GSM base City water Supply ABSTRACT

Water is the major factor of all cities, industrial and commercial sectors now a day.Energy Industry wor s with !ower only.In agricultural !roduce also,the !ower !lays a "ery "ital role.Electric !um!s are wor ing irrigation !ur!ose.The !ro!er management of energy in order to get sufficient !roduce has to #e done.The distri#ution of electricity should #e done on time sharing #asis. A microcontroller #ased system can #e de"elo!ed for ade$uate management of electrical energy.

With increase in the industrial en"ironment and the #ouncing electronics mar et, the need of electricity is increasing day #y day) the generation of electricity is not increased !ro!ortionally, hence the ratio of electricity is not increased !ro!ortionally, hence the ratio of electricity !roduced to the electricity !roduced is "ery high. To uninisise this ratio we should find same alternate ways li e solar energy, wind energy*..etc. &ne of the way to o"ercome this !ro#lem is to manage the !ower in a time #ase fashion. Alternately "ery a!!ro!riate use of !ower electricity will #e done. A microcontroller #ased system !rogrammed as a se$uential timing system. The water su!!ly will #e cut from some certain areas and it will #e su!!lied for s!ecific areas during one cycle. +or ne,t cycle ,another area is co"ered. this will ha!!en se$uencially -re!eat to ha"e a good water management system.

Through contacts of these relay the !ower distri#ution loads are made &% -&++.@ Su!!lyA1>/? AC B:/45 .counter.t time slot.1 345 is connected as shown. If we !ress start ey .//// times during de"elo!ment. is used for our !ur!ose. =ort> is s!ecial !ur!ose !ort. The . all the relays are &++ initially . It has . the microcontroller is initialiased. Time for channel6. It wor s on :? dc !ower su!!ly.reset. 3icrocontroller 7AT89C:. !ort is connected to the control line of the 0C'. The relay !ro"ides su!!ly to that area.1345 crystal oscillator is used to !ro"ide the cloc !ulse to microcontroller. is &%. It can #e !rogrammed almost . ne. ey#oard interface is shown whereas at !ort/ lcd data #us is interfaced. The #asic re$uirement of microcontroller is the cloc . At !ort. with in!ut and out!ut de"ices interfaced at in!ut .t relay is &%. A crystal oscillator of . two . Allot other relays are off or "ice "ersa. The welcome message is shown on 0C' dis!lay. The cycle re!eats. WORKING PRINCIPLE At !ower &%. %o !ower distri#ution is there.out!ut res!ecti"ely./ #it timer .relays6. +or ne. . through the %o contact the su!!ly gets connected to load. TEC4%ICA0 S=ECI+ICATI&% . The remaining !ins of !1 are dri"ing the relays which are made &%2&++ se$uentially one after another.The #loc diagram shown a#o"e a microcontroller #ased system. I2& !orts. starts .< flash memory.

A==0ICATI&% 3etro6!olite cities.@ #eing the !ower distri#ution is done automatically. the man energy for same is not regulated. 1@ the ey#oard #eing !ro"ided on the same #oard.CD1 al!hanumeric ty!e.1?. .1@ 0ogicA microcontroller #ased AT89C:.when regulated. +(T(RE SC&=E The storage of electricity today will go on increasing day #y day. 1@the timer starts at !ower &% only. 4ense such ty!e of system may #e de"elo!ed.I2&. :@ RelayA.@ 0C' dis!lay A.@only /. . 'ISA'?A%TAEES .Agricultural fields. Also If RTC .@ 0C' dis!lay can !ro"ide the relay status. wor ing station recommended which are "ery short. industrial !remises . C@ %o of stationA/. >@Also the distri#ution can #e increased. the distri#ution time can #e changed as . munici!al cor!oration area. %&S A'?A%TAEES . >@ =rogramming languageAAssem#ly.

the time will go increasing continuously the system will o!erate automatically. such system will ha"e good!lementation is done. .





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