MIRYAM THROUGH PARIS. Miryam slept most of the way through Paris that eve i g her hea!

o your shoul!er her eyes "lose! li#e pi # shells her mouth slightly a$ar a i o"e t sleepi g "hil! #i ! of loo# o the "oa"h as it travelle! through the %right lights a ! sights of Paris &eethove 's (th Pia o )o "erto pouri g from the "oa"h's lou!spea#ers you ga*e! at her tight re! haire! hea! se se of her layi g there a soft sou ! of %reathi g a %arely felt se se of her pulse a ! feeli g that the most importa t thi g at that mome t that pulse

that sou ! of %reathi g that the whole worl! woul! "ease if she !i! either agai you lay %a"# your hea! o the hea!rest ta#i g i the sights the lights people passi g street s"e es %ars a ! "af+s ope "ouples wal#i g arm i arm a #issi g "ouple here a ! there the se"o ! moveme t of the &eethove "o "erto easi g through the "oa"h a ! loo#i g !ow at her ha !s fol!e! i her lap as if they too slept fi gers hol!i g thum%s tou"hi g her # ees visi%le where her s#irt ro!e up as she sat a ! as you lay there ta#i g i her %ei g there that eter al mome t si #i g i

the Proustia "o e"tio of her sleepi g so a ! the &eethove episo!e the pia o easi g out a ! her hea! there o your shoul!er reste! "hil!li#e a ! all or most of !esires #ept at %ay seei g her lay so li#e u tou"he! u tro!!e s ow.

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