1. Compare and contrast the educational achievements of girls and boys in schools.

How does gender interact with other social divisions to produce these outcomes? 2. ‘Poverty should not be a birthright. Being poor should not be a life sentence…’ (Tony Blair 1999). To what extent have social divisions made poverty a ‘birthright’ for some people and is social mobility possible in contemporary Britain? 3. Examine ways in which class affects life chances in contemporary society. 4. How is gender socially constructed? Discuss how this relates to the production of social inequalities. 5. evidence for your views.

6. What do we mean by the term ‘communities’? To what extent can communities be phenomena of social cohesion or social division?

7. Examine intersects divisions economic groups.

the ways in which ethnicity with class and other social in the creation of social and disadvantage for some ethnic

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