Opposition Leaders Call For Portsmouth City Council Boss To Quit over Hancock Coverup

Cllr's Donna Jones and John Ferret, leaders of the Conservative and Labour groups on Portsmouth have today taken the unprecedented step of calling for the resignation of Gerald Jackson for his continued failure to act over serious sexual assault allegations concerning veteran MP Mike Hancock The alleged victim first raised the complaint to the Liberal Democrat party in 2010. After an investigation carried out by Alistair Carmichael, which involved him travelling to or Portsmouth to interview the alleged victim, no further action was taken. Cllr Gerald Vernon -Jackson has shown unstinting support to Mike Hancock whilst at the same time being openly dismissive of the alleged victims claims even to the extent claiming she was only pursuing this case for financial gain. Donna Jones said," I have written to the leader of the council of two occasions over the last 9 months urging him to suspend Cllr Hancock from his cabinet position due to the privileged information and position of trust he has. This was refused by the leader of the council. I believe the leader of the council has failed to carry out his number one statutory duty, protecting the public. He has also brought the council into serious disrepute by failing to act promptly". John Ferrett said, " Gerald Vernon-Jackson's position as leader of the council is no longer tenable. He has consistently ignored calls to take action to suspend Mike Hancock from the councils cabinet and in not doing so has failed to protect the people of Portsmouth. The delay has cost city taxpayers in excess of £60,000 in an attempt to suppress a report that is now available to the public." Cllr Vernon Jackson's failure to show any leadership on this matter means there is no option but for him to resign in order to allow someone else the task of restoring the cities reputation.

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