT. Second. First. The mere specifications of the nature of exams per discipline can greatly help any SAT examinee. Preparations for SAT entail one to be religious in mapping out the things he needs to do in priority. To some. it never was easy. SAT is all that matters for a secondary graduating student and so all aspects of it need to be addressed and given immediate action. So. In fact. more often. getting into college would mean adding-up to their stress and anxiety because of the scholastic aptitude test that they need to hurdle to become a legit college student and be able to pursue the dreams that they have painted with eagerness. SATs are being scheduled second quarter of the year and are being executed at the last quarter. These are. These books can help an SAT reviewer very much to better expose him or her to what may be the possibilities in the actual SATs.119 How to Effectively Prepare for the SAT Gearing up for college is a new phase in every student’s life that spells both thrills and challenges. Usually.

and intellectual readiness. should answer all grid-in questions because there is no deducted point on your score even when you committed a mistake. You can always skip those that you find most difficult and resort to answering those which you find easier to answer. 3. There are times that you get confused about which you have encircled. 4. 2. However. One portion of the SAT exams is the grid-in. what is considered ―breaking the guessing law‖ is the fact that you are not guessing the answer intelligently. 1. Below are some of the trusted and proven strategies to better and efficiently prepare an examinee. Understand what the directions are telling you. It requires emotional preparations. If there is one sure way towards getting a better result. This will save you so much time and allows you to efficiently work on the other difficult questions with ample time. 5. planning.120 Strategies to Efficiently Prepare for the SAT Taking the SAT examinations is not a joke. You can always jump around in answering the test questions. There is no rule or law that prohibits anyone from guessing the answer. You. Make sure that you are filling out the answer sheet carefully and correctly. SAT exams also allow guessing. as the examinee. There are no rules that tell an examinee that answers should be in order. What is required of you when you guess is to have the guessed answer go nearer the actual one. It is best that you double . it is the fact of knowing what the examination direction tells you.

.121 check all your answer sheets and your test booklet before submitting the test paper. following these would not jeopardize your score. After all. These techniques are found to be helpful and useful to most examinees.

and similar things. do not encompass your intellectual capacity but your preparedness to engage into another broad discipline. This is the only surest way that you can take to better prepare to take the SAT. vocabulary. there are also math concepts that are out of the coverage. The way to become successful when taking the SAT exam is to really know what it encompasses and what it does not. • SAT is not all about testing your analytical and mathematical skills. Below are some of the truths and fallacies about it: • SAT is not an examination to determine your level of intelligence and that any score garnered after the exams manifest how well you will be doing good or bad during your college. • SAT also encompasses other disciplines like critical reading which revolves around reading comprehension. when interpreted. .122 SAT Preparations: Knowing the Truth about SAT The SAT is word that is widely known but very few really understand the truth and the facts about it. While it is true that the scores that you have generated after the exams matter. While it is true that the mathematical concepts included on the SAT exams are of diverse and various forms. these. All math concepts that you will encounter on the SAT exams are based form what you have learned from your grade and high school teachers. This means that SAT preparations can be best achieved if you have a balanced knowledge in the concepts of Mathematics and English.

. learn the ins and outs of SAT.123 As they say.‖ So. if you want to get high scores. ―a prepared person is someone who knows what he is going into.

124 Knowing the Best SAT Books to Help You Unload the Burden Practice combined with skilled preparation on your SAT make up a good tandem towards ensuring a good score after the real exam. . It boasts on its more than a hundred types of practice questions along with the explanations and answers. The nature of SAT examination and the questions set therein may have been anchored from various sources but the real thing towards getting a higher score in the SAT actually depends on three factors: your determination and will to score high. and lastly. the resources (the prep books. this has always been content in sharing the limelight with the Princeton Review prep book. However. There are SAT prep books that are offering extensive pieces of information that is specifically designed to ―crack‖ the secrets of every discipline that one needs to embark on the SAT actual exams. these two can be made a lot more effective and better when you apply the right and only the best books to help you prepare and learn. The Princeton Review Cracking the SAT prep book is the one leading in this aspect. It is an annually updated SAT prep book to make sure that examinees get to have the recent and most updated SAT techniques. The SAT books can invariably support any examinee so long as they have been properly and rightfully chosen. and others) that you have utilized to aid your preparation. While the Kaplan SAT Premier is another equally popular and successful SAT prep book. the preparations you have undertaken to battle with the questions. prep classes.

It's just a matter of finding the perfect match. There are different SAT prep books to suit the variety of learning styles students have. SAT is also dynamic and changes with the times. they can improve a student's chances of getting one. and techniques are also part of SAT prep books. One way to prepare for the SAT is to read through SAT prep books. it's a necessity for them to prepare for the SAT as soon and as much as they can. guidelines. SAT prep books contain lots of practice tests a student can work on. With this in mind. and all of these are helpful in preparing a student for the actual test. Old SAT prep books are still good enough resources. Tips.125 Prepping for SAT with SAT Prep Books Because of the important role the SAT Reasoning Test plays on the future of high school juniors and seniors. These books provide reviewers a student will find helpful as she tries to refresh her memory of all the lessons she learned during her high school years. Practice tests are an important element of preparing for SAT because they serve as the dry run for the actual SAT. it is advisable for high school upperclassmen to invest in excellent SAT prep books that are readily available in bookstores. Newer SAT prep books give a student a clearer idea of what their own SAT test will be. . Besides. but some bits of information there can be outdated. like anything else. Although SAT prep books don't guarantee a good score. strategies.

This may seem to be also true when one is about to be taking the life-changing SAT examination. one must take into account the rigid preparation he needs to perfect prior to engaging in the actual event.126 The Benefits of taking SAT Prep Classes In all endeavors. Usually. The SAT prep class works similarly as the formal class that we all know. they go as far as taking extra SAT prep classes in order to better equip them on the SAT day itself. it allows its students to be taught and trained on a simulated environment similar to that of the actual SAT examination. The benefits that SAT prep classes entail vary from one point of perspective to another. To some people. taking any SAT prep class naturally boils down into the same thing – it can help get your score soar high! With SAT prep class. The students are given the opportunity to learn and adapt with various strategies and techniques that are anchored from purely academic and school-based dogma and not on fallacious theories. And just like any other classes. any SAT prep class also requires assignments. . and social interaction to maximize the results. These and all help the students to do well on their SAT. tests. At times. However. there are SAT prep classes that are being conducted on a one-on-one mode to bring in focus and attention. It permits the students to be immersed with the seemingly real and actual scholastic aptitude test or SAT. the number of students per SAT prep class is a lot lesser compared to what is normal.

What have you missed? Your prep courses for your SAT to better prepare you intellectually. experts are recommending that all aspects and disciplines should be altogether taken. . Taking SAT preparatory courses is one guaranteed way to fully arm you to achieve good if not the best results after taking the exams. It provides them necessary tools and equipment to intelligently answer all questions on the SAT and more to that. The SAT prep class is the effective vehicle towards one narrowing the gap in achieving great scores. You have prepared yourself to battle the SAT exams emotionally. While it is true that not all examinees who have taken SAT prep courses ended up positively realizing their educational dreams. these prep courses have allowed the students to maturely engulf into a life-changing battery exam of life – how to interpret failures and successes. You see. There would be a little gap on achieving the best results when you have considerably taken some if not all prep courses for SAT – although. that is not always the case to every examinee. SAT prep courses allow for students to become more motivated to achieve their educational aspirations and dreams drawn from the inspirational and pep talks being conducted by their well-experienced mentors.127 Achieving a Better Result by taking SAT Prep Courses You have carefully designed the best date to register to take the SAT exams. all of your drawn plans would turn into such a waste if you have missed one important aspect of SAT planning – and that is planning on how you can equip yourself intellectually.

the SAT Reasoning Test is composed of three parts. Then what . The math section would generally cover topics on algebra. There’s one for critical reading and then another for writing. While the SAT Subject Tests are more subject specific. geometry and basic number operations. The SAT Program Reasoning Test has three parts. The remainder of this section would require them to read several passages and to answer the questions that follow them. statistics. Some questions require the students to come with the answer but most of the other questions are in multiple choice. This test is administered to students seven times a year so students who do not well the first time still has several chances to retake the exam. This is to test their skills on vocabulary and structuring sentences. The mathematics part of the exam has three sections. The writing test requires the student to write an essay in just 25 minutes. exponents and absolute value. For the student to score well on this part he must have sufficient skills on linear functions.128 What Covers the SAT Program Reasoning Test The SAT Program was authored by the College Board and it was done such that it is composed of the SAT Reasoning Test and the SAT Subject Tests. This essay will be graded based on quality and the student’s ability to develop and organize ideas. There’s a part on math. The critical reading section typically would ask the students to complete sentences.

. SAT Reasoning Test scores. 600 being the lowest and 2400 the highest. therefore. Each section has a highest score of 800 while the lowest score would be 200.129 follows are questions that let the students demonstrate their ability to correct and improve sentences and paragraphs. would range from 600 to 2400.

. So. The time range of this section is normally set at an hour and ten minutes. it tests the capacity of the examinee in terms of mathematical computation and analysis.130 What SAT Questions are you to Expect? Usually. when you are taking your SAT examination. This section of the SAT also requires the examinees to be able to determine the correct usage of the word in a sentence as well as the syntactical function of it on the paragraph. what are the usual disciplines involved in the SAT examinations? The SAT exams usually encompass three major disciplines. This section of the exams usually runs for about an hour and thirty minutes. Basic and Intermediate Algebra. you would like to perceive at an earliest time what sort of questions should be appearing on the exam. and Writing. Moreover. The Critical Reading aspect usually includes comprehension in reading long paragraphs and understanding the content of it. The last section is the Writing section of the examination which directly requires the ability of the examinee to essay his thoughts and ideas. Mathematics. This is an attitude that a wellprepared examinee should possess. More often the mathematical portion of the exams involves Basic Arithmetic. On the other part of the SAT exams. knowing what to expect during the SAT examinations allows you to gain confidence in reviewing and answering the actual questions. It usually requires the ability of the reader to complete a sentence that is grammatically and syntactically correct. All in all. The grid-in questions are also being identified on this area. This also includes some multiple choice questions. More often it revolves around Critical Reading. you should also expect that the number of items or points per section is ranging from 200 to 800 points.

However. These trivia questions work the same as the SAT question of the day. This way. These do not only widen the knowledge of the reader. most book lovers and book readers enjoy the fun of knowing a day-today trivia questions. the SAT question of the day can be about critical reading or mathematics. In effect. the question did not only focus on a single discipline or section but more notably. this will help the examinees better appreciate the realities of the actual SAT. but essentially. or anything about grammar. more challenging. Normally. the SAT question of the day focuses on the usual questions that have the higher percentage of being given on the actual SAT itself. . the SAT question of the day has become more realistic.131 Benefits of Learning the SAT Question of the Day Have you heard all about trivia questions? Well. To put variations. the examinee can better practice himself with the actual thing that he may be seeing during the actual SAT examination. as SAT takers become more and more engaged with the daily questions being flashed on most SAT sites. it expanded the areas or disciplines where questions can be asked. Examinees of SAT have also a way of enjoying the SAT by practically learning the SAT Question of the day. it creates a sense of confidence and promotes air of self-esteem when a person learns something new and incredible bits of information. and more practical to SAT examinees. Now. These daily questions for the SAT takers help examinees learn a thing or two when they get to chance upon on this question for the day thing.

where your understanding with how to better construct your ideas with coherence and unity should be well manifested? Surely. it is essentially useful that you know which question in the exam should be given the greater amount of time to be analyzed and which should be given the usual attention. when you understand the things that you are going to do. So. SAT question and its degree of difficulty and ease all depends on the person taking the exam. What is important is that you are taking enough preparations in taking the exams. The degree of interest and knowledge is actually on a case to case basis. When you are undertaking any SAT exam. it actually does not matter. This will help you eliminate the possibilities of over spending quality time with an item. where your numerical analysis should be de dominant? Or it may be Writing. There are also a set of examinees who find mathematics very enjoyable to take. where your comprehension is mostly required? Or should it be with Mathematics. the answer to the question all depends with you – the examinee. There are a group of people who may be well-versed with comprehending log statements and paragraphs. the rate of success attributed to it is far greater. Whether Math or Critical Reading question should be the thing that you should be most prepared into. . What is essential is that you have made yourself ready to answer all sections of the examination. which SAT questions should you be most ready with? Is it with Critical Reading.132 Which SAT Question should you be most ready with? Clearly.

If they want to go to college they just have to show the necessary skills and capabilities required from college students. It was their claim that the test is unfair and it gives low performing students demoralization instead. There also has been a call for dropping SAT totally. observations have been made that longer essays have been scored higher. Most of these who followed this action are the liberal arts colleges. is not that perfect. In response to various criticisms. Colleges have found it a good way of gauging the readiness of the students to go to college and of measuring their abilities to study and finish college successfully. .133 The Criticisms about the SAT Reasoning Test and the Call to Drop It The SAT Reasoning Test is widely accepted as a part of the college admission requirements. Students have to take and pass the exam if they want to be admitted to most colleges. Well. There have been controversies noting how white students can relate to some of the questions more than the black students. Questions have been raised regarding the scoring of essays as well. It has undergone several changes over the years but up until now its usefulness has still been something the education system has relied upon. Some essays have also been found to contain incorrect details. however. for the time being the SAT Reasoning Test is still a requirement for entering college. The test. And they can do so only by passing the SAT Reasoning Test. There have been criticisms about how questions have been formulated. there have been several schools and colleges who have not required SAT as a prerequisite for admission.

134 .

entrance to most colleges would require students to pass the test. They would usually provide articles to explain what SAT is about. . Many articles also provide parents tips on how they can help their children do well too. The importance of SAT has been acknowledged by both the students and their parents. Over the internet. This test aims to test the skills of the students as to whether they are ready to go to college and they have the capabilities to fly by college successfully. After all. students have been reading several articles especially on the internet about the exam. The math part would consist of multiple choice types of exam and a part where students would have to supply the answer themselves. This time short and longer passages are supplied and then questions are asked to test the students’ reading comprehension. This part also tests their ability to complete sentences. It is composed of three sections each graded with the same weight. And then the other part is the critical reading. These articles are usually found in reading materials about the exam. In their interest to pass the SAT exam. Parents who want to help their kids pass SAT also turn to SAT Reasoning Test articles for guidance. The writing section consists of an essay writing piece and sentence correction part. They also aim to explain how students can prepare for the test. SAT Reasoning Test articles are found in websites of the companies that provide SAT reviews. these SAT Reasoning Test articles may just what they need to get better test results. So for students and parents.135 Where to find SAT Reasoning Test Articles The SAT Reasoning Test is a part of the SAT Program.

With shorter passages. The SAT Reasoning Test Critical Reading 450 passages are given and then several questions follow them. With that said they would have to do everything they can in order to demonstrate the skills that the colleges are looking for. One of the sections is on critical reading. But the exam has three parts so they would have to do well in each. But in order to do that the students must possess the skills in reading comprehension. they would have to do well if they want to study in good colleges. On the part of the students. If they turn out to lack such skill. This part is composed of a sentence completion part. And then there is the passage reading part as well. The reading passages included in the SAT exam now are in 100 or 200 words in length. everything can be remedied with practice. What’s good news for the students taking SAT today is that what used to be SAT Reasoning Test Critical Reading 450word passages have become shorter. it would be easier to answer the questions and hopefully they would get better scores too. One way of doing that is by scoring high in the SAT Reasoning Test. The students would have to answer all these questions well to score higher. They can do reviews on the section and keep on practicing on practice tests until they have somehow acquired an amount of mastery on this section. It is important for the colleges because it is their way to measure the students’ abilities to be able to go through college. .136 SAT Reasoning Test Critical Reading 450Word Passages Now Shorter The SAT Reasoning Test is important to both the students and to colleges.

137 .

students did not have multiple choices but they had to supply the answers to some questions. It is a . Then there have been two more revisions in 1959 and 1974. there was a time when it was taken out from the whole exam. Although it was included in the previous tests. Then come 1994. But then it was eliminated again from 1936 to 1941 only to be included again in 1942. This exam is composed of the critical reading. SAT had to go revisions and improvements several times until the College Board have finally come up with this current version. Statistics and counting problems were included and then calculators were also allowed. Only one more revision was done since then and that was when they took out the quantitative comparison part from the math section in 2005. it was taken out that year until 1930 when the SAT exam was divided into two sections namely the math and the verbal pieces.138 SAT Reasoning Test Math Section Evolution Students graduating from high school must possess a good score in order to be accepted in their chosen colleges. This happened in 1929 when the College Board then decided to concentrate on verbal ability instead. But the SAT Reasoning Test we know today is not the same as the one given in 1926 when the first official SAT was taken by students. that was the time when grid-in questions was introduced. It contained 100 questions that needed to be answered in 80 minutes.The version that came out of that revision is what is given to the students today. The SAT Reasoning Test Math Section also had its revisions over the years. As important as it is. the writing and the math sections. For the first time.

. geometry. statistics and number operations.139 70-minute exam and it covers algebra.

140 The SAT Reasoning Test Math Section Arithmetic Is Just As Important The SAT Reasoning Test is widely used as measure for the student's readiness for college. They would need to study and prepare for the SAT Reasoning Test Math Section Arithmetic is they want to get high SAT score and be admitted to a good caliber college. With this said. In effect. . So the scores for the whole SAT Reasoning Test ranges from 600 to 2400. SAT Reasoning Test Math Section Arithmetic is just as important as the other parts. They shouldn’t be too complacent in taking the exam. It is given seven times annually so students can have several tries should they be unsuccessful the first time. So students should really master this part in order to get a good score on the test. writing and critical reading. is still being accepted by most colleges. The exam has three parts altogether. Providing accurate answers would be easier and it would be faster as well. This would lessen the burden on them. students shouldn’t be totally dependent on their calculators only. In fact. It has been administered over many years and its accuracy. Students taking the test would have some help though since the use calculators are allowed during the exam. Each section weighs the same as the other two. Each is scored from 200 to 800. although at times questioned. the SAT Reasoning Test is usually a requirement for students to be accepted in college. they will not only be aided in providing accurate answers but they will have help in finishing on time as well. The skills on manipulation of numbers and estimation would surely be needed. They have to know how to solve problems and perform number operations. math.

You can actually register via e-mail. including the registration process. it diminishes the chances of having to pay late registration charges. questionnaire samples and instructions. Early registration. the student must be able to have planned the step-by-step process of getting into it. Your early registration allows you to enjoy the testing center you want. But even before thinking about how to battle with the exams. usually 2 months before the actual SAT exams is the best date to register. and other relevant registration information. you will be handed with a booklet where details of the examination are provided such as fees to be collected. This is going be very beneficial to you. In addition. It eliminates the hassles of long commute and unfamiliarity with the location. This will allow you to choose the best and most comfortable location where you can take your SAT exams. While the SAT exams are usually being administered on state colleges or universities. Take action to register. The earlier the date you register the better. Choose the date as to when to register. 3. you can opt to having your exams at the nearest location you can think of.141 Learning the Ins and Outs of a SAT Registration Generally of students in the US who plan to have a college degree in any of the states are strictly abiding with the compliance to have a good standing in the SAT exams. Choose the SAT center where you will take the exams. you may want to take a look at this easy and simple guide: 1. If you are not sure or not aware of the registration process. . 2. Along with the registration.

So. The College Board who administers the SAT has devised a new guide to help SAT takers. It takes a lot of preparation to get ready for an exam and you will need a lot to practice to test how ready or prepared you are for the SAT. This book is called the Official SAT Study Guide for the New SAT. The advantage of using the Official SAT Study Guide for the NEW SAT is that the questions are written by the makers of the SAT. The book has 889 pages with 21 Chapters.142 Why you need to buy the Official SAT Study Guide for the New SAT If you are interested in passing the SAT to qualify yourself in a college or university where you plan to enroll. the College Board themselves. . The book is easy to read and understand. The answer keys are available after each test you undertake. Take hold of the Official SAT Study Guide for the NEW SAT and be familiar of what this book will do to help you pass the SAT. you will need to plan and prepare for the SAT exam. The book has eight fulllength tests. stop imagining what a SAT exam would feel like. It includes study tips. The questions on the practice test are patterned on the questions on the actual test. There are several preparation materials for the SAT exam is available on the market for students. The book allows you to test your knowledge and allows you to time yourself in answering the question. strategies in taking the test as well as a free score reports. You should remember that questions on the SAT exam are under time pressure.

You may know the applications required answering a math question. It will also be an assessment of how much time they will have to work on their math skills prior to their exam. While English or vocabulary word questions can be answered directly. GMAT and SAT If you intend to take the GRE. GMAT and SAT Exam. Math questions can be vague and confusing. Just like in any exam. The refresher book will allow students to give a look back of how they are still in grasp of their earlier mathematics. This book provides a complete math review for the GRE. GMAT and SAT Exam. and SAT. Those who are way behind their math skills can purchase the book Ultimate Math Refresher for the GRE. you need to plan. but if you have not had practice on doing the solution you might not get the correct answer in just one sitting. Problems are solved on a systematic process. Solving mathematical problems needs practice. GMAT or SAT exam. The book includes a practice set designed to help student’s test their math skills. It gives emphasis on basic concepts and problem solving skills. and geometry that exam taker needs to master. you should be aware that part of the exams includes a test of your Mathematical ability. prepare and study hard. The workbook also provides the strategies on how students should handle specific question types on the GRE.143 Getting Hold of the Ultimate Math Refresher for the GRE. The test of Math is not as easy as the test in English. algebra. It is a refresher book that discusses the math rules and principles of arithmetic. Students often get a less satisfactory rating in their math abilities. . GMAT.

And then the students are required to read a couple of passages each followed by a series of questions about them. the critical reading section would typically start with a 5 to 8 quiz on completing sentences.144 Knowing What is the SAT Reasoning Test The SAT Reasoning Test is an exam taken by junior and graduating students especially those who aspire to continue their education in college. you will have to present a good essay and be able to answer the multiple questions quite well. The topics of which are typically philosophical and often broad. It is given seven times a year so students have . This examination aims to measure the student's preparedness to embark higher education and his ability to go through college successfully. The essay part counts as 30% of the writing score while the multiple choice questions represents 70%. The 20-minute section is a composed of 16 multiple choice questions. writing and critical reading. eight of which are multiple choices and 10 are in grid-in quiz format. And then the other 25-minute section consists of 18 questions. This means being able to detect and correct grammatical errors and then being able to write a brief essay in 25 minutes. The math section consists of a 20-minute section and then two 25-minute section. Each of the sections of the SAT Reasoning Test has a highest possible score of 800 so the possible total scores ranges from 600 to 2400. The first 25-minute part is also in multiple choices composed of 20 questions. It is a four-hour test composed of three parts namely math. In order to pass the writing part. And lastly.

.145 a couple of chances to pass it. Each take costs $43 in the US and $ 68 in international sites.

Admission Process (AP) and College-Level Examination Program (CLEP). how to register.146 All About SAT Exam is on www. This website provides information about their association and the various exams that they administer.com. The College Board is a non-profit association whose mission is to connect students to college success and opportunity. The score is likewise sent to schools based on students advise. They are committed to the principles of excellence and equity.S. . The College Board administer SAT exam seven times a year in the U. Tips are also provided for takers. test dates. and six times a year overseas. The College Board administers the SAT exam.collegeboard. The College Board has its own website www.. that allows those who took the exam to view their SAT score while waiting for their score in the mail. The time required to finish a particular section or type of question is discussed as well. and the areas to be covered in the SAT exam. test fees.com Colleges and universities in the United States require college bound students to take the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT). The SAT is a standardized test that aids schools in the US to help select incoming students.collegeboard.S. On the college board website provides information about the SAT exam. Territories. The College Board also provides a SAT Online Score Report. The website also provides practice tests for students to get the feeling of how a SAT exam is like. and U. the Preliminary SAT (PSAT)/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT). Puerto Rico. College Board administers tests on SAT and Subject Tests.

Everything is made available for you by the College Board.collegeboard sat website as a Guide in your preparation for the SAT exam.147 You will find the www. take a move and plan for your SAT exam. .

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